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Production Schedule

Date Production stage What we need to do Who will do it Date finished

8th January Getting into production Find members of class to help produce Samuel D, Kyle H, 9 January

teams the short film Alison S, Saul

9th January Begin to research ideas for Gather information and gain inspiration Samuel D
the short film for the film (e.g. location)
12th January Being to write a pitch for Create a powerpoint which states Samuel D 20th January
the film some of the context in the short film
24th January Perform pitch Perform the pitch to be examined Samuel D 24th January
26th January Research the requirements Research the assets and personnel that Samuel D 10th February
of preproduction are needed to create a film
11th February Begin to create a Draw a sketch of ideas that will be put Samuel D 20th February
storyboard into the film
25th March Discuss the content of my Establish what will go into creating the Samuel D 28th March
own film film and when the filming dates will be.
28th march Write Script Write the lines for the film Samuel D 30th March
5th April Hire equipment Sign the equipment out from school Samuel D 5th April
6th April Film first scene Film Samuel D 7th April
9th April Film second scene Film Samuel D 9th April
10th April Film last of scenes Film 12th April
12th April Review footage Look at what’s been filmed Samuel D 12th April
14th April Begin edit Cut footage, add music and effects Samuel D 20th April