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Scenario 2:- Capitalization of Asset under Construction

ABB is one of the biggest transformer manufacturers in the world. Over the past few years, their
focus has been to increase their dominance in India. For the same, they have decided to increase
their manpower capacities and also their infrastructure to accommodate the resources. The
management has decided to construct a building consisting of 3 wings. The duration of building
each wing is 2months and they want to capitalize each wing on completion.

You are required to create the building as an asset and capitalize each wing as it is completed using
‘Asset under Construction’ facility in SAP. Depreciation calculated for the year should also take
into consideration the capitalization date for the wings.

Creation of Company

Creation of Fiscal Year Variant AB & Assigning to Company Code ABU

Posting Period Variant Created ABB
Open & Close Posting Periods

Posting Period Variant Assigned to Company Code ABU

Field Status Variant ABB

Tolerance Group for Employees

Tolerance for G/L Accounts

Tolerance for Vendors

Chart of Accounts ABB

Define Retained Earnings Account

Creation of G/L Master

Creation of Vendor Account Group ABB

Creation of Vendor Master 8000000005

Asset Configuration

Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation 1IN to ABC

Copy/Delete Depreciation Areas

Assign Input Tax Indicator for Non-Taxable Acquisitions

Tax Code for Input V0
Tax Code for Output A0

Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code ABU

Account Determination
600000 Buildings
40000 AUC
Screen Layout Rules for Assets
1100 Buildings
4000 AUC

Number Ranges for Asset Master

Asset Classes
600000 Buildings

Integration with G/L
Balance Sheet Accounts

Depreciation Accounts

Specify Financial Statement Version for Asset Reports ABB

Define Base Method for Depreciation 0012

Define Multi Level Method

Define Period Control Method

Maintain Depreciation Key and Activate

Document Types for Asset

Maintain Controlling Area

Assigning Company Code to Controlling Area

Define Settlement Profile

Assign Settlement Profile to Company

Creation and Assigning of Settlement Number Range to Controlling Area

Master, Transactions & Reports

1. Creation of AUC Master

2. Creation of Main Asset – Building for Hotel

3. Creation of Sub-Asset – Hotel Wing A

4. Posting Values to AUC F-90

Press Enter - Next Screen

4. Settlement of AUC - AIAB
Click on Save

Settlement (AIBU)
Depreciation Run AFAB

Log for Posting Run


1. Asset Explorer AW01N for Building – Wing A

Wing B
2. Report for the Main Asset S_ALR_87011978

3. Report for Asset transactions S_ALR_87012048

4. Current Year Depreciation figures S_ALR_87012035

5. G/L Line Item Wise Report – FBL3N

For Depreciation Expense

For Main Asset G/L Account

6. G/L Summary Report – FS10N

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