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JULY 18, 2018

PO BOX 1401 FREELAND, WA 98249

See: sunlightshores.weebly.com

The meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm by President, Gary Uhlig. Other Board
Members present were Vice President, Lance Porter, Treasurer, Frank Worster,
Secretary, Martha Fleming, Brad Smith, Mike Downey, Glen McConnachie, Nancy
McCallum, Eric Rembold, and Wil Surface.

Present in the gallery were Wayne Morrison, Vivian Stembridge, and Lu Surface.

Vivian asked about Federal Taxes SSCC has to pay that were mentioned at the 2018
Annual Meeting and also commented favorably on the Shoreline Improvement Project.
Wayne asked if the Board was going to address the January meeting and was told it had
already been dealt with. He also asked about the Land Owner Agreement in regards to
the Shoreline Improvement Project. It will be available on weebly.

The June 27, ​2018 minutes were reviewed. Lance moved and Mike seconded to approve
the minutes as corrected. The motion passed.

Frank presented the May Financial Statement with corrections previously discussed.
Regarding late fees received, 60% will go to the water account, and 40% to the clubhouse
account. The Accounting line item has been corrected twice now to reflect a split of 70%
to water and 30% to the clubhouse. Wil moved and Martha seconded to accept the May
Financial Statement. The motion passed. Frank presented the June Financial Statement.
He noted that the Attorney Fees paid were quite large due to the fact that the Attorney
had a computer glitch and did not bill for his services in 2017. $4000.00 was from prior
year services. Brad moved and Nancy seconded to approve the June Financial Statement.
The motion passed.

Regarding the Aging Report, Frank reported that 8 community members are delinquent.
Frank will contact those members to try & set up a payment plan.

Frank addressed the procedure for contacting Edwards and Associates. We have spent
half of the budget for their services in the first quarter of the fiscal year. If anyone has
questions go to Frank first before contacting Edwards and Associates.

Lance questioned Edwards and Associates handling of the Vanderyacht Propane Account
as they said the bill had been paid, but when Lance checked with Vanderyacht the bill
had not been paid and we were charged for late fees when Edwards and Associates had
made the error. Frank also mentioned the excessive cost of monthly reports and perhaps
quarterly reports would be better.
Frank reported that the Secretary of State now has the current information that was
needed so the officers can now sign the signature cards at Heritage Bank.

Lance addressed the SSCC Landowners Agreement regarding the Shoreline Improvement
Project. Lance was told to talk to the person who did the survey, Jim Johanson, regarding
concerns about the height of the new bank. The intent is to have the top of the bank be at
the existing level of the bulkhead. With the shrubbery that will be planted and the spit
being higher it would diffuse any wave action that may occur. Lance moved that we
accept and sign the Landowners Agreement. Discussion followed. Nancy seconded the
motion. The motion passed with 8 in favor, Mike and Wil were oppsosed, and 1
abstention. Glen proposed we send out a notification to the community that the Board
approved the Shoreline Improvement Project knowing that the project was fully funded
by grants and no funds were required from the community. The next step is the project
goes out for bidding. The project is scheduled to be completed by October 15, 2018.

Sharon Rose and Roger Hickman (whose son, Matthew, is a new community member)
joined the gallery.

Lance presented the CPG (Clubhouse, Pool, Grounds,) Report. Lance, Mike Downey,
and Ken Richards got the thermostat working to heat the pool. The pool has been
registering around 80 degrees. To heat the pool all day uses 1% of the propane tank. The
issue of whether to buy or rent the propane tank was tabled until the next meeting. Lance
announced there will be a work party August 4, 2018 to trim back ivy and cut trees down
to 15 feet on the community property. Regarding the Toomb’s letter to the Board about
enforcing Division 1 covenants the CPG Committee felt that they are not responsible for
the enforcement of Division 1 covenants. Glen suggested that Division 1 have an
arbitration committee that could enforce the covenants by fines. The topic was tabled
until the next meeting. Brandon Litwiller has offered to help with the repair of the leaning
retaining wall next to the pool.

Gary addressed the issue of renter use of the pool. Gary proposed a policy that a member
would take responsibility for their full time renter to use the pool with the member taking
responsibility for al their behavior and actions. Gary moved that for the rest of the pool
season renters be allowed to use the pool, members sign an indemnification agreement
and pay a donation. Frank seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Discussion followed regarding purchasing a more updated computer for the Treasurer
and Secretary. Martha said she was okay with the current Secretary’s computer. Gary
moved we allow Frank to buy a new computer for up to $600.00. Martha seconded. The
motion passed.

Under New Business Nancy talked about the utility easement around the clubhouse and
where we can and can’t dig. Glen would like to get a new fence around the pump house.
Brad suggested the billing information email form be sent out in a separate mailing prior
to the next quarterly water bill mailing.

The next Board Meeting will be Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 6:30 pm

The meeting was adjourned at 9:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Fleming

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