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JavaPOS Driver Installation Guide for Windows

Updated date: 2012/11/30

1. Development Outline
1-1. Operating Systems
Win XP
Win 7_32 bit
1-2. JAVA Virtual Machine
Java Standard Edition 6 Update 26
Java Standard Edition 7 Update 9
1-3. Supported Serial Ports
/dev/ttyS0 ~ /dev/ttyS4 (Serial interface)
/dev/ttyACM0 ~ /dev/ttyACM1…(USB Virtual Com interface)
1-4. Supported Parallel Ports
1-5. Supported Devices
Line Display: (EPSON emulation mode)
PD-2600 Series
PD-2500 Series
PD-2800 Series
PD-300 Series
Pos Printer
PP-8000 Series
PP-8800 Series
PP-9000 Series
PP-6800 Series
PP-5200 Series
PP-7000 Series
Cash Drawer
CR-2x00 Series
CR-3x00 Series
CR-4000 Series
CR-6000 Series

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MR-2000 Series

RS232 Scanner

2-1. Install JAVA

Download the JDK or JRE from JAVA web site.
Java must be installed on your system before you can run the installer. This can be
downloaded from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
Users: Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
Developers: Install the Java Development Environment (JDK).

2-2. Start the JavaPos Installation.

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The Java installation has been already completed.

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2-3. Configure the setting of jpos.xml
Please refer to below for default logical name of demo program.

Please see javapos\postest\jpos.xml.

(Test POS Printer PP8000S for reference.)

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Please see javapos\demo\jpos.xml
(Test POS Printer PP8000S for reference.)

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2-4. Run javapos\postest\POStest to test Posiflex peripherals.
(Test POS Printer PP8000S for reference.)

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Test Result

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2-5. Run javapos\demo\demo to test Posiflex peripherals.
(Test POS Printer PP8000S for reference.)

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