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Aura-Soma@ and Chakras

There are the 7 color energy centers within us. That is chakras.The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit
language. Chakras are located along the midline of the body. Each chakra, which corresponds to 1 of the 7
colors of the rainbow, govern our psychological properties as well.

Many of us have a rigid rules and beliefs about how life ought to be lived. As children, we learn by observing
adults and their reactions. This allows us to learn how to react to things and how we feel about ourselves.

By choosing the Aura-Soma bottles intuitively, you are bringing your subconscious desires to the surface. The
unique combination of bottles that you choose also reveals your gifts, talents, challenges, and future visions.
This equilibrium bottle, the vibration of color, herbal, and crystal gem stone, each component as part of a key
to unlock the door to one’s consciousness, then each individual to recognize one’s vibratory make-up within
the chosen colors. I am simply relaying the messages of the bottles to you.

Each Aura-Soma® bottle listed below helps to balance and heal a specific chakra within an individual. I have
also included a short explanation detailing how each specific bottle helps to heal ourselves; these
explanations were taken directly from the book The Aura- Soma® Sourcebook.

The root chakra is red. The matching Aura-Soma bottle is B5, Sunset Bottle.

The second chakra is orange. The corresponding Aura-Soma bottle is B26, Etheric Rescue. This bottle helps
us sort out discrepancies to find a balance towards synchronicity.

Our third chakra is yellow. The best Aura-Soma bottle is B4, also known as the Sunlight Bottle. The Sunlight
Bottle shows us that knowledge can be acquired in order to enhance the wisdom we already have.

The fourth chakra is a green color. The best Aura-Soma bottle for healing and balancing this particular chakra
is B3, the Heart Bottle; this particular bottle indicates that the individual enjoys a strong sense of creative
communication, especially in relation to the earth and the earth’s magnetic structure.

Your fifth chakra is blue. This chakra corresponds to the Aura-Soma bottle B2, also known as the Peace
Bottle. The selection of this bottle indicates that peaceful communication that comes through us rather than
from us. The person who chooses this particular bottle also tends to have a nurturing energy, in addition to
being a natural authority.

Your sixth chakra is a royal blue color. The bottle Physical Rescue, or B1, indicates that people are deeply
connected to, and can peacefully communication with what lies within ourselves.

The seventh and final chakra is purple. The Aura-Soma bottle best suited to heal and balance this particular
chakra is is B20, also known as Star Child. This bottle indicates peace in the conscious mind and self
acceptance within the depths of self.