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Paul Rudolph

Pioneers of Modern Architecture

Rudolph Hall/Conferences
Yale University
Rudolph Hall/Conferences
Boston City Hall
Boston City Hall is the seat of city government of Boston
Massachusetts. It includes the offices of the mayor of Boston and
the Boston City Council. The current hall was built in 1981 to
assume the functions of the Old City Hall.
It is a controversial and prominent example of Brutalist Architecture.
It was designed by Kallmann Mckinnell & Knoweles (architects) with
Cambell Aldrich & Nutly (architects) and Lemessurier Associates
Together with the surrounding Plaza, City Hall is part of the
Government Center complex, a major urban redesign effort in the
The building has been subject to nearly-universal public
condemnation, and is often called one of the world's ugliest
buildings. Calls for the structure to be demolished have been
regular since before construction was even finished. However,
architects and critics considered it excellent work, with one poll
finding architects describe Boston City Hall as one of the ten
proudest achievements of American architecture.
Boston City Hall
Massachusetts Mental Health Centre
Endo Pharmaceutical Laboratories,
Garden City, NY, USA- 1964