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Grade: 7 Section: A

LESSON PLAN Date: _______ Subject: Physics

Chapter:Mechanical Properties of solids

Teacher: Topic: Modulus of Elasticity

1. Lesson Objectives:
 Explain Elastic moduli
 Define Young’s modulus, shear modulus and bulk modulus
 Discuss the procedure for determination of Young’s modulus of the material of the wire

2. a) Pre-requisites b) Pre-assessment:
Stress ,strain, Hooks law
1.Define modulus of elasticity
2.Explain Hooks law

3. a) Content: 4. Integrated Links:

Modulus of Elasticity a) CCL

b) Key Terms
Hooks Law, stress, strain, Young’s modulus b) RL
Shear modulus ,Bulk modulus

c) Value integration
To understand modulus of elasticity

5. Resources: 6. Response to Previous Lesson Assessment:

EduBrisk website
7. Motivator / Opening activity:

8. Action Plan
No. Teacher Action Student Action

9. Differential Instructions:

SEND Basic Intermediate AGT

10. Plenary
a) Closure:
Students summarize the topics learnt in the lesson.
Students understand stress strain graph and are able to understand various regions I it

b) Lesson Assessment:
1.Ratio of stress to strain is a
2.stress = k× strain; where constant k is called
3. Does stress strain curve obey Hooks law?
3. Does the stress strain curve varies from material to material
4. Stress strain curve is a relation between stress and strain for a given material under……..
11. Reinforcement / Homework / Project / Assignment:

1. If the strain is measured as 0.10, what is the total deformation of a 100 m length of material under
2. What is the ratio of load or force divided by the cross-sectional area of the material being tested?
3. Sketch stress strain graph of typical steel and indicate different points.
4. The length of the wire is increased by 2% by applying a load of 2.5kg wt. What is the linear strain
produced in the wire

12. Feedback of the Lesson (to be filled on completion of lesson):