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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 26 Friday, September 7, 2018 www.minnedosatribune.com 90 cents plus tax

MX Race
Candidates Weekend

T own of Minnedo-
sa Senior Election
Official, Donna Dill-
abough, has received
a few official registra-
tions from candidates
running for Town
Council. As of Tues-
day, current Coun-
cillor Pat Skatch had
submitted her regis-
tration for the position
of Head of Council/
Mayor and registered
for positions as coun-
cillors are Jim Dow-
sett, Grant Butler and
current councillor
Rick Saler. Photos by Hillary Miller
The registration
period remains open By HILLARY MILLER the nationals can return to Minnedosa on
followed by the offi- a regular basis.
cial nomination pe-
riod which will run O n Saturday, September 1st and Sun-
day, September 2nd, the Manitoba
Motocross Provincial races returned to
While the provincial races did not at-
tract the same number of competitors and
spectators, last weekend’s event did draw a
from September 12th
to 18th. McNabb Valley near Minnedosa. significant crowd of eager spectators, who
If no other candi- There were many riders competing all cheered on the daredevils on wheels.
dates step up for Head over the Labour Day weekend, which con- Local motocross talent, Ryder
of Council/Mayor and sisted of parts eight and nine of a thirteen- McNabb, son of Brad McNabb, the owner
Skatch is acclaimed to part series of races. The series of races of McNabb Valley Motocross, came in first
the head seat, she will began in Altona, MB on May 27th, and in his class on Saturday, 85cc 12-16/7-
be the third female to will continue until part thirteen, in Pilot 11. He had a total time of 8:01.886 for
hold the position of Mound, MB, at the Prairie Hill MX course three laps, with his best lap timing in at
Mayor in Minnedosa’s on September 29th. 2:16.310. His best speed was 26.41km/h.
135 year history. The The provincial races were held only He competed in the same class again with
first was Joyce Steven- months after McNabb Valley hosted its a total time of 8:14.218, with his best lap as
son in the 1970s and first ever Canadiain Pro Nationals Mo- 2:18.147, and a best speed of 26.059km/h
the second was Beth tocross races on June 16th. The nationals and once again coming in first place.
Gordon in the 1980s. were a success, bringing in thousands of
spectators to the area and it is hoped that Continued on Page 9

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