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• SAP BASIS Full Form & Meaning

By: Ashok | 26 Aug 2010 7:39 am | 1 Comments • SAP BASIS Scope and

Introduction • SAP BASIS Tutorial

In SAP landscape a nonproductive environment • SAP BASIS Certification Cost in 
must closely and approximately be related to India
productive environment and be populated with
accurate, consistent data so that the changes
Try G Suite free • SAP BASIS Interview Questions 
before moving into Production system will be for 14 days.
tested more effectively in Quality systems,
likewise the training system should have similar
• SAP GUI - Overview

data to that of Productive system so that the
• SAP Security Interview Questions
training will be more beneficial for the new users.
• SAP Tcode SM13
Similarly if the development system has more
related scenario as that of a live system then the • Operating System Call Recv Failed
programming incapability’s can be minimized.
These scenario add more pressure on the consultant to get there system refreshed from the Production • T-Code SMQ1 - QRFC Monitor
system frequently. But limitations of available tools, most companies simply create a complete copy of the Outbound Queue
productive system, including the entire data repository and all administrative settings whether or not this
information is required for testing purposes. This method duplicates the productive environment, so it’s • SAP Developer Access Key
both time-consuming and expensive in terms of infrastructure resources, and requires longer downtime
for the system which is to be refreshed. So it is the requirement of the companies to have a tool which will
• SAP Basis Tcodes
help in refreshing the test system with the consistent business data from the live system keeping the
repository of the test system as before. The Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is the solution for them. • SAP Basis DB Refresh Steps
Technical Procedure
• SAP Message no. v0102
The SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is used for creating and refreshing non-production systems
(particularly test systems) with a reduced, but still consistent dataset.
The rationale behind TDMS is as follows: Approximately 80 % of the data volume of a typical database is
contained in less than 10 % of the tables. The biggest tables are normally transactional data tables. This
means that there are two options for creating non-production systems with a reduced dataset:

• The transfer is limited to the tables containing customizing and master data. This option is implemented
in the TDMS MD&C approach.

• Only a certain part of the transactional data is included in the transfer. To ensure that the dataset of the
resulting non-production system is consistent, rules for delimiting the data for transfer must be defined. In
the TDMS TIME approach, this is achieved by defining a “from date”. That is, all data that belongs to the
time after the defined “from date” will be included in the transfer together with the customizing and master
data, while the rest is left behind. More details about how to choose the “from date” are given below.

From a technical perspective, both options can be used for creating test systems, training systems and • What is SAP Router
development systems. There is no general rule about which option to choose in which situation, because
this choice depends on a number of project-specific factors. If you plan to set up a quality assurance (QA) • SAP SPRO Full Form
system, however, you should always use the TIME approach, because a QA system must contain a
• SAP Pfcg Roles and
certain amount of application data so that the required tests can be carried out in it.
Authorizations Concept
For the MD&C as well as for the TIME variant, an initial setup is required when a non-production system
• How to Check SAP Version
is created for the first time in a given system constellation of sender and receiver system.
Once this has been done, an operator can refresh the non-production system at regular intervals following • SAP Background Jobs List
a simplified procedure.
• SAP Partner Profile Tcode
System Landscape
• Lock/Unlock SAP T-Codes via
The system landscape for a TDMS installation consists of the following elements: SM01
• The system from which the data supply for the non-production system is taken (sender system).
• Difference between
! and SAP
Normally, this will be a production system; however it might also be a quality assurance system that was
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set up as a full copy of the production system.
• The TDMS server, which acts as • RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE

o Central system on which the settings and customizing for the setup of the non-production system are • Virus Scan Integration with SAP

o Process control system. • SAP Spool Overflow

• The non-production system (receiver system) • SAP Transport Request Log Table

Prerequisite • Stop Scheduled Background Job

TDMS System • SAP Compatible Printers

The following minimum requirements apply for the central system (and consequently for the TDMS • SAP STMP Mail Configuration
server): 
• R/3 system with Web AS 6.20 and SAP ABA

• 4 CPUs

• 4 GB RAM 
• Required disk space: min. 20 GB

Regarding the patch level, there are no specific requirements for TDMS.

Source System

• SAP R/3 4.6c or R/3 4.7 only

Target System
• NO RFC Authorization for FM
• SAP R/3 4.6c or R/3 4.7 only

• SM58 RFC Tcode in SAP

The TDMS software must be installed on all systems that are part of the given TDMS landscape.
• SAP SM50 - Kill Work Process
The Sender, Receiver and the central systems must be linked via RFC connections.

Business Benefits: • OS Collector SAPOSCOL

Commands FAQs
With SAP Test Data Migration Server your company can enjoy the following benefits that increase
• Maintain Smartforms in Different
efficiency and reduce cost in your IT department:
• Decrease infrastructure and maintenance expenses by reducing the hardware and disk space needed
• Send Email Using Distribution List
for nonproductive systems with a test data set that can be 30% of the size of the complete productive
data set • Difference between Sequential &
Direct Read
• Improve development quality by improving the quality, reliability, and consistency of test data used in
nonproductive landscapes and by allowing developers to perform testing more easily and earlier in the • Assign Authorization Object to
process User in SAP

• Provide increased control over the development process with SAP training that enables your IT • Get_pse: Can't Create PSE
department to refresh and create new nonproductive systems in the future and exercise more control over
the operation of your test environments • SAP SE06 - Perform Post
Installation Action
Technical Benefits:
• SAP Open Client
Simply creating a complete copy of the productive system, including the entire data repository and all
administrative settings needs following manual work to be done until the system can be made available • SAP Landscape Transformation
for the users:
• How to Check SAP System Time
• Interfaces (change/shut down)
• Creation of new users or blocking of existing ones. • Change Nls_Nchar_Characterset
• Copy saved objects back into the system (CATTS).
• SAP LOGON Group Configuration
• Logical System Change (BDLS).
• Transport paths information.
• SAP Tcode SM51 vs SM50 vs
With SAP Test Data Migration Server above mentioned manual work is not required to perform.
• SAP Basis Backup Type
• Check SAPASK US !in Linux and
UnixGet solutions from our experts!
SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) will facilitate the test system with the consistent business data
• SAP T-code SM64 and SM62
from the live system keeping the repository of the test system as before.
This method of system refreshed duplicates the productive environment in the test system without any • SAP Note Cannot be Implemented
down time and also help companies from expensive infrastructure resources as compare to standard
system refresh. • Error (msg dgw 748 not found)

• SAP Software & Hardware

• Generate SAP_ALL Profile

Shalesh Singh Visen | | 27 Aug 2010 6:17 am • SAP Shortcut Parameter 

Nice article • Create SAP Tcode for SQVI Query

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• Check SAP Kernel Version at OS 


• SAP T-code Transaction Used by

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Delete ASK US ! job
solutions from our experts!
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Node SMTP Due to Connection
Error (final)

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• SAP Host File Location Entry

• Transport Route Configuration

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• SAP Mass User Role Assignment

• SM59 Tcode in SAP RFC

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