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Poligonaceae family


Fagopyrum esculentum (Buckwheat)

skin (DD: Sulph)
Rheum palmatum (Rhubarb)
Rumex crispus (Yellow Dock)
upper resp
Senega officinalis
lower resp

As if a war or battle
Within my body
Suspiciousness (Am)
outsider by choice
Can be adversarial

(When think: Cham)

Typically these cases are fairly hidden

Mind is flat, simple

Often seen clearly in kids cases

A fairly dysfunctional family
A significant conflict in the family
From the beginning of these people’s life
Like even mother’s milk is a problem

War, Battle
A fight, a struggle
Poligonaceae family

They use these words

A fighting vocabulary—a battle vocab being used

They won’t talk much

It is best not to give too much information out
Imagine that you live in a dictator country, you don’t want to tell too much, someone
might find out
They have to defend themselves
So it’s not about a good image, but to hide, to
show that you are normal
That you are not doing special wrong or right

It’s a shame to need a doctor

As homeopaths we try to understand what is
Because these people don’t want to stand out
in any way
It is not very easy to get information from

It’s not good to not be smart

Then others might take advantage of me in some way
They will hide their intelligence or their perceived lack of intelligence
I don’t want anyone to know—I might not be smart enough
Commonly they are considered as someone with learning problems
As someone who is not as smart or clever as the others
Can be oppositional, ADHD
They can avoid and become paranoid as well

For others it might take weeks, but for me it will take months
As if they do not feel supported, by family in order ot achieve results
As if I have a disadvantage compared ot others
Socially and financially, it’s a matter of my family
I have to constantly watch out what is going on

When they go to kindergarten, it’s a critical time

They have strong distrust

They give the impression of having mental problems

They might have some socialpathic disorder…
I do not have any mental issue, it’s just an organic disease!!!!

Their family supports this as well

They agree no mental issue
If depressed, they just don’t have enough serotonin
Poligonaceae family

Fastidious attitude
Stubborn about this
There is NO psychological order !

Unseen, unrecognized, unsupported

They go out of their way to be not friendly or nice
(like Ammoniums, first show their difficult nasty side)
As if an over-defense
I want to be an active part of this loop—in not
creating a good relationship
Poli will behave in a way that requires you to not like
They will complain of being not accepted, not seen

Congestion inside
Something inside needs to be expelled, ejected
But it is not easy or possible to do this
At if something inside is tenacious, this thing wants
out but doesn't work well enough to get it out
Using battle vocab with this
As if there is a battle inside my gut, in my lungs
As if someone is punching each other inside my head

Often tenesmus
The “get rid” doesn’t work very well
Tenesmus of the orifices, anus, mouth, ears….

Fago skin
Rumex—upper resp
Senega—lower resp
They seem very different—but their somatization is the same

Fag will complain—he should vomit

Rumex—trying to expel something from the resp tract, and Senega would like to speak
out (spit out)

Paranoid a bit
As if something is poisonous inside and I need to get rid of it

Food, relationship very difficult

Troubles with mother’s milk
All have problems with whoever is feeding them
They can be very CAPRICIOUSNESS
Poligonaceae family

In old MM, said think of Rhuem when Cham doesn't work, or when Ipe doesn’t work
They are very good at making you feel that you are not able to support them
The supporter feels inadequate
I don’t know what to do with this child
They reject whatever I try to offer
They won’t even take medicines or remedies
They are suspicious about the family
The food is the object in which to create this
antagonistic relationship

Could think anorexic or bulimic disorders

ANOREXIA is more common
The false anorexia
They will use this attitude to help feed their
emotional problems (the relations with family)
They become extremely selective and fastidious
in what they select to eat
Mostly it’s a nasty attitude
I don’t like what you are giving me!!!
Starting with getting sick from your own breast

Not able to express themselves

They will not feel better after crying or after anger…

As if there is a lump in their throat and I cannot spit it out!!!

As if there is a toad disgusting in my throat

Restless at Night
Like Cham, Cina, Artemesia, capricious with food, Bac, Tub…
Everything gets worse at NIGHT
Nighttime is the main theater
Seems just being oppositional
When I should allow my family to get some sleep….

These remedies are mostly in larger rubrics

He uses this as an example of how they try not to be noticed in a unique way
This is characteristic of remedies known for paranoia

Symptoms are SEEN—and are PAINFUL—I cannot HIDE!

Like Blepharitis (they are ashamed of it)
When the symptoms cannot be hidden
This make sit harder for them to hide between the others
When they are appear different than others
I cannot hide!!!
Poligonaceae family

This is not nice and I have to hide it

Like my breath is very offensive, foul and
disgusting—but in actuality it’s not that bad
But if someone else comes too close they will
discover this
How bad in the taste in my mouth, my breath!!

Often: I have a taste in my mouth

But really not related to a physical ailment
Inside there is something poisonous
Also nausea which supports this paranoid idea
I need to drink more
If I eat more will make it worse
My gas smells bad, and by poop stinks...it needs
to get pushed out