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Goal: Actions Evidence

To use different strategies to  Add additional  Lesson plans with inclusive

support student participation. information on student student participation strategies.
participation strategies in  Feedback from supervising
This aligns to standard 4.1: Identify lesson plans. teacher on the effectiveness of
strategies to support inclusive student  Demonstrate an strategies for engaging
participation and engagement in alertness to student students.
classroom activates. participation.  Self-evaluation in this area
 Reflect upon the success (written evidence after teaching
Rationale: of strategies to support a lesson/series of lessons).
student engagement.
Student engagement is critical to
learning. I want to learn more ways to
encourage student participation. An
increase in participation will help their
learning process.
To use differentiation in lessons to  Build a class profile, to  A copy of my class profile.
meet specific learning needs. identify students who  Recording of strategies used to
may require additional engage specific students.
This aligns with standard 1.5: support.  Final report with evidence of my
Demonstrate knowledge and  Use the profile to progression in terms of
understanding of strategies for determine strategies and differentiation strategies.
differentiating teaching to meet the content that would best
specific learning needs of students engage students.
across the full range of abilities.


During my previous placement my

supervising teacher, identified this
area as an area of improvement.
Meeting a student’s needs is essential
for efficient learning.

 Use PowerPoint in  Documented use of ICT in

To use Information and lessons. lesson plans.
Communication Technology during  Refer to short clips.  Collection of PowerPoints or use
lessons.  Use timers and of clips used with self-
calculators. evaluation, teacher feedback
This aligns with Standard 2.6: and/or student feedback, and/or
Implement teaching strategies for student feedback in relation to
using ICT to expand curriculum how ICT enhanced learning.
learning opportunities for students.


During my previous placement my

supervising teacher suggested I
use more ICT in my lessons. ICT can
improve the engagement of
my lessons, and therefore help the
students learn.
Other aims you may have for the professional experience:
Learn school philosophy, and refer to it as expectations throughout placement.
Professional dress.

Teacher Education Student Date:

Supervising Teacher: Date:

Subject Coordinator: Date: 29/03/18