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Cheer Dance Competition

Official Rules & Regulation



1. The following rules & regulations are to be in effect for all practices and

the competition proper.

2. All teams must be supervised during the practices and competition by a

qualified and knowledgeable coach.

3. All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good

sportsmanship throughout the event.

4. Coaches should recognize the squad’s ability level and should limit

activities accordingly.

5. All participants must adopt a comprehensive conditioning and strength-

building program.

6. All coaches, directors and advisors must have an emergency action plan

in the event of an injury.

7. Teams must have 18 to 25 members, from 13 years old and up.

8. Each team will be allotted minimum of four (4) minutes and maximum of

five (5) minutes for the routine. Timer starts upon the first yell/cheer,

dance movement, start of music, or whichever come first.

9. An appropriate warm-up routing should precede all cheer dancing


10. Any team member who may acquire injury will not be allowed to continue

the routine. A substitution may be made as long as he/she falls under the

11. Any team proven in violation of the rules & regulations will be

automatically disqualified from the event.

12. Should recorded music be part of the routine, file must be handed over to

the organizers one (1) week before August 15 on a properly labeled CD

player and USB in MP3 format.


1. Costumes & props shall be provided by the cheer dance group


2. Only moves and materials that are stable and safe will be part of the
routine, hence no pyramids, stunts and tumbling will be included.

3. Props must be handled with care in taking in and out of the competition


4. Athletic footwear is required. Wearing socks, tights or other slippery foot

covering is not allowed.

5. Wearing of any jewelry is prohibited.

6. The use of mini trampolines, springboards and other height-increasing

apparatus is prohibited.

7. Costumes & props shall be provided by the cheer dance group.

8. Costume, props, yells and all other parts of the routine must be in

accordance to the country’s restrictions.

9. Glitters and sequins on bodies, costumes or props are not allowed as

these may pose danger if detached and left on the floor.

10. The following are prohibited at any point of the routine: liquids, flammable

materials, confetti, powder, firecrackers and any hard or heavy materials

that may destroy the gym’s floor during entry or exit.

11. All groups are given 3 minutes to clear up the area with all materials

utilized after the routine.


Choreography & Synchronization 30%

Overall Relevance to the Theme 25%

Cheers & Music 15%

Costume & Props 15%

Overall Impact 15%

*With the following penalties for violations:

Not within allotted time 10 pts. deduction

Stepping out of performance area 2 pts. deduction per person

Costume, props and stunts


I, _____________________________ of team __________________________,

hereby agrees with the above rules & regulations.


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