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Animus Nocendi intent to harm or cause  RA No.

9995 (Anti- Photo and

damage Video Voyeurism Act of 2009)
 RA No. 8049 (Anti-Hazing
 RA No. 9262 (VAWC)
Animus Furandi intent to steal  Theft- Intent to steal personal
Animus Lucrandi intention to make a profit or  Robbery
make profit  Theft
 PD No. 1612 (Anti-Fencing
 RA No 9208 (Trafficking in
Persons Act)
 RA No 10883 (Anti Carnapping)
 RA No. 9194 (Anti-Money
Laundering Act of 2001)
Animus Possidendi intent to possess  RA 10591 (Illegal Possesion of
firearms)/ PD 1866
 RA No. 9165 (Comprehensive
Dangerous Frugs Act of 2002)
 RA 9516
Animus Auctoris intention or will to perpetrate  RA No. 9372 (Human Security
a crime Act)

Animus Domini intention to own

Animus Laedendi intent to injure  RA No 10175 (Cybercrime

 RA No. 9995 (Anti- Photo and
Video Voyeurism Act of 2009)
 RA 9262 (VAWC)
Animus Necandi intention to kill

Animus Socii intention or willingness to  conspiracy

assist in the commission of a
crime as accomplice

Animus Spoliandi intent to deprive or disposses

another of possession or
enjoyment of property or
rights in property.

Animus Deserendi intent to bring cohabitation

permanently to an end

Animus Confidenti intention to confess

Animus Defendi intent to defend

Animus Iniuriandi intent to injure
Animus Capiendi intention to take or capture

Animus Restituendi intention of restoring

Animus Cancellandi intention of destroying or  will
Animus Occupandi an intention to occupy or
control; territory and to assert
sovereignty over
Animus Rem Sibi Habendi intent to keep a thing for  Theft
oneself  Robbery

Animus Defamandi intent of defaming  Libel

 Slander
 RA No. 9995 (Anti- Photo and
Video Voyeurism Act of 2009)
Animus Morandi intention to remain, or to 
Animus derelinquendi- intention of abandoning 

Animus Contrahendi intention to contract 

Animus Revocandi intent to revoke  Will

 donation
Animus testandi intention to make a testament  Tax Laws
or will

Animus Donandi intention to give or to make a  Tax laws


Animus Solvendi intention to pay 

Animus revertendi intent to return 

Animus manendi intention of remaining  RA 9225 (Citizenship Retention
and Re-acquisiton Act)
Animus non-revertendi intention not to return  RA 9225