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drinker takes a nap in a urinal

After a long and presumably very tiring night out this dozy drinker settled down to
sleep in a urinal, much to the amusement of commenters on Reddit

This unfortunate chap's shirt is almost as loud as his hangover is going to be.After
a long and presumably very tiring night out this dozy drinker settled down to sleep
in a urinal, much to the amusement of commenters on Reddit.One poster said they
believed the makeshift bedroom could be the restroom of Pavlov's Bar in
Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, USA.

The city is home to the University of South Carolina, as well as several other
colleges - which might explain the title of the Reddit thread, 'College done not so
right'.The bizarre sight prompted commenters to post their own reminiscences of
strange toilet encounters.Poster wolfgame said: "There was a guy in the NYC goth
scene who went by the moniker of Kevin carpet.

"He would roll himself in a carpet and the lie down next to heavily trafficked areas
of clubs like by the bar or the bathroom. I've stepped on him a few times thinking
that the flooring was really soft and about to give way."

Identical twin brothers need plastic surgery so their identical twin brides can
tell them apart
The issue reached a worrying point when one brother found himself holding the
hand of his sister-in-law one night after dinne

A pair of identical twin brothers in China who married identical twin sisters are to
have minor cosmetic surgery in order to help with their awkward identification
The decision comes after friends and family had constantly complained about not
being able to tell them apart before, during, and after their wedding.

But the issue reached a worrying point when one brother found himself holding the
hand of his sister-in-law one night after dinner.Zhao Xin and younger brother Zhao
Xun, from a village in Yuncheng City, in North China’s Shanxi Province, had been
causing headaches for their relatives ever since they started dating sisters Yun Fei
and Yun Yang, from a village 6 miles away.
Even on their wedding day during the past Chinese New Year , the couples and
their parents had to double-check several times to ensure they were not marrying
the wrong partner.
The two pairs of identical siblings, aged 22, are said to be so alike that it is not
even possible to tell them apart by their voices
A TOILET in London has been put up for rent for £3,000 a month

A toilet in the posh London surburb of Highgate has been put up for rent at £3,000
a month.
The owner, builder James Atherton is looking to rent or sell the unusual piece of
real estate - a stand alone loo he owns inside a block of flats at the bottom of
Highgate West Hill.It is by a bus turnaround point and next to the bottom of
Hampstead Heath. The facility is being promoted with a sign on the wall offering a
"toilet space", hoping to catch the attention of bus drivers who need stop to relieve
themselves at Parliament Hill Fields.The toilet is for rent near Hampstead Heath.
Mr Atherton also predicted a surge in interest if Camden Council follows through
with its controversial plans to close the public toilets in Pond Square in Highgate
village and the Victorian toilets at the entrance to Hampstead Heath were
demolished in the 1990s.Mr Atherton's toilet has been left unused for many years
but is in good condition, according to the vendor, and could also double-up as a
storage room.

It is up for rent at an asking price of £3,000 a month but Mr Atherton said he would
also consider selling a 20-year lease for £20,000.

Man accidentally chats up mum and daughter on dating app in same

night - it all ends in tears
It took a while before they let him in on their secret - but that didn't stop him from
trying to persuading at least one of them to come round

It could have got really awkward

One man's efforts for some female company did not go according to plan when he
inadvertently tried chatting up a woman and her daughter.
Zack, feeling a bit lonely after his move from Essex to Manchester, decided one
evening to try and find some company before stumbling across 37-year-old Vicky
and 20-year-old Chelsey, according to the Lad Bible.
Unknown to him, the pair share the same surname - Rochford - and were fully
aware of what he'd done.

However they decided to have some fun before letting him in on the joke which he
took with good grace, but only after one final cheeky request to them both.

Read the full text conversations below - one string of messages to the
daughter is on the left and those sent to the mum are on the right.
Electricians have shock of their lives when they find two huge snakes lurking
in electricity box

The electrocuted cannibal snakes gave workers a massive fright

Terrified electricians had the shock of their lives when they opened an electricity
box to find two huge snakes lurking inside.
Thankfully for the workmen, the two reptiles were already dead when they were
stumbled upon.

The astonishing photo, taken in Morganton, North Carolina was shared on the City
of Morganton Facebook page. Officials explained: “The house is scheduled to be
demolished. When the City workers opened the electrical box, they were greeted
by two dead snakes that had managed to climb in.

“Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby said his guys come across fried snakes
every two or three years, and that’s one time too many.”One of the snakes was
electrocuted to death after it chomped on a wire, while the other was fried while
biting its companion's tail.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Sex robots are the latest hot tech trend - but it seems women's feelings on
them differ to men's

Sex robots have been billed as the future of intimacy - but it turns out women just
aren't that into them.Although there are stories of Scarlett Johannsson lookalikes ,
and even shockingschoolgirl sex robots , it seems that gents are much more
interested in the prospect of a tech tumble between the sheets than ladies.Even
though Jude Law starred as the most famous male sex robot, it seems his Gigolo
Joe from AI - programmed to please a demanding female population - cannot sway
hetero ladies.To help understand what kinds of relationships people will have with
these robots , researchers have surveyed their opinions.Although it hinged on the
feelings of just 103 people, it has given a guideline about the appropriateness and
value of sex robots.Sex robot turns HUMANS on when they touch its private
parts. Researchers Matthias Scheutz and Thomas Arnold asked people whether
sex robots would be "appropriate" or "socially useful" in a variety of different
Furious homeowner shares image of 'monster rat' as plague of rodents
blights village

A furious homeowner has shared a picture of a 'monster rat' he caught in his house
in a bid to raise awareness of a plague of rodents that has blighted his village for

The rat, measuring more than a foot long, is one of seven Michael Rausman has
snared in his property since October.

Other residents of the Swedish town of Glumslov have been complaining of rats in
the house and are desperately asking the local council for help to rid them of the
plague. He said: "The municipality must help get a handle on this rat plague before
it gets out of control."
Michael Rausman is urging the council to take action
"We caught the first rat in late October, after we had discovered that something
had been in the waste bag," he continued. "We were watching TV, when we heard
the rat trap slam in the kitchen cupboard."

According to the fed-up Swede, the rat that died from being poisoned left a
pungent smell in their house for over a month.
Naked man caught 'having sex' with Land Rover
A court heard how drunken Daniel Cooper, 24, was stripped off and started grinding
against the blue 4x4 Land Rover Discovery.
Cooper was caught on CCTV simulating sex with the Land Rover which was parked
outside a takeaway restaurant.
Cooper said he was so drunk he could not remember what happened until he was shown
the CCTV pictures.
Father-of-three Cooper – described as normally being "a caring family man" – stripped off
during a drunken night out with friends.
A court heard that earlier shocked revellers had seen him simulate sex with the counter of
the kebab shop.
Cooper was also seen laying on the floor of the takeaway to simulate sex – with his
trousers around his ankles.
Prosecutor John Wylde said: "First of all he was seen to be urinating.
"He was then seen to go down the High Street with his trousers around his ankles and his
T-shirt pulled up over his head.
"Cooper was waving at cars and then took off his shirt completely.
"He was seen to enter a kebab shop where he was simulating the sex act against the
corner of the counter.
"At one stage he lay on the ground and simulated the sex act. Then he did the same to a
Land Rover Discovery vehicle which was parked nearby."
Police arrested Cooper in the town centre at Holywell, North Wales.