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Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Celebrates 10 Years in Business and the

Entrepreneurship of Owner, Ginny Steiner

In 2008, Ginny Steiner, MSN, AGPCNP-C, DC, had a vision to provide much needed, quality
holistic anti-aging services to the tri-state. Ten years and over 7,000 cases for various services later,
the clinic celebrates it’s milestone with an open house tomorrow and a year of celebrations and
monthly specials for its patients.

Evansville, IN, September 13, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Steiner opened a business that was ahead of its

“I felt that this was my area of expertise and a niche that was lacking in the Evansville area and was only
available in bigger cities like Nashville, Indy and Louisville,” she said.

“I wanted to provide services that I had experience in as a patient and a provider, so patients could trust
our program efficacy.”

The business started in Newburgh, but soon outgrew its location. She explains, “The business was so well
received that it was rapidly growing and within 2 years I had to remodel and all rooms to the original
clinic. Then at year three I practiced out of 2 locations, which was very inconvenient but well worth my
time. I listened to my patients and they convinced me to move to Evansville to a bigger location. This
made the most sense and I am very happy we did.”

When asked what some major milestones the business has accomplished, Dr. Steiner answered, “In 2008,
we were the first practice in Evansville to offer the HCG diet. Since then, we have outlasted many of the
clinics that tried it and have - not closed nor stopped offering it. Our clinic addresses concerns in a 360
perspective. We try and achieve immediate change, with long term maintenance through making the body
function better for a better response. We are the only clinic that offers results both short and long term.”

Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss has 5 different medical devices for body contouring, offers
several medically monitored weight loss plans, provides hormone replacement treatment for both men
and women, and has a variety of treatment options for the skin. Recently, AAAWL began providing a
treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and to help with female incontinence.

Dr. Steiner has put a lot of thought over the years in to what the clinic will offer. “I do a lot of research, I
also have a network of MD's, DO's, NP's, RN's, Plastic Surgeons, etcetera, who are smarter than I am. I
know my limits and I am always learning and striving to bring the best to Evansville without
compromise. I do not just get on the bandwagon of the hottest trend unless it has been vetted by me, and I
experience it and have confidence in it. I want to know that the treatment or service is needed and
valuable. It is so easy to buy a piece of equipment because there is a great demand as the latest service,
but without proper vetting I will not allow it in my clinic.”

Typical patients of the clinic are “mostly women who are wanting to look natural but refreshed and more

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“I strive to find a natural look based on the structure of the face, the personality and the budget.

“Programs of care are the best to protect your investment and can be done over time as a budget allows. I
pride myself in explaining thoroughly my thoughts and creating a communication and partnership to
achieve goals and honest dialogue.”

The market for holistic therapies and non-surgical cosmetic treatments is growing rapidly. For Dr.
Steiner, “the market for me is hopefully providing the latest programs of care to achieve the quality of life
and beauty that improves life for the long term.”

“Providing beauty treatments along with bioidentical hormone balancing and stress hormone balancing
can truly reduce the aging process and calm your emotions, motivate you to live life more freely and
confidently and enjoy your partner and family more than ever.

“I hope to attract these types of people that will stay with me long term and build relationships for life; be
their exclusive anti-aging provider.”

Looking back over the years, Dr. Steiner says what she is most proud of is "the warm and inviting
environment that I provide that still cares about customer service and professionalism. I am proud of the
growth we achieved and the sustained success, and also the ability to take constructive criticism and
apply fixes that make my business and personal life better, while being a single mother.”

Dr. Steiner balances her business with being a busy single mom to two boys - ages 6 and 10. When it
comes down to it, her “children are the most important thing” to her. “They are happy, caring, loving
children with powerful personalities and feed my soul.”

When asked what the future holds, Dr. Steiner says that it is “very exciting! I plan to grow and expand out
to other cities and develop cutting edge regenerative medicine that will focus on non-surgical and
non-narcotic pain control. I am very excited to develop those programs and educate people on it - I have
been working on this for the last year.”

As a mom and a business owner, Ginny Steiner is an inspirational woman who has forged her own path.
“There is no model to learn from,” she said of Advanced Anti-Aging and Weight Loss. “It is a unique
opportunity to make it what I want and break the mold that hopefully others will use as the model.

“It focuses on quality of life and we celebrate patients! We truly want you to succeed! We support you,
and everything is built around these goals.”

For further inquiries, please contact Kathryn Starnes-Kiely, Medical Office Manager of Advanced
Anti-Aging and Weight Loss. 812-840-4800.

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Open House Event: Wednesday, September 12 from 3-6 pm

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