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HOUSTON — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — It was a wild night in NRG Stadium as cowboys and cowgirls battled it out
during the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series I Championship. The athletes competed for the top four spots in each event
to advance to the Semifinals on March 14 and 15.

Caleb Smidt of Bellville, Texas, secured a win during night three of Super Series I and spot in the Semifinals with a time of
eight seconds in the Tie-Down Roping event. With a solid ride to end the series, Smidt said he knows how to prepare
moving forward.

“This ride tonight gave me confidence more than anything,” Smidt said. “I’m going to practice at my house and spend time
with my family before the next round.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

Caleb Smidt: Bellville, Texas — $7,000
Tim Pharr: Resaca, Georgia — $4,000
JC Malone: Plain City, Utah — $3,000
Logan Bird: Nanton, Alberta, Canada — $2,750

Steven Dent took the win in Bareback Riding during Super Series I. During high school, Dent was heavily involved in
athletics and was a champion football player and wrestler. He said these experiences prepared him for bareback riding.

“Football and wrestling taught me work ethic and how to set goals,” Dent said.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Seven Dent: Mullen, Nebraska — $4,875
Richie Champion: The Woodlands, Texas — $4,500
JR Vezain: Melstone, Montana — $3,375
Kelly Timberman: Mills, Wyoming — $3,375

With valuable experience behind them, Matt Sherwood and Walt Woodard were confident returning to RODEOHOUSTON
in 2018. That confidence showed as they secured a Team Roping Championship in Super Series I. Woodard said he is
glad to be back at the Rodeo, among tough competition.

“Being here before helps,” Woodard said. “We are banking on our experience to carry us on through the competition,
which is the best in the world.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Matt Sherwood: Pima, Arizona, and Walt Woodard: Stephenville, Texas — $8,000
Chad Masters: Cedar Hill, Tennessee, and Travis Graves: Bluff Dale, Texas — $7,500
Luke Brown: Morgan Mill, Texas, and Jake Long: Morgan Mill, Texas — $6,000
Dustin Bird: Cut Bank, Montana, and Jake Minor: Milton-Freewater, Oregon — $6,000


Layton Green used his eight seconds of glory to obtain a win for Super Series I. Green said having a relaxed attitude and
a great enjoyment of the sport served him well during the competition.

“I try not to overthink things,” Green said. “If you’re having fun you’re riding well, and if you’re riding well you’re having
Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Layton Green: Meeting Creek, Alberta, Canada — $5,500
Cody Demoss: Heflin, Louisiana — $5,375
Audy Reed: Spearman, Texas — $3,000
Nick Laduke: Livermore, California — $3,000

Justin Shaffer of Hallsville, Texas, won the Super Series I Steer Wrestling Championship. In his first year competing at
RODEOHOUSTON, Shaffer said he is impressed with the competition and is excited for what is ahead.

“It is so exciting to be here,” Shaffer said. “Everyone here knows what it takes to win, and I can see how that motivates
everyone to compete really hard.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Justin Shaffer: Hallsville, Texas — $6,000
Hunter Cure: Holliday, Texas — $4,000
Baylor Roche: Tremonton, Utah — $3,000
KC Jones: Decatur, Texas — $2,000

With a time of 14.77 seconds, Taci Bettis solidified her spot in the Barrel Racing Semifinals. Bettis was thrilled to compete
at RODEOHOUSTON and said this particular rodeo has been on her bucket list her entire life.

“I’m just going to keep trying to have smooth runs,” Bettis said.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

Taci Bettis: Round Top, Texas — $7,000
Sabra O’Quinn: Ocala, Florida — $4,000
Kelly Bruner: Millsap, Texas — $3,000
Ericka Nelson: Century, Florida — $2,375

JW Harris from Goldthwaite, Texas, was named the Super Series I Bull Riding Champion. Harris said he is confident
about where he is and he hopes to take this momentum into the Semifinals.

“I am really enjoying what I am doing,” Harris said. “The atmosphere here is great. It’s been a tough couple of years for
me, but I’m where I want to be right now.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

JW Harris: Goldthwaite, Texas — $6,000
Aaron Pass: Kaufman, Texas — $4,500
Tyler Bingham: Honeyville, Utah — $3,750
Clayton Sellers: Fruitland Park, Florida — $3,500

The top four from each event, from each Super Series will advance to a Semifinal Round. The top four from each event in
the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 17. The
remaining six from each event in the two semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 16, where the top
two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in
addition to previous winnings. The RODEOHOUSTON Super Series continues through March 17, with the
RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Sunday, March 18.

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educates and entertains the public, supports Texas youth, showcases Western heritage and provides year-round
educational support within the community. Since its beginning in 1932, the Rodeo has committed more than $450 million
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