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Organisational Context / Management System – Atie

Quality Manual (changes _not done; Objectives and Target 2018)

Scope (no changes_done)
Quality Policy (no changes_done)
Quality Objectives (changes_done)
Organization chart, Job Description, Responsibility and Key Competencies (changes_not
done; Irwan / Zuli)
QMS Documentation (no changes_done)

 Level 1 – TRS Quality Manual

 Level 2 – Management System Procedure
o Document Control System
o Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
o Control of Non-Conforming Product
o Internal Audit Procedure
o Management Review Procedure
o Legal and other Requirement
o Preparation of Project Quality Plan
o Project Review Procedure
o Bid Preparation Procedure
o Contract Review Procedure
o Procurement System
o Training, Awareness & Competence Procedure
o Risk Management
o Calibration and Verification of Equipment

 Level 3 – Support Services Working

 Level 4 – Forms & Records
Document & Record Masterlist (changes_not done)
Leadership/Management Responsibility – Rozita
Quality Manual (changes _not done; Objectives and Target 2018)
Management Review Procedure (changes_not done)
MOM (changes_not done)

 Review of Previous Meeting Minutes (changes_not done)

 Quality Policy (changes_not done)
 Audit Result (changes_not done)
 Organization Chart (changes_not done)
 Changes to QMS (changes_not done)
 Customer Complaint (changes_not done)
 Customer Satisfaction Survey (changes_not done)
 Quality Objective Measurement (changes_not done)
Internal Audit – Atie
Internal Audit Procedure (changes_not done)
Internal Audit Schedule and Planning (changes_not done)
Calibration Masterlist (changes_not done)
Fix Asset Masterlist (changes_not done)
Job Completion Form (changes_not done)
Customer Complaint (changes_not done)

Purchasing – Jafnee
Procurement System (changes_not done)
Approved Supplier List & Evaluation (changes_not done)
Register of Procurement Form (changes_not done)

Contract Review – Atie

Bid Preparation Procedure (changes_not done)
Contract Review Procedure (changes_not done)

Operation, Inspection & Calibration – Hafiz

Preparation of PQP (changes_not done)
Project Review (changes_not done)
Zero LTI (changes_not done)
Zero TRCF (changes_not done)