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Q and A with the lawyer:

1. Question :

Canon 15

a. Good evening attorney,I just want to ask a few questions, can a lawyer represent new clients
whose interests oppose those of a former client, whether or not they are parties in totally
unrelated cases?

Lawyer’s answer: “Hmmm, as a general rule, a lawyer should not represent conflicting interests, but of
course there are exceptions to that: First, he must secure a written consent or permission from the
concerned parties and provided that there is full disclosure of facts, kasi obligation naman ng lawyer yan
eh, after conferring with the client, dapat I ascertain or I determine niya if may conflict of interest ba.”

Question 2: Canon 21

a. Second question, when can a lawyer disclose information regarding his client?

Lawyer’s answer: “Well, lawyers are bound by the rule on privileged communication,kasi, as lawyers, we
are duty bound to preserve the secrets of our clients,but of course we can disclose information of our
clients, first, if the law requires,second, when our clients authorized us to do such things, for
example,sinabi ng client mo na, o,okay, attorney, okay naman ang information na yan, pwede mo
naming I disclose, so ayan, pwede mo na yang idisclose, third, hmmm, when it is needed to collect,your
attorney’s fees,or you need to defend yourself,yun un pwede mo nang idisclose yung,( the
information),regarding your client.”

Canon 18 Question 3:

Last question,

a. What degree of diligence is expected from a lawyer?

Lawyer’s answer, “Hmmm, just the ordinary diligence of a good father of a family,kasi, lawyers, are also
prone to errors, eh, hindi naman tayo, nirerequire ng law na mag exercise ng extra ordinary diligence, as
long as you act in good faith and to the best of your knowledge and ability, okay nay un. “