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Welcome to Mrs.

Reynolds’ Second Grade

Open House!!
PSE is the place to be!
A little about Mrs. Reynolds
-I graduated from Appalachian State University.
-This is my 5th year of teaching. I have taught first grade in
Durham, N.C. and three years here at PSE.
-My husband and I got married last summer in the Outer
-My family lives in Boone, N.C. But I was born in Ohio.
-I love to read, be outdoors, run, and spend time with my
Donations- Thank you, thank you!
Thank you so much for all of the “wish list”
donations to our classroom!
-treasure box items
Room Parents & Volunteering
-Our Room Parents this year are Mrs. Greenway and Mrs. Ramsay! We are so
thankful to have them!
Mrs. Greenway greenwaykatherine@gmail.com
Mrs. Ramsay andell78@gmail.com
-Don’t forget to sign up on the volunteer sheets! We still need plenty of
-Please remember the importance of confidentiality and of honoring each
child’s privacy rights!
-We LOVE volunteers! Please make sure if you volunteer you are listed on the
PSE volunteer list. You can sign up at the main CMS site- www.cms.k12.nc.us ,
then cick on “Register to Volunteer”.
-Any questions please contact Tess Berger in the office.
*EVERY volunteer needs to reactivate! It does not matter if you volunteered
last year. Everyone needs to reactivate.
On your child’s desk there is...
-A “Shine on in Second Grade” note! Please
leave a little “love note” to your child and
leave in on their desk for them to read
-A curriculum guide for second grade
-Payment directions for field trips and
Pay4schools Stuff (you need to complete
two separate payments)
Classroom Expectations:
-Respect each other
-Be responsible for yourself
-Put forth 100% effort on all assignments
-Raise your hand
-Be kind
-Be a good listener
These Expectations will lead to:
-Creating independent thinkers
-Developing strong character
-Building a positive and inviting learning
-Self monitoring
-A love of learning!
Daily Schedule:
7:30-8:00 Morning work/Morning Meeting/DOL
8:15-9:15 Specials/Morning Meeting
9:15-10:15 Literacy/Daily 5
10:15-10:30 Snack/Read Aloud/Bathroom
10:35-11:35 Math
11:35-11:55 DEAR
11:55-12:20 Lunch
12:25-1:00 Writing
1:00-1:30 Science/Social Studies
1:30-2:15 Recess/Bathroom
2:45-3:00 Packup/Group meeting/Dismissal
Our class is split for specials. Your child,
along with a few other students in our class,
goes to another second grade classroom
everyday to join their class for specials. Your
child will be coming home with a specials
schedule for their specials class this Friday.
*We use a ticket system in second grade
-Each day the children begin with a clean slate.
-They receive 3 tickets every morning. Throughout the day
they can earn more tickets or lose them.
-Every other Friday we trade our tickets in for prizes.
Students may also save tickets. Examples of rewards: use
the teacher chair, eating lunch with a friend from another
class, free homework pass, Treasure chest, etc.
-Tickets are earned for: following class and school rules without being
reminded, working extra hard, doing a good deed. (It is possible for them to
earn more than one ticket a day.)
Consequences for making poor choices are:
First time: Warning.
Second time: Lose a ticket(s).
Third time: Lose a privilege or reflection time, and lose a ticket(s).
Final time: Lose another ticket(s), parents informed/office may be informed.

Teams – Earn points for building a positive and helpful learning environment
Jewel jar- Class reward system
*EVERYDAY the Homework Folder, spelling notebook, and agenda, will
go home and should be returned the following day!
-Read 20 minutes every night..will switch to 30 mins. mid-year
-Spelling activities (OPTIONAL) will also be worked on at school
-At times, a project, such as Science or Biography
-Signing of the agenda
-Friday work signature sheet
-Expected the next day or on the due date written in the agenda
Weekly Work
-Every Friday your child’s work from that week will be sent home
-Review the assignments
-Keep all work at home unless otherwise marked “sign and return”
or “correct and return”.
-Spelling tests will be sent home the next week.
-Sign the Friday signature sheet.
-These independent assignments are good indicators of your child’s
strengths and areas needing a little extra attention.
-If you notice your child struggling, there are many good workbooks
that you can purchase to reinforce
Grading System
-We have a new grading system which will be on your child's report card. (No more 1/2/3/4’s)

Developing (D) Progressing (P) Mastering (M) Exemplary Mastery (E)

Student demonstrates Student Student demonstrates Student demonstrates

basic level of demonstrates mastery of grade level advanced mastery of
understanding of progress toward standard multiple grade level standard.
standard with support. developing mastery times and in multiple Students seeks to
Intervention is in place of standard. Student ways. Student applies deepen understandings,
to support the applies limited understanding of engage in higher order
development in understanding in standard in familiar thinking skills, and apply
mastery of standard. familiar situations. and unfamiliar thinking to new and
situations. uncommon situations.
-Words Their Way: Research-based program that allows for
differentiation among students to where they are
developmentally in their personal spelling ability
–It gives reliable patterns and rules to enable students to
spell a high percentage of words correctly versus
–Spelling correctly for every day writing assignments and
for ALL the other words with the same patterns…not just
for Friday tests!
Spelling continued..
–Weekly spelling test on Friday.
–Homework: Spelling activities will be optional. Students will
practice during the day, but if you would like your child to
practice more at home they can choose an activity to
complete from their homework folder. Please complete in
spelling notebook.
-Spelling lists for the week will always be found in their
-Our Math Series is called Envisions
-Allows for more differentiation, centers, and student
-We will have a whole-group Math lesson each day that the
homework sheet will be based on and then students will
work in differentiated centers to practice based on skills
they need next.
-We will also work on building Math fluency each day.
Literacy Curriculum
- Writer’s Workshop (independent writing and partner sharing)
- Process of writing: planning, writing, editing, proofreading, and
final draft
- Moving towards conventional spelling and correct grammar use
- Reader’s Workshop (independent and partner reading; book clubs)
- Focus on building stamina and reading comprehension
- Students should be transitioning from learning to read to reading
to learn.
Why do we utilize Paideia seminar in our
instruction? Paideia Seminar is centered on
ideas and values from the curriculum and the
real world. Discussions develop skills that
can be used across the curriculum, whether
social studies, science, literacy, art, and
Social Studies & Science
–Geography and Environmental Literacy
–Character Education
–Matter (Properties and Change)
–Sound energy (Forces and Motion)
–Weather (Earth Systems, Structures and Processes)
–Life Cycles (Structures and Functions of Living Organisms)
CogAT testing (Cognitive Ability Test)
•All 2nd Graders will be tested
•Dates: September 5, 6, 7 first thing in the morning after
•Read Aloud…all listening and visualizing
•There is no computation, reading, or writing!
•This is not an IQ test, nor is it an achievement test!
•Each child worked with Mrs. Saffran on sample questions to
introduce them to the types of questions
•Any CogAT questions, please refer them to Mrs. Saffran
Loose Ends...
•Lunch-we eat from 11:55 to 12:20.
•Snack…10:15-10:30…please make sure your child has a snack and
water bottle everyday. (no cake, candy, soda, etc)
•Birthdays-You are invited to purchase cupcakes or ice cream from the
cafeteria. Forms are found on the PSE site. *Please note…we can
only have 1 birthday treat per day. If your child shares a date, please
consider splitting the cost or decide to celebrate on a different day
•Newsletters will be sent home every week by email…I will try to get out
Monday evening, but definitely by Tuesday!
Loose Ends continued...
•Art Smocks-please place a large t-shirt in your child’s backpack,
it will remain in their cubbie all year!
•Sneakers/Tennis shoes should be worn on a daily basis. This will help
reduce injuries and allow your child to fully participate in games, not
being limited due to improper footwear!
•Absences-Please make sure you call or e-mail Tess Berger. Please
cc me on the e-mail as to the reason why. If no call or e-mail has been
received, then upon your child’s return a written note will be needed!
**Work can be made up but LEARNING can not
Loose Ends continued...
•Clothing-Make sure your child’s name is on all jackets and
sweatshirts. Lost and Found will be emptied at the end of
every month.
Loose Ends continued...
Website…This is where you will find
EVERYTHING you need to know! We are in the process of
updating and making a new one and when it is done I will
email out the link!
Time for Questions!
–I appreciate all your help and support!
–I look forward to working with your children to give them the
best year in school. We will work hard, but play hard as well!
–Thank you for coming tonight! It was wonderful to see you all
and have the chance to talk with you.
–Good Night!!