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essential skills
from the masters r
of illustration
Photo manipulation
Typographic design
Stunning 3D
Vector illustration
Pixel art


rr yourcD isnistins. ptea.€ contutt your new*senr PRINTED IN ENGLAND

How to take projecGspecilic photos ard get . rearive wlth rhe latesr Pho.oshop plug ins..

72 {}ettLng photos
righi first iiine
Avoid tengihy phor o-d(' ng work by

plinning phoroshoois and qen nqrhe

photogaphs yourctient re6tty wants

92 F hoioshop pl.ug-lns
Arou d Lrpoftlvelve unusual
ptug ins. from fire and iur eflects ro
oLd fashioned JiLm sain Pie 7? c8r rhe rkhr pho6 ror th6 job

Seven masters oi iltusuaLior show you how trey crcaled some seminal works ol arr.
i"tt'' .'. ii r'ti-
12 Manlpulating 44 Bultding a
photos for pr'Lnt pixel art world
Co behind the sceres oflleWalcot Engine exptains the intricate and
SlLdio! recent Ted Eaker photoshoot lime{onsumng proce!! of c,eahng
6omet ( tertand obtects
20 Creating a
vector iLLustratLon 52 Understanding structure
Enterihe vector world ot Jon Bu€eman and composit[on
Magictorch teaches you th-" do\ and
don'rs of eye catching ittustraiion
28 Making a 3D scene
Studio Liddell combires naiu€l media
and Lego chaEcie6 to amusing eltuct
62 Working wtth images
for the Web
36 Usi.ng type as a pattern Cmig GEnnett shows you how he put
ldentilat desi$s a typog€phi%L logether his mages from lcetand' site
iltustration using origiml ietterlorms usnrq Dteanw%vq MX and GaLive Cs
Three Leedin! errislr sli.r-- rlieir iLLL,.rrrtio'i ,-!r)e, r6e

80,-,:.,:. , i
London b.sed team tatks abolt its exacting
stafdards and ils ptanned move to New vork

84 , .r .'
Dellicated Ca tifornian company specia lisi,rg
in cutting-edge broadcast and Webdesisf

gg -. |1.
Protilic U K ittush"ror whose earLy car trtuE
wo* is evident i i his commerc iat por tfolio


Vldeo Tutorials
(Avl iodnat, Equi.es WMP 7 watch ior a QuickTine version ner issue)
Ptus two more basic video turorials frcm Psxr.as io WMV lomar'funlq Sphere and'Layer Scating'

JTools Rash tools

Soltwar€ EEht FU LL nash toots from F{ashJo6tor
MOM STUDIO ([w] wwwjtashj€st€r.com) for u3e
COMPLETE {ch apptt.alton devetopment suite rroh MoM(windo$onty) with Ftash 5. Cfhey mlght work with
C@are screensveF, apptications pr4entatiorc and mor€!
nash MX too , but this is not offi.ciatty
supportod.) Ihoy roqui.rel
A tuttyJuncliona L, 30-day triat version of Adobes €nowd vecror packag€ Windows 95/98/MEINI-/2000,/XP
(demo lorMac OS X-lwindows)

lllustrator Ptug-ins
3DPOPART2.0byVoftlgo(demo.MacCtassic,/osX./Wind s)
3D TIGER by Etystum (d6mo. M.c Cla3sic,/Os X-lwind@s)
CADGATE by Applicraft (demo, Mac classic/Os X,/Wind !)
JToob ts a wholo guite ol user-dosirod
EPS Q(RACTOR by Galfix (lrcewarc, WindoM) add-ons for Macromedia tLash Proj€ctors.
F0LDUP byComnet(defro.Mac Cla$iclosVwindo6) Thoy gve you an €xtra sot ot opttons and
N UDGE PALEfiE by 6raiiix, CS compalibte (demo, Mac OS X,/Windos) capabiliti$
not nativety found Ln the
VECTOR STUDIO 2 by Virllat Mirror (demo. Mac Classic,/Os X./Windds)
Rash-authorirE environment. We hav6
soven on the CD, pLus Jqggtor 6etow)!

Photoshop Ptug-ans
C/alA EGht ptug-ins frcm Cybi6 (lEeware, Mac Cta*iclos X./Windou)
EtC HIONE by Andromeda (d.mo, Mac Clr$ic^Vindows)
HOT TEXT by Vertso 3D (demo, Mac Classic,/os /.,/Windo$)
PHOTOGIF by BoxTop SoftwaE (trcewarc. Ma. cla$ic,/Os X./Windo{s)
PROJ PEG by Boxlop Software (fruewar€, Mac ctassic,/Os X,/WindoB)
REDEyE PRO by Andromeda (demo. lvla. Cla*iclos Vwindos)

showreeLs fbm The Ronti(RobChiu)and yann catochtG
JugglDr G a toot for Enhaicii,g your Flrsh
Projoctors. lt is the ont toot that u$s ths
pbjoctor lil.
Tutorlals as the Flash ptay€r which aLtows

Source images supptied by MAGICTORCH for Seciion A Sttuctu€ & CompGition.

grear€r spo.d on prcjstor playback. h giv.s you
These are supptied so you can try out ourtuto.ial foryoucelt and not forany otner use. an arEy of options 10 cunomise yor proJ.ctoB
They are copyiight and not lor r€disnibution in any fom. Source imag6 arc not inctuded lorother and is setfrontain.d (thar i!, rhe nash ptayer is
tutor'€tlJ because they invotve commercial work subject to clientd cooydqlrs. buitt in). which noans you don t have to
distr'Lbute annhing else wiih your aDpLicaiion.


1 *,-

JAvienabLesyouto launch and play AVI video Rtes

inthE JAvicustom playeiTheadd-on givesyou
ma$ive conrrot overthe way you ditise your AVI Cutunir. ldu rroj.dor b dLct your ldv. drwtld
fiLesand is acc€ssibte byusingthe Fscommand
Exec and JAvi itsett lhe leatures inctude tooping,
ctosowheniinGhed. size of AVl, positior onscreen, JH.lpor b'{dg6 ln. $p!.ssr tL JI6L!s.nd $n 3ofsa6.
One ol the new leatures ii Ftash was that rt alLowed
orc imtance, ctoseatlJAvis plryine. sound onlofl.
J NETCHECK you to toad varilbLes lrom outside fites. lt did not
dEsging onlof l, toobarand controt bardGabti.g/
With this Jlool, you can check lo see if the lser is take Long untit tert fites were b€ingusedtoquickly
eiabting, and bordersize
online or nor by lsing one simpl€ coDmand. $is is updare Ftash files Using ASP FLaSh designeE havo
exrremety !5etu1. b*ao$ you cao then choose not created glestbooks, Ftash datsbases and much
J EMAIL torunacenaincomnand if rheuserisnronline-and more ftis invotved the inlormation being read
ThG is anextremelyeasywaytoensurethatyour you can mesese then to conned to the lniernet. lEh the ASP fites and rhen written ba.k to them.
projecloB inctude an emailaddress. JEMaitis o nce run. J Netcheck d isplays ihe connecliofl However,thccould only be accomptbhed ontiie
so versatlte that it works across aLl Windows sbtus (rue or False) in a rext lite {hich yoo can Jsaveattowsyouto save text entered into Ftashto
ptatlorhsand attFlashlites, untike Flash s native load inlo Flash asvariabl€s. a texr fiLe on the hard driv6. h saves user options,
atlows you to enrer detaits in Flashotftineand
enabtes you to insert yourname. lt witt remember
3uch data lortutu€ launchesofthe Ftash file.
JHELPOR Ihis Jloot enabl€s yoo ro.rcate Fbsn $reeo
JHetpor eradicates the need to use rexr tites to dumps.Ihe aiea you wish ro print can be
cFateyourextermLdataforuse inthe Jloot3 castonised. abwi.g yo! rhe opllon ol prinling the JSHAPOR
series.The easy-ro-use graphicat user interlace entire sc€en, jost a pan ol ii or individual images JShaporatlo$ you to cEate a custom-sizedand
provides a q!ickand simpte b{dge between user liom it.lhis selectior i. done using Jsetecroi a tooL cusrom-shaped projedorf ite.The onty thing youle
and a tunctionins piece ot sof tware. linited by is your imagination and creativily. @

Tako advanrageofthis sp€ciatupgrade ofturlrom RashJesterandtakoa15 p8rco

discount oll rh6 normal prico of the comptete Bundtel,
which giv€s you sven more tooLs to oxt€nd th€ capab(ittes of Ftash. these are lhe other faDtasiic JToots you tt g€t in Bundlel:
. Jstart. With Jstart, you can taunch any tlLe - AVl, PDF, doc, MP3, { Ff and many more - and it witt opan in the program tha{s been
specified for tha{ fite.

. JWeb. This Jlool is dssisned to op€n Web tinks from your Ftash tite, with the bro*ser window atways appearing on top of th€
projector fLts and notb€hind it.

. JMAPI. Creats mait-snabt€d appticarions and display rhem within the end usert em.it ctient in the projector llte. JMAPI is compalibte
with att major email ctients - Outlook, Outlook Exuess, btus Notes, Etdoraand I'letscape ,Iail.
. JMovie. Enabtes you to plry AVls as wett as MPEC fites, som€ Quickruno movies and hany others directty from your projector fites.
Ihis ctever cinematic teature G made possibt€ by Windovs Medra Ptayer Activex controts-

To lind further detaits and to order, visit: lwl http:/ tashjsstsr.com/index.htmt?$crion=ordertng*bundtes-bundtel.

To claim your discount, enter the fottowing coupon numbet shenuo'iipted, 24247222.
Walcot Studio in focus...

O Eanh Gl contrast, cotour and cuiouts

Tlc ff,t r.&,r...r1nS rh,t ilrorp.5l. ,^i rlirh i 3 Qt tt. oflashor ptroroNnpry
,ir,:3. (ri,coiog Io" ba.r{ouid !p.jrd LE ool lorllrii rcd Bakr advon sencr r
s.re i e ni{tig.r nrnit 1.tr,ou, ic pr o ro rdsto b. p0 r.hy cxdr' rg, a mosr DV.r
nr.ori,t lii( n,br..r Ir.h F !oovfltx lop r rc.top AnroiB.onr r+wa5o$enria ro
ofr r!tr,:no lirlJ)lto.r!i clralrFsubl..r ! li,.inra|c rswe had otdfnnr.voy
ilrcr..i I ih,ouehortthr pr.rosh.o1rftl I n ra.le!!id mrr:rc.tspice \rc d r.ar.hcd
r.ep itxiL rh. bi.liS oord n ir s.:sc.,e lh.oucr noaaii r ihr.. onsntufurior,
: s., :,xea..i trruro ottrp ralh \! li.!oon ev.r ind.ontra5l of erch mag.the'etoB
.oiJ!, s;rr?ti.n io n.!rrrpyrhour . rs b..anr e$ertr b.J.re a y we c pla..d
,,o.e3d ockn3 ro!s.tLyr ned.trelini..mp.nti.r Srin5mdothirg
ind i ryolhe, ret!u.r ng was don. rt tr s
g ModeLs stage too r|s hard totc wheLher rhcrcr
.r ![. r]aa ri.. df !\ ng rre tre( mdde s ..ntnu ly ol.! ourihrouBtrotrr Ltr! who.
po$b. ie 3.t rea c.n.nr the nr.g. lnli a t[e parrs are I p ace 50 or..
i,:n.r niigth,d Ch.rrpion nvovea yotr,e workin8on the !pi.e n €e n re
r fitr ig ofllomc .fnrelt id tion:1.. our bahn.irg.: r be
inftrbr.Ior.r ar nva lrrp erper en.e p. o,ned beLwe.n.r.h fs!€ o. nsa
,. r.i t.;ur. aid p,ole.Lttu gtrih..d oueh.omp olihe se e.ted shots n the ma n
t,.npoii. inl l nr. s Brdr rn:.a.hmodet .omp (bef!rc pc.formine tine-.ons! n fe
n a,r.1. r::;:ay;o!rlE. re fu .ia-d the clppinS pxtht tso efsures tharrimc sni
ai.rtponiLliir.-s itherii.omp.slon \raned.urlng out nappr.prate shot5
\l hrlrl. toui th.D.n ton\u,n aor' lrrcrlc oi I r.n,lly f! iion ). il
O eoses ftlil m!dtL n'!ror\ ipf.rrd.n /\ Goi,.\11,c.0tr1.1ir-l afro of tli!
lof rrln hlnl s d.) h. r|lr\ d!
AiwlLh a \ unr, rjltl nt llr intrl u. w(n lr\ ( r rlri i.lortln thc
or t0rpu n')iP.l t pir:m.rnl A .o,if.rr.'n,:!. IrrsaoLkr r,trYr l,.d ll r.i th) n i lun) rt oul ol
!o d N.v. nr. n. n nlr nn l .orlro, b..tr ir.,. t,.l! n iiy ot lr'r. oirr'ng
b,r. fdnd fnarp! n]r 50lrr lDr hi. ff,LtL rr ten o, J.tris b, t tlrll
5 rL\ r.L(..1rh..i.t nl-ntrnr .r r rl h..n ld r v.. th., b(n d,r p!l'lcd g Adjustins ctoding
olthllla(.nifr0rp0odof se.auje o11h. ri,gr nunrr !r f1!de1!
up D.tirg I ti I i.rv. tri th.

! to.h(l tltr n'o[ over g Moon u5edandl i dn.unlol.01i rslDl!

tlrer.Lrr!iwiy!Lhe ke,lrood
the f tG rh. n:9..1th. m..n hc p5 to!erlr. '.un.r
of.i.nlin| 1o s.s !orlwoo io,.
wo' <..1b.st rr i! thc ntr tte, ns lhe 5edi.!td.plh in th. fr r .or\rott,oi peoplcr r. nDt br lrc r! Llre tane
n blc.tdc\.mdi !f edto!r. b.tr.. lhn w,..!t.ut lnni thc.rS ii
y.'r rinr:.ffthc otrrrr \v'ti li:hl de ir! )hor.
tt rr whcn th.y ba.k!,otrnd mrse,r'.v.d d'.r2t.d ,nrfipul.t o i rome! to'i!orrind
trin,polir., tr..rui thr triovrtu Lor to trtrir: i rh. s.is. .t d r.d onrl r,rhl i tr.?otrl !.i\ y bo LhL
h.tr.otr ! rnd irrwatnruch n,.,. fr.m th. top ,rhiion,e, o h i! isrrx. d!.1! ire pr!rii,1y. h.
p,otrllirn ArlLlr.M i npL rton dovrn tl,e b, shtnetr 5o.dd.d r. th.
milrlri,iij*,1 i s n,pl. niskird ruo
wi.doncwh.r. th. p.s|vl rjoo.l \en5e or rpi.e 6I. ;snotb.dl 1! raluni,eni avo,d! a ntrst) da!r and
bul lhe ha ror..t nrj nrdc( uore $th lh. r S!r.5 r. f.rrg.ofiC (:rtet r ren rSYiddl.rlitenr i
movonent Lrs rg! grtnta.t 'n
molof b uralto r. pcd n tl isJrl A scating
hvn,x nrotaltrir i,oie 5 r rh. s2nr.
Gl FLipped images t.ttie at th. s1n. s?. t L{r g Adding stars
Ev.r wrtr r mon r,000 PholoB'aphs nrp.rtint to (ratr!urour !.i!..i Io male lhe brkB,ouid mo,.
to.l'o!\e rroii, the.onn,nt.heng.i Ta.. +ro!yni! tlre reu,er ar r.nr n! r rle,rt,n: n s u'.tu-drirn nind
ui.lc i. th. ayoutofthe fn n'ed.on'p 'r.:lig r,.d h.iv.n Tlr.natu,a ro' th.nbrrr.ds sn yto ln!!l lheil
m.rn thit ni y eer ieeded to be s..nr.d to b. trcm ihe, gl,t hatrn ba.t An o i.i le,mage.o!ld ha!.
1r,n+.,m.d nnd fipped due to the ght .o,ncrtorard! Lheelttr i tr'e on b..o u!ed. hade r.om ihe.ipp nB
!.ur.. ind the +'ador".an noii h.rnd..rn.. s.a ng Lhe { 3u,ej to gei .:!h! (.a1.d t. tul oul a,ounrl th.
diff.r.rtangle! Thr reantwervo!d snral.rxthry rer.hed ci,tl' neted ? m.del!. buLlr. de. ded aga Ettrs

Fart {: Merying the figures into the backgound
Prepare the background, retouch the clothes, position the figures
and smooth the edges...

g Iiiliii :ii}.ilr]il:riir;;:llitl
ll.lyhDup rlf ,yr rr
),ii, *cr I r
ll r r,r,i
,4ri.,rtr.tn drrrr.(oriro\rcpdu..t {tr r!.r! o ,\d.!.v'r\.rtrva + A i)!!f!
trM.Ltrltr'!vtr ri&rufd'lllr..i[i.
d.nthrr,l( 11 tttrlnM8 i n rt^dtllrrrl
rri L, tr r( ir,!3...^ !{.1ry t $r f. ih.rcrl rn, rkr5. mr.li dr rh, fd(or ,r rl

LrA.{!r.,Ldr) tilrlr ([],(rn .1) a

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rnrh I l,,,Nrw {ryd! L. )
or o r lkrr . !. inr,l ordrLr rvor rr.r n b,,,1,
Nr!!,/dtr u d rr n.i!.1l.trr,tr(jr I [r \r]i ,d ,rk r nd Mrk il,1ddlora 1;ryo Ltr o Ini
lJtrr| d,ni ryr \ uL.Ly.,,Ns!,Lrvd V .ot

r,I ra t to,ou ,d ryl.trtrrll rrf

optutr ndcrl,( o.r' r r1i ljo oijr.urr

g lil ;::il;lrJff *iilli":.lti;':"tlit::'

thc Lrs. iro lLl t!f.d rrr.f {e$ rom th. E ,.+ad np rir." .rh"..i, .b g r...l:l r'tlii:. iiT,,l it,"ifflil'
:trm9rnstuirLv.nea5lopror+.i[r A.n{tut.
F tr.r! upby 8r3lri-aBunroDr ols.lo t !.rr rdiunn.ndr loLrrrhrcnirwh.e r,vc rr5
bi.rsroLrd.r nJselh on.. you rd rhr cr5yar r.ih.krs$,n
Lhc rcm lou ftuirh!our
rgL E rr.rh.rrrr*..ron 'r.d
[opi.*.in ,Dj no,ed. r(L '
'N.wAdrr nlLav.D
&ehlre$/conn+) inpa\e Lhc B.shlnGs by
61. impr.;,r }ei!rlhet.3:bo!rrh! m bens
lcirnd'rl trLvc th 5 rri ir LrF [, ind 5rt rrre do i. ra) r,epiyoL f.|r.ds4.fL,ejubi..r
Dpi'ty to3r.rid 50 p ..dor ari!n 1ldi
rhe d.r {.i3i.woud b. to rav. a bide (e,"i
bi.ke,!!nd onir.+o.tb tr ia key n: out the
thcains t! IFlrt i Arbrh.trde\rhr ofl subrda oi-4! i bll noi Irnsaoind
pr.r!E or.xo rd ro p{renrand isoftr.!nd lri.ke(r rd loom mge o or I bei prob.m
wh.r ..me\Lo.urtnaoutr\rra.wh .urirrl
lcmnd+E You rl hrveth.orsie rr.rirthe zone ot, r pre !dtulndrhccds. vrh.[. lie
blrlom trs is.uG f* fnrherbum ig i fieeded .ov.nd rf P:rl7 01lhsrlt r: .i D;ee ra d!iLwtr and.pai,.d up tri&rtr.t ri.o.rp

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rn.. bi.rs,.!fd !5 ig ih. irir'l.o rtj !1 n
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p.r.. ! th asoltord tru'i r.rl,.9,ro injrarpo,,etr)rf. .1o,.l rh. poa ird i
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!av. thr ti'l e!, Lrresnd drh.rfiL the f gL(s sdihcrtur Lr(r LFI

b d i rlndrh.io iind,ai r
d'owr LrldridroL.aiih.iad'rnih.
pcsitc r rnd na. toa ttheliro!Lor Lrie rnr
nisc n th !.1*, the r sr.; i,Adad irbP r Pped lLlind F{iha rhel ern,lir i!,Jt. s::!s
horTontJ y!tricr,i\ ertrJa:pp.r' Dn,tr.ory Ls, ri+.nnd+N lh.i ur ir.pi nbaAto
.. L. kri:rnd.rm,F p tsorzonti y ntr.ind lia.+y t.nidrraid i,r,,r :ro tilil i-o:r.o d r\vi s...r.n or dieEnl ited !r,Itd.(
Robrpx,p masclann.+r'l nto t.otr dp!5tion
Fart 2: Focussing on the face
Use layers and the Lasso tool to pedect the model's face...


:1': " "r

s ff il:il iT:,*fl r,11'j i#'l}jti,,,,

o lir,l|l fi ff
ti,i;li1ll li ll ;ll:i ,s.diio,i. .opydJ1 oi[
(odr,ur byro( iiie.,^drL^r- ' fi
i! in, x- h.
g iriJ:i'riiri-::l?i,llli :tili';lirillill
w hihrh ir.(tt (,Dd [,n] rr,,"",,
,i,l nrrbtr!rrv1 ,r
rr/ry.Nr.i!r Lr\v^ laDfd.I n r,, r! rwDfui! cl,)do Lh! M,k.ru h rdtr ) (. [, or
Irrrnio ir r[

o liiil:ii;ll:;li;ili:rtiii::l,l r'i:liJli:
S :::.li:"Ti :l:iillf i,i'j'!'l;iri'illil;t'ii,.
xHlf ir!u!l ryrrLs rrl
rri rrri r ci rl' r J !

g il Jli;',ffi i:'.i:r1$:il.':""1i

o .T:x,iJ::i :i i:-:.*':.i::11*: ::l

s H
iid mar.:
;r,irx':.";til;:,,.f itll',]
vr.opy ciid,I [lov.
neir riyer
nrg!>Adr|st> ru./9rui;Lioa rnd rons. the
r"r" , -., rc-"a jt p-"ir,. rh: i. /r:v..uo.ijbuy \l,rcnrrc !irlhe.otrd
.n the ror iyeraid, us is [FMole to. tv], sppe;i !!ethe c on. ioo
d t5l brroorh orr
iny .n3 i ig siP\ nrhe r..(
$sa* *: Finishing touches
Make some adjustments to the moon, hair and shoe. Then add a company logo .

o ;r,ll:l tl;Iiiilll]l,ir;"'ili:;,i'ri;'ii ril,,

o ili ir,:;;*i lrl llr,,l"llii ilil ill,tilt":l1

g tili:';t:,llt"iii] iii:lt';,llit,lti: I'itl t,ill
o iiri:ii,L;il'1":il;:ri:r,;,ll;,ril,;r::i,. .

g irl,l'il,l[]:i:r ;l$: ;iii:J,l:i,,fi i:: q :::j:lill: li:1;;";lili.lliiilf:']l,l,", s lrii: ?li::i::1ffiil'liir,r[iii][i.,,,

tydoplt .. I LsPPda toou,ltunLhe Iue

ua !F th..:rthmdrcir!6lher {Jor r.n
rhrr.i Yom ninFuiton !o* ! (tre d.nc @
I )---l
Creating a
Vector illustrations can be coloured, transformed and
,il, .l modi{led with relative ease. Jon Burgerman explains
how he created a poster image for Don't Panic...
f,;ftr ll' onr Prnrc i5a fredG.lhtiburion r Lighrhpa,tcd ind3Lmosrentlre yvrcuoue
ccmDJiyJndp landdc:isn
house !p od,cesrlynprks Brokr,Lr iro !rscp;r:tD, r! thet xl
o.1ei.ram,i-"d iull.l 9..iie5 i-"rn,ed.Lon.d chrradcF such rs thc Jesus
.il tr i.:qe loid cui po:ier Ev-"rylw.weeks Andrer >upFy.l he 0i€i Cok€ lvlan,Ih," t.rber-
: n-dw r-r:I r r6te3sed aroundt.pniihlspols. l)3ughip, (a mir hptween $teMossand
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..siertininar:e., r.L!i1," Dr P3rsons. &ku. the humouroilhe Dielr," obyiously had to be
F!t! Fr'1LeL NeLi^1.Fariand. Shrn and &nkgy erl,".len nrheimac,"s :ndrhewhol-"thinc
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dan sgei:furioverihe pe!elwar w'illen by v,adorobjp.brorrherobloaid wo,khswilh
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aiodre.€qrad!3nc.Feds Ln.Lotring Vr'e weekt whichwasihen.ulrosirdaysabout
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Th r.harad8w:3 r-Aared n rh.
\'nr. shelh.i h3d bsrins
'o,nr n,6h1ry avJiy I.om he.o!rdes
nroved ies
1o ftrr. af Drf 43nr.n'oi elle.r.


i., l

*([; \
by cary Muscle and
with flatcolou6 help unit The Ratboy Pimp
.lored fr.m e. yoi iilhe
elenents. Herc, they.an be bitmap process. lf the bottle
seen dov'ne thrcuehouithe had been closed afte. il was
ln.oding transmission>>>


Fut!re applications include: q1





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The doiocolour kiock.out sedions

featuad Irrhe poste.ha.kba.k to
lradiiioial sdeenpinting etf ects. <<<end transmission

:1ll *,**."*'"".- **-
Ten expefttips
Keep a 6ketchboo*
1 PtanaheadandlearnfEmothec.Beinga.ompdrerwhiaorhavisgdebestequipmemdoesn!seanyoutl
thar you lind panic!br(v insDirinq.

Custombe your workspace

Set up yo! r prosra m s to suit you r way o I wdrking €( pbre the Preterences opr'bns a nd c usro mise lhe bru sh
shtp4andunirmeasuramenrsMak.su.erheparesn€isapproprEtetory.!rcu enrprojedandaLrerlhe
grid s€ting3 to assist yo!r layout.

Use spacewlsely
Seluperidsard ruten to h€lporianiseand tayodyou.projecl.Nesarivespacearou.diexr ardobisls
shoutd be balancedandcar€luttyweighied.Space isa tlxury: ky nolrocranroosuchi oa spa.ercr
speceeverythiitour roo much Relertopi€c€solworkyoulikeandseehowthedssignechavelliLise!

lnpressive shoncuts
Leanattlhe shorlculs loryourp€terred pograhsandcreateyourown use.delinedones Commiirhem
to memoryaid shoaoffarpartiesbyrecountinghowro Fr€e {Enslord and Biend ixrwoeasyraps ofrhe
keyboard Poputaityandadmiration lromlhoopposte s6rwiltbeyolrsin norime

Help fttes can help

theressom.dringinrheToolsp:lelleyouneveruso iind oor whar ir i3- ir mightbereallyhandy. bwiv.Ltro
Expertment w lth shapos
Crcateshapesoutofprihilivestupes 0y usingpathlinderloolssuchasUnireand Exclude,youcai produce
Lo oLs. Used c teverly, skewins objecG rnd rex I ca n add a o exrra ele m enr ot persp€tive ro you r rork Mod iiv


Us6 step-and-repeat
Genemte q

uk k backd ops and 3tucru Es by oxperimenr ing wirh ep-andjepear tu nc I ions A ppty { ro obj*r
a nd rotations ro p ron uc6 s p n [inr patre. ns Us€ fte Deline Pat rern learuc ro apply panerns r-\\
Combine vectors and bitmapB
Mir impon ing bitmaps with vecrdh nteresling resuirs can be found bylsing Prdrosrop
th ings up by
im g ra i. a E oiren d ifiicu tr to reprod uc e sotety wiih vec 106 Make
ages with in /l/rls.Etor TextuF and
sure f ites are emLedded belo€ print

Cotour matchtng
wheiworkinsona prcj€ct makesurerhedocumenl\colourmo{eandcolourpaldt€isset!prorlhejob
athantl:CMyKlorprinl,RCefors.Een,andwebSaleio ne web.Ihis shduld save you the irusrmrion
of ofl-cotodre in the iinat ouiput of you wdrk. Use the handy Sare lorweb oprion ro pe.erat€ quick Glls

l0 Check carelutty
Keep an e}t out lor stby aichor poinis and tenlields. F@r 6 distance, rhey mQhr nor be noliceabtq but it
yourwork is goingto be btownup,theymayenduprlinirgir Before sendirE yourwo* b lhe prinrers. scour
Jon! Wabsid rd sd rle illt
ol hi: quirky chaftc6E.

guides and not€s Fot equired for print are ctearty tabetted and in rheirorn print-dsbted lzyer
Fart 1: Hail to the brief
Cet started and think about how to avoid thinking..

J*i XF11ffi i,Ht9-*."*,[:::i,.:r

*.t+#:rrFEii?1:-jJiiil?r?:- H:.ffiF#i*fi-:fl#t'iir?:

ffi#s,sff*m#'" E#rti'ffiffiH:
E ll.illlili:Tli";'Jll"1lffi ll' g llliili:iit.;ili:'i:'rf;llJxrH] f it' grl ili".,liri:xt,'i;'ii
L,r ow nrlf \onr
on ls
tri :l'::i"[{,:t'
ido.l $
qu .k Lo r-Arye
.ia'e lh. Denr |r'rdino lidl , A\
prp{ i.vluiriorc!io I'ow
Th \ msnr .oud nop$ rkn{.x.y Dr in thoiob
h.p ni to Lml h i iftt nsaro o,r klway! ndy) ind lo(aon thcapp ntionorlhc
'irorm "'c woJkl lom tu bftrbo rc or llk po!r,

Part 2: Drawing and cleaning up in Photoshop

Prepare images before converting them into vector objects...

lln + r'" r,r,,,".i,,--" q.' "n,

g lliri['J,:i:.;i:iiil,i','"""Tfl 1i,,"
rkckhb.ol. r upp.d 0rr.onnrl!5 R8[ncrs
g i;;::ir:ii: [il[J:;::,irHil iff
Niveilororby pcsn3cl +spi!!bd(usc
rrh lrron md {i uoll|nliyinrlro{ (rh'{er^dJdrrLvln Bypurr A p' A i rid cr L!,,'fbnraibboi'.uLi!', rooklouid
m,k.rrhc rs.isb..{hrdouri 11c T r icit lrcimasc rorl!dhe inrcrrupLonsiorh.r rcsand
ro n.. wh.n nrr. of [f m]or.rcm.,r h.rd bccn hind ft*cieh.ioDv.d up lowids lh! nddk urla,Pri rrDL(p65 Bdrlilrr t i thetoolbi )
ni c6. rhe,nue. bcih pcncd ind.eDed .h idif,5 hcid5o,bod rrivig+rn dean

Faft 3: Converting bitmaps to vectorc

Different techniques for converting bitmaps, and choosing the right one for the job...

id, rI
g -
E :r,:i,'":J,il1i"# :r'il,TJ:?.r.'T:
l ren
:::r l:";"-L#,::'J:i,fi ffi1l: JiliJ!'
arvedoE r/,nraror his ve.tor s ns.ap$ res
nboveitand lrn.earu!nd lhedrawh!u:nse lher hive i sha0e d illl.nd ii ouilide b.de, rhn bodd
rhe feehrid P,qr. r.. tNldthepoiirp.tiiSPen Beidt o twl i$el.din8rmktooh cL.k.n
tmltPl rt.an be usetultod m ihe b nrapyodp aid hav. dif,pmt rhtkiesps and styres (snok?n
tDo wi attcmptlo.ratcanout ncarclnd t lts
for rhe ,earrn or 5mm1h bodercd mases palean.es .an be a teren in File>Prcferen.es ,
Converting bitmaps to vectorc continued...

t I /.r,'.n, ti. rrt fo,.onvatirb tnan! i .

tl -d-"r,rd. .rn rh" b,i":,o ro;{.,

s,r iifou
|illl,llfi ];:';1t,1'1ltlli"iflif,ff
n. I cmr!br rla th.tu
)d I i
...u \r I r Lr. rc! r r. ror rrn r..rr
Vr. /e
.n th.co.!rTh(,rr.rd thoi/,,rr \!
hetr i! thcs.Dr..lou I [(aooL I
E i,r,illl:$il,:liiPil'l:l:iljlt iJ1,,,, n i(d /,' +

[,u. ]()ru,nn Lcu.sp.n!*lt F]1 , ]o )r oori !.d "s i h,,riri.od i,d..(,fdr . nc

y'r.,nr!.!ofn r,r i rd.onvo'nrl.rrdw i
obrcdvl .*,EroDind Lr.loos np r.1r FJ Dy
! rtu m mm!nr ruih r.rori ! r/,rt rliurnynh rk
! rk I Ll)r.olntwh.i.r.u,[ r,L(ooL,r!'

Fart 4: Compositional layouts

Create compositions on the hop, add text and be flexible enough to accommodate changes-of-mind..

g ):,,,,,iJIri ifi :iilrii:,il;!lliliiill,il,,,,

a l]:,i:,li:ilillliif ltlli] ;I i;l,lH; vr^ r,.11yri,y /\ JNwp.DG w, h x. rnljl i!
o i;:'llri I l1l}i;iliif :i,:lf ::'!iilI, xrdrlh.iull,lL,trrorLc +c 1nt ur a olrl
l.rr 5hltra o,A v, ri,Lyf 5 ro yol er Lrl
rnla r.11, r, ,oriidofi b! t gs is r5r,i
.onrp!rrdi drldvcd o.r i w r,r .,yt )t. .kf,s n tlI aru& irn to
rx.cy..ord dr ,rvdui obtrlsby..( !
rd th(n5 oftin! th.di , to tll o{ya iyour ol,rtd.1o.k o arr+2 r, nn* ..tob.d:

g !i:'ii# ii:iHil:t'l;Jf ,"1i tiii,.","

i:'I'[if-'i]i':j1fi"ff *:i.i"""
Dnehaid th,;p!+tr+oudb.appe? as
,rr... thd do.i&f.rh.s 5adnn dir,.'
.onpo!L on +orld b..hrns-.d A:and nyinia

rrf rerr, howsei the iiee5Ei r hivc 5

s J:::ili1",;'iff i"i'. ji"",!'rf
kn b\ripwnhnashapE ptollheJhap.
:itl'Ji:: -, appr.i.h n nol so n3 to nakelori sood posr.r
ro ser Rarrrthai \p9r,"8ite lres i edion!.J rhe text I
iee ihdrr p.nswo!rd bc nrorciirp'esiveif
eveir 15 nrn lundon E ror..kg.o,rind b. rh. trtpsc iorlrl dr the Pen ioo tPt thei?ed everyrr nc$a nernNed(a!abov.) A5 rrsd
citctu i n3 b Hd ,/1th ih s i or id, rye lried rhe^reJrypcbol'whnhijtr'lhnlh.lyp!bol. er.uped ard o,san sod i he ii.se! prol. c r y
aod.iick on rrrc paih oryou drion s rap. b-.rtrch; r. E.l3sisrt0ri rroo mrrwtrr
Part 5: Technical bits
Close paths, amend and edil shapes, and add colour to the composition..

o iliill'"riH'ff"?i:H"*,T.'::1fr f a :ffi ilj"1Tf*Y8ffi $}i!tirs"

obF.tsrh mn trompere lrc L nr ns
open end aftr seh.l opfr
onc w(h poinlircw rhe whire S :i:ttr""fl ,lh",T J!::i.1"1,.'r',lii';:t:"i1,"
ooinls.an h. done wlh the Pen roor{9J Hove' rhe Ih€ DiRr sdetm boilAi) rh. irow wrr +:peri q!edon rnd th.n ire Pen. too and driR
.utror over onc.pen eid nnd y.u r nol,.e i .nan he h.vearanwhilc5{ua.eurdcmeath r lo nd ale ihe too fteehiid un1
ipFa'ingUndglh|furcrcdrndthePa|hlml a pornt 6 be'n8 *le.(ed wh'le holdrnB dow i s hifi do.siotAu aireedosin*cnd.poinrsand.anin
Lak6 thal po nl a\ lhd l3l one you v€ pbned (you ere.l aiorherend po'nl Prc$ c$+J ind lhey llbe lr.i chafse . osed path5 10 open ones but I s a
wantloron Iloanolhaend pod.hovsrh8.uer pn.d roserherwllh a palh rl t alo posrbh 1o driS a !sei! tdcl whetryouwanttoiusrtweikorsmooLh
over il u iil you ser a . o5ed drcb ion lnd .ahns that maqR rhrclsh eo open p.'nr ro sre.t thcm outancx+nscord path fyou makc, nshkc
d ckns w to i \hc palhr and .ooplele the lhap€ theeme tme ll helps rhe dnG af d6.loecth.l

O i::T;'JL&i*i;ilHI :liiliilli"il: "

rew way! oncwotrd bc ro urd thd ki$otr rrcrtcl
to.ut th.ouAh pnlhr b'e.kit th.nup&d lh.n
de€rins rh€m.aqukkerwiyir to crcitc a crpp,n8
g lit:f i;Jit"':l'Jl[1f; L':.T;:i:1",1t""'"
o m :: :i $1;i""'il1:?"tHili;i:i'
DiiByour Ncd.ood
1 fmm
Mask cni tc a sh ape over i chorn oqed, s,"kd brr Lrkd dlpe. a d,edvrdaf'e ol tr& n3 bilhips Lhe coou.palelt! nto llE swarchcr pd 0ttc
them both an,l ( .k obre.bclipp nsMtrsbMike ,n rhJ, rl rhp wh& i.rpio6
0r lh e coiverred Dolble{L.r n3 on the rwalch wi brnS up iLr
orct+7 c ppnfMrsks.an b. myrhapo, rhoufh blmaps had be. emowd ba.k wh-Ai nakha ihem dcta sard you.an rcirmeil wo&n8 w th n I
irlhey re loo.omp crkd it.inctui prnlnE rhsi {par r€ lhap6 would hav€ been i ed cd t' xcd corofpacrt..an hcp lecprh.(hemeor
pmbl.ms ro rcbase F m+ed obFdr dd 'n
k'ilurinbrhclxler atrlerr(he{h'leriltuk yomwo* h.rmoi osiidcoisncnt Usnstlrc
olJle.bc ppnSMi+>R..aRorcr +At-7 an nmpry rc{olou. rho{ a.d ev,a 3 ror or 1 mr Tnnsp cn.ypaeneGn i so yed peaenlre ts

Pail 6: Polishing up the piece

Double-checking the copy and previewingthe results...


g il5l.i]:9i::r :ffi,:fl :i:t""'Jffi

U h"r. ;r ,,
and there proor
d-bb a-!;ah";
the ten .h€.lins
.npty len fieHs rl thc tcxt ha b.en .pabd in a
lonr unlikely lo be narive d
the prrnter s .omputer
"., g :f:J'x ti5 :li:,Til,ffi :f i'.'J'[
(ru mry haw Nrhaed it espe.ially ror ih- ob) ava abato Prit vew ig ihedocumeit i
! eood pra.rt@ to.onved an ten b outrrf,g ove. nr Pevew (view>overprnt Pr.vicwor
thcim4ceremencare as ihey <hourd be (il an N€hl'ghtthedanrcdb{wlhlh25e]edoitoo cr+sh n+At+y)+owsan est mated deao{how
beal teeasytoaccd.ntanymoveobie.bures and .lnk lyrDcrak oudines or at +shfi-o tratrpa€n.y efie.b. g€d entsafd coou6w
lhey?e ocked down tctrl+2D wh.n zoofledin, rhir mans lhat lhe pmsrim now .onsidp6 all the appear naorourseparated output Ar mirar
nav gate aouid lhe pa€," by ho dins thc spa.ebr len lo be a $ape. and Ihe ilrt w,l1 not aeed to be preview.an be obra ned lDr{€en based wo&by
indalled on lhe pinler! .onpuler c ck isvei>Pixe P€vewo,ctr+At+Y E!!

.b soitwarecaf add rhal eiva

'illunraiions.dve whenthe subje.l t! pure

fantasyllhis Lego u age.whichbrin!s.
Bionicte roseiher wilh difierent Lelo
a very
' liive6erooxptasiveello.L crlal€d by
Aidylorcsof Sudio Lidd€llasa pie.eol
seLI promorionlor2004. He drptiinstluthe
was ai ring Lo creaL somdhifs tlurJpp,"JEd
str!hrtydiff.renby usiftq sohe ntrtur"tmedia
ard a se$eof
lnrhettroriatonLhc io{ fow pales I'e
showsyo! !.me ol$Frc.nqre\whilrl'.r"
srve ev€nrhis kind.f subtec harexrarolcr
otsotidity nraktr !rie BroiictcliguE pop
irom it.sutrourdii?! asw.ttI t r runderirig
and cornpost$: ti.ks which giv. r re sceir
that al!imponani atrot rcat$n AeLtu llur
thou!h. h. cxptatrtr rM ll,i,rki,rg thrr tqoes
inio a more naruratr{ic mag..r 3luiiiig 3D
r€nder otal.ndLy r,"m,.m beiin s. en e lrorr
rhe.bssi. movie ahe 6r?3i F-s.ap-"
,rlldqnltrioi muriL tlLDnrcd odnt

.lj n(1rl'. tft. trswct

imtrs-"r. wh
I iL!ul'l icrsormiqc:ipl
. tir!,, (r Llicm,nk.rpli€

wiIrrosim..tr.]id t.nridir.,r.ariL ouLnr.,lro \nrLrIri:l

L I L nrr rLr,l
llL:rinr{' ood Lttri.nronlo ft!!
lln,r tri ltror .n( L ( I r qnm{ lron r1r.:r0 mod.LLLrr
rtrd ii
hr o ncdrerot!rc{,r'

if tivf !i 0tr Prr.1, dlLr.rmrtw

W,, o rtr' r!,nu r,, p. ltitror w
rrfij tr |.rr !rr irl:.rt,r.,r(nr
.r,,r, I, rrn!1Lo wr fr ttr,r'rmr

Shrd(r Lralal(.[[ s rca:-or] ttwork tfclLLdes

n. !r i.,0 ) :irDLL M., ., i illL
Mr:rr,r r(,trrlLl

3 oaYid bwbs{graphic desiqi*)

4 Ardrerroiis(p hcr(lunrdorand3nrmabr)
5 rohi oi(iL {Ebraid.nimdon
6 PaulSreef 50n(iltunobrandannabr)
3 bi Ltdellpanne, aiditL!nntor)

Manysampl*of Studio Liddellswo*arca€LlabteonitsWeb.te

atlwlwwwnudioliddettcom youcarcona.trhecompanyar
lel etrquties@nudiotiddettcom andlrl 0l61 334 5150

Ten expeft tips

t *:

F!xl:"* 'tl : Preparation
Time spent here wiil pay dividends later on ..

g l'i il,;rlr'tI.',ir',,,liti lllillii,rtl g

oi, r;ilr ilri'iIl'11 .:;tiIltt:ii.'.t,1 ,1. : lt,j illlll'i:llt iritr'tlt,"ti;i,'l;,t]l,tti';llt

lii);rLn"l|.Jil: Give him a big hand

ln Lhis parL, we'll moclel ofc of Bion cle's hands Every other cornponent
can also bc modellecl in this way..

o,tll,ll'i,rrIt.'1 t:.ll I]ll lll, (l ltllilttiillll,itil |lllrilrll,tl lil,tjtll'

g i;lii. :ill ,l.jlt Ht;ii I,i lti,rr':.,' ' O i lil::il5 il'"'l,r:J'ti:itl:tili"*

lhrr irirh.d i. th. rr d m.dar x,fte Blooar
.rrrl].I.I1]f.r1, tr, c, r.r
Give him a big hand continued...

g yi""il.1fl 'r;:rli: ii:iriJrli''

!.lDd'] nlo u':lhl
'nnddulB lheb*19:y
o lii;ff lil ill{,i:T:f :'i'i:;1,'."":::il;. rq \ I ),or I-"$ n8 * D,uiidfurooni g llifi',:ll :ii'ixi"':iiff :Iti:iif i["
D4all.8.lln, ilrL^ldlla,pivotponlsind
r rk.d. ih.obrcds Thlcu d i, ru y
mod.L i w.ll lomed, two*5erB I e

Paft 3: Organic modelling

create the Bionicle's face out of a cube in 3d5 max..

g ilI1tril:.$ti is".J:,$ff .':1#;:i|,i." s ::*ff 'itilillliitiill iilil5tiif, :iii'"

E lJ:::lr"::H#:i: :ii:i'r,""t::::tT' vo60r orhi I rhe Biondesrrr? -anovfcrr
rlri r(iveitsd the(be ilo.u ed't'brcolry poiyson rh.r..rpsrh.rDf n3sd. or thcri( rrr.n rJ8elhe,in.l1h(. ovsipp rIvcdGwcdcd

Part 4: Texture, lightingand rendedng

It's time to shed some light on the situation...

o* :r :il:ilH,fl :ili^:l.xx !i1'.5:1.

a *r"i:':lxJf f*:1,1;,n! ii-Jlir,.,
rhriu.4ft.nandard ghlJ10 shtlhenene
.reateir rhe reru,{ !riig
both Adob.,//,nraior and Phoio$op rtsako
g :i
ji,::#;llil;:,:1i"l:iil."i:':'il;f "
wonh not ne thtrtlmippcd so d.olou^ onto rhe rour rphr€! b*u* lhele save a FOod mp,eson be,:6e thc masewa! r.kifsdepih Th5.dded
!lhe, elenen15 or the.ha,{te/s bodr to keep ol h.\1the lhading woudapljeal olid a som-" mu.h ieed.d densir! i,i.l.l,e.ld 10 rhe
O fi lii,lii lllriRll,llliliL*lirl', ji :,-,,"1,1
si!r ili:;lriii::,l:,1|:r'illilf ;iilii:,r,
n, i,, ,r{,ql i i'.rlin .i [] i r d dd,,r
l drrh rrpd
I il:il l[;Lil;,,ii,i1]ifi,,ii,iil' ll,fil;
b!,! rr', lt0trri,!,t.trfrnr1, ! rl,d, I l r,, rr lr! \ rrr rlt/ ( L trl r, n t!

Fart 5: Retouching and compositing

It's time to add the splash effects, silhouettes and keylines

o i.'l;j:jl,l'::ll;rl;ir:i,1llt;u,i,il;" -'
E l;i:ji:.1,1]:.:;ll;l ll,'lli,i$,.,1iiill,ii s ;tfillr:llr:1,:iilxt;illllti: lu;tiii'li;"

@,.]"::X'":iY;f i::,11 ii:ii..:"'"',::i:;'ll"

rreed,oneoranre t H- ' 1- u hrh ! ,r urd iArmJlr
ntr r :ro node r$eDldded r rnerilgoi :{:.do .r heBoiI !.iri trod f ed0Eiz!t
r.e .va b.rh rrprt t.. eyrre inrblrd ns rh.s.r.d on,rd r Pdii [1ladr.itrrri(1]
lid.dncmb{riDbu.torinpi. @

as a pattem
Using originally drawn letter
forms and the Craphic Hose
tool in FreeHand, ldentikal
shows you how to create
detailed and colour{ul
typographic illustrations using
vector-based programs...

/l6rEtoi yo! tt learn how to becom e a n €xpe with the
GEphic HosetooL OnceyouvemasieEdihts€chnique.
you ll be able to create patlerned imqges wilh yourown
unique tellering. ftG inoiEt witt heb you io creat€
iltwaations tult of palterns, using icons and tmced
images as weLl as l€terfoms, atl of whi.h witt give
struduE ro yourd-"sired styb. you lt atso dovetop a eood
underslanding oi coLour and h@rarchy, makins you
something of an expen in iypographic itlustEtidn,

""."'..,.".'''"".,."."'. i;
It you reusingai exktingloni,

*-*"-"^"'-" you may need lo moditea.h

chaacter to wo{ within the

=ll patreh yout€ crcating. odd

shapesand 3teswill destrcythe
Ilow olyourpiece, so make surd
ldentikaL you.hoose wisely. tnsuE !hat
yoo ed punhase! thelontand
that it! not a Pinted .opy. Fonrr
Ihelde ilatC.rpoBtionwaslounded backin1993byidenrcatrwins ard t€ated as soltware, so any
tdJr a dN' t Ha" .,o illeRalcopy ng oI font5 can rcsult
destn indunry SLnceirsfoundarionnsbecdme recognised tor
in the
combiningan 4tecric hinure otsound and vision. capabte ol producr:r
unique worktoranycreativeprcbtem. lmm graphic desigi ro moviig
in.sc. mutiimediab sound. and ryDe desiqn
denlikal s stilLns and innovarive style
$cured them work wirh
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flowinstocreateai impre$iveoodlotioolwo* dentikatsreouration has
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UniversalMusid Vneir,Ministyorsound BBCardmanymon E ]t
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nusicacb.including lruo{eppec SheaseserBeve oyKnishr ncogntu
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The Third Place. rhe b u chofrhcNi erdoCameboyAdvancea^dVirgin
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typosiaphy andthGdrivssthetrLnnovanveapproach ronEnwoli
opticians Shop t. t-


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1o s.e mo€ ol ldenrikal's work. you can vbn $en

lf you d liko
websil€ at lwl ww.idenrikaLc om Ahernativ6ly ru can ehail
tham.r Io1 inld@idsnrilaLcom or rhone h1020 7263 2129
Don t be atraid t. rseyour
Clyphs at a irgcr sn. than j_DU
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*hen !si',ErhGie.hnique

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lF, I
Ten experttips
Ustng layers
I When conslrucling iltustEricN as deraited in colour and pan€ms as this, you
need td use laye6 wisety lh€ b€st way to do this is ro mal€ sure you name
FreoHand or lltustrator?
Foryourvedor'LlllstElions, use whichever ptugram you feet mosr ar home
€a.h individual l"yerconectty, and ensure ils lccked whe. nor in use. Limil wir h fr.rHrrd h.s sinpter ed itinq too ls tha. /lrs lhiaa bd rhe hfter has a
your laye6 to eirh€r a cotourbtock orevenanareaoflonewhichisbuihop noe complex ensine whicl ofie6 a varidty ot spec'€t etlecc. At ldentikat.
f rcm yourCraDhic Hose shaDes. eelendto usethebestolborhpbgrams,allowinsourwork,rathe hanthe
sollware, to do the ralking.

Graphlc Hose techniques

Bo legat
Ih€ Graphic Hos6hasanuntimibd ahountofcetlsavailable
placeshapes.solrytobeadventuoushwharyouaddto( Mak€sureallol
in whi.h

yourshapesaresimilarinsiz€ and nelaiive/positiveshapes IhGwilthetp

5 Whenusingtonts.b€suDihaiyouvepurha*dthemlromth.iroriginal
source.Atltonhcomewitha u*rticence.whichaLLusersshoutd abideby.
give an even flow to your paterns onc," you t€ce over your 3etecr€d imases Since tom are re.ognised as sollware. you lt b€ liable to pros€ution lor
using them wfholl a recognBed ticence. Piraring ionts Ls as bad a3 pirating
copies ot Pho.oshop or any orher pograms. To be sale, be legat.
Alwaysb€w.tt organised.{he€s nothing{oreethanhavinsanillustr.uon
that!disorganG€d Makeslr€ yoq.l,yersaGinthecon*tpositions Use a grld
andthalyou re tockinq each tayerwhi.h isnt in use Nam€younibsand Always work io a solid grid when punins losethor your ittustrations. Make
GDphic Hos,ac,Al6conect(y soyou.an rememb€rea.honoindividutty ilre yo! wo'i oul accurate roreEnce srids tor bleeds as wetl as work areas.
Whenyouie plcirAsraphicobjeciswiihLnyourworkaEa. bssur€toworkro
yourgrid,andyourhierarchy.Onceyou v6becomeaccustomedlo usLnga
!t{ srid,you llreatisehowmucheasierand Lesslime-consumins itis.
[, Iypographlc structur€
WilhrnlhG iltustErion.wewuseda block styl€ lypelace we desrgned. you tt
-l.! nolicerhd all of ihe chaBcie6 aE eecltythe sam6 siz€. so rhdwhenue
uselhoGmphicHose.lh€saparh6sid6sandthelopoi€.cht ttarfomis
rhesane.This givesatyposraphicltowtorhe nrucu€of vouritlwrnrions
and helps ro dbrircukh rones within yourwork.

it Sans and sertt
ul A sif islhesbbortaitonlheend ota terrerform*hichcametrcmrhe
chilpine ol a letrer rom $one in ancieft limes. Fonts which have thG derait.
suchasGanmond aresaidrobe moraLegibto atleastinprint.blncan took
moe {us5y Sans s$et rin word rofwirhoul. and ssns s.riftonts suchas
Helverica,.an look cloarerand more modern, especiattyat laree siz*, rnd
canadlaltybemoe Lesibleonsc6en Borhcan make imerestihgpatl€rnsi

EJitnap-styte fonts
tonlsihalare basedon LCD rEentechnotosy,such ascatcul,ioBand
airpondepanu€$€ens a e gedr tor pallern usale, beca use they re
inilalions ot bitmap orceltlyperaces.Ihis means they E buitt up of shapes
rhal beietir being used at smatter si2es. They dont break up tike other fonrs
when reduced or enLBed in pixel progmms such as Phoroshop btrause
t rheyie buih u p rirhin s imibr spac es.
l0 HItJ:$",,",,icshapeorrosotouseinyourGraphic Hose rry
somethingthatcanf itimoa square shape The tess detaityouricon has, rhe
beffer il is lo u$ for yolr pattern at sfialter si2es. Try to use only one colour
roo.beauseaniconusineloo manycotouBcanmakeyourimcedimages
Palt 1 : Designing your lel*er forms
ln this part of the tutorial, we show you how to create letterforms, which you'll
eventually use as your Craphic Hose as weil as within your illustration...

o iH,::,i:'):-11,il[1ilTJs?::,',,7
nec..n) byou,.akd lch.tiis rh.
g il ir.':";*iriiiil,,itlli:*,1'lr'fl i:"
o f##,i'lii:iifi I i,lilr :l?ilill"
iD.3ro!rd Nim.you n.w iy.riplopriit.y
w lor RML ml,{t,av y n I rw [r] 'llst.orrh'slrlpsbke.ptiph.obJctsi{:y
r,orrl}.L kr. trd.$you crr (n"mol l]r I pl(!d o, L iy.- orrewo(t\iu{Jt,.crn

M; g:a

i t,t n)f r-jl f'! rl I toEIIITIHHL

o :'ii'.,'i;'xll: ilx::[31;J,'Jiti li"l]:j*Yr

li. h{l, d,{\d..rh dri.q c kar)ds
wc s hdrh
ffl,l',nli:iltr'fi [:Iil :iJ::; g :n'i;"''ii'"""itili'i:,iill'Jf.i,fi:'i*,",
.a, ri!.lho r r,g!: rid !,?e I rFyrowAy,,i

Palt 2: Buildinga Graphic Hose

Now that you've created your letter forms, we show you how to build
a Craphic Hose using your glyphs...

o i:i[:'ni:i1f :t l"j,'J.""jffi .'['" g li:#"Jir."ili1*ff !"Jii",:trs:i'*

c,apht You
tsosa to*ed tl'ec'?ph.
ieed !i mredr ou ro!* rh ! mei,s yo! .ai .opy
ard pAe a
ol ihe o|rar ererfoms, oieby.n.
r e.tins trre pr dovrnmcn! b.owth.Ho{ itoyo!,craph. Hose sin,plydolhis by repeatig

".,."",,,".''-"."."'", rl-
Building a Graphic Hose continued...

tl ;itii"'.:i."::itiil lli f f liilll l?:i:,, g g
:ll"llf "lf,i:l ; ::llll'i:;::'J:;1, i#":,ft i :l'l,lllll'',::i",,
lv'nnow YoL rolor Lon olnlr n8si. ",:.ii"',fi doir wor! 60"'irlii#l':1fi
r i lrx Ho\,"
),rr lo rhr opro
.lroos. rronr '.. p ri t...,n4,n,,I{sf,
flol rh r[n wll{cv,i,ryo!dcr . rd rhsrJk. wf ndi w )dow'rd. rrl rrirr.n.r !riLir 'r ra rl
sird whrl trr8hr rrihJi !pi!.r1

Paft 3: Tracing an image

Once you've created your Craphic Hose, we show you how to accurately trace
images whjch will eventually be used in your final piece...

g ::\ri,;r'i.":illlltffi J:i,H]t tI:;"'' s }rl{,1iil';::i:l li i:1x'tilH.'lli

o ::,i;::1J::i::il:'illlJ; Ji:il,'#*' l

.ir.tur!y your'1(1,n w. v..hor.f

rrr rr trkre .arr?eirh,!erd*youspiyyou,.oi.i. he
rc <rcrcrcd oirp we!( r o Jhcd tr n3:mufd I

o lil j:i:Jri"::iii:x'ft ll*:i:ili -" s i,:ri:il:,'";:ff;i,i:ii;iff i;:i1,",

rishterir.asrordd deplh
m.rc thtbyr oo
pnninsyour.ndfo,nE ii.rn,"!Ho5e(o[or
Prdz) b!rua a srrrr.oou.r(r6,a yor've doie br the dirker ton.s pr.v ou. y
g :T:[]Hlriifi:i:l llii;fl * O l,lil;'il',1"',,i il'iili'.iiill,lllili'fi1l; Eil'itiliilll,lil""j'ii1";i
tr l
scd l riu,.h
i{robe trrrd r biturirl':i
ron\ T[n \ iio to'n
1o b, ir.Lrri. pi'lolrh4 onnton

Part 4: Layout and finishing

letter forms and shaPes, You'll
Now that you've created Your patterns and rmages using Your
how to do it correctly..
need to fine-tune your image. This last section shows You

g g i ;J'i",':J,,r ;:ii#llii,lf lil;,liilj^

o ifi ;l'l:lll3; l;:1,:iil':i f ;i.l: illi"'#.r,Hl:l):i;:i:i ;lf
m..," .;L' -,,, ^d;,hL.ncral; to.ut\vt,o!
qhrL!tsr du"r0r
". '-rd"d. "dUd"d
"ii,, w Lrrod lortrrr nar:c Lvdlltrent.oorr
r orhe;ho! re! ko' wrb^0,i D! cei ihc cficd y"u ic irLel
:fii$4n!& adf{l'rs

g lif
;,i i[;:r?i:ili'
g j:.:-ir:,":3:t:1,1:l ili'-f,ili [ *'
gl"{ri::;TSii:{*iili[iir]ili. ;;il;'.tt^,.0t. Li,"d'! t.t"
rslt'8*"*a- *e* da"d ler *a "o* ;,b ,, -.,Jp"*.p" """"rdd"'d




art world
ffiili lains the intricate process of creah;!& 1'y' ..
bjecls in Photoshop for use in prinl... "

ixel art is syno.ymous wilh the

videogapr_. generation Ltl a
and rutes lr'saninticar,"businessand
desiqnersofrei sayihatwhereyoudont
placeapixetGevenmoreimporra ihan
adphrqtylctMt s ner and
.oroui{i ,id -rr. *ty!,i* where you do pLce one. Wiih ihG
coftunil4 lo creare, requiring a huge amouni Derrecti.nism inmind. Eiqinequid€syou
rhroughlhe innicate stepsne€d€drocEate
.n isometicsign /ou (then be shotn how
.'C lril' r.1
1opbcapixelsoi€rscanned imasesand add
cotourand shadowsio vouroblecr
Iherinat! rolLh6sdj\5 eDllms hlw
'.o,"o,*v.*,t*r,'"'*"' D'i,'li,

Ij ,.,i'
\if i,i
Pixelart in detail...
P xelstyles can vary, On these pages you llsee a larae-scate ittustaiion (betow) using
anu ii-coloui palette and non,tnditional melhods, such a, snooth gradients and
reJlections, io givea mor€ realistic approach. The smalt-s@te ittuitratior lor Loaded
fragdine (piciured rignt) stickt rigidly to a limited palette ofcolouts ad a strict
someir cgid, echoing classic 90s videogames such as S imc,ty and Thene part,

Future Home for Internet Magazine

O Reflections
copycldh€nt iromthemain lr!lntlon'nlolloou windows,warft and
mir.o6lo g vethc unon dI rclledions. set lh. rcllecriont ro in opa.iry ot

g Gtow
Fo,,rd al,nB ,Ehi source5 olhothid yourmain ight'ouEc(torexampte
f,on IVs and ampt, b ur r hycrol highright co otrr$ovcrhe.brectind sct
the opac ty Io 20 r5 per cent.

g Put yourselt in
lorllokc a ololp'telillunraloGputlhensevesrndtherr$mmemb.ts
inlothen lnratois( lrheycangctawayw h o. Depend ne on rhe scate
3nd dela ofydur ilustnllon lhG shouldn tbe roo hard..

O Shadows
To give a bettersens. ol deplh and to'srcund obj4l, oeate shadows Do
th s by addinBa aye, ol black ordalk bluc pixeG behindyourobtecrar
vary,ng degre€s otopa.U, lrur y 30 70 percenr.
Death At Dasney tor Loaded magazine

I lextures g Grids
Srmple repeatedpixeltexluEs and palten! can rcally heip add detaillo Ia.ge llal2rc35 Using an isonetic 8 d helps you contbl positioninS. .onsisten., depth and5@le.
5uchas walk, srassland andtamac. us€one as the bottom layerofyourillustotion.

3l Dupltcatton tl Base human

stuckJortim€? Lagd 0nused spa.e tofill?Thendupl6rionand rcperilion oJ obied6 Forrmallscale illustalions, builda basic hunan and lhen hoditand coloulteclones
su.h as rocks, folia8eand buildings.an help. unlil you haveasmall anyotcha6cteE lo populateyour!.en€.
Six expert tips
3D guides
1 lvou ira,p irD skilLs dselh€m turhe hai
rtr.nr! trpenciL!ker. r bu drhebas'.
ieom.rL.sol an obrdin a3D ippti.alion
Aken:rirety. you.outd use rr-Ac rn.d.ts
f .d rhEWetiorl,ormalazi'recove disci
ilernsrrh€ obre.rand lseir.syoursuide
byerj..t rinsov€ upir.h o suririgrhp
r.nd.:virspoinr G ser up Bomerically

lmage resource
2 Nowad:yl rha b.n pLrce lo mreni.re
,0setrr.rr isrhe maq. Search Dplionon
lwl?vrwsoosLe.om rLL.krilrr I oush rhp
thtr nbrinrd rcsuLr Daq,.s wLtl ccfl tri',ly
!pr,k olf $ fe idp;.loi yotr LLlui mion

rjff {f* E.
Extra detail
lo, in *r'r LpypL!rdsriiLLdn r)Lri'r n d.d
olijd 6 Jrl(L r)ixprtxtrr.lrnrt t)rr$i1
/du !ltr,utd buiLa upi LLb I y!l1h\.1o rn,

Vr'hon 7o.mcd.!t IFr rlewr)'xpLsIai
took tiip r ianLL ai obJ,!!rrlcrJrL ni:h
35 a ri.i.L.iDre.sior Bep.o io ric.Lwilh

r .].- your pLX.Ls son,-{inpslpwe' tru.LswilL

5 f LxeLro,[ tr €atLyr m-" corsuritrr! 5ory
r.dLpti.l.r d,eus-a obJecrs as uchas
p.:sib(e by JLrppnr!.mDdily,isind.c
rotourLni K,.ep alLbriry in a Lsycr-Ad
Fr.r.si,.p psd b€.ou!r prc .rerr€d
.bre.I.., L! used Lnnnrre iLtu!rdions.

Shon on tme?
f,/.! rd rp rsa(n*a deadtrnc use a low
res.MLoi ol between:10 and /2dpr.TherelL
li!, Lot LessFireLsro DUsharouid. buryour
(lusrd.ns *iLL.bviousty took more btocky

Part 1: Creating isometric type
Conveft flat type into an isometric sign to go on the front o{ a building.

g Hi,"ii,lit iniT#i:] irii".,?,t."

o Lt;'[ tJi:'i:i'ff ;i:iJt""*:f :: ", g litr :iT,:i':irff il.[i'f :ft :trlili].'"'
on wlh
wh tc Dlp.aLriheliytrr
rh.:d.pth yo! nFd lrsc
l tr.(
thc 4Eor
nshr rhdin€ i .rtrm oI rr. fn!l\ hc , I me
hrv. tc{tr r a!n3 tuned ondd rhennnenll mdnrvi'ElhevlcdM o elJ*.1!|n das You, ru r Dtmovcn.ir rwo p,rskrrrrftlroor.
obie.l will*)i ii4l. rilc. ii".nAlr:nalc

o *ti iii:i'"'"irfli#:,1:"Jitl,i:l): * E iyitil'l"lixiliJlirlll':,i11 llHfi; ili:\"

!hiposwirh thr infbli.r dtrlri{ uro(
loo lll F lhr oltc.lu5trs lr'c Prid 8u.rd
rhe Pcnor
look ro
scrc.l ind
lool lwl \ril1
pi,illlsllh. g i:rl:i iiii'. i'il,lt ri]|.r li ;ii::I"
lc w lh.o or r lon$ r.ryd ns to rrrdrcdonot .onl'suouriidntiiidnuoil rid l rcn'od rl rolou, ro,onn d{,pih idd a40.pn{ontopr. ty

Part 2r To the gallows with him!

Build some isometric gallows and send a pixel man lo hrs dea1h.

s F::'f ;"i fi i 3X':l::'.'1"-'jrlii;'r"1"::

g *r.lr:fi:x:':,'5Ti'J $:ililix'"",
drcdon (hmit3.omhsnom the rpper eJi)aid
I eadla.ewtha.on!nenLb/* i dEd.tr/
E ;:H:l!$ li fii""i#:,-:rf '#'rf,* ronewth a r p {clh gh Chi
somenha y ( t docsn t hav. io b. pedcd bc.rur hrsDAdjunmmblevels to boost the dar ty ol shad4 ro m:k-" are the dlp .ared po+s n. rp
tsru+tr!udc) 5.ai t nand use ila5asuide rayer tlre rhes rhen el lhe rayer op,c ly 1o 50 per .eir somdr.a y re the ru c Dl movem.nl tw! pixes
?1i/rrsht to one plxel up/do\rn
The gallows continued...

01.. r,.;";r il .Ii]:i lill',rtlil,li,ilt'l'

g rlrlli ll,l 'irilllli;l lll;";lijilriril

o it ill lliiiil';lrlil :.,1 :l':lt lt'i,ilil'

glt. r;r,r|,.1,:,i iltl'it,'l:lt,

@ ::i:lt;;li }1r:;::i..:li.'ii.:r:.'ri i::::;: @ :lji l;lll:ii:illi:lril:l :;" ;';:':li:'

- , r . t p. ,,:, , ,. , , , t .
" " "
p L t a
' , t
". roo rut rrrLll,Li r.t
@ ;ff :T:.?il"T,f"f, nrff lli1'i"ffii
MlthenpE$arDeieierot rheleledonwirh
the roresround.olourwith the tmseu Ql€d.d
cdlnu.bu'ld'narp rheshid nBind
h,Bhr,ahb ro oihc,d^dadd
g l'":vfl |,*?1i:^:,::i:$ :'i:h,::,
(b ad as tr ql.ty maN ) .hooie you. +.dow lone det2ih s.h ,s the b.ll rnd linseG ror the q.k
'heaLorhtr( AdjunnedreHue^atuhlon when lnshed,
aid painl n the shadovr rfto'd ng to the d'rcdd .owins lhe h.ad. mde lones havc b€en usd lo tum of.llthc aye6 to rcvealthe.ompleted
ofyour shl'one Thei pn dl lhehiShlBhle

Paft 3: The end is nigh

Prepare your illustration for print...

g :*ilrift
op€nr*o!i.do6orrhe smed,menl one
lorde upwo*andoncat10oper.c^tioi
E :9"i1;i:1'*",tix'"*xf :H* '.rercn@
ro do tha, op€i r .ew w ndow
Mi.doDDorumei$NewWidow) lsing
g *h"":{".i"j;l ilff : """,iJJ,!'il:,::il;?
p ':$iff
xer push ng. sc e.t thc P3dti! lml IBI .id lhe lhir nethod. you ll always b€ able 10 ee whai5 anli aliasiiBtumed ofi TheMagcwand ha5a
sma cst bilsh ava $b n pixeD

g tr:l:'#tf:Hri11i::1#:,i
s .'Jff Jili ["J'i:""J,: ffi lif il,x,fi
72dp to pdnl-leve dpl (around 300dpi) The co*sl
i(mtiolt (or asdm 25 po$ibl?) !si'8 multpleolT2 is233 n ProtoJhop Solo naAe>
, engineE ieneti. s.id pape. w lr
pad or ma8e s re add changerhe dpi*ttngto ?33. rnthe
o 5r"Tru ffJ.,1"T5Hjfi
aid shadod
[ "ir"$#,",f, @tuinly h.lp witl this str in wur skekh
and ue it a r EUid: hls lor ha.lng Yolr mage s now rcady lor outpur @
oa nt ne in h ah €hts


structure &
Magictorch shows you how to compose a
balanced, eye-catching magazine illustration...
ln the spotlight...
by Sam Chivers
Thlrrmase 5 aboutrheevilthat lier wilhin;lh?

darkd recessds ollhc human bnin;themonsterin

the !hadow5. L.ahe up with itonealtenoon when I

Und lhal (eanru nn inagd isan intuitive poces -

belig pre.planned. Ll\ ints.e!ting to d ssectan frage
aftd ts n(epi dn and undsrbnd rhed frercni forcds
al wo'k wilhin t 6any otwhrh o

o l,:;:tili:;:* i:J: tii::l:'i:l: ::*;1 ;i

th. irlullrarron by l.r ofJ nB trr'u c ol llrird!

a :':i1?; llil#J ;"lf :::1"'ti:,:';:'

s l[*Hfi :#L*:."1t';t-:'iri"T[,"
ol lhcwlD6lh. niin lo.i porDl ol i1r. i'ni!.

s llTll^i: ffi :i[;:; i]::ilii:lti f i;

s llr:iiill iiiti:: :::f :iffi tfi i];1"".

monnor H..o f in\ 1on, y$ th the ba& ou )d
.nd tolB r rl.nxv.ntril

s ltiliY:l:1 i::" i,:'iil:: ::Hlli l"

.lr frlL rcillyon l1r. rold.f 5ec1on d,enlrlrrn is
the de. rhil rlie m"::fl
srr.lo.a poil

s ::;:":".'j[fi ilJ:lx[]'l*il :ltii :l^,,

otl kilterlinesd so'.nlal.llre v cwer aid heiJrhtln thc

o ]*il::ff :rf:l :5,:5Ji:l:::iH;ii:

lone wam l,ghtsomewherc b.yond

s ]ff.'iJt::1;:',i,.*l::*nshard

@ iff :n:Jnff ":li[i:ffi :i:j jil'"

Thc5e lroesheghtei the ldnse olang5twith n the
.oFposition rhn ough hewn f?elrl5ogve5 the
imrgean mpre$ onol v branryand mmediacy
Don t centre 6tngs Let lt breathe
Always place your subj€ct matter off-cenhe lhiswil immedaiey Don i b. afraid lo leave b ank space in your image-the lastihing
1 make yourcomposilon norc dynamic. synmetr.al composll ons ,ou rrrlFd crr'l', d Tn. MJ." \urp yoL l,dp b,'thtr 8.., m
in cvitably fee I staid and static

Look at the hori-ron Magazine artwork

2 Use yourhorizon to mdimum eftect. To create dista.ceand space
inacompostion place the hoizon low in the picture Tobrng
Rememberioalowlor'pageflrnitlre Favcyouleft enoughspace
lorihe text and headiine? ls the me$age i your idage obrur.ad by
ihings closerto the viewer, p ace t high up in the imaSe At wiih ihe page fold? You hlstthtnk aboltthes.ih n8se tyintheproteci.
the subiect malt.r, avoid placinsthe hor zon lineacro$ the.e.t.e
of your mase Use white space
Try brenklng oLt ol the.anvas if yo! re work ng in pnnt You can use
Choose your subject thc whiie space of thc page in your illustaiion - al owlng cl€ments
ChoGd yourhain porntofinterest and stck to li. Use liner to lead to breal out of the:mage and onlo lhc whit. ofihe pa*e adds an
the eye around the imag€ and ultmately towards yourrlbieci
D agonal I fe5 c.eate a dynadic dfiect, wh le cu&ed li.er are Eracelul
Name your tayers
Vary your speclllcattons Onceyo! siart workingon an magein Prolorhop, ilteasyto
Iydfrp'p.t,drva.o,"rrdror\ Jlen/o ? proou448 aa ,adse Seica(edawaywithlhe ayeu-you'lloftenendupwithan
tospccificd mensons, trycharAnsthe aspectratio of t
Chooie imaSe ihal contains ovcr 100 aycrc. UnsLrprsinglt thiscan get
.Lperwidp.!'ppn o o podla'rl"roLl I you.o.rd ly so !o rather conlus ng, ,o it s Bood work nEpracticeto name your layeB
/andscape Ths shouid liven thngs up a bit and preventyou fiom as you go, puiling simllar layers ntolaycrsch. Thismay sound
produ.ingihe same compositon Ume and agal. bonng, but t llsaveyo! limc nthe long rLn
Try cropptng
Cropp ng you r image n different ways .af create entirey new
conrpositons. lf yourimage r argeenoughthenyo!canirya 1O T::::","" 1'p.,, o.e oo. dl n da,s.ou?np 1,n,aJz
A\r vouncl, s \y some (on il'oa. I e
mulitude of vertkal, square and horizonta rcps -you'llbe 'po
moie succe$ful than olhe6 and lhen app y the [iowledseio


Fart'l : Setting the foundations

Let's start by creating a new document for our magazine DPS illustration. We'll do it at half size
because this file will soon become unwieldy when we start chucking a lot of layers around...

+Fr--l:; -.-- _jr;:l
.,6Fr;i:nfi- l
Clc,"r"nr"r crrr i oJ" .,"a r.
eJrou' Irx i d ,nxe i y bml pupr. clrii|r r l. E 1"-*"aD o,* P","
b!4rhl d(r r (cr t . , tr M ( u! Ar on l r
;yl rn.l ahoo! DuDrri.ri!.,sr nl!,(L
i)dod&it yf r1?\irr 1'r d,ry Irr.D.n rl or )oonLi Rqri Lt
o iifrttrrln.wr
i,:r1;'r"li:iriii:l'ili jJiT
rid r72t n{ lin rrr
r Aird v, tr
Nerr! ^,i.rir6 ]Jirrl r! )r
Laln{!r ,(1!rn hsu ld,chrd!prdir MiI n.
j rt Llri irlr'Lr|lr
tr.r Lr I
!, r r rr htr D.i

Pad 2: Putting it all together

Leave a relatively clean area for text at the bottom-right of the image and take care not to
put anything important across the centre or it could get lost in the page gutter...

o l,:iiii:',i}ff :ilL: T:ri; lti:iiilf h': g lll.;,.]lllf i #r,:it llI.lil;t:l: ;l,li:

th s.nc sthcan tw thoffth..th.' aye, reG by
g i#"'ll"1lJIiilfi ,1llli:l;l,Yil,!lil.
1r. ni lc.nai.i Llr rrrp,Lsrrf[n lprid
so nas r.lhd paAcin,l iileane n: p/tr
. cl nsci.hcyc .on tlrc LiylEpr.tt No,v n$stom tool Lcrr 1l ckkaf ddrgo, rhc
,novc tr'c5ui rFrtwrh 'n rh. Mo'. toor(V o. hord rlld,rorihcnrrvd rh s s vcs rh. praic i
dowi $re ctr/cirid Ley i r yotherra) pra.e I
i c.r.e, hindrcqhichodrsdorn llr. s nil and n,$ 010or.n i,I'l 1s btrtrhne no th.

S flil:; ;11",*'1:::fil: [;1i]::;:; , .

g l.:;1l:,;:;i,:1il; ;:ir;aulffrit",
5hir. ayn r.:.h ay.fset,trEnSot Hleaid
o |;J'"f,illfi1'::J:;llir: :tx,:'i,:r.'J:i.'t* ul
srrLnalion lard
.onatth.bottomorth.LayeEpaeft t.the plan6 tiniins our md imas rova'ds rlr. r shi liderunl yor'r.onr.nrwth rh..orourof ea.rr
oievh.h look r. n Jo d.d p.( or paper Prft aei nll L5iEa!frheba.lsDrnd .,
Pmr{f i*: Emphasising the focal point
Frame the sun with darker areas to increase contrast and pul the eye towards it...

g i|ili
u iiili,litrtii,rt,;1li ui i,u:llltiit,i'ill;r

o lil;;il;i iit;,11r,,',itll rl;:,i;,;',,i"'i;t itl''

g il';,, J.ll't:i,i;.ii,;t'it,:lt"iil,l lrr ;, r',

j o li ll 'illl,iil,r'lr i rlri.',lrrilillj "
o :;,1il llrl.x'lrrLll titll;:.lt'11:ii|;'ti,

E :[ii: iiit"ir;'Ll]:l"f i fi i:lliTl,,, f, r"a-p" ruo,-o. rurii,r,"

,rl{ur200prr! | .lrh. ir mi+rcr.nth.
d! . n . , n , o,! f.tdr s,idurlr no [re tra.trror rd
Fart 4: Giving the image some sweep
Linl<the two sides of the image to give the whole thing a greater sense of narrative,
distance travelled and time passed...

g g :;,lf.ti:l';iliri lil l;ll;lli lrl'il,,,,,,

jrf:r,::iiiiiirit"ili';:: i,fi t.,": :ilJtl r:1,llit lii ::t:,::"-' thr r.v.N.n !nrh p ir,ird nd.tth.tr
o lr,li;,I'iilxri "
hivc r,! l Prritr hv!^

Fart 5: Bad weather

Add a bank of cloud and a map to highlight the UK and reinforce the idea of ajourney taking place.

ll.LF r,., ":r,*, o o*,ir c,."r,ro,r.r, Itd-w,.rrrq r, ,,1 rr. .,jtLj,

a,1^fthtrlror..u. *v.,r rtr!!
ohL L pi biirordordsi tr.
Noy ni,]
rll.riorod tr
N.j tr' lyqlcl, rt!) g yi iit'rl,i,illi]ltiilil illi l;i'riI|t.,,,,
iy.i tvor cU (r{r tri.,qr ,o rr r( hdn d.or
rllAdd ] Mi!( rD, (thr ar L. r tr.,f rr
rf ,, *, rk ai!r ur(,u{ l.ntu(4(red,c 'y.,

Part 6: Finishing touches

All that remains is to add some final graphics and make the odd tweak.

o :ff :,ii.",l1',ir:r;l,ff r.li.::ii;,:?,"

e l:l :!il ilifil1ir::r:i'#,i,f.",::iT.. g ffiilf jl'J:*"i"i"';*:i:iiirirff -' *
of r.pafasaid F lror.e the mo0oi thrcLsh $rr ngihaay! rin(l{ osttu mig.iornrdrr
Drag rhGLyeruprher,Iaodertrdrl i'rabove sD dtDGrpo Noror rlhal bd rtrso$orrsr
trpo,ron ind trt r|reopr. y.fr{.r eaphr.n rh.PLiahye, s€r DDplnile ii8i n Nonihclui an,mas. uh.h !p?nn;c on two piscs w r
sbh.dhgthoushaid,.uidtheedsesolihe ituns.emcitson both pi!a\ i reiq!r5pr.c
mi.r, Io! rdn r rei I dorn to p.a.ia bna Jor Lhe masizin.i.xt @
: ::j:.i:.:t..:.-::ji: :i::::-'.'i ::-:.: :i;::.:1

Working with
i-iit: E

T?l, ;R
+A*Bs rif: Download-speed, compression, compatibllity and
compromise soon become familiar words when
working with images for the Web. Craig Crannell
shows you how to avoid the traps...

-.cause( scunred to appP3rirom atl ir5 resri.r iom i€carniig fite lonmrs
nc?h-cE af d has l.en wrdeLy ..mpresiionand EsoLLri.n $cWdbra"
acccpred asiLFamrher nedr!or bea veriiabtc min.tictil wh€n ii..mesro

com,nuri.dion many lorger thal
theWeb is t(ii|!tn,ltrn!r n13.r.atlhoulh Ov," he nexllewpalcs. Craiccrann,"(
maryf cwrLyoi ndun13thpirwo*rng(iv.s. showi yo0 how he.r.aLed Lhe srarhic5tor
tire D.puLnrlrieb hasonLybleninexisron.e his magestro,il.cta W-"bsir," Alongth.
f o'ab.d eilhr rsaE. And qhiLelhere hav. way. herrcvidesyousiLha numb-croltips.
been s.Fp qieattechiotogi.aL L*ps Ln v3)io!s aiilexptainshowt workw{l's!n'eofrhe
a:es the techn.Lo?,r qovcriing rhe dispby.t cu{tru cdqe new rooLs iI orcrnw.rycr ,4.11
!n39.:n rptrhasnr been oreolrhcm Wirh
CraigGrannell Your guide to lceland...

Craig has been working with dkik( nedia lor

aboutlenyeaE lirstcuttinghiste.thon

mn m
embryoni. veBions of Phorrshop and ,iEclor
A bve ol wriling. vid.o and intehcrion gEdually
saw h im qravitate toward s th€ Wob where .lt of
rhese th i@s coutd be s ucc esslultv comb ined.
Since I997 his Snub Cdm'hunicatiom ourlithas
oltored cutting-edge d€itat desQn 3eryic*.

typically 6imed at the W€b.
Hb sty[e b fairly minimdt, b$ stylbh, rnd
over$e Fasr re$ yerre he! becom. sherhhr
of asticktertorWebsrsidads soheatways
ensures hG Websires ,re bdth u.abG and
acc€ssLb[a Howev6i Crai! betieves thar
cEattt}g usabh,accessibte.tandard.-
compliant Web3ites needn t come ai rhe

ove yea6, craiq hrs lork€d oi poie6

for. Enge ctleils in very difierent lGks
Ear(y ctGnts included lhe Lik€s oi cardift Ci|y
Counc il. th 6 S ilo-Ations art prcjecl and vin.o
wd*iorZ Prcductions. More r{ently, h€s
cotabomred wirh swih" Recdrds. creabd
designc lor 2000IAs Wehite andLecurenrty
@rkins on seyerat hish-pioliG projecls
Atong wirh deskn. Snub Communication!
ale otle6 copywriling services. and CEig s
words can be lound in a number ol w€lFknown
desknand lnterretnagazines AsMtta3
contibutine lo the pr.ss. he o.casiona(y erireg
books. and his tdest. tuldano, Dre,mwe.yer
/VX 2004 b due for Elsase in s pridg ?004.

tor moro infomltio. .bod ciaE and

h{s toik virn hc W€hsib ar

lol cr.k@snubcommu n icatiotu.com

Ten expet tips
It! atl tow-aEs now
1 * ing in p dnt.
Typicalty, wh en wo the high€ r the raso tution. rhe b3le heresuLt.ThesameisnltueforWebWhen
ourputring images,'ickro 72dpi.

Appropriate forscreen
Nev-"r make the mistake of s imp ly tra Nf€ nins p.ifi des ign t
ihe Web. becalse rhey re very d irfe @m med What ii
works in one ,on t recessa rily wo rk in th€ othe. and cEps, colou^. corlra sr and reada b iLiry vary m ass ively belween
sr,Aen and lhe prinled pase.

Neverr€ire tn HTMI"
Sofr€ designeis niake lhe mistak€ ol r$irry add sirutchi^! imag€s in Web-ediri.g aptli.ations. ,id whiLa some, such
as GoLi@ CS canbesetuptor€sanpLelrcdoriginab this hlally isnrthecas€.lngereBt.im.ges rcsi?ed in a Web
edibr will l@k dGrorted i. web browse^ Ihereto@ resi2eyolrnasespno.6.onsrtucli.gyourwebpases.

MtUtons of colours
suspeclsuchpeopl€atsosritladvoc.tefontra$andthe&oraicWebbrcwsorlhelrdhis.Web saiecolourenevar
reatlyrere andth€vastmaiorityoflvebuse6b.owsewilhdonitoEcapableoldispl,yingdillionsolcoLo!6

Save your origlnats

compressinsthem, savnrgthem overrhooi(ginal,and dGcoveringthequalivistoolow llyou donthave aWeb
qudliry.and re-sava them asJF€6. orGlFswithd dilf.r.nrtite name.Neveroveturiteyouro(!inaLs -1hal way.
you cango ba.k ro them il you ne€d ro

When to u6e JPEG

candisplaymiLtionsoicotou6.ilsbestusedforrhosewithcodrinlous'ones such as phorolraphs

iexi and imageswiftllat.otou6 sucha!logos.Du€rolhewayi.whch6lFcompBssionwoiks.thesmaltestlilcaare
ft! e&€s.rdod s&hprd ilrhlkh! rh' daneE or
h.veihe oplirn oi removif g a singte cotouronly. Biziry Lr€e3ln tfii4L d hy !6rchiig rh6m ti I

Whar about PNG!

t?nspaftn y, bd lntefiel ExpLfttJot Mnd.rc (us.d by over 90 per cent of rhose onti&) d@sn t luppod
ihtsloarure,which isa piiy

Gamma settings
ljntikemanyotheri0dustries.thedesignindu$ryhasmanyMacus€6b1n osiWabusersareWhdows based.
seuinssioPCsammawhe.workirconWebimages.orgdaPctor€ on

Every site ls dilferent

10 Rehenber this point. becaose t\ perh:ps rhe nosr imporrant in lilis adicle ftis is why re v€ avoided such
t $ale ments as no Web inases shoutd ever be b€serrhan 50k" ln sone ca Fs, la.se im3ges may be
6se i:t s
rho coftcr idtud and cohprc$i$ ls
shNn herc. The rop igh!ine4ahas
seEra sLiqhr r P.G compresiotr fte bdton rN sio"s clr
appropute, ahd in other cases,lhey wont. As long as yo! caterforyou.B€et audielce. you should be line.
JFEG with obYious kd qty) andads
Fart {: Crcating a masthead image
lmport your photograph, edit it as desired and export the image rn your chosen format..

g flli:ii:fi:i:ilillrliuiri:l''* g Ji:,i:titi::.;i :;Ll i:ti i j;ll

o lir:':liiiTirir; lir,tirui,ll'if:l1il;ii,:

Part ?: Working with text-based images

Choose a suitable font, removed background colours and save lor the Web.

g g ,#l'r1:liil : :i:i.jl yiii i :t:it,

O X1{lrl;;lilll: ,l::il;:il i il;ti illl , :'rL;:'l;,i11'Jt:iifl.illiui:"iilt : .rp., , Lrr
,. | (q!r. d !piyopy . rr$ o )

Falt 3: Retouching photographyforthe Web

Re-colour and resize your image, rernove unwanted lnformation, add detail and export for the Web...

O E ilJ".iil,i *;'iil:: ;liill,!,iliii li g

ffi ,:i:",'iit9lli'litilj::i:f,::l:x;i:, ffi"ii:i1:.ff i::'i i:.':l:f 4:i,:f tii,
",,. e:a.r r Th s.n!uE nrarp edses
Retouching photography for the Web continued...

o iil;r liriirllr lil:lfr::li,ll)|,ri'ii" g G' iliirti::ilti,llllu;;t:lt ii';iili,'*'

Part 4: Worhing with thumbnails

Compare and contrast your shots, resize them and export as .lPECs...

g ll:i:;,rli;ul;llti,.':tjl;: :i;i l;,:il],'"
E ll;lll:l,,ilili,:li:i:r Hrlti llr1;llil Gl llr lilirl.,llt.tir itii].: tlY,itiillll,llilltitrt ili.,

Fail 5: Using Dreamweaver rlnx 2OO4 image tools

Change the contrast and brightness, then sharpen and crop your images..

f' l:ff i,t:i i'.tiii:i".!#,;l$1:ili'' g l*,:f ?,':'lJ;:'i;:J,ir.1i;: ii,'"5",

yo! dln r nr.d rr.!/orkr nni .d i. ua rhe.r roo i
Fart 6: Using Golive CS Smad Obiects
Add a Smart Object, edit the compression, save and crop, resize and resample,
make changes and then view the results...


g r::i,'lii ::ilfir:lii rJli ili :f,fjl'' g
yo,ldurd,.pr,Diodior N.lf l i rh\an r. l:: r,1,11)lll1 \il:i1ii fl:il}i";,"

O :Jr,ti:11t:i;,l}rliitfii:,iI{liiil]1ilii.. g ll,,,ilt*:i:: ili::,Ifi li[,]'il't*' (, :r::ill',11!i[i]ri J::liTJ]r'; ];,,

Paft7= Some finaltips

Use special effects, CSS borders and CSS margins...

o :uili:fl !1il".:;::t#:'j;ij#i" g li:xi:.'j,::ll|i"[:'"T: if i:ilx',fHiru'

ndered c..!irag lhe5errhssslrolvn Jortr A i:ffi ,,1:,i"9,"lTLi"k"','riilllii:,r'.',i.*
bo'd-q i. r56'i6':6;
i 5pr nolled dro.ha€.etr i.dc55 lS

*,-*.*,.-*"-" :l;

Getting photos
right first tinne
How rnany times have you come to use a photo in design
work only to curse yourself for not being more careful when
you took it? There are plenty of ways to avoid this problem:
it's simply a case of logical thinking and careful planning...

e:Lgrer1.k. pholiri;!h: nrsoqtrLl. ,n!,rh you'[!rln I y io.orvin.e yourseLl orherwii,")

.,i!.t r,r!r 11;Jltrnrrvr,ar!.!!o v.0 s,"$prn aryway wlhLl,c nilqlin!tudti'rc LhaL
.r hri,larl:.r ?rJdai!,/"!trr rhe rou didrirdorhe bcsr job you .outd hrvedo..
rrL,-i 3id tali: phor!s.ir.!:ir n1i:idi.ns ihe secondwayirwhich desigieE hk. photos
/ "DbarassLr!ia,nrll / 1iL, ii1',,1:.Atd* drls i.ner loLLows 3 whole.liifcrenraDproa.h Lt sbrls wirl'
yJUd.r,rl..d rte:..:ras'n rr rour.df,,!3lEilhe:e
the/.f garl.ri11r:nuardrt lh.i.i. dayyru irnd
vo!reLl*.rki.q oi 2n-rLilr1.5 rhi.h :eti: soio
p€!:te shJrsor.rn{e a,.hrFaur:.,nage! /.L,re ieir
lhe oLr a bL! tlr? aid trr! u,;qafttihe deaiLii.
bur Lrscb' _r.u'2gr,.Lr,rnarbe'rh.se ih.ros you
lockarhiteai. :cr.r:aijrs: !s.rhrse itc.r6e
wh:n./.! -"reiilaiLr !iid lhe iFr?e:. it.v arerrqur.
whatyru ef --F.-- eil,3idtrr..tancesilrairley r.
era.ii!!f€,y.! .-.:dL'lhe .b arenimir6r!r.r
[,,....-,. D'!-iqo-]r,:!!lgljit.:13!qi1t., eo9 S DSCFoOl2.jPG {gi I3.11(, {RCE/8")

(h€ li'd hriely.u !sr forrh€d-"signp'olect rppror.tiit i rc! enrisa!e p Froshp ry shouLddlt.ctlo cdd nno usingphotographic
/ou reJlis,"yo! ltN€n phnrdgrdphy 50 you work$Eits wJy uroyour p ojecr 3rart imag,"si,F1 becau!. i1! rr'N usuatapp oacr
burl!.1{oraph.toshootrnd svrrhore nije. "ou rccd to nalte aiew -"anydecisrors r! rhe kind ot jobonwhich you rewo king.
imp.'l.ntty srtdside enolgh lime \odo rbour equipm-"nr. budoer. rmng rusources loreumpte if you recr-"aringanadverLtuI
lusri.€ rhorogErhi. a5pr.rs Ihis
ro th," Lo.dions rh-" use ol orhei J produ.r 3nd need lo.how ildflabove
f votves gJthennq alt fi e equipmcrr 'nodolsJnd
suble.rsorollcctr neen anyexri everyrhins -.Lsc. Derhrps an ittuiralion would
niodeGand materiaG and lrndn'g d lfrrtion eruipme.r.suchrskipons pitracamems. be l,"ss in your iace ar'dcnabteyoutomore
Dd cipecr therhooto be aquck process speciaLnim. lighs? Oo you knowwhe'eyou icdtralety retLcct dre producr s idenriry
bectr!s€ you L( need rocovcrdillerenranstps car rriienr.sBrhin!n On.erheyve beef vo!r-"arly desr$ dccisiom shoutd r€ally
lighringset ups and soon tln gsrhrty.r hre.l {riLyoL knovr howlorsethem? ll nor. incLL,de a skeicrortayoutplan showing
canrn!.essJrityplanlorlhen atth. cid !t w.!id il be benerrooubour.e the w.*o wlEre rhe phorosraphy apperB. aid cxactty
ilsLl youc.ndowitoad the images r. yorr soneonewho does? Does rhe ludlcr atLow howit is goi'r! tobeused So if you need io
computer safeintheknowt dgethatrhese torat{rhtr hnng? Doyou need to recce shooi a modetfora Websiles splash Daqe.
are tlr bestphotosyo!.ould po3sibly have tocanonsto shooLaid do you know,"xacny you shouh pLanexacltywhatposes youwant
*har you re tookii!io, rfvoudo? aDd whdlthe backgro nd tocationwitlbe.
So. which approach do yourhink is bener? tie 3isrersro atL.llhesequ€iions Atso.keep lighrine inmind at dris {age.lf
witl ol.oure dependo rhescale ollhe theWeb paee has a lLaiblucbackgmund.
p.oject ard vanous eLemenrs wiLt inf tuence whynor shootagainsta btue backsround
Earty decisions yourde.6i.ns ior.xrrnpLe. the budqet wiLt su.hasacunain?lhen wrcf yo! pulhe
Of ..uEe. the ab.ve rwo scemrios are Cerermire [ow m3ny Lighrs you can allord image onftE.the tighireft€den onthe
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foesround 5ublects are w€lt ktagrinsr O.nt retyonyourLC0 scEen\ colour emphasGerhesun shiningrhroughrheclouds
backlrounds f you're shooting odsad€ wiih repres.nbtiri:ilshardro seelhe cobuts an auro setiig witt balancethe image in
thesunbehindrhesubj€ct(asa backligh, prcp€.Ly udhssyouopenlhe images in iavourolthegroun,l delnil. so the ctouds won\
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an angte,youcanrellectlhsh ontothesid. difi eren! 5ening. a^d rememberrhai in nec,rssaryctoud detail lnthbcase youcoutd
PhoroJ)dp Csyou can use Match Cobur to rheniakeanotherimage ata 00(nomal)
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Llseopiicalroom.arhe haodignatzoom. imase onto rhe t6nd iothesecond.
Knobs and buttons Opiicalroomm.ansusinsa l€nslobftngrha lf youle qoinq for sorErhinq that\ a bit
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lLtp PracticaI tips for speclflc
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war m !p ih-a image in Pboiosh,p then n J:our.r tritr:.s fdL!._.tri.r.:
types of photoshoots...
On! Location shoot y.uttatsoneedl y.urhirl,hvLnrrrirr. :D Flr.r.sli.t
tripod. Ev.n if younriikthere U be enouqh CSr rL[. rir.!s-. r/s:--m nakas,r easr :]
:yaibbte lLghtto av.id a slow shuterspeed MvigdD yNr viy arc! rrlr.i.nilc36 .r
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r-cquir€d poiili.n th€n r€ posilion suble.r!
liqhie :nd oih-"requipmentas n,"cesslry A White it! usdiuLr. k..pyruropr Lm.!.
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lndoor photography
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praiesionaloN. a bo{d.Dye,ed in tin Joi(orwhite paporwitldo rhe job

On locarion
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Actioh photography
M.lesuEyoulecdnfo{ablea lsaiuppioperlysoyoudodtmirsihal

lUus$ativo photography
%orog6ph your'ubj6ct aqain$ a llat backgmudd which contasts di$ rhe

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€ B Photography over scanning

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Photoshcp plug-ins
lncrease your creative abilities! anduniqueimagcsondemand.everyrim-"Whaaswo6c.rhoughiswhenyoudohaverheideas
With these plug-ins you'll bdju.anilLndlhetoolstomakerhemaerlitylhGissu-"wev-"roundedupawide-angins
produce effects you mighi ircsa*-odztebirs?Neenrocrealeiirc.smoke.ortur!DesoeEreroaddctoudsorreesrharwerentrher-".r
never have imagined possible... otd-lashi.nenlilmgrainloapristinediqir;timage?lhenyouneedoneoltheseeftaordinrryptus-ins.

Comp:nyAuloFX Wcbw.auroR.com lleose Cr€atirE b€netsthan-tiie inages llost Photosh.p Prre $149

M;l u'oFt pddules ,o' ne or Lhe bF* ellectcanaLsoworkwetlwheiapplied ro

lftl P/ro,.rrppruq hs on rhe m'f a tandscape scenes: by2Jru{n,q rhe bL!r
Ihecofr panyhastaken rheappr.ach ol and contast setn,gs youcancreale
desiq.inq ib poducrs as P/,oros/rop imag6with a lantasyleet
plug ins aswettas $and-abne The other lrtrers wirhrn rho s.t.reare
appkarions.Series2 likeattAutoFX more absracr elle.is,tomMesh which
fillere has beendes€nedwirha useF cutsrndMaves the oase roPuzLe
f riendtyinrerface which is inruiriv€ and Pieces which cuG rhepicrue inrojssaw
quick ro learn. When rhe litleropeis, it bils.Onc€you veappti6d rl\ese.ullins
fitlsrhescreen whi.h isa d€parture,rom elfects you rcabt€ ro s€t€.teach piece
the skndard smatL dialog bdx you get and move $emar.und as separare
with host'ilrers Adlu5tm€nrs for€ach of €ntiri€s with€ach effe.t being luLty
the f itrerseirhin rhis setare accessibte adjusrable lheabilitybsave d.w ,
through th€ menu ontho telr with effects yourselling5 toruse wirh other images
being ren,ler€d in theprevi€wscreen in
the main area of the interf ace. ThG isavaried setoili(eE lrom rhe
Th€ whot€ setcoisGts of l4diff€rent rmage enhancemaii of Dreamy Pholo to
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including the excettenr Oreamy the f mmors abilrnds of PharoPress
Photo which G perlectrorcreating
romantic effe.ts tik€ rhose uselj by
wdddinq porLhit ohotoqraoheE Ihis
vt E!)tcr 4/5


Cornpaiy Alionskin Web w.ationski,.com ft4os. CreatiiE toxilEd efi&rs Hor Photoshop l1i.e $169

;f,:l yecandy4000suesrorrh! JbLtLrv WheE this f itrer raatLy ercets is in

ltil *--*-,, -l -r -.r ,. cr-"ating textures such aswood orFrarbLe
s!.hasrire.tursmoke sh$;nd marbte for use within exisling picrures rarher
atlof whichcan beovenaidontoyo!r thai for generat image enhancemenL
imaee Ahhoughbased in Phoroshop Ihefitlersatthaveptentyolscopelor
rhis plus-in is pertedtorcreaiing basic adju$m,"nt. ofterrngvarious ef d r€sulb
rexrDre eif e.is t'oruse rn 3D modettifg andease of u5-" when itcomesro
adjusring aod applyinglhe settings.
The aurfiLreras ilsname suggess. They can a tso be a tot ol lun to use lfs
applies Jurry texrures Ihiselleci a bit of a pily then.lharthequdlilyoIthe
tansfen asa s1a1ic imale. butcanatso iinished eflects do*rllqLire makeihe
workweltinsrilt3Dscenes lhetire and !hde when compaEd 10 some onrer
smokefrtrerca. hetp you ro add a touch subjec!specilic f itters on the market
ol dr:ma ro yourimages byendbtins For th," price and the variety ol ellecr
you t! creale tire efiecis rrcm scralch ro avritabt€. its wofrh a look. b(ndont
pLace o. tansparenl l2yeE lhese can expecr photoreatisiic r!sulls
then be cu$ohised ro increase heighl.
dnecabn a d bturwhich can then be
VFiID!CI 3.5/5
Compafy Kodak Web wastcom turpo* Colour B$oratirn Compaiy Kodak Web wastcom tu pose D\gital ihage enhancement
Hosr Photoshop Price $49 Hoe Photoshor Pnce $99

im "bradru. m"nt . . ,r., -d Ihis f ilterG eflectve bd sofr e of rhe

iiu belnq abrPto atre !oourrorc{ly rinerdet:il5'o ihe tower.ontan areas t l *.to,,,,,*inn
is geneetty noran easyprocess even of animagecaneasitybe tost €specialty
wilhwell calbnred moniro^ Attholsh when it batan.es odrhe.oh!rs to
mosi of us can took ar a pi.rureand rell create a more dynamic pi.tu'e.
ilthecoto!Bareslighily ormassiveLy oigitatROC I 2.1 Garanand
out. it lakes someone with , reat €ye for efiective lift erforcotouradlunfr enr
colou o ger rhefr tooking sr€at llworkswetlwith ifraleswhosecoLolr
Digital ROC gives you cohpt€1e is way oll the mark helpingtoenhance
conlrotoverthe adjustment or your and balance rhe ellectsol tightin!
image\ colour with a yariety ol sorrc€s and indoor sho!15
stiders Like GEM(atsdon thls pas-")
ROC allomaticalty restores and
batanc€s yourimae.: coLour
vt.[]t)1(:r 4/5
iiLlerenabLes you ro seLecryoursDUrce asyou tl gello ropbdu.irg. periectly
lile qDe. rh.n you cai accuBlety 3djusr
lhehighlighl shadows ihrcshold and SHO Professioiat is ri ercelGnl
simpLe to Lse(lterwhichcaiquickLy
UilLke some otherexDosur-"/conrasr cnhdnce 11r," exposuie and coft an ol
applicarions SHO Prolessiorat G abLe any scanncd ordigilat inEse I re
ro calcutale rhe dilierenr erposures co rclsgiveyoucomptere.ontrol
exrremeLy well rhro!!houtthe irnage. ovff aLl aspecls ot iirage enh."ceirenL.
ensurirsrhar skies donr become so ifyou r€ serious abo r geLLins
bl4ched oul rnd darkerareas ddnr prolesiof al Looki'rgpicluEs thisis
ger lon Lnblackoub nslead. ir
mana9es ro equalise rhe ov-a6lL inDse
aid brins back detaiL which Looked ro
bealmon Lo$.lheend resuh isas.l.s.
vt t.,it.\( ) I 5/5

55mm DIGITAL GEM10 2

' _od D€ital Frlm Toots ,"owdrgaau mr@ls.con 'ntose DQn l lmag€ €nhancement
ll]rpose Tradiitonat phot€r.phic filt€r efiets H.e PhotoshoD F'rice $!50

r.olpte or orherri[e6 which are lh-l ici'aLcem Er "ie

ffii ::::il:"fi",:""Ji:":Jti::", defiiitetywonh tyins out NishtV6on 0d .hd i krdsqned
35mm phorography. such as polarising turns yourpicrurc a vivid sre€n and
and sradi€rtas weltas difterent mimicswettth€ lookolwhatyo!d
photogEphic srytes such asn€hl elpect ro se€ on !niercover nLghr
visionand iniE re,i. Ihe eflects cover manoelvres wnh the mihary lhe lnin
a targe range ot processes so yol Red f itler is st€hlty more prac(catand
shotld linn something here whi.h .an cr€ate som€ stunning unreal images
makes 55mm th-" pefi€ct addition Ihis is an excellent ili€r 3€r rn which
you tlliidar l€a*onelitteryou llcone
Ihe interlace sc€en foreach oI the ro retyon forpracticaLuse
36Iilt€E is prety simpl.. givif g you rhe
staidard sLineradjuslhent. preview and
area selecrion options whach enable
v!.RDia: - 5,15
you to produ.e stunning etiecls
quickly.Ihepdckage includes Lighrl. .onrotsimitarrorhe oneiound in io loserhe image! f inerdelif iiion. colour
which can,ruicktyrum a phoiograph P/)orosi,p. which works by enablin!
rake ona duttdayintoonerhat you ro'naveared squarearound a As a noGe reduction f itrerloryour
haslhe etemenrs ot tighting and rhunbnaiL ima!.rothe aeaolthe digitat images. Disiral Gem works
conlrast you woutd associate wirh picru€youwamrocheck. ex.ettenrty rhe lsvetadjlshent
Ihe ihree adjuslmeni stideE enabte stideB enable you ro corredrhc
One olthe mo( eltective iiteB you to change rhe efiect on Hightishr f erenr cont€sred aeas of your
here G Potariser, commoity us-"d lor 'lif
Noise Reducrion. Shadow NoGe images quickly and eitectivety.
tandscape photographyThe etr€crs Reducrion aid rhe ov€Blt Cbrity olthe
are spol on. with easy and pr€cise image. A3 wirh mosr sharpenirytooG.
adjustmentopiions.There are a60 car€tuladlunnenr isneeded so as nor
Cornpany VGuathnn[y Webww,visinf,com tunose Raprcdoci,E th6.fiecis otgEin Hon Photoshop ftice$179

dil ne orth€ th nes tharpeopte used ponraitshots. Iyouve re.€nrly.hansed

Ifl r"q. p"-'"""t""0"",,t'"" f rom 35mm photogBphyro dtgi6{.nd
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insGted on usingontyone b6ndof lilm
in preferencelothemanyothers onrhe Aswetlas lhe presetlilm gnin
market. espechttywhen using btack- setrin€s avaitabl. to you, yo! ca.
specily your own s€tings by addi€
Crain Surgery 2 inctudes pr€set srain rhe pirel
colourtintsand entaqing
settinss which r,aplicato many of rhe mdt siz$ toccale some colourl!land
pdpulzr3Smm f ilm types and digitatly inteestingpersonalis€deli€cr5 you
r€prcduce then!6h quaLily lr may alsohav.theopriontomarch,remove
seem a bil odd wanring to add gmin to a andsampleqmin whichaddsroihe
F€rfectty produc€d digiiat imag€. blnrhts overatLve6arilityol ihe aiuer
eftdctcan hetp toenhancethe.motion
wilhinan imag€ ina simitarwayroadding
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CompanyDr4qonny Webwwsphilippipoeth.de Company D(sibt aenst Web wwedki-otBm€nl con
turpose CEaling abnraci wao illslrations Host Phot6hop Pri.e Fs turpose PLtr cFator Hosr Phoroshop rlice $179

/Dloshop opens many possibit(ies meet6tl yourwitdestrBe- and ptanG

man ipularing your imager to be bette r thisptug-inb ideaLilyou need ro

rha^ lils. such as improvirE skies and create a landscape forarchitectura t
addi@tees,nd shi!bs to tiven uo dult ptans or hndscape ptannine The planis
lands.ap*. Verdantsoestunher lL! a arecreared ontotransparcnrtayeru.so
porerluL plarn fealorwhich enables manipuLtinc lhe rendered result is as
yo! ro choose a planl type. set a lew simple as using any normatt6yerThis
vari,bles such as heilhl. Leaves. isan extremetypow.rlutptug-in and
bliiches.and$en l4ve o render atihouqh the tEes are not quile
Ihalplrminio yourihaseorona pholoredlisric. the variety of phnts and
separaio lay.r in Pholo$dp. customised funclions lorcEaling your
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VERDK)1' 4/5

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V'ERDIC i 5/5
Company D(giraL uemenl W.b {w.dci+Lemeni.om Company AuroFX Web ww.autofx.com
Purpose Cr@ing natubt oleddts Host Photoshop Frice $179 Purpose ln&e anharcemft H.$ PhotoshoD l''rce $129

tril uio E!€is yoron! iop haq€ IhG ptus in witt help you to increase
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LikeallAuroFX!plu! rns. Auto Eye preseb ol the ellects which you lind
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ln tolat. there are l9 difierent eff€cts to Euphoria is a very veGatile set oi
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yourhe abilityro save yourown crearions ,IERDICT 4/5
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-,"'*-'.., ]-
Aurhor Scott Ketby Publisher New Riders Price f30.99
ISBN 0-7357-1353-7 Webwww.scottk€hybooks.com

slra€htlorward rhe tutor6ts ar€ clear

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Photoshopt,"chnLques ntherihan Each chapre..ontaif, s r sroup
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Crd'ivd Slhe i. geneat but new Pholosraphic lechn'lues ha3 Ihe
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Authors Adrian Davies & Phft Fsnnessy Pubtisher Focat Press AulhorCarLa Ross tubtisher Sams Pftce f1799
Ptice 122.25 SBN 0-240-51590-0 Web wv/vdocatpr€ss.com ISBN 0-672-32592-6 W-"b wwwsamspubtishirE.com

fiil tr at tnasule FdFhabehrhe3 trnderpinning image capru.e itseti ItiT h leirsd n€Llr bcqinne6 l€a.h pub(Ghing rhore arept nyorwork
lfia p/kJrorur nrormr on , ro a subsequentLy weretreared londGte l! \orarl P,'oJ,tDp cs.oda E alone examptes aid each chaprerends
smatl spac,a while enaining livety and explanations of cotour management enough Litormarioiroa.iasa qui.k
uidersrandabLe Even a casuat browse of ima!€ compr€s3ion and piacrical image relerence lexl lor mDre adv?nced !seE lyoute aroralnovi.e althoughthe
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storage and compressor. latt€n a tiule behind ihe times which G esse iaLcomponentwhendeatii!wirh se.rion inth€ middte oithe bookiora
The cenrratpr€mise is simpG by agreatshame This isiirasbJd rs it applicarions like Ph.rosbop clearcxampte of wharyouie reariing
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ideaswhich undemir di!iul-ima!iig infarmation Gconlin€d to basic and selecrionrhoughtorho sricky Whererhis bookcouk beuselutisas a
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down of th,"i€rminolocy and hardwaE VFRDK'T 3.5.t:. lexr phoro repairprinland web
Author P€terCope Publisher lLex Press ftice 919.95 Author Mark Ctarkson Pubtisher
Sybex Price !32.99
ISBN 0-7821-4191-9 Web www-sybex-com
ISBN l-904705-07-3 Webwwwilex-press.com

tr *ii:ff"":;::11iifi"1:jiT,
lhosewhh a backgound in rditional
manipularion.Ih€ tinal secrion looks
al whai makes loiihe ideal dkiral
daAroom ser up taking in both
nyonc wrh morc,hana Dassina
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applietion wilL lind this book riveninq
Each chaprerbelins with ai
inlroduction, givingusa chance1osize
up both arlisls,theirfavoured slyte and
photogaphy. From image captlre to l4ark CLarkson\ S;FB otlre A.s relarive experiance, alons with a theme
editing. rhe sryte is lisht bur the delait lhis book acc as a discussion oI usos rhe spon ot P/'ob$dp tennis lo forthe match. Foretahple. Transatlanlic
isenoughiopoi.tyourEsearch inlhe th€ possibilities otte€d by disiral give a group of 20 d*ign professonats Love Mar.h is rhe hatch berween
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unddrlying principtes ot d€itat imaging ll you re conf ideit ol you.own creativiry For Ihe rniniri,ed, lennG
Phoroshop Aft houshihe esutlins imagesa6
PoterCope sptits his subject into basic butwantataid bac k invod!.rio n ro involvesa pairol deslqneurl,shinq an somerim€s weak,the rsDge of skilG
pro and ctassiciechniques.Ihe basics trhal can bedonewith todaysdigiul imagebaclandloruard,each rddingro and motivalions on disphymorefi6n
coversuch things as s€lecrions. layers lechnology lhen lh6 bookwittse0e orenbellishinglh€ work olrhe l,st, comp€netes. makingthis a great book
and liliers. and rhe ctassicslake oi the producila 3 s.l oi synergblic images. lorprclessionatand noyice atike,
likes of duoione and sepia ehulation. Ihe bookembles !s to took overthe
Po techniau€s include ar{f icial
VERDICT 4/5 sholrd.ror €ch anisr N rhey go abu\ vERDlcT 4,5/5
tightins and d.pth or-ri€td


Author Chris Taranlino Pubtisher ltex ftess Price t14.95
SBN 1-904705-12-X Webwww.ilex-press.com
ilil"l nt€nwth theamateurdlsut generattyhaveontya handtulolsrees
llll pho,oloDher0 m nd th:b..ki' and there! no accompanying CD, so
a good irtEduction to lhe retouching these are rct anyrhins you could cau
and image{estoErionloots in both
Phatoshop and Photoshop ELenents the layout ard qualiryotrhe book
simpte wetFiltusvated tutorGG are good and lhe €xr is g€rentq cleai
dake illhe id€al companrcn toranyone atthoosh the attemDll0 be Bl.vanl ro
new to Pharashdp with an archive ol borh Pha.oshop and glenedsuserc
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Ihe book is sptir into five chapters plenty more substanria( titl* on this
danins with a generatconsideration ol sublectbur lorthe novice. ptain
di:tital imaqinq and automal€d imaq€ tanguage and quality il[stutions
lixes Aiier intmduciig a proposed make for much fasrer learniE
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