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Unit2:lesson 1:Hijrah Migration to

Madinah.Activity page 32.Lesson

2:Arriving to Madinah.Activity
page33.Lesson3:Best Brotherhood in
the World.Lesson4:The Ten Blessed
Companions.Lesson5:The First
Azaan.Lesson6:The Battle of
Bard.Lesson 7: The Battle of
Uhud.Lesson8:Farewell Hajj of
Rasulullah(S.A.W).Activity page
49.Lesson 9:Ler’s learn some of the
hadith of Rasulullah(S.A.W).Lesson
11:Hilya – e- shareef,the Noble
Features of
S.A.W)and Daily prayers(Namaz)
Lesson 2:Offering the Maghrib