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Driveline Warranty Activation & Shelby Supercharger

Retail Purchaser Agreement

Your driveline warranty WILL NOT be activated and you will not receive your second set of keys
until a completed and signed copy of this form is received by Shelby/Tuscany. Please fax the
completed warranty activation form to (574) 389-1414 or email to infoshelby@drivetuscany.com.
Purchaser acknowledges that all supercharged vehicles should use a premium gasoline with an octane rating of 93 or
higher when available. Where 93 is not available, do not fill with less than 91 octane gasoline.

Use of below 91 octane gasoline will cause engine damage and will void the Shelby/Tuscany limited driveline

Purchaser understands they must follow the mandatory break-in procedure guidelines. Until the odometer reaches
1,500 miles. DO NOT: Accelerate hard, exceed 4,000 engine RPM, pull a trailer or use cruise control. Failure to follow the
guidelines can cause premature failure to powertrain components and void the warranty.

Purchaser acknowledges that modifying the hardware or software from Shelby's original specifications will void the
limited driveline warranty.

Purchaser acknowledges that they need to be cautious when towing with a supercharged truck. Towing up steep grades
for a prolonged period of time at full supercharger boost may cause the engine to overheat.

If there is an instance where Ford Motor Company determines a driveline failure was caused by the supercharger,
Shelby/Tuscany will provide a 3 year/36,000 mile limited driveline warranty on all vehicles with superchargers installed
by Shelby/Tuscany.

No other verbal or written commitments from any Shelby/Tuscany or dealership representative will supersede the above
Purchaser acknowledgements.

By signing this form, you understand and agree to the terms above.

Vehicle Identification Number:

Shelby CSM Number: Mileage at time of purchase: ________________________

Purchaser Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________

(Please ensure legibility)

Print Name: _____________________________________________________________

(Manner in which to be inscribed on Shelby Certificate of Authenticity)

Street Address: _____________________________________________ City: _____________________ State: _______

Zip: ______________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________________________

Co-Purchaser Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _______________

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