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Identify the concert pitch chord implied by the clarinet in the following extract

2. Identify and figure the chord found in bar 5

3. Identify 2 different examples of imitation in the following pages
4. Identify and figure the chords that make up the cadence, and thus identify the cadence.

5. Rewrite the following extract, which is in 6/8 time, in the equivalent simple time signature. You
need only write the top notes of the second violin. Also rewrite the viola part at the same pitch in
the bass clef
6. Which compositional device is used in the following images

a) Variation
b) Augmentation
c) Diminution
d) Repetition
7. Where does Beethoven modulate on the following page. Also identify which key he modulates to
and from

8. Identify the compositional device found on this extract, and highlight where it is. BONUS: identify
the other compositional device found at the exact same place.
9. Figure the chord in the 6th bar of this extract

10. Identify the rhythmic effect found in the following extract:

11. Identify the chord used to modulate to the new key, B Flat major, in the following extract