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Compiled by Rev. Francis Larkin, SS.CC.

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their
wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles)

Editor’s Introduction THE ROSARY Mary, let us promise never to miss the Holy LEADER: Jesus, I believe that in the
Recite five decades of the Rosary, Sacrifice of the Mass through our own fault; Blessed Sacrament Your Eucharistic Heart
The Following Program may be used in preferably the Sorrowful Mysteries, through let us offer every Mass we attend for the beats steadily out of love for us, as it does in
church, convent, school or home. In the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of conversion of all poor sinners; and let us Heaven.
Church, it is usually carried out as a public Mary, the Queen of Peace, in reparation for thank Jesus for His great love and mercy in
or parish program, with recitation of the sin, which is the basic cause of war; and for dying on the Cross for love of us and to save ALL: Lord I do believe, help thou my
Rosary for peace; exposition of the Blessed true and lasting world peace. us from the fires of hell. unbelief.
Sacrament; acts of faith, reparation and
apology: Benediction and the Holy LEADER: Jesus, I believe that in the Holy
Here follows the recitation of the Rosary, GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN Sacrifice of the Mass You are offering
Sacrifice of the Mass in honor of the Sacred with short meditations on the Sorrowful THAN WHEN HE LAYS DOWN HIS
Heart of Jesus. For the Mass, the first Yourself to the Father in our name, in
Mysteries, related to the Holy Eucharist or LIFE FOR A FRIEND adoration, thanksgiving, petition and
Eucharistic Prayer (canon) may be used, as current problems. Suggested meditation to
the congregation unites itself with the priest atonement.
be said by priest or leader. At Fatima, in 1916, the Angel of Portugal
in imploring Jesus for pardon and mercy. taught the three little shepherd children, for ALL: Lord I do believe, help thou my
The Agony of Jesus in the Garden the world, this act of faith, hope and love, unbelief.
The program may be also be done privately
Jesus revealed to St. Margaret Mary, “It was adoration and APOLOGY.
in church, by groups or individuals before LEADER: Jesus, I believe that the Holy
here that I suffered more than in the rest of
the Tabernacle. In this case, since there is
My Passion.” The Heart of Jesus was “O my God, I believe in, adore, hope in, and Sacrifice of the Mass is the most holy, the
no Benediction or Mass, a spiritual
breaking as He foresaw how many souls I love you. I ask pardon for those who do most sacred, and the most powerful means
communion may be made in the spirit of
would reject His love and mercy, especially not believe in, do not adore, do not hope in, of loving and adoring the Most Blessed
reparation. Trinity.
in the holy Eucharist. “Agony of Heart, the and do not love You.”
Finally, the program may be used by worst of agonies!” Let us ask pardon,
ALL: Lord, I do believe, help thou my
religious communities, by schools, by through the Sorrowful and Immaculate O Crucified Jesus, Who dies on the Cross
organizations, by the family in the home, or Heart of Mary, for all the sins of coldness, for love of us and to save us, we apologize
by people living alone. If practical, other neglect, indifference, ingratitude, for all the sins being committed against You LEADER: Let us say three times:
families, relatives and friends should be lukewarmness and especially rejection, today and every day throughout the world.
invited, in order to give the Sacred Heart of committed against Jesus in the Blessed Please accept our apology, and please have ALL: Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I
Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sacrament. mercy on us and save us. Thank You, Jesus, believe in Thy love for me! (Three times)
more prayers and penances. for Your great love for us.
ALL: Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I place
Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar
It is suggested that, if possible, the home Every sin against the human body—which is all my truth in Thee. (Three times)
program be carried out before a shrine,
a “temple of the Holy Spirit,” – is a blow Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, during ALL: Eucharistic Heart of Jesus,
picture, statue or image of the Sacred Heart against the Body of Christ delivered by burning with love for me, inflame my
which acts of faith, reparation, apology and
of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary members of His Mystical Body. By heart with love for Thee! (3 times)
trust, plus please for mercy, are recited, (or
(or Our Lady under any of Her titles) with suffering the cruel scourging, Jesus made
said privately before the Tabernacle or at
lighted candles and flowers. Appropriate reparation for all of our sins of the flesh. ALL: Jesus meek and humble of heart,
hymns may be sung before, during and after Through the Sorrowful and Immaculate make my heart like unto Thin ! (3 times)
the program. Heart of Mary, let us ask pardon for the
many sins against purity in thought, word ACTS OF FAITH ALL: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you;
Why not contact your pastor, and ask and deed, being committed today. save souls! (3 times)
him to have a “Program of Reparation PRIEST OF LEADER: We begin with
and Apology” in your church. It can expressions of faith in the presence of the LEADER: Now, let us thank the merciful
Jesus is Crowned with Thorns
draw down many blessings, graces, and Jesus is being dethroned everywhere today, Most Blessed Trinity. Let us say 3 times: Heart of Jesus for His many manifestations
God’s mercy on your area. of love for us in the Blessed Sacrament; for
because of the arrogant pride of so many ALL: Glory be to the Father, and to the all the Masses we have shared in, the Holy
Reparation for Abortion Murders souls. His rights over persons, families, Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in Communions received, the visits and Holy
nations and public life are being denied and the beginning, is now and ever shall be, Hours made; and for His constant love day
There are many terrible crimes being mocked. Through the Sorrowful and world without end. Amen (Three times). and night. In thanksgiving, and in a spirit of
committed daily, that would draw down Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Queen and atonement for our lack of gratitude, let us
upon us the just wrath of Almighty God, Mother, let us ask pardon for the many times LEADER: Let us tell Jesus that we truly say:
unless sufficient reparation is made for we have placed a crown of thorns on the believe in His Real Presence in the most
them. One of the most detestable and Most Sacred Head of Jesus, or around His Blessed Sacrament. Make this act of faith an ALL: May the Heart of Jesus, in the most
heinous of these sins is the wholesale Sacred Heart, through our sins of act of atonement for all those who deny His Blessed Sacrament, be praised, adored
“slaughter of the innocents,” through the disobedience and pride. Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist. and loved, with grateful affection in all
mass abortion murders of unborn infants in ALL: “O Sacrament Most Holy, O the tabernacles of the world, and in the
their mothers’ wombs. Jesus Carries His Cross Sacrament Divine, all praise and all hearts of all men, even to the end of time.
God carries the cross of a criminal. By this thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Amen.
With such an utter disregard for the priceless act of humility, Jesus – the God-Man –
(Three Times).
gift of life, through the “legalizing” by the made atonement for the sins of rejection of PUBLIC APOLOGY
U.S. Supreme Court of this cruel ruthless the cross by so many souls. Through the LEADER: After each of the following acts
war of extermination against defenseless Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, of faith, let us answer as did the man in the LEADER: If we have insulted or offended
babies, how can we in America expect let us ask pardon for the cowardice of so Gospel: “Lord, I do believe; help thou my a friend – or even a stranger – an apology is
God’s blessings on our nation? many souls – especially ourselves – who called for. Our Savior is being insulted and
refuse to accept, with humility and grievously offended by friends and enemies
In addition to abortion, there is much resignation to God’s holy will, the crosses, LEADER: Jesus, I truly believe that Thou alike. This demands public apology. Let us
widespread moral decay, such as increased trials and sufferings He sends us for our own art present in the Holy Eucharist, Body and now offer to Jesus, Our Lord, Who will one
divorces, contraception, immodesty in dress, sanctification and salvation; and for others. Blood, Soul and Divinity. day be our Judge, the sincere expression of
soul-corrupting pornography, child abuse, our sorrow and regret at the way we and
violence and now the tide of Satanism and ALL: “Lord I do believe; help Thou my others are treating Him. After each
Jesus Dies on the Cross
public blasphemy spreading throughout our The Heart of Jesus was opened with a lance unbelief.” invocation please answer: “Jesus we
land. after His redeeming death on the Cross, and LEADER: Jesus, I believe that Thou art apologize and beg your mercy.”
there gushed forth the saving Blood and present in the Blessed Sacrament out of love LEADER: For the stingy way we, your
Truly much love, prayer and reparation must water. In every Mass, the renewal of for me and all sinners. friends, have returned your love for us.
be offered to Almighty God if we are not to Calvary, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, is
experience the punishment that we justly again opened to all poor sinners. Through ALL: “Lord I do believe; help thou my ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg your
deserve for our nations sins. the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of unbelief.” mercy!
LEADER: For our failure to keep your LEADER: For the scandal given by certain We apologize, too, for the fact that so many HOLY MASS
Commandment of love of neighbor and even priests and religious, especially those who souls, in all walks of life, especially among
of our enemies, Lord, please accept our attack the teaching authority of the Church, our youth, are turning to the worship of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in
apologies. and for the Holy Father. Lord, please accept Satan, instead of to You, their Creator. For reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of
our apology. this we ask Your pardon and mercy. Jesus, is now offered as a fitting and
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your perfect climax to the public or parish
mercy! ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your ALL: “Father, forgive them, for they programs. All are urged to receive Holy
mercy! know not what they do!” Communion in reparation, as requested
LEADER: For our indifference to the
by Our Lady of Fatima.
needs of the poor and the underprivileged, LEADER: For the exclusion of prayer and LEADER: We apologize especially for all
Lord, please accept our apology. Your teachings from so many schools and the widespread public blasphemy now If possible, the Votive Mass in honor of the
for “watering down” or false interpretations sweeping our land, and for those responsible Sacred Heart of Jesus is used. This Mass
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your of Your teachings, Lord, please accept our for this in national publications, on was requested by our Divine Lord, Himself,
mercy! apology. television, and in motion pictures. We when He appeared to St. Margaret Mary. Its
LEADER: For all the ingratitude which ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your apologize, likewise, for all the public insults special characteristic is that of reparation for
wounds Your loving Heart, Lord, please ridicule, and mockery being heaped upon all the coldness, indifference, hatred and
mercy! You, upon Your Blessed Mother, and ours, sacrileges shown to the Heart of Jesus in the
accept our apology.
LEADER: For the murders, through upon the Saints, upon Your Mystical Body Holy Eucharist. At the same time, Jesus
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your “legalized” abortions, of millions of on earth—the Catholic Church, upon belief requested His friends to unite themselves
mercy! innocent babies throughout the United in You and upon religion in general. For with His act of atonement in the Mass, by
this, we ask Your pardon and mercy! receiving Him in Holy Communion in the
LEADER: For the many times we have States, and the world, and the apathy of so same spirit of reparation. This is the most
bargained with You, Whose love knows no many Americans to this wholesale ALL: “Father, forgive them, for they
“slaughter of the innocents,” Lord, please effective way to offer reparation to the
limits, Lord, please accept our apology. know not what they do!”
accept our apology. Father, for it is in union with the perfect act
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your LEADER: For the agony You underwent of atonement of the Son of God – our
mercy! ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your in the Garden of Olives at the Mediator and Victim and Redeemer.
mercy! foreknowledge of all these sins, and so many
LEADER: For our lack of generosity in (Other appropriate Masses are those
LEADER: For all promoters of abortion, others known to You alone, we offer You, in
Your service, Lord, please accept our honoring the Holy Spirit, the Most Precious
such as legislators, doctors, nurses, anti-life reparation, dear Jesus, or own agony of
apology. Blood of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of
groups, court judges and others, Lord, please heart, our worries, our fears, our concerns, Mary, and that for the Forgiveness of Sin).
accept our apology. and all our spiritual, mental and material
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your
problems and crosses. We offer them to The Communions of Reparation are a
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your You in union with the Sorrowful and most important part of this service. Our
LEADER: For the many times we and mercy! Immaculate Heart of Mary. We ask through Lord specifically requested such
others have missed Mass through our own our prayers and sufferings, offered in union Communion from St. Margaret Mary and
fault, Lord, please accept our apology. LEADER: For all promoters and portrayers with Your own merits through the Holy other chosen souls. At Fatima, the
of hardcore pornography such as books, Sacrifice of the Mass, for the conversion of Mother of God also asked for
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your films, magazines, live shows, Internet sites, all poor sinners; a return to morality in Communions of Reparation. Our
mercy! and for all who attend such shows or family and public life; and for true and Merciful Savior says that such
purchase material or watch it on the Internet, lasting peace in homes, in our cities and Communions, being acts of pure love, are
LEADER: For the many Communions we to the detriment of their souls, Lord, please countries throughout the world. For these
have missed, and the visits to You in the most powerful in averting Divine Justice,
accept our apology. intentions, in honor of the five wounds Jesus and drawing down His mercy.
Blessed Sacrament which we have failed to
suffered for us, let us pray:
make, Lord, please accept our apology. ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your Because the Reparation and Apology
mercy! ALL: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy program is considered to be a special
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your Kingdom come, through Mary! (Five liturgical service, even being termed a
mercy! LEADER: For all religious and civil
times) “pilgrimage of reparation,” the privilege
leaders who fail to speak out and take action
LEADER: For the profanation of against this moral pollution that is of receiving Holy Communion twice in the
LEADER: Let us conclude the prayers of
Sunday’s and Holy Days, through destroying souls, Lord, please accept our same day is generally granted for these
reparation and apology by saying the
unnecessary work and shopping, Lord, apology. programs, either by the Bishop of the
beautiful Fatima Eucharistic prayers, given
please accept our apology. Diocese or the pastor of the parish
by the Angel of Portugal to the three little
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your involved.
shepherd children in 1916, one year before
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your mercy.
Our Blessed Mother appeared to them, to (If this program of reparation is made
LEADER: For all the widespread give to the world Almighty God’s “Peace privately without a priest, unite yourselves
LEADER: For all the blasphemies, cursing, immodesty in dress on the part of Christian Plan From Heaven:” in spirit with all the Masses being celebrated
swearing, and taking Your Holy Name in women and girls, especially in Church, throughout the world at that moment. You
ALL: “O my God, I believe in, I adore, I
vain, Lord, please accept our apology. Lord, please accept our apology. may join Jesus and the priests in spirit.)
hope in, and I love You. I ask pardon for
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your those who do not believe in, do not adore, During the Mass, a short homily usually is
mercy! mercy. do not hope in, and do not love You! or may be given, stressing the importance of
(Three times) our frequent participation in it. By
LEADER: For all those parents who refuse LEADER: For all those parents who, by “substituting” ourselves for others who
You admittance into their homes, and who their silence or by condoning immodest “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy refuse to attend Mass, we can help obtain
never pray with their children, Lord, please dress among their children, and especially Spirit, I adore You profoundly. I offer their conversion.
accept our apology! those mothers who set a bad example for You the most Precious Body, Blood Soul
their own children by wearing pagan and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all Likewise, people are encouraged to have the
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your fashions themselves, Lord, please accept our the tabernacles of the world, in Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
mercy! apology. reparation for all the outrages, sacrileges, in their homes, as an act of reparation and to
and indifferences by which He is obtain needed graces. Also, they are
LEADER: For the bad example of parents ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your
offended. And through the infinite merits encouraged to say the daily and family
and teachers who never speak about Your mercy. of Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Rosary, to “make Jesus present in the
love and mercy to those under their care,
Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You home,” by prayer, for “Where two or more
Lord, please accept our apology. PLEAS FOR MERCY the conversion of poor sinners.” (3 times) are gathered in my name, there I am also.”
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your LEADER: Let us now implore God’s
mercy! BENEDICTION It was a labor of love to be able to find
mercy on us. this and retype and abridge it very
LEADER: For those responsible for Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament slightly to bring it up to date. The only
ALL: Spare Thy people, O Lord; be not now follows. The “Divine Praises” in
breaking up families through easy divorce, angry with us forever! (3 times) prayer I left out is the Prayer for our
Lord, please accept our apology. reparation should be said without fail. If nation by Archbishop Carroll in 1800,
ALL: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have time and circumstances permit, wither the which I could not fit in. I make that
ALL: Jesus we apologize and beg Your mercy on us! (3 times) “Litany of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,” available, if you want, separate from this
mercy! or the “Litany of the Most Precious Blood of program. I hope and pray this will spread
LEADER: Lord, we also apologize for the Jesus,” (both very appropriate to the
LEADER: For the scandal given by certain blasphemous black masses being celebrated program), may be also included. If the far and wide. Feel free to distribute. This
is not about the money or the credit.
bishops, priests and religious by their abuse throughout our country, in which You are so program is done privately before the
of children and teens, Lord, please accept Please forgive any typo’s.
grievously insulted, and which make a Tabernacle or at home, a hymn in honor of
our apology. mockery of the most sacred act of our the Blessed Sacrament may be sung here.) Phillip A. Bellini
religion, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Jesus we apologize and beg Your mercy!