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Person being interviewed ____________________________ Date____________

Student Handout
Interviewer ____________________________ Period___________

Mock Interview Grading Rubric

Excellent Interview Average Interview Poor Interview
You should get a job offer You could get a call back You would not get this job
Skill 5 3 1
Greeting: Greet and shake Greeting: Forgot to shake Greeting: Does not greet or
First hands with interviewer hands with interviewer shake hands with
Preparation: Arrives with Preparation: Arrives with Preparation: Does not
enough copies of resume at least one copy of resume arrive with copies of
for interviewers resume

Conversation: Enthusiastic Conversation: Somewhat Conversation: Not

and engaging enthusiastic and engaging energetic

Knowledge: Clear Knowledge: Some Knowledge: Does not seem

Interview understanding of job understanding of job to understand job
requirements and use of requirements and/or use of requirements or use of
Content bioinformatics bioinformatics bioinformatics

Confidence: Displays poise Confidence: Displays some Confidence: Not confident

and confidence confidence in answering questions

Ability: Able to list 3-4 Ability: Able to list 1-2 Ability: Unable to list
bioinformatics skills that bioinformatics skills that bioinformatics skills that
relate to the job relate to the job relate to the job

Eye Contact: Excellent Eye Contact: Adequate Eye Contact: Poor

Language and Grammar: Language and Grammar: Language and Grammar:
Skills & Appropriate. Did not use Adequate. Use of “um” or Poor. Overuse of “um” or
Techniques “um” or “and” “and” does not distract “and”
from interview

Voice: Speaks at the right Voice: Speaks a little to fast Voice: Speaks too fast or
speed or a little too slow too slow

Express Interest: Express Interest: Shows Express Interest: Does not

Closing Successfully shows interest some interest in the show interest in the
in the position position position

Research: Asks questions Research: Asks general, Research: Does not ask
that show understanding of non-specific questions questions
the position

Closure: Sincerely thanks Closure: Thanks the Closure: Fails to thank the
the interviewer interviewer interviewer

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