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November 2001
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2010 Cowboy Chronicle
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The Cowboy Chronicle

r G

The Monthly Journal of the Single Action Shooting Society ®
Vol. 23 No. 9 © Single Action Shooting Society, Inc. September 2010

END of TRAIL 2010 By Captain George Baylor, SASS Life #24287

Photos by Black Jack McGinnis, SASS Life/Regulator #2041 and Mr. Quigley Photography Team

And when you get the choice HIGHLIGHTS starting on page 63

to sit it out or dance
ing™. This is the event put on by the
I hope you dance
people who invented and perfected
I hope you dance
the sport. Twenty-eight END of
(© written by Mark D. Sanders and
TRAIL’s have come and gone before
Tia Sillers, and recorded by
this one. All of the champions have
country singer Lee Ann Womack)
walked at END of TRAIL, the people
you read about or watched on TV,
ounders Ranch, Edge- from China Camp to T-Bone Dooley

F wood, New Mexico,

June 21-27 – When you
drive to END of TRAIL
the first time it finally hits you—this
to Holy Terror. Without END of
TRAIL, there would be no SASS, no
Cowboy Action Shooting™.
There are Cowboy Action Shoot-
is not like any other SASS match. It ers who never make it to END of
might be when you see the billboard TRAIL. Some regret it. Some don’t
on Interstate 40. You probably never know what they’re missing. Some
saw a billboard for a Cowboy Action don’t like the location, or the timing,
Shooting™ match before. It might or the entry fee, or the fact it’s a lost
be when you turn off Interstate 40 brass match, or fill in your excuse of
near Edgewood, New Mexico, onto choice. Some watch life on television,
what was old Route 66, The Mother just nibbling at life instead of living
Road. But it’s probably when you it. The people who come to END of
turn into the gate and see the big TRAIL are living. They’re biting off
“END of TRAIL” sign and get big chunks of life. They’re dancing.
greeted warmly by waddie Yul Lose Some of them have fought their way
or one of the other friendly waddies out of their office prisons, defeating
working traffic. If it isn’t there, it’s a END of TRAIL turned another corner this year. For the first since moving the forces that keep them in their
little later when you’re at the top of to New Mexico the Old West Festival portion of the event is again alive ruts. Some are showing their chil-
the hill looking down on a sea of RVs and well. Dr. Buck arranged for the crowd pleasing Old West entertain- dren or grandchildren a world where
and tent campers, and below them is ment, and the Mounted folks provided continuous public entertainment champions call penalties on them-
with exciting arena competitions and parades through town. Oh,
a nineteenth century town, part selves or loan their guns to competi-
and the Action Shooting and Wild Bunch competitions were terrific as well!
“Hell on Wheels” tent city, part Old tors who broke theirs, where there is
West town with freshly painted This is The Mother Lode. This is honor and camaraderie, a world
buildings taken right out of Silver- 480 acres devoted entirely to Cowboy where the term “straight shooter”
SASS Cowboy Chronicle ado or Dodge City. It might be at the Action Shooting™, the only place in means a lot more than the ability to
opening ceremonies, when the flags the world where the winners become shoot straight. Some are living their
In This Issue of all of the competitor nations are
marched in to their national anthem,
World Champions. The losers, well,
there are no losers except the shoot-
dreams playing cowboy again in
their old age. Some are fighting dis-
and when Sundown leads the crowd ers who never go. This is the event ease, injury, or disabilities, refusing
16 END of TRAIL in a stirring rendition of The Star you dreamed about when you first to “go quietly into the night.” The
CosTuME CoNTEsTs Spangled Banner. thought of Cowboy Action Shoot- (Continued on page 61)
by Cat Ballou

44 GuNs of ThE CoWboys www.sassnet.com

- PT. 3 Edgewood, NM 87015
by Tuolumne Lawman 215 Cowboy Way
46 buRGEss REvIEW C
by Capt. George Baylor
o 50 END of TRAIL MouNTED or
w ChAMPIoNshIP n
b by The Jersey Kid
y 60END of TRAIL c
GooD NEWs e
by Mo Lasses
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The Cowboy
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Coyote Calhoun
24-36 ARTICLES One Pot Chuck . . . Sidekicks & Heavies . . . The Heart Of A Cowboy . . . Managing Editor &
Marketing Director
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Contributing Writers
50, 52 MOUNTED Morning Dove Captures END of TRAIL Mounted Shooting Crown . . . Bad Penny, Buckskin Dave,
Capt. George Baylor, Col. Dan,
Constable Nelson, Col. Richard Dodge,
53, 54 REVIEWS BOOKS Famous Firearms Of The Old West . . . Gold In The Red Desert Cree Vicar Dave, Helda & Aneeda Huginkiss,
Jasper Agate, Jersey Kid, Joe Fasthorse,
Juaquin Malone, Lady Tombstone,

56, 59 HISTORY Tales Of Early California (Judge Roy Bean) . . . Little Know Famous People Madd Mike, Maurice "Mo" Lasses,
Palaver Pete, Purdy Gear,
Stonefire Slim, Tuolumne Lawman,
Whooper Crane, Witch Doctor
69 TRAIL MARKER Always To Remember . . . The Cowboy Chronicle is published by
The Wild Bunch, Board of Directors of

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F Founders Ranch we’ve had

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strength supporting the Wild
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a smile and a helping hand. Giggles legal in some areas, and we do not assume
handles parking, posseing, and scor- Wild bunch Action shootingTM, responsibility thereof. State and local laws
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set up and props. They’ve been part Cowboy Action shootingTM, to purchase or use or products/services.

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together, and are very much appre- Rocking horse Design Cowboy Chronicle can accept any responsi-
are all trademarks of bility for accidents or differing results
ciated. More Or Les is a Senior Du- obtained using reloading data. Variation
elist and his exploits were The single Action shooting society, Inc. in handloading techniques, components,
inadvertently left out of a recent Any use or reproduction of these marks and firearms will make results vary. Have
Cowboy Chronicle match report. without the express written permission a competent gunsmith check your
firearms before firing.
He won the category! of SASS is strictly prohibited.

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Page 6 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. Europe ,
Kodiak Al, SASS Life/Regulator #4008
By Tex, SASS #4

Tex, SASS #4
with modern firearms. In the early
~SASS Hall of Fame Inductee~
1990s he became the European
Manager for Smith & Wesson, USA
and later opened his own business,
odiak Al is the “Wild Kodiak SA, supplying Interactive

K Bunch’s guy in Europe.”

He lives in Luxembourg
and is fluent in five lan-
guages! Kodiak has a long history
Training Simulation for Police/Law
Enforcement & Military personnel.
In 2005 he became “infected”
with Cowboy Action Shooting™.
in the shooting sports, starting After that, nothing else pleased or
with his ability to shoot flies with made him happy. He had found the
rubber bands at age five. He “perfect” shooting sport, one that
quickly graduated to BB guns and balanced friendliness, fairness, and
later to .22s and then “real” guns! competitiveness. As Al says, “The
He has hunted with antique black- use of three different firearms Kodiak Al, SASS #4008, the “Wild Bunch’s guy in Europe.”
powder firearms and competed gives one a diversity no other

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 7

shooting discipline offers, and the situations. Local leadership needs Any European issues, problems, or Cowboy Action continues to
costumes take the edge off and re- to be in a position to deal with local concerns should be addressed to grow in Europe. Not only are there
mind everyone to have fun and not situations, sometimes with advice him. Kodiak Al is prepared to han- more SASS members each year, but
take the game too seriously.” and consulting from Headquarters. dle any necessary financial transac- the quality of the shooting contin-
In 2006 “SASS Luxembourg” One of the principal functions of tions for SASS, ensuring all currency ues to improve as well. European
was created, and he became the Territorial Governors is to facilitate conversions are handled appropri- competitors are beginning to hold
TG for Luxembourg. Kodiak Al communication between the SASS ately. It’s “OK” to deal directly with their own, and the costumes and
earned his black instructor’s badge membership and the Wild Bunch. SASS Headquarters in the US, but gunsmithing are of the highest
under the watchful eye of The However, in some situations the Kodiak Al often has a better under- quality. In Europe there are 15
Elder Katie in 2007 while visiting concerns are so broad and diverse a standing of the situations con- countries involved in Cowboy Ac-
her home range in Washington Territorial Governor representing a fronting Europeans than our US tion Shooting™, and any gap be-
State. Since then he has had the single club, or even a single country, staff does. He can be reached by tween the sport in Europe and the
opportunity to meet and shoot may not have the global view neces- e-mail at kodiak-al@sass.lu USA is closing fast! If you have the
with the Wild Bunch and many of sary to provide the needed guidance or at PO Box 2127, opportunity to attend a match in
the “movers and shakers” in Eu- or leadership, or even be able to ex- L-1021 Luxembourg Europe, by all means do so. You
rope. In 2009 he received his Reg- plain the situation to the Wild Phone: +352-621-280-606 won’t be disappointed, and I guar-
ulator badge while attending the Bunch so we can understand it! (from USA) 011-352-621-280-606 antee, you’ll have a great time!
European Cowboy Action Shoot- Kodiak Al has the shooting
ing™ Championship, Days of background, fluency in five lan-
Truth, in the Czech Republic. guages, an understanding of the
That same year he did very well at politics and regulations commonly
the European END of TRAIL, win- encountered in Europe, and an en-
ning the Duelist Category. thusiastic, engaging personality to
As an organization, SASS has be not only the eyes and ears for
endeavored to provide leadership the Wild Bunch in Europe, but also
and consistency in Cowboy Action to speak for the Wild Bunch in Eu-
Shooting™. The Wild Bunch has rope. Consequently, in 2008 the
long recognized the need for tal- General named Kodiak Al as the
ented, local leadership across the European representative for SASS
USA and around the world. Local USA and The Wild Bunch. This
issues, local “rules,” and local situ- move formally placed Kodiak Al in
ations all require attention by the a position to promote our sport in
leadership if we are to maintain a Europe and to assist European
cohesive, international organiza- Cowboy Action Shooters.
tion. And, the Wild Bunch learned Many of the administrative
long ago it couldn’t know nor un- tasks necessary to acquire and
derstand the subtleties or the sub- process new members and new clubs
stance of most of these local have been assigned to Kodiak Al.

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Page 8 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

okLAhomA cowgIRL Is wINNER of

ThE LEgENDARy 1870’s sTock sADDLE
Proceeds Benefit Abused Children
By Dutch, SASS #455 Tammie is a winning Mounted
Photos By Jennifer Lauppe Shooter, CMSA Life Member Card
#278. A Senior Ladies Level 4 com-
n the midst of a thunderstorm, at petitor, she lives on a ranch, is a

I 5 p.m. Saturday, June 26, 2010,

at the 29th Annual END of
TRAIL, The World Championship of
working cowgirl handling cattle al-
most daily, owns and trains horses, is
an announcer for arena sports and
Saddle winner, Oklahoma Gold, with legendary 1870s Stock
Saddle and her paint horse, Cowboy Gold, on her home ranch.
The legendary and magnificent rope lariat. Also included was a
Cowboy Action Shooting™ and Wild activities, and has traveled through- 1870’s Colorado style stock saddle unique custom deluxe oak saddle
West Jubilee held at Founder’s out the country competing in was made by superb saddle maker stand hand crafted by Terry Kirk.
Ranch, New Mexico, the drawing for Mounted Shooting matches. She is and leather artist, Will Ghormley of Proceeds from the drawing benefit
The Legendary 1870’s Stock Saddle one very happy winner and has al- Des Moines, IA. Included with the the Happy Trails Children’s Founda-
and accouterments was held. Miss ready put the saddle to good use on saddle were a Calvary pattern com- tion and Cooper Home for abused chil-
Ginny Mac, the young and very tal- the ranch and in the arena on her bination halter/bridle complete with dren. The Happy Trails Children’s
ented singer/song writer/musician good Paint horse, Cowboy Gold. a replica Calvary bit, reins, lead Foundation is a charitable non-profit
from Ft. Worth, Texas, who along “To say I was thrilled would be strap, and Officer’s rosettes. Also in- organization under section 501 (c)(3) of
with her band was performing at putting it mildly. I have purchased cluded were a pair of matching sin- the Internal Revenue Code. All dona-
END of TRAIL, reached deep into Happy Trails tickets in various draw- gle strap saddle pockets, a breast tions are tax deductible to the extent
the raffle drum and drew out the ings for several years with the hope strap with a brass heart in the cen- allowed by law. The kids at the Cooper
winning ticket stub, #1336. Okla- of winning, but more with the idea of ter, a rifle scabbard with an EMF Home offer a huge THANK YOU to
homa Gold, SASS Life Member helping a worthy cause. To win any- Model ‘92 .45 Colt lever action rifle everyone who bought tickets for the
#19727, aka Tammie Durfey, of thing is special, but a prize like this with an octagon barrel, a saddle legendary 1870s Stock Saddle. Your
Beaver, OK was the lucky winner! is truly a blessing,” stated Tammie. blanket, and period correct grass support is sincerely appreciated!

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 9

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Page 10 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

REgIoN’s oNLy ,
with acapella swing tunes and shows, storytelling, and sing-a-
Shaker hymns. Bob Ford and the longs. The youngsters can also par-
Ragamuffins will get patrons ticipate in games, pan for gold, take


stomping their feet daily. No doubt a ride on the train, ride horses or
you’ll hear something you can sing ponies, and cross the frontier in a
along with, and they all might even covered wagon.
take a request or two. New to this year’s festival will
Other performers will be about be a riding area featuring rodeo


town as well. Professor Faris’ Magic drill team shows by The Ohio Top
show will amaze, bewilder, and as- Hands, The Renegade Cowgirls, and
tonish you. While enjoying a beer, Buckeye Cowgirls. These talented
sarsaparilla, or root beer at the cowgirls and their trained steeds
Long Branch Saloon, folks will no will set the area ablaze and ener-
doubt get a “kick” out of Madam gize the crowd as they perform
incinnati, OH – Strap on with their gunfight re-enactments. Gigi’s Outrageous French Cancan unique routines set to music.

C your boots and head on out to

a place where scenes out of a
John Wayne western come alive as
When the smoke settles and calm
returns to the historic town, the
Rangers will demonstrate trick
Dancers. Patrons can also sit back
and enjoy a good old-fashioned
melodrama, The Villain’s Deception.
The Old West Festival runs
Saturdays and Sundays, Septem-
ber 11 to October 10 from 10 a.m.
the Old West Festival returns to its shooting. In between shows, they After whetting your whistle, until 6 p.m. The Festival is lo-
permanent site just 15 minutes and other period interpreters will venture out into the prairie, where cated at 1449 Greenbush Cobb
from I-275, east of Cincinnati. The be walking the grounds to meet vis- you can find talented artisans and Road between Mt. Orab and
third annual Old West Festival— itors. Oh, don’t forget to come period settlers selling their wares. Williamsburg, Ohio just off St. Rt.
running weekends September 11 to dressed in your best western garb, Or, head into town to the pool and 32. For more information, please
October 10—transports visitors as there will be a costume contest dance hall, western clothing store, visit www.oldwestfestival.com or
back in time to a Dodge City Wild daily at 1:00 sharp. vintage photo emporium, and old- call 1-866-WEST-FES (1-866-937-
West town circa 1878. The town will also be abuzz fashioned candy store. 8337). Old West Festival is also
The Old West and a good ol’ with period music on several stages. The Old West Festival’s a grand on Twitter and Facebook.
fashioned gunfight go hand-in- You’ll enjoy the sounds of the 1800’s time for the youngin’s, too. At 10:15 Cost is $10 general admission,
hand. So, back by popular demand, with Changing Tymes and Gunpow- a.m. each day, the kiddies can get $6 for children ages 6 to 12,
four times daily starting at High der Creek, as well as Raison d’Etre, sworn in as town deputies. They and children under 5 are free.
Noon, the Big Irons Rangers return a trio mixing traditional folk songs will also enjoy old-timey puppet Parking is FREE.

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 11

cowboy AcTIoN
. IN fRANcE ,
ASS France, pioneer of Cow- West French Shooters.” They are

S boy Action Shooting™ in

France since 2007 and 170
members strong, is proud to an-
presently in the process of electing
a TG and becoming affiliated with
nounce the creation of a new Cow- We welcome them and wish
boy Action association—the “Old them all the best.

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Page 12 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

cowboy IN sERVIcE By Cree Vicar Dave, SASS Life #49907

learned how to swim in our pond. We

so enjoyed watching him grow up,
catching frogs and fish, bagging his
first deer, graduating from High
School, getting started in Cowboy Ac-
tion Shooting™, and now joining the
Army. He has been such a help to us
in recent years, lending a helping
hand when needed. It says in
Proverbs 17:6 “Children’s children
are a crown to the aged, and parents
are the pride of their children.”
Isaac’s dad, Gold Tooth Dave, and I
Cree Vicar Dave, SASS Life #49907 got together to shoot a match at the
Territorial Governor,
Saginaw Six Shooters with him be-
Sucker Creek, Michigan
fore he shipped off to Boot Camp.
Remember to pray for our troops.
nother one of our Cowboy Ac- For over a year now I have made it

A tion Shooters has joined the

United States Armed Forces.
Isaac White Eagle, SASS #88805, set
my practice to pray daily for our
armed forces, and those in public of-
fice. My prayer is that the LORD our
out for Boot Camp on June 16, 2010. God would watch over our troops,
The Vicar’s Wife and I have protect them from harm, and go
known Isaac White Eagle since he ahead of them to win the war for us.
was born as he is our grandson and Then I pray that our officials, both
lives on the same driveway. He elected and appointed, would be peo-

ple of integrity, that they would who are called by my name, will
honor God and honor our Constitu- humble themselves, and pray and
tion. If they will not honor God, and seek my face and turn from their
honor our Constitution, and have in- wicked ways, then will I hear from
tegrity then I pray that the LORD heaven and will forgive their sin and
will remove them from their position will heal their land.”
and replace them with people that God bless you and may The
will. I ask you all to join me in LORD our God bless our Land.
prayer to heal our Country as it says Hope ta see ya on the trail.
in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “… if my people, creevicardave@hotmail.com

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 13

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Page 14 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

soNs of ThE PIoNEERs

IN show busINEss
n 2009, The Sons of the Pioneers, the Roy Rogers, along with George “Gabby”

I most famous singing group in Western

Music, celebrated their 75th Anniver-
sary in show business.
Hayes and the “Queen of the West,” Dale
Evans (later Mrs. Roy Rogers).
Over the past 75 years, they have had
The original group was founded by an many hit songs, including Cool Water, Way
aspiring cowboy singer named Leonard Out There, and Tumbling Tumbleweeds;
Slye, later to become “The King of the Cow- all are featured on this wonderful Collec-
boys” film star, Roy Rogers. In 1934 the tor’s DVD.
original group consisted of Roy, Bob Nolan, The group today is led by 40 year Vet-
and Tim Spencer. That same year brothers eran, Luther Nallie, along with Gary
Hugh and Karl Farr joined the group. LeMaster, Ken Lattimore, Randy Rudd,
They became an instant success with Ricky Boen, and Mark Abbott.
their many recordings, radio transcrip- Today they are still going strong and
tions, personal appearances, and later adding new fans at each show.
films. The price for this must have DVD is
They appeared in over 100 films, most $18.99 and can be ordered at:
of them with their founder, Cowboy Star SonsofthePioneersDVD.com

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 15

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Page 16 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


Cat Ballou, SASS #55
. By Cat Ballou, SASS #55
~SASS Hall of Fame Inductee~

he 29th END of TRAIL has third place, Pixie Powder, was a style bloomers, a boater hat, and a reticule, and Kitty Larue was third

T come and gone and its nu-

merous costume contests
are now history. Was it
successful? You bet! Of course, the
young and fresh face.
Dolly Double Barrel (I don’t
need to say much more!) was the
first place winner, while second
Gibson Girl updo. Second place,
Pearl, decided to go swimming in
her 1900 bathing costume with
matching hat and parasol, and
in an 1866 tapestry Civil War gown
with matching hat.
Best Waddies (first place only)
were Silver Jack as an authentic
old adage that a “picture is worth a place, Deville Dalton, made some third place Perfecto Vaquera Argentine vaquero with poncho
thousand words” still holds true, so rather “flirtatious” moves with her dressed as a B-Western cowgirl and lots of silver jewelry, and Ice
take a gander at the fabulous cos- parasol, and Ellie Sodbuster por- with chinks, gloves, boots, hat, and Lady, dressed as a fur trapping
tumes shown in this article. trayed her establishment as more enough “bling” to go from working mountain man.
However, I do want to describe for the genteel Midwesterner. the range to a night in Las Vegas! Gun Cart Judge Creek Harding
some of the winning costumes to Yes, these two contests are for Eight year old Winchester Reed said the three winners “were of the
help you understand just why the the more mature audience, but they won first place Junior Shooting highest quality workmanship and
judges chose them to be the best sure are fun! Costume with his red, white, and detail.” Ned Whiskey’s red Concord
out of so many wonderful outfits Shooting Costumes, blue patriotic look. Second place stagecoach took first place. The
presented. Conventioneers, Waddies, Junior, Slicks Sharpshooter, por- coach was handmade with a com-
Wild Bunch Costume Contest and Gun Carts trayed an 1866 working cowgirl. plete working undercarriage, and
Man With No Name took first All the way from Australia, Hav Gunn attired as an old passengers painted in the windows
place dressed exactly like Ernest Laughing Eagle was the first place time bartender with apron, bar rag, on both sides. If you looked closely,
Borgnine’s character, Dutch, from Male Shooting Costume winner. and shotgun was the first place one passenger was Sarah Palin,
“The Wild Bunch.” Second place, He was dressed as an Oglala Sioux Male Conventioneer. Lt. Col. Gate- dressed 1880’s style, of course. Sec-
Tumbleweed Thom, and third warrior, complete with Buffalo wood, resplendent in a 1905 cavalry ond place was Captain Cooper’s all
place, Holy Smoke Harmon, looked headdress and “scary” face paint. field uniform won second place, and hand tooled leather cart, and third
very spiffy in their Expeditionary Second place was Major Disaster Major Marcus Reno, outfitted as a place’s Yu Loose included book
Force military uniforms. outfitted as a US Cavalry Major US Cavalry officer from circa 1860- matched walnut details. Honorable
Shotglass won first place in the circa 1871–1880. Third place Tejon 1890 was third. Mention went to Kitty Larue’s gas
Ladies category dressed in a Buckaroo portrayed an 1884 trail Tatted Lady was first place powered 1898 horseless carriage
“sleazy” flamenco outfit and pre- camp cook from the Lazy HJ Ranch Lady Conventioneer dressed in an with a surrey top.
sented herself as General Ma- in Wyoming. 1883 Polonaise day dress with Mounted
pache’s “white meat.” Second place First place Female Shooting matching crocheted hat and reti- First place mounted winners
Nellie Blue dressed as the regiment Costume winner, Miz Annie Ross, cule. Brandy Rose was second in were Marshal Cahill, always look-
Colonel’s daughter, and third place, took to the range in 1896 Turkish an 1890’s walking dress, hat, and ing very movie B-Western and Ice

mouNTED cosTumEs
Dixie Bell, attired in black, explain-
ing she was an older working girl
down Mexico way. The film didn’t
have any prominent female charac-
ters, so their presentations were all
quite original.
Soiled Doves and
Parlor House Madams
Shotglass’ talents shine in this
contest. She organizes it, picks the
judges, puts together the forms,
and is Mistress of Ceremonies. The
Soiled Dove category represents
the younger working girls, and the
Parlor House Madams are the
older, but wiser, successful busi-
nesswomen in the Old and Wild
West. First place Soiled Dove,
Bella Spencer, with her voluptuous
curves just looks the part. Second
First Place Mounted Lady – Mounted Judge Sierrita Slim First Place Mounted Man –
place Cookie Crumb used home Ice Lady tallying the scores. Marshal Cahill
baked cookies as enticement, and

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 17


Parlor House Madam Winners Soiled Dove Winners –

(l-r) 1st, Dolly Double Barrel; (l-r) 1st, Bella Spencer;
Mistress of Ceremonies – 2nd, Deville Dalton; All the participants pose for their 2nd, Cookie Crumb;
Shotglass 3rd, Ellie Sodbuster Cowboy Chronicle photo. 3rd, Pixie Powder

Lady as a fearsome Native Amer- the “Bronco Billy” movie, was sec- our won first place couple dressed as

ican complete with war paint on ond. And, dressed B-Western with a Confederate officer taken captive
her and her horse. old movie details was Perfecto Va- by a lady Union soldier in 1862. Sec-

Best Dressed quera who won third place. ond place couple was Doc Roy and
Saturday night brings out Military Cookie Crumb as an 1875 doctor and
everyone’s finest outfits, and this Coyote Cap as an 1880’s US ranch owner who marries a “hussy”
year was no exception to the rule. Cavalry officer at the end of thirty (remember she was second place
B-Western/Silver Screen Male years’ service was the first place Soiled Dove, too. Her cookies paid
and Female winner, and Alchimista, dressed as off!). Third place was a patriotic fam-
Man With No Name, portray- a US Volunteer in the Spanish- ily, Second Amendment and Win-
ing Clint Eastwood’s character American War was second. chester Reed.
“Bronco Billy” was first. The Juniors Men
Brisco Kid, looking just like John Flirtin’ Critter’s Confederate In- First place Man Robber Baron’s
Wayne in “True Grit,” was second. fantry soldier’s uniform, complete outfit was one of the most outstand-
And, Mad Doc Mark was third as with rifle, canteen, and saber was ing costumes I have ever seen in
a B-Western “card shark.” the first place winner. Sugar nearly three decades. He portrayed
Parlor House Madam Winners –
(l-r) 1st, Dolly Double Barrel;
Kiamichi Queen dressed as Cookie’s beautiful 1899 blue satin a very successful businessman in a
2nd, Deville Dalton; Maureen O’Hara from the film, gown was the second place winner, 1900’s morning suit, only worn be-
3 , Ellie SodbusterJudges “McClintock,” and won first place. and Cowboy Clay took third dressed fore 6 PM, and elegantly appointed,
(l-r) Capt. George Baylor, Connivin’ Katy Jones, as An- as “the Gambler.” down to the details of the correct
Granny Getchergun, toinette, the “girl on the wheel with Couples coins in his pockets. Second place
Copper Queen, and Cat Ballou knives being thrown at her” from Cowboy Cody and Leezay Lam- (Continued on page 29)
listen while the contestant
describes his costume. END OF TRAIL 2010 Conventioneer – Male 2nd Connivin’ Katie Jones,
COSTUME CONTESTS 1st Hav Gunn, SASS #80703 SASS #58535
2nd Lt. Colonel Gatewood, 3rd Perfecto Vaquera, SASS #69780
WINNERS SASS #4356 Military
3rd Major Marcus Reno, 1st Coyote Cap, SASS #14184
Wild Bunch – Male SASS #82853 2nd Alchimista, SASS #41531
1st Man With No Name, Conventioneer – Female Couples
SASS #8255 1st Tatted Lady, SASS #51064 1st Cowboy Cody, SASS #71600 and
2nd Tumbleweed Thom, SASS #346 2nd Brandy Rose, SASS #38294 Leezay Lamour, SASS #71599
3rd Holy Smoke Harmon, 3rd Kitty Larue, SASS #11837 2nd Doc Roy, SASS #71063 and
SASS #84590 Gun Cart Cookie Crumb, SASS #83240
Wild Bunch – Female 1st Ned Whiskey, SASS #47033 3rd Winchester Reed, SASS #83782 and
1st Shotglass, SASS #17153 2nd Captain Cooper, SASS #43639 Second Amendment, SASS #83781
2nd Nellie Blue, SASS #54399 3rd Yu Loose, SASS #74578 Best Dressed Man
3rd Dixie Bell, SASS #5366 Honorable Mention – 1st Robber Baron, SASS #75205
Wild Bunch Ladies Winners – Soiled Doves Kitty Larue, SASS #11837 2nd Hawkshaw Fred, SASS #36811
(l-r) 1st, Shotglass; 2nd, Nellie Blue; 1st Bella Spencer, SASS #63491 Waddie – Male 3rd Antonio Lopez Francisco,
3rd, Dixie Bell. 2nd Cookie Crumb, SASS #83240 1st Silver Jack, SASS #86172 SASS #88343
3rd Pixie Powder, SASS #67518 Waddie – Female Best Dressed Lady
Parlor House Madams 1st Ice Lady, SASS #71603 1st Dixie Bell, SASS #5366
1st Dolly Double Barrel, Vendor – Male 2nd Sweetheart Magdalene,
SASS #85686 1st Mogollon Drifter, SASS #13690 SASS #84439
2nd Deville Dalton, SASS #81294 Vendor – Female 3rd Lakota Sue, SASS #17029
3rd Ellie Sodbuster, SASS #14073 1st White Wolf Woman, Mounted – Cowboy
Shooting Costume – Male SASS #38494 1st Marshal Cahill, SASS #5827
1st Laughing Eagle, SASS #69165 Best Dressed Juniors 2nd Expressman, SASS #41513
2nd Major Disaster, SASS #81829 1st Flirtin Critter, SASS #50531 Mounted – Cowgirl
3rd Tejon Buckaroo, SASS #22550 2nd Sugar Cookie, SASS #71327 1st Ice Lady, SASS #71603
Shooting Costume – Female 3rd Cowboy Clay, SASS #67520 2nd Aneeda Huginkiss, SASS #23798,
1st Miz Annie Ross, SASS #60919 B-Western/Silver Screen – Male Helda Huginkiss, SASS #23799,
2nd Pearl, SASS #68593 1st Man With No Name, Helza Poppin, SASS #63973,
Wild Bunch Men’s Winners – 3rd Perfecto Vaquera, SASS #69780 SASS #8255 Canyon Cowgirl, SASS #31074,
(l-r) 1st, Man With No Name; Shooting Costume – Junior 2nd The Brisco Kid, SASS #26032 Royal Bandit, SASS #56620
2nd, Tumbleweed Thom; 1st Winchester Reed, SASS #83782 3rd Mad Dog Mark, SASS #77911 3rd Sweet Hummingbird,
2nd Slicks Sharpshooter, B-Western/Silver Screen – Female SASS #88001
3rd, Holy Smoke Harmon.
SASS #77967 1st Kiamichi Queen, SASS #26033

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Page 18 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

Coyote With Coyote Calhoun


. NoTIcE: ,
ThE TImE To AcT Is Now!
Tongue Firmly Planted In Cheek
Coyote Calhoun, SASS #201
By Coyote Calhoun, SASS #201
~SASS Hall of Fame Inductee~

otice to all Taciturn Trail- train hold ups, no more drunken I even heard tell of a pipe organ, so stories and built of the finest wood

N heads, Loquacious Law -

yers, Salacious Saloon
Girls, Deceitful Drummers, Pul-
brawls, our saloons will tumble to
the ground, we will have to quit
spittin’, drinkin’, smokin’, and
they will be singing hymns and the
like. They’ll be bringing in a “Fire
and Brimstone” preacher to run
with a nice balcony where the
“Merchandise” can be displayed.
The interior will be the finest
chritudinous Prairie Maidens and carousin’. And, as for the “Trashy the devil out of town. Founders around, with drapes from Paris
other assorted Ne’er-do-wells. We Ladies”…Well, forget’em. Ranch will be so clean you won’t and rugs from Persia. It will need
are about to lose our town at What is the cause of this down- even recognize it. You’ll have to a stage, for “Girly Shows” and a
Founders Ranch. We have a seri- fall of our iniquities? It is the Cow- wear clean pressed shirts and tip fine oak bar that sells good sippin’
ous situation at hand that will boy Memorial Chapel Fund. your hat to the ladies. We’ll be whiskey. This would be a place
surely test all our skills to rise up They’re raising money to build a going to church socials and sipping where you might even run into the
and save our town. Our Wild West church! Mind you not just any old lemonade and the like. Disgusting! Town Mayor or Town Council
Town won’t be so wild any more. church, but a proper church with a I’ll tell you boys if we don’t stop Members, if their wives aren’t
No more bank robberies, no more rock foundation and pews to sit on. it now, they will be turning the looking.
Belle Union into a School House. As for ladies, well, we’ll need
They’ll bring in one of those ta-de- proper ladies as well. I heard tell
ta sweet schoolmarms that you just there’s a stagecoach coming
can’t say no to. Peaches O’Day and through the pass with ladies bound
the Can-Can Darlings all the way for Las Vegas, and I think we could
from Paris, France will not even be “high jack” it and bring them
allowed in town. We will have to ladies here.
watch a Shakespeare play, what- We’ll also need a proper
ever that is. Madam to run things, and our Par-
Why you won’t even be able to lor House Madams contest at END
find a poker chip in the Gem Sa- of TRAIL will be a good place to
loon. They will turn it into a start. A few names for the building
sewing circle, and the next thing have already been suggested such
you know, they’ll be forming a as “Cat’s House,” “The Queen’s
Temperance League to ban that Palace,” or “Sloan’s Big Easy.”
“Evil Spirit” alcohol. They’ll be Mind you, none of these names are
having marches through town with engraved in stone ... so to speak.
bands playing, stirrin’ up the town So what do you say, we start
folk … what shall we do? They’ll our fund raising today! We must
take over the town newspaper and keep our town Wild and Woolly.
only print “Good News.” As for the What is a western town without a
Happy Jack Saloon, the proprietor few street fights, drunken brawls,
will probably be tarred and feath- a town drunk, a Cattle Baron, a
ered and run out of town on a rail, Parlor House Madam, and a few
and the next thing you know Trashy Ladies? Our fund raising
they’ll want to take our guns. will start as soon as we find one
How’s a man to protect himself … person we can trust to hang on to
I ask you? the money and not steal it. We
Serious times call for serious can’t put it in the bank ‘cause it
action. It is time to fight fire with gets robbed almost every match.
fire. We must start today! What I By the way, our first fundraiser
am talking about, boys, it’s time to will be a Saints and Sinners
start building a Bordello. That’s Match. All Saints will be provided
right, you heard it here first. We with free lemonade and all Sinners
have to start paying more atten- will get free beer. Details to follow.
tion to our vices. This needs to be So, ‘till time next time, remem-
a first class bordello, not just some ber - if you can’t take a joke, don’t
old “tent city.” It needs to be two play with jokers!
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 19

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Page 20 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

gET youR cowboy mEmoRIAL chAPEL

TIckETs whILE ThEy LAsT!
By Palaver Pete, SASS Life/Regulator #4375
tep right up ladies and gents, ductible check to obtain your tickets

S gather ‘round while I tell you of

one of the best bargains in town!
Am I selling anti-snake bite con-
(gotta be in it to win it, and the more
tickets you have the better the odds!).
Remember, a ticket enters you in all
coctions? No siree. FIVE drawings for the spurs
Am I selling anti-rheumatism The price:
medicine from the back of a traveling One ticket for $1
wagon? Not on your life!! Six tickets for $5
What I have for you is not one, Twenty-five tickets for $20
not two, not three or four, but FIVE, The drawing for the five sets of
count ‘em folks, FIVE chances to win spurs will be conducted at the SASS
a set of specially made for the Cow- Convention in Las Vegas in Decem-
boy Memorial Chapel project Lind- ber. While you don’t have to be there
holm Brother Praying Cowboy Spurs to win it, you sure oughta go, pards,
with large rowels. because if you think shooting with
Yes sir, Wimpy and Whiney have 40, 50, or 100 folks at a time is fun,
once again stepped up to the plate are raffling chances to win one of the 100% of the proceeds will go to the try hanging out in Las Vegas with
and donated FIVE pair of their hand- five sets. Your ticket will remain in construction of the Memorial Chapel, 800 or 1000 of the best folks around!
made spurs to the Cowboy Memorial the drawing for each of the five sets, not only can you win a set of gorgeous Again, a big thank you and a tip
Chapel project. They are well known so for the price of one ticket you have spurs, you are supporting the Chapel. of the ol’ cowboy hat to the Lindholm
for their generosity and support of five chances to win. But, with the For more information, see the brothers, Wimpy Hank Yoho, SASS
our sport, and this is no exception. looks of these spurs, no one will want Spur Ad (Page 34) in this issue as to #19831, and Whiney Henry Yoho,
Starting at END of TRAIL, we to buy just one ticket, and given that where you can send your tax de- SASS #19832!

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 21

SHOTGUNS IN CIVIL don’t look right in any category except powder? I went through the ing range in our school, and the local
Wild Bunch™. I think it’s too much of Brownells and Midway catalogs, but police department also used it. Schools
WAR CATEGORY a stretch to add Model 12’s. no moly powder is listed. in Wisconsin had rifle teams and held
t seems to me breechloading shot- The next thing someone will want I also would like to know the ap- school competitions. Some of these
I guns weren’t invented until after the
Civil War (1868). How about the Civil
to add is early Winchester 1907 auto
loading rifles and from there the possi-
proximate portion of moly powder to
beeswax, and is it done by weight or
competitions were at the annual sports
show in the auditorium in downtown
War category requiring muzzleloading bilities are limitless. After that maybe volume?? Milwaukee. While schools had rifle
shotguns? They could be charged at some of our members would want all A Corbin HCT-2 knurling tool teams, nobody went crazy and shot
the loading table, then capped on the guns that were around by 1913. The currently costs $139. That’s a little other students, teachers, or spectators.
clock. The category could be limited to West was still pretty wild into the more than a “C” note! After I graduated, my younger sister
two shotgun targets. This would fall in 1930’s (at least here in Wyoming), so Lue Dee Kriss, SASS #5422 was on the rifle team, and she took my
line with the Spensers and Henrys next someone would want to add all Wyoming, MI .22 rifle to school to shoot in competi-
loading eight rounds. Or, it could be pre-WWII firearms. Thompson sub- tion. Those rifle teams and competi-
limited to four shotgun targets so the machineguns and M1 carbines shoot tions are all gone.
pistol-sized rounds. I think the line Today guns are banned in schools,
Civil War shooter would have only one
should be drawn where it is now or
MY SIMILAR and we see more school violence and
complete reload on the clock. (My fel-
low posse members think it’s a hoot SASS may turn into something unrec- “B-WESTERN” school deaths with guns. If you men-
when I reload my Spenser on the ognizable by the Founders! CHILDHOOD tion rifle teams to most teachers and
clock!) It would still be fair, but not Capt Hank Davidson (CSA), school administrators, they treat you
SASS #14427 read Capgun Kid’s article, “It’s the like you are crazy. What has changed
very fast since all shooters in the Civil
War category would have the same
limitation. It would also be a good ex-
Boulder, WY I Spirit of the Game, Stupid,” in the
June issue of The Cowboy Chronicle. I had
in the morals, the upbringing, the reli-
gious beliefs, and the conscience of the
cuse to buy another shotgun. New a similar B-Western childhood. One young people of today that they even
muzzle loading doubles are available.
CAST BULLET thing Capgun said that I disagree with consider killing other students or any
Craven Cowboy wants to add Win- QUESTIONS … was the statement “nobody brought individuals? It has nothing to do with
chester Model 12’s to the Wild guns to school.” guns and everything to with a lack of
Bunch™ discipline. We don’t allow the liked the article by Blackthorne In the early 1960s I attended some type of moral fiber that was not
early double action revolvers in any
category even though they’re period
I Billy concerning cast bullets on
page 40 of the June 2010 issue of The
Whitefish Bay High School in White-
fish Bay, a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.
learned somewhere, be it at home,
school, or church.
correct. The rules were stretched Cowboy Chronicle; however, I’d really Our school had a rifle team. In fact, Willie Montana,
when ‘97’s were added in deference to like a little more info. some schools had their own rifles and SASS #3868
the movie, Wild Bunch. They just What is a good source for moly firing range. There was an indoor fir- Hill Point, WI

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Page 22 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

COLONEL DAN’S you would receive ‘fire’ even from elsewhere of the whole of America, I I give you my greatest thanks for
your own members simply because finally understood there are millions being the stewards of The Cowboy
POLITICAL COLUMN some can’t seem to go beyond ‘party more out in this great nation that Chronicle, and I give you my prayers for
ust a little while before I retired in
J 2003, a co-worker friend, a member
of SASS, brought some issues of The
affiliation’ to really see, hear, and
understand what Col. Dan is saying.
For standing up and accepting this
feel the way I do. America needs to
forever keep the ink to supply the
pens of such great patriotic writers
strength, continued wisdom, and
honor for having the insight to recog-
nize quality when you see, read, and
Cowboy Chronicle and gave them to me. fire, I’m indebted to you for provid- as Col. Dan. When I receive my hear it. You have some very good writ-
Had I known of your organization ing the wise and staunch leadership friend’s gift of his issue of The Cowboy ers and in the field of politics, but I
years before, I would certainly have The Cowboy Chronicle needs and you’re Chronicle, I immediately search out find no one who will surpass Col. Dan.
become a member. I was born and presently providing. Colonel Dan’s articles, simply be- God bless you, your efforts to
raised in the era of ‘B’ westerns. I I know the truth hurts some- cause it helps keep my hopes alive lead the readers of your paper in the
gathered and sold soda bottles, mowed times, but truth is the ultimate vic- and not to relinquish my faith in truth, and may your detractors re-
lawns, hauled coal, and basically did tim when we fail to stand for our those who’ve earned it. pent their inability to see what great
anything I could to earn money to pur- God given rights. As Col. Dan said So, it is we, the majority of the truths you’re allowing them to find,
chase Saturday afternoon B-Western in quoting Plato in the May 2010 readers of The Cowboy Chronicle, who because they have to go no further
movie tickets. Those were the days of issue: “One of the penalties for refus- will salute you, Tex, Cat Ballou, than The Cowboy Chronicle to get it.
my life, some of the happiest times, ing to participate in politics is you Colonel Dan, and the other fine arti- You’re way ahead of the mainstream
which I remember fondly. end up being governed by your infe- cles provided by some great writers media, for they’ve lost sight of what
At one of our retiree luncheons, rior.” Col. Dan then elaborates on in your body of news that’s so promi- is still most important in America—
the co-worker asked for my address. inferior. This is something you, Tex nent in the lives of the readers of truth, freedom, and the documents
Shortly after that I started receiving and Cat Ballou, will not have to fret this great paper. The articles of his- which have given us these things.
his issues of The Cowboy Chronicle, and yourselves over, as you’ve proven to torical value also give us insight to Again, God bless all of you, and
I’m indebted to my friend for giving be in a class from a cut above the or- the days of yore, which has drawn us I’m already anxiously awaiting the
me this gift. It has been one of the dinary. Thank you for that. to this gathering. I only wish I were June 2010 issue of The Chronicle.
best gifts I’ve ever received. When I read my first issue pro- much younger, but, alas, it’s still in Robert J Bumgarner
This leads me into the point of vided by my friend, I eventually ran my heart anyway. Lockbourne, OH
my writing to you. Colonel Dan across Col. Dan’s column. After
writes a monthly political column, reading several issues and finding
and for your unwavering support of he was a regular contributor, I real-
him I am very thankful, and I ized he was saying what I was think-
wanted to tell you since I read his ing and never being able to put into
last article. I should have known words. After reading of statistics

2 Holsters and Belt $395

Holster Only $150
Belt only $125

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 23

HIGH PLAINS ANOTHER 1911A1 (gradually as inventories AN OLD TIMER

were depleted).
DRIFTER EXCELLENT In addition to those changes PROVEN WRONG
Cowboy Chronicle above and the relief cuts added to the – AGAIN!
was interested in the new cate-
I gories you posted in The Cowboy PRODUCT
trigger guard area of the 1911, the
n old timer proved wrong again,
We have a side category many
sight blade and rear sight notch were
widened, the grip safety was length-
ened, and the hammer spur was
A as I’ve changed my mind about
there being too many categories. In
shooters enter in the northwest at
TUOLUMNE LAWMAN shortened to prevent pinching the the May issue of The Cowboy Chronicle
local shoots. It is called “High Plains nother Bullseye! I enjoy every
It is all blackpowder cartridge—
A one of Tuolumne’s articles and
read them first. His great May 2010
web area of one’s hand, and triggers
were shortened for smaller hands in
addition to the relief cuts mentioned.
three new categories that have
merit were mentioned in Tex’s edi-
torial, “A Little Something More.”
five shots revolver, five shots rifle, Rock Island 1911 review was no ex- All of this is minutia except Sodbuster is a good idea for new
and a double-barreled hammered ception. I would, however, like to when one is shopping for a 1911 and shooters at the club level. I will
shotgun. Basically, you shoot the clear up an apparent typo; not to crit- trying to determine if that “good only point out that many ‘97 shoot-
first five revolver targets in the “reg- icize him (Lord knows I can’t speak deal” is truly an original 1911 or ers single load. Some clubs could
ular” stage design. The rifle is a trap a sentence w/o a mistake) but only so 1911A1, or is it what we call a “Mix- supply a loner pistol as we did in
door Springfield, Spencer, or High your readers who aren’t as familiar master gun” and maybe not such a times past.
Wall with reduced loads loaded one with 1911 evolutionary history aren’t good deal! The Outlaw category shooting
at a time. One shoots the first five left with any incorrect perceptions. I also “converted” my worn 1957 the rifle and shotgun from the hip is
rifle targets in the stage design, and When describing the changes 1911A1 Colt Government Model to a fine. I think the pistol should be
the shotgun is shot in accordance circa 1924-1926 from the 1911 to the 1911 with a short, wide spur ham- arm extended shoulder high. This
with the stage design. What it does 1911A1, the article stated a lanyard mer and flat housing parts changes would stop the “pistol was above the
is let people use the trap door ring was added to the new arched as Tuolumne did, plus the addition of whatever” penalties.
Springfield, Spencer, and High Walls mainspring housing and a wide spur a long trigger, but left the long grip The Civil War is the best of the
many shooters have in their gun hammer was introduced. Actually safety and wider sights on the gun; a three, as most Civil War re-enactors
lockers. Time-wise it works out the the lanyard ring (on military models) perfect “Wild Bunch” shooter for me. have very little chance for live firing.
same as a stage that shoots 10, 10, and wide spur began with the intro- Thanks for the great product re- Now that these categories have
and 4+. The harmony of the shoot is duction of the Model 1911 in 1911. views! been identified, we have to nurture
not disrupted. The ring was continued on the Hondo Smokin’ Up, and keep them!
Blue, SASS #9262 1911A1 military models, but the SASS #33799 Avenger, SASS #58
Mead, WA wide spur was eliminated on the Fresno, CA Cottonwood, CA

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Page 24 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

Look (ouT) foR youNg gEoRgIA

By Witch Doctor, SASS #70062
Photos by Meg Porter

love this sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™.

I I mean I really love this sport. The only thing

wrong with it is most of us are getting “on a
bit” in years. If we’re going to keep playing the Shifty Eye, Slick’s Sharp Shooter, Witch Doctor
game, we need to attend more to our responsibil- (back), Joe Cartwheel (front), Olin Winchester,
ity of encouraging younger shooters. and Dirt Merchant
While at END of TRAIL last year (2009), I no-
ticed Florida had many young shooters competing. someone (me), and they would help me any way they could!
I won’t argue the competence of young Florida I started out with a nine year old and a bucket. Joe Cart-
shooters such as Hawk Eye Gin, Badlands Drifter, wheel and I carried around the bucket before the safety
Nooga Kid showing off the Buscadero rig
and his little brother, Throw Down Kid. However, meetings at different clubs. After a few months, we had
that was personally handmade by
I did keep wondering why none of the good young collected five or six hundred dollars. Mule Camp Cowboys
Mike Kirkpatrick.
shooters from Georgia were there. Florida kids had their Christmas party, and Dash Caliber donated a
were bringing home the buckles, and Georgia kids something, so can Georgia. The seeds of the “Geor- gun he had just won. It was auctioned off to benefit the
were home doing … something else. I discovered gia Young Shooters’ Fund” were planted. fund. At that time, I wrote an application blank that dou-
the Florida kids were sponsored by Florida Cow- When I came home, I started talking to some bled as a contract between the fund and the kids. This is
boy Action Shooters. Major Mishap had started a cowboy friends about what Florida had done. I when a small idea became a big idea.
fund to help their young shooting stars get out to was hoping to find someone that would start a Big John Denny’s beloved wife of over forty years was
the World Championships. Going to END of similar project here in Atlanta. Dirt Merchant lost to cancer in the early spring. John graciously re-
TRAIL can be an expensive trip. If Florida can do and Shifty Eye pointed out to me we already had quested of family and friends that donations be made to

VIsIT us AT sAssNET.com
September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 25
This is the letter I sent out to clubs—six on four) between April
our club newsletters when 1, 2009 and April 1, 2010. For the
the program was started. most part, cowboy rules apply,
Let’s get our young shooters and it is a matter of personal
to END of TRAIL honor in reporting eligibility. We
lorida mopped up last year all know which kids we see shoot-

F at END of TRAIL with their

young shooters. What was
the difference between young
ing, and these are the ones we
want to support. However, we
don’t all see the kids that are very
Florida shooters and young Geor- active at clubs we don’t often
gia shooters? The Florida kids had visit. I am a member of all four of
a plan and were out there shooting, Atlanta clubs, and I know we
and the Georgia kids were home have some kids who can bring
doing something else. Florida sup- home some buckles. If the young
ported getting their kids out west, shooter is not able to make the
and we did not. We need to get our trip at the last minute, it is ex-
kids to END of TRAIL. pected the money will be re-
All of us love watching the funded to start the fund for 2011.
kids learn our sport and then mar- To get things started, Dirt
vel at how fast they can beat us at Merchant is donating a case of
our own game. I want to back Remington STS Dooley gang
them up with some financial sup- shotgun shells for auction or raf-
port for getting to the world cham- fle at River Bend
pionships. Dirt Merchant, Shifty Shifty Eye is donating a Mec
Eye, and I are starting a fund to do Jr. 600 12 gauge reloader.
Witch Doctor counting money into the hands of Joe Cartwheel just that. The proceeds of these I plan to walk around before
(look at his eyes). Slick’s Sharp Shooter and Olin Winchester are fund raisers will be equally di- and after shoots with a bucket,
looking on and hoping the money doesn’t run out before their turn. vided among all eligible juniors feel free to drop a bit of green into
and buckaroo-aged kids who are it. We started this at Griffin in
the young shooters fund in lieu of out there so he could get started on signed up for END of TRAIL by November with Joe Cartwheel
flowers. Nine hundred more dollars the ice cream. Joe is nine years old, April 1st, 2010. The intention is to carrying around a donation bas-
went into the fund. The fund was re- and he is a sponsored shooter … how help pay any entry fees, and assist ket. He is so darn cute; he col-
named the Penny Denny Memorial cool is that? with traveling expenses for them lected over $167 before the shoot,
Young Shooters’ Fund. The 2011 fund already has over and their families. If you have during lunch, and at awards. He
At this same time, Dirt Merchant $2000 in it. There is already another never had the opportunity to make plans on shooting in Albuquerque.
was talking to Mike Kirkpatrick gun, donated by J.B. Gunnison, wait- this trip, you might be shocked at After the first of the year (when
about our project. Mike donated a one ing for auction, and there are two new the overall cost. you need to clean your closet or
of a kind—beyond beautiful—hand- “chairpersons,” Dancing Duelist and Eligible shooters are defined gun room out to make room for all
made by Mike—full of silver con- Pot Shot Parker. Next year, Joe Cart- as meeting the following criteria: of the Cowboy stuff Santa
chos—Buscadero rig. We sold all 250 wheel will be 10 years old, and a vet- • Entered in a Junior or Bucka- brought), there will be a yard sale
of the raffle tickets for that $900 eran. Watch out world because we roo category at END of TRAIL at each venue. Bring your dona-
beauty and had people begging for will have the money to send him back. by April 1 tion, mark a price on it, and we’ll
more. To see it was to drool. By sheer If you happen to see him out there • Member of any of the four At- leave merchandise out for pur-
luck it was won by a B-Western this year, ask to see a cartwheel. It is lanta Area SASS sanctioned chase during the shoot. Some of
shooter, the ‘Nooga Kid. Dirt Mer- not just his alias, but please hold his clubs. my very favorite accouterments
chant, Shifty Eye, Click Bang, Dash ice cream for him. River Bend Rough Riders were purchased that way. I love
Caliber, and Abigail Rose were also Post Script Cherokee Cowboys remembering which of my cowboy
big contributors with merchandise for Three years ago, when Dirt Mer- Mule Camp Cowboys friends owned it first. Other fund
silent auctions or cowboy yard sales. chant tied a Dooley string on my arm Doc Holliday’s Immortals raising ideas are welcome.
END of TRAIL, you have some at Mule Camp, I asked what my du- It does not matter where a I want to see some champi-
young Georgia sponsored shooters ties and obligations were. Dirt and kid lives in the state, as long as onship buckles flashing around in
coming your way. At our Georgia Ringo Fire told me the same thing. It they are a Georgia resident. He the Georgia sun next year …
State Match, we were able to award is expected of a Dooley Gang member or she must be a member of at Witch Doctor
$600 to each of the following young- that one “shoot hard, work hard, and least one of these clubs and have Let me hear from you with
sters—Olin Winchester, Joe Cart- play hard.” I was told the most impor- shot in a minimum of six matches comments or ideas …
wheel, and Slick’s Sharp Shooter. tant attribute—in fact the only ab- (total—any mix of the four dr.gailreece@gmail.com
They received checks for $500 to offset solute requirement—of a Dooley is a
travel expenses, and $50 cash to willingness to help other shooters and
spend with our own vendors. My first to promote the sport of Cowboy Action
suggestion was Buffalo Western Wear Shooting™ at any and every opportu-
because Ron sponsors any and every
event we have. The last $50 cash is
nity. When I started the Young Shoot-
ers’ Fund, I had no thought of it
Alloy Steel
supposed to go to keeping the ice
cream vendors at END of TRAIL
having anything to do with the Dooley
Gang. I realized different when I got
Targets Built to Last
happy. I have shot at END of TRAIL the photos of our State Match back—
with the five-time Frontier Cartridge it was right in front of me. Purple For Shapes & Prices See:
champion, Silver City Rebel, so I have garters were showing on Witch Doc-
seen firsthand how much ice cream it tor, Shifty Eye, and the East Coast
takes to fuel a world champion. In Grand Poobah of the Dooley crowd, 800-821-3475
case you don’t know, that’s a lot of ice Dirt Merchant. Work hard and al-
cream! I recently asked whether Olin ways help other shooters. So now, I
and Joe were getting excited about am making a Georgia Dooley Gang
going to Albuquerque. Their dad, Hal challenge to the other 48 states (my
A. Looyah, said Olin was starting to math is OK, but Florida is already in
worry about the level of competition, the game) to send your kids to END of
but actually they should be worried TRAIL to play with our kids. We’ll be
about him, and Joe just wanted to get out there waiting …
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Page 26 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


NAVAL musEum
By Cree Vicar Dave, SASS Life #49907

hen considering the Civil

W War, the attention of many

of us is drawn toward the
battlefields. But, the war was also
fought on the sea. A great place to
experience the ships, firearms, and
battles of the War Between the
States is the “National Civil War
Naval Museum.” While spending the
winter in Georgia I had an opportu-
nity to visit the Museum with Bobby
Jones, a friend I met while attending
a little Country Church near Buena
Vista, Georgia.
The Museum is located at 1002 while walking up to the entrance
Victory Drive on the east side of was the row of huge cannons. A cou-
Columbus, Georgia. There is a side- ple of them were close to four yards
wheeler out front that welcomes you long, with a bore I would estimate as
into the parking area. The first a good twelve inches because it was
thing that caught my attention well over my 9" span.
At the door I was happy they of-
fered a senior discount being I’m an
old timer. Inside there is a very nice
gift shop offering Civil War Naval
books, clothing, model ships, and so
forth. There was also an early
Gatling gun on display. The best
deal I found for a souvenir was an
oval copper coin that you could make
yourself by putting two quarters and
a penny into the slots and turning
the crank.
On the lower level are the re-
mains of the CSS Jackson and CSS
Chattahoochee. The CSS Jackson
was the largest of the South’s iron-
clads. It tipped the scale at nearly
four million pounds. The ship was
still under construction at the end of
the war. The CSS Chattahoochee
was a 130-foot long gunboat that pa-
trolled the Chattahoochee River.
Both were sunk by the Union Army.
They were recovered in the 1960’s.
The foundry in Columbus furnished
parts for these ships.
There are reproductions of ships
that you can walk through to get a
feel of an ole salt’s life. On display
are the USS Hartford, USS Monitor,
and the CSS Albemarle. Inside the
CSS Albemarle mock up you can
view a movie depicting several Civil
War Naval Battles. This ironclad
had a cannon that could be pivoted
inside to be fired out of a porthole in
the front or on the side. The hull was
made from 24 inch thick oak covered
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 27

with two layers of iron.

run, February 17, 1864, the Hunley
There are many Civil War arti- planted a torpedo in the side of the
facts on display; uniforms, flags, USS Housatonic, backed off, and det-
small arms, swords, and naval tack. onated it. The resulting blast sunk
This was a time when steam was both vessels. After 136 years of rest-
taking the place of wind power. The ing, the Hunley was located on the
Bessemer process for mass produc- bottom of the Charleston, SC harbor.
tion of steel was patented in 1855. In It was raised on August 8, 2000 and
this time frame steel was not readily is now on its way to being restored.
available, especially in the South, so When you think of their limited
iron or brass were used in massive knowledge of metal, mechanical power,
quantities. These “Iron Clads,” half and underwater travel, one has to mar-
submerged vessels, were the forerun- vel at the ingenuity of this time period.
ners of the submarine. If you plan on being in the area, take
Although submarines were not an afternoon to see this museum.
used effectively until WWI, the Con- creevicardave@hotmail.com
federate Navy was the first to use a Acknowledgements
submarine to engage and sink a war- National Civil War Naval Museum
ship in battle. The HL Hunley was www.history.navy.mil/branches/org
built in 1863 by a private company www.wikipedia.org
out of an iron steam boiler and was www.about.com
hand powered. On a daring night www.answers.com

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Page 28 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. D El R io ,
By Lady Tombstone, SASS #54252

pocket watches, chains, backdrop. The professor entertained boy Pastor Gene Blankenship, gave
walking sticks, and audiences with his old-time medicine a beautiful church service with Be-
canes. A mechanical bull show, peddling music and mirth, linda Gail supplying her special gift
provided laughs and ex- with a bit of singing, and a smatter- of song. The crisp mountain air,
citement to those who ing of magic thrown in. Annie cloudless blue sky, fresh sprigs of
tried it, and an array of demonstrated and taught Indian flowers, leaves, and grass, with the
food vendors took care of games of stick balancing and tossing occasional piercing call of a hawk
Playing “Cowboy and Indians” any and all hunger to the delight of many children … overhead all contributed to a truly
during Wild West Days at Rough Cut: pangs. Tom Roper’s and and a few just young at heart. glorious Easter morning service.
(l to r) Little Big Mountain, Johnny Watts’ Cactus When not occupied with their Now, for the explanation of my
Bob “Duke” Seiber, and Jim Sawgrass. Rose Saloon was a fa- own performances, all of these en- first sentence. This incredible event
vorite gathering spot, tertainers along with the SMSS didn’t play out exactly as Shawn,
with barkeep, Richard, cowboys, Hopalong Cassidy look Joanne, Johnny, and many others
was privileged to witness some-

serving up adult libations in the af- alike Joe “Hoppy” Sullivan, and the hoped it would. Due to several and
thing amazing over Easter ternoons and evenings. wonderful John Wayne imperson- various circumstances, few people
weekend; it was grace. Before I On top of all this, the folks at ator, Bob “Duke” Seiber, wandered actually came to the event. Where
explain, let me provide a little Rough Cut lined up some of the best among visitors welcoming them and thousands were expected, only a few
background information … entertainment around, and I do talking to kids and adults about the hundred attended. We’ve all had
Shawn and Joanne Gannon, mean entertainment in the truest West and its way of life. the fear of “What if you throw a
along with Johnny Watts, hosted the sense of the word. Acts or perform- The stage performers were im- party and no one comes?” For these
First Annual Wild West Days at ers were scheduled pretty much pressive as well. Michael Martin folks that nightmare became a real-
Rough Cut, the French Broad Out- non-stop each day from morning to Murphey gave two great perform- ity Easter weekend. Untold man-
post Dude Ranch in Del Rio, Ten- early evening. ances on Thursday; one in the after- hours and dollars had gone into the
nessee (www.frenchbroadriver.com). The Native American duo of noon geared toward kids, and one preparation for this event, a new
If you were unfortunate enough to East Meets West was phenomenal. that evening for the grown-ups. stage was built, grounds were pre-
miss this shindig, you have my sin- Jim Sawgrass and Little Big Moun- Asleep at the Wheel, the famous pared, entertainment contracted,
cere sympathies. If it is held again tain had their Native American vil- western swing band, delivered a toe- and staff was on hand, all to serve
next year, don’t miss it. These folks lage, which is so completely detailed tapping, hand-clapping, fun per- the throngs of anticipated visitors.
put on an event like you’ve never it takes two to three days to set it all formance Saturday evening. The letdown was heartbreaking.
seen before. up. An authentic grass hut, teepee, Waddie Mitchell, the renowned Along with the low attendance,
Chuckwagons competed among and cavalry camp were assembled cowboy poet, was present the entire conditions were ripe for true tests of
themselves cookin’ up beans, beef, alongside hides, tools, clothing, and four days of the event. His cowboy character. The entertainers and ven-
and cobblers. Cowboys demonstrated weapons. These guys stayed in full poetry was quite simply mesmeriz- dors—and hosts for that matter—
Cowboy Action Shooting™. There Native American dress, including ing. Audiences found themselves could have bowed up at the lack of
was a 70-yard rifle shot contest (the war paint, each day and evening. entranced by great yarns … only to visitors (and subsequent lack of
prize was an all expense paid week- They put on fun and educational realize that the verbal picture he so money flow). They could have
end at the dude ranch). Cowboy performances at least twice a day, skillfully painted rhymed as well. thrown up their hands in frustration,
Mounted Shooters demonstrated explaining and showing the differ- Some tales were funny, some were considering it a waste of their time
their skills with horses and guns, and ences between Eastern and Western tragic, some were poignant, and and weekend. They could have been
there were twice daily reenactments Native Americans’ dress, weapons, every single one was marvelous. primadonnas and acted rudely or
by area SMSS members of the Gun- food, fire building, and other various His talent is a gift to listeners … no childishly, or they could have been
fight at the O.K. Corral and the Mur- ways of life. two ways about it. insulted and canceled, or stormed off.
der of Wild Bill Hickok. Johnny Hotshot Mincks, the Belinda Gail, aptly regarded as Instead, in typical cowboy fash-
Vendors of every western ilk were current SASS/WWPAS World America’s Western Sweetheart, was ion, the vast majority showed amaz-
in attendance: Jackson’s Western Champion Gun Spinner, put on one there for the entire event as well. ing grace by keeping a smile on their
Store, Gunpowder Creek Trading heck of a show several times a day. She gave multiple performances faces, continuing to welcome, enter-
Post, and Hamilton’s Dry Goods pro- Man-oh-man can this guy handle a each day and was the headliner on tain, and delight the small audience
vided clothing. Circle M Saddlery gun! Aside from amazing the audi- Friday evening. The crowd loved that came—giving it their all and
had plenty of leatherwork from which ence—young and old alike—with his every minute of her singing. This then some. This attitude was accom-
to choose. Richard Suffrage had his dexterity using guns, whips, and an lady is sweetness personified and panied by an outpouring of support
blacksmithing forge set up. Val Wun- occasional rogue balloon, he was has a perpetual—and sincere—smile and empathy for the understandably
der demonstrated her beautiful bead- ‘armed and hilarious’ from start to on her face. When Belinda sang devastated hosts of the event.
ing techniques in a great period finish … a true showman. Amazing Grace, there wasn’t a dry Easter weekend, I was fortunate
canvas tent. Grayce and Richard Professor B.T. Farquar and his eye in the crowd as the gorgeous out- to hear Belinda Gail sing Amazing
Wolcott of Silver Lace brought their lovely assistant, Polecat Annie, per- door mountain setting was the per- Grace, but more importantly, I was
wonderful silversmithing and jewelry formed several times a day with fect stage for her crystal clear voice. privileged to witness multiple acts
products. Mike Allee had various their beautiful medicine wagon as a Sunday, Easter morning, Cow- of it as well.
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bEsT DREssED /shooTINg

Best Dressed Vendor – Best Dressed Men – Best Dressed Juniors – Best Dressed Ladies –
Mogollon Drifter (l-r) 1st, Robber Baron; 2nd, Hawkshaw Fred; (l-r) 1st, Flirtin Critter; (l-r) 1st, Dixie Bell,
3rd, Antonio Lopez Francisco. 2nd, Sugar Cookie; 3rd, Cowboy Clay 2nd, Sweetheart Magdalena;
3rd, Lakota Sue.
Best Dressed Couples
(l-r) 1st, Leezay Lamour
and Cowboy Cody;
2nd, Cookie Crumb
and Doc Roy; B-Western/
3rd – Patriot Family, Silver Screen Ladies –
Mom Tami Harrison, (l-r) 1st. Kiamichi Queen;
Winchester Reed, nd
2 , Connivin Katie Jones;
and Dad 3rd, Perfecto Vaquera.
Second Amendment

B-Western/Silver Screen Men –

(l-r) 1st, Man With No Name;
2nd, Brisco Kid;
3rd, Mad Dog Mark.

Military –
(l-r) 1st, Coyote Cap;
2nd, Alchimista

(Continued from page 17) to an English family. Third place

was Hawkshaw Fred, dressed as winner was Lakota Sue attired in
a, 1881 railroad detective. Third an 1896 walking dress.
place was Antonio Lopez Fran- Final Thanks
cisco as a fierce and foreboding A grateful thank you so
1880’s Mexican bandito. much to Wild West Mercantile of
Ladies Mesa Arizona for their many
First place Lady Dixie Bell years of END of TRAIL costume
was elegantly attired in an 1878 contest sponsorship. And, many,
Victorian Opera dress of silk, many thanks to all the judges
with pleating and ruching and all and their helpers. Your hard
the appropriate accessories. work is so appreciated, and it cer-
Sweetheart Magdalena from tainly made my life much easier.
Italy won second in her 1882 See you all next year for our 30th
gown dressed as a language tutor END of TRAIL!

See more COSTUMES on pages 30, 31

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Page 30 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


(Continued from page 29)

guN cARTs /shooTINg

Guncart Winners –
(l-r) 1st, Ned Whiskey; 2nd, Capt. Cooper, 3rd. Yu Loose

Daytime Judges
Capt. Cooper,
Copper Queen, and
Granny Getchergun
listen intensely
while Dixie Bell
describes her
shooting costume.

3rd HM
st nd rd
(l–r) 1 , 2 , 3 , and Honorable Mention

Shooting Costume, Lady Men’s Shooting Costumes –

(l-r) 1st, Laughing Eagle; 2nd, Major Disaster; 3rd, Tejon Buckaroo.


(l–r) 1st place, Tatted Lady; 2nd place, Brandy Rose;

st nd rd
(l–r) 1 , Miz Annie Ross; 2 . Pearl; 3 , Perfecto Vaquera 3rd place, Kitty LaRue

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q q Junior Shooting Costume
September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 31


(l–r) 1st, Winchester Reed; 2nd, Slicks Sharpshooter


(l–r) 1st, Hav Gunn; 2nd, Lt. Col. Gatewood; 3rd, Major Marcus Reno

qq (l–r) Lady – 1st, Ice Lady; Man – 1st, Silver Jack

(l–r) 1st, Hav Gunn; 2nd, Lt. Col.

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Page 32 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

one Pot chuck

Cooking Up Some Tasty Grub
Like Cookie Did Out On The Trail
By Whooper Crane, SASS #52745, and The Missus

Lefty Dude’s
Red Rock Breakfast
1 1/2 Quarts Water
1 Packaged Ham Steak from the Su-
Jumbo Eggs (2 per cowboy} Spoon beans
Whooper and The Missus Pepper Jack cheese (2 slices per cow- right onto
cooking omelet
oday we’re going to cook up

1 Can of Bush’s Black Bean Fiesta
a really great-tasting break- Salsa (we prefer salsa verde)
fast in our big cast iron skil- Olive or other vegetable oil
let. Now, skillets don’t come Directions
with built-in legs like camp Dutch Fire up some charcoal and lay a bed
Ovens, so we have to come up with of 10-12 glowing coals.
something else to keep the bottom of Over the coals, heat up water in your
the pan off the hot coals. cast iron skillet.
The easiest fix here is a lid stand Before opening your can of beans, re-
like the one on the left in the picture. move the paper label and scrape
If you don’t have any lid stands off the glue on the outside of the
handy, use nature’s own “lid stands,” can with a dull knife, then remove
three tennis ball-sized rocks like the top of the can and stir up the
those on the right in the picture. beans in the can.
(Just be sure to not get your rocks di- Put the can in the hot water to warm
rectly from a stream or they might up the beans.
explode when they’re heated!). Cut your ham steak into 4" X 6"
This breakfast
will stick
to your ribs!

Lid stands keep

your skillet off
your coals

slices and lay them up against the Lay one of the ham slices on a plate.
side of the can to warm up … one Cook the omelet another 10-15 sec-
slice per cowboy. onds and then flop the omelet right
When the beans and ham slices are on top of the ham slice.
hot, remove them from the skillet. Lay 2 slices of your Pepper Jack
Pour the hot water out of the skillet. cheese on the omelet.
(Save it for making soup for lunch Spoon some more beans on top of
or supper). the cheese.
Put the skillet back on the coals. This breakfast is enough for one
Thoroughly coat inside of skillet hungry cowboy or cowgirl. Repeat for
with a couple tablespoons of oil. as many mouths as you have to feed.
To make each person’s breakfast, stir HINT: The folks in Red Rock like
Beans and ham up an omelet egg mixture of 1/4 to start with a slice of buttered sour-
warming up cup of water with 2 eggs. Pour the dough toast under the ham slice for
omelet egg mixture into the skillet a really filling meal!
and cook for 20-30 seconds or until This cowboy breakfast is a won-
it starts setting up. derful way to start your morning …
Spoon a bunch of the beans and before heading to the shooting range!
some salsa onto your cooking Pictures: By Deadeye Al
omelet and then fold the omelet and Whooper
over the beans.
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 33

sIDEkIcks & hEAVIEs

Honoring the Saddle Buddies and the Bad Guys who
helped make Saturday Matinees so goldurned FUN!
There are TV heroes we have
By Whooper Crane, SASS Life #52745
to point out as gunslingers, too:
Marshal Dillon … Paladin … Bat
Whooper Crane, SASS Life #52745 Harlan, who was called a “gun Masterson … The Lone Ranger!!!!
slinger” by other characters in We’ve seen Clint Eastwood por-
that 1920 cowboy epic. However, traying gunslingers young and old,
Gunslingers guys like Bronco Billy Anderson
played gunfighters as far back as
from his early “Dollars” flicks up to
his role as William Muny in The
Galore! 1903 in the first Western, The
Great Train Robbery.
Unforgiven (for which he garnered
an Oscar nomination as Best Actor,
Now, we have to remember, a and won an Oscar as Best Direc-
tor). I suppose I shouldn’t mention
Clint’s Dirty Harry movies since
they’re not Westerns, but can you
think of a more obvious gunslinger
than Harry?
Some other great gunslinger
parts were handled by the likes of
Kevin Costner as Charlie Waite in
Open Range, Ed Harris as Virgil
Cole in Appaloosa, and Tom Sell-
eck as Matthew Quigley in Quigley
Yul Brynner Down Under. (“I said I never had
much use for one. Never said I did-
n’t know how to use it”).
while in The Magnificent Seven he Gunslingers show up today in
played hero gunslinger Chris comic books (oh, pardon me,
Adams who used his incredible Graphic Novels), in all sorts of
gunfighting talents against Eli video games and in music videos.
Wallach and his unruly banditos. But, if you ask me, they just don’t
In REAL life, gunslingers sel- hold a candle to those tough guys,
dom faced off against other gun- both good and bad, whom we
slingers. In REEL life, they do it cheered and booed at the Saturday
all the time. How about Alan Ladd Matinees!
and Jack Palance goin’ at it in HEY, PASS THE JUJUBES!
Shane … or Gary Cooper and Ian Sources: wikipedia.org; imdb
MacDonald having at it in High Photos: Deadeye Al; wikipedia.org;
Noon … or The Duke and Tom movieimages
Cowboy from Great Train Robbery Tyler settling things on the street
in Stagecoach?
p ‘til now we’ve pretty gunfighter could be good OR bad,

U much zeroed in on just one

cowboy to represent our
Sidekick or Heavy for the month.
depending on whom he was work-
ing for. And in real life, many gun-
fighters worked both sides of the
This time, however, we’re going aisle. A couple well known exam-
to look at a type of Western char- ples of this are Curly Bill Brocius
acter whom we always seek out in who was an out-and-out outlaw at
Horse Opera movies, TV shows, the same time he was a Deputy
video games, and literature. We’re Sheriff under Johnny Behan, and
talking about Gunslingers. our old buddy Doc Holliday who
Now, the term Gunslinger (or wore a badge on more than one oc-
even Gunfighter) is a rather new casion. And, as we know, the
one. Back in the “Cowboy Days” Earps crossed over the line when-
(1860s – 1890s) the guys who were ever it was convenient!
fast with their guns were called Be that as it may, movie gun-
gunmen or pistoleers or shootists. slingers always get our attention,
The Gunslinger/Gunfighter terms whether they’re wearing a white
came about in the infant days of or black hat. Take Yul Brynner for
Western flicks. example. In Westworld, Yul played
Early movie star, William Far- the evil robot “Gunslinger” who
num, played the title role of Drag had a mind of his own (sorta),
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Page 34 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


. REvisitED ,
By Juaquin Malone, SASS Life #44677

the days’ activities included food off

the grill, live music, historic ceme-
tery tours, wagon rides, a petting zoo,
and Cynthia Rosinski (the great,
great grandniece of James Butler
Hickok), who set up a display of fam-
ily memorabilia in the Grange Hall.
In the center of the town is a large
Juaquin Malone, park that served as the location of
SASS Life #44677 the celebration. Streets were
blocked off and shuttles were used to
bring visitors to the park.
few years ago, I wrote an arti-

Portraying “Wild Bill” was Bai-
cle about James “Wild Bill” ley Creek, SASS Life #5759, the
Butler Hickok, and it was reigning Frontier Cartridge Illinois
published in the March 2006 edition State Champion. Lead Poison Lar,
of The Cowboy Chronicle. I was ap- SASS #29028, ably played his
palled at the time at the condition of deputy, Mike Williams. I first met
the monument grounds and the rel- these gentlemen many years ago,
ative lack of interest of the local res- Baily Creek made a dandy
idents in preserving the remnants of “Wild Bill!”
their local history. For those who
don’t remember, around 1971 the
Hickok home had been burned as a Cougar Cat made much
training exercise for the local fire de- of the event happen.
partment. In addition, they burned
and they are both great fun to shoot
his sister’s home that had been do-
with. There were other actors play-
nated to the city, and the old school
ing assorted roles, including SASS
house from the same era. Local res-
members Roughneck Curly, SASS
idents had provided all this informa-
#82210, Billy 2 Knives, SASS
tion, at the time I wrote the piece.
#73111, and Cougar Cat. The events
Well, things have changed!
to be depicted were the gunfight in
Due in part to the work of a few
Springfield, Missouri, the McCandles
SASS cowboys and the threat of a
Massacre, and the shooting by Wild
nearby city usurping his image, the
Bill of his deputy, Mike Williams.
town has now started to embrace its
I would like to take credit for the
history and is celebrating their most
turnaround in Troy Grove, but I
famous son. The rotting wood sculp-
can’t. It was at least partially the
ture was replaced with a bronze
Wild Bill’s Great Great Grandniece (Continued on next page)
sculpture executed by a local artist.
The grounds are now being main-
tained by the state and are in much
better condition than when I last vis-
ited Troy Grove (known in “Wild
Bill’s” time as Homer). Many of the
dilapidated signs have been replaced,
and in June of 2009 the bronze sculp-
ture was dedicated. May 27, the date
of his birth, was designated to be
Wild Bill Hickok Day in Illinois. May
30, 2010, was set to be the day of cel-
ebration, with plans to have reenact-
ments of some of the occurrences in
Hickok’s life that would coincide with
what will become the annual birth-
day celebration, and all the reenact-
ment planning fell to Cougar Cat,
SASS #82208.
In addition to the reenactments, Hickok Memorabilia on Display in the Troy Grove Grange Hall
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 35

(Continued from previous page) place signs on Interstate 39 direct-

work of Cougar Cat with help from ing travelers to the monument and
Roughneck Curly, combined with his hometown. Next year I plan on
the townspeople coming together to being there again because I want to
embrace and learn more about watch it grow. Thanks for listening,
their history. There is even talk and as always I can be reached at:
about having the state of Illinois juaquin@thecowboyway.us.

The New Monument and Bust in Troy Grove, IL

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Page 36 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

ThE hEART of A
C owboy
By Snapshot Susie Q, SASS #75419

The heart of a cowboy is as sure A friend to many,

as his word, yet his enemies few.
His beliefs are strong, his voice
will be heard. He sleeps under the stars,
A defender of right, the weak, thanking God on his knees
and the small, For the life he’s been given,
He loves God, his Country, and having all that he needs.
Freedom for all. The heart of a cowboy is as sure
as his word,
Standing tall as a mountain, His beliefs are strong, his voice
he refuses to run. will be heard.
He will fight for his honor,
his horse, and his gun. ~ A tribute to all the cowboys
His word is his bond, and his aim in my life ~
always true.


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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 37

cosT of cowboy AcTIoN shooTINgTm By Stonefire Slim, SASS #79869

y wife, Colorado Aspen, we had two mentors, Hoss Blocker, three days on average and require Shooting a clean stage in a personal

M SASS #79868, and I have

been shooting in this sport
for a little over two years now, and
SASS #26096, and Elm Savannah,
SASS #63037, who let us borrow a
large majority of these items they
two nights’ lodging. Based on these
parameters, the cost of Cowboy Ac-
tion Shooting™ breaks out as follows:
best time = priceless!

So when it comes down to it, no

we are both having the time of our had as spares to get us started, and 12 months of bullets and shotgun matter what assumptions you make
lives. The people we have met have even let us come over and reload shells = $1860 or how you do the math, every dollar
all been friendly and encouraging. ammunition on their press. One year’s monthly match and spent that allows you to meet some
This is the one sport in which I have Well, two years later, we are annual match fees = $2760 of the friendliest people in the world
participated where the experienced now fully equipped to operate on our One year’s hotels, meals on the and obtain personal satisfaction is
and really good shooters are willing own (OK, almost; for some reason road, and transportation well worth the cost!
to tell you how to improve and teach we still find the need for more costs = $5400
you their secrets. This is the case clothes whenever we visit vendors
even if you are shooting in the same at larger events). With the major
category and might someday be- upfront costs behind us, I started
come real competition for that belt calculating what we were spending
buckle or wood plaque. on an annual basis so I could figure
As new shooters, there were out our budget for the future.
many costs associated with becom- This calculation was based on
ing fully equipped for this sport— two shooters, participating on a
the cost of the guns (four pistols, two monthly basis, at an average of three
rifles, and two shotguns), holsters, local matches (North Carolina is
shotgun shell belt, gun cart, cases to blessed with numerous active clubs
transport the guns, bullet press and that all put on fun events), and one
accessories, and let’s not forget the annual match (in various states). I
clothing! We were very fortunate calculated the annual matches last

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Page 38 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

ThE bLAck mARIAh By Cree Vicar Dave, SASS Life #49907

seums, from small local ones to the

Smithsonian in D.C. When I spot an
old energy saving device, like a hand
operated washer or a treadle sewing
machine, I like to point out to the
missus how much money we could be
saving if she was the proud owner of
one of those “green machines” of the
“Good old Days.” She’s always quick
to tell me her boots are not only
Cree Vicar Dave, SASS Life #49907 made for walking, but can leave more
Territorial Governor, of an imprint than carbon.
Sucker Creek, Michigan What brings me to marvel most
about antiques (especially of the late
like looking at antiques. Maybe 1800’s) are the ornate style and the ated variety, but they turned out

I that’s why I spend so much time

each morning in front of the bath-
room mirror. The Vicar’s Wife and I
quality of workmanship of the prod-
ucts of yore. They were true crafts-
men in my book. Their tools were
items of such amazing quality.
While passing through Manton,
Michigan after a church conference a
sojourning this planet. It was a
horse drawn sleigh hearse. Now I’ve
have strolled the aisles of many mu- composed mostly of the hand-oper- while back, we spotted the “Manton seen horse drawn hearses before in
Area Historical Museum.” So, we pictures, on display, and even in use
wheeled over to have a look see. on TV. But, I have never even seen a
Manton is in Wexford County, Michi- photo of a sleigh hearse before.
gan where my dad, bless his soul, Maybe some of you have had the op-
was born in 1903. The Museum was portunity to view one, but I had
quite impressive for its size. We never seen this type of vehicle before.
were greeted by Pamela Rayment, This “Black Mariah” was pur-
one of the museum’s curators, and chased from the Cunningham Coach
her two helpers, Noelle Nyquist and Co. of Rochester New York back in
her little brother Axel, who help 1890 for the sum of $650 by the Abra-
grandma spruce up the place. They ham Woodward Funeral Home in
have a variety of things on display Manton. And, it still looks like it is sit-
such as old household items, tools, tin’ on the showroom floor. The hearse
war relics, and a huge diesel engine was retired in 1924. They sometimes
that used to run an electric genera- used it after the introduction of the
tor to supply power to Manton back automobile because of the bad condi-
in the early 1900’s. tion of winter roads back then. It is
But what really caught my eye now on permanent loan to the Manton
was “The Black Mariah”—something Museum by the Bostick Family.
so unique I had never seen one be- The craftsmanship is so out-
fore in my close to seven decades of standing one can only marvel at how

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 39

it was accomplished back before au- justice. The “Manton Area Historical
tomation and CNC machines. The Museum” has limited afternoon
majority of the hearse is made out of hours from Memorial Day through
what looked like oak with that beau- Labor Day. They have an open house
tiful black patina. The corners and on Labor Day Weekend with quilt
window dividers are large columns displays and other attractions. The
with ornate carvings the full length. cost is a small donation, but the en-
The windows have beveled glass, and joyment is very large. I would like to
there is a large lantern on each side thank Pamela Rayment and her
of the driver’s seat. Inside there is a helpers for a very enjoyable experi-
wicker basket that cradled the de- ence at the Manton Museum.
ceased to their final resting place. I For info you can call 231-824-
like what it says in 2 Samuel 14:14, 3208 or go on the web at:
“Like water spilled on the ground, http://www.mantonmichigan.org
which cannot be recovered, so we /community_history.html
must die. But God does not take
away life; instead, He devises ways Or snail mail to:
so that a banished person may not The Manton Area Historical
remain estranged from Him.” Museum
I would imagine there are others C/O Manton Area Chamber of
of the “Black Mariah” variety still Commerce
around. But if you have never seen PO Box 313
one before, your curiosity can be Manton Michigan 49663
quenched by taking a trip to Man-
ton, Michigan. Or, if you’re not up to Email: info@mantonmichigan.org
that challenge, then you’ll just have
to be satisfied with my humble pho- Hope ta see ya on the trail
tos that really do not do the hearse Creevicardave@hotmail.com
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Page 40 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

DIsPATchEs fRom
cAmP bAyLoR i
Captain Baylor modeling the Wild Bunch For Dummies
Mernickle Evil Roy Slim Jim rig
with matching shotgun belt.

Chapter 4
(Photo by Lorrie Lott,
Mr. Quigley Photography)

Ammunition Testing
at END of TRAIL 2010
ild Bunch was conceived By Captain George Baylor, SASS Life #24287

W as a “big bore, Power Fac-

tor” match. The power fac-
tor has always been in the rules,
chronograph session. It takes a con-
testant about the same time to
left is a 230 gr. Lead Round nose bul-
let that comes close to duplicating
to cut a sharp edged hole in card-
board targets for action pistol shoot-
but at END of TRAIL 2010 the or- chronograph his ammunition as to the shape of a 230 gr. FMJ bullet. ing such as IPSC/USPSA. The
ganizers tested everyone’s ammuni- shoot the average stage. For exam- Some designs are more rounded, oth- LSWC has no advantage in Wild
tion for the first time. Several ple, you may be at a loading table, ers more pointed. This should work Bunch matches since we shoot steel
contestants’ ammunition failed to and a match official will ask for the in virtually all 1911s. Early 1911s targets. If you have 10,000 left over
make minimum power factor. ammunition from the magazine you have a groove in the bottom of the from your IPSC days, by all means
Here’s what you need to know to are about to insert into your 1911 barrel at the rear of the chamber to use them. Otherwise, there’s no rea-
avoid having this happen to you. and five rounds of rifle ammunition allow the FMJ bullet to feed. Mod- son to buy them for your 1911 and
Power Factor from your loading strip for the rifle. ern 1911 barrels have been throated 200 gr. LRNFP for your rifle unless
From the SASS Wild Bunch Then, at the chronograph stage, it and polished in order to feed hollow you find a deal.
Handbook, Copyright © Single Ac- will be returned to you, and you will points and lead semi-wadcutters. The H & G 68 is also available in
tion Shooting Society, Inc 2010, Sec- fire four rounds through the chrono- The middle bullet is a 200 gr. 185 gr. and 155 gr. sizes. The exter-
ond Edition: graph. The fifth round will have its Lead Round Nose Flat Point Bullet nal profile is the same. The 155 is
“The minimum standard for cen- bullet weighed so the power factor normally used in .45 Colt ammuni- not legal, but the 185 gr. is. The
ter-fire smokeless ammunition used can be calculated. This will prevent tion. You’ll note it looks like a 230 gr. same profile bullet as the 200 gr.
in all SASS Wild Bunch Action contestants from having higher pow- LRNFP with the end chopped off. It LRNFP is available in 180 gr. 180 gr.
Shooting competitions is not less ered ammunition for testing. should feed in nearly all 1911s, is the lightest bullet allowed. Some
than a minimum power factor of .45 ACP throated or not. It gives the addi- shooters prefer the lightest bullets
150. The maximum velocity stan- Military spec .45 ACP ammuni- tional advantage of allowing you to possible for lighter recoil. A 180 gr.
dard for pistols is 1000 fps. The tion is a 230 gr. Full Metal Jacket buy one bullet for both .45 Colt and bullet needs to go 834 ft./sec. to be
maximum velocity standard for ri- round nose bullet nominally at 850 .45 ACP, allowing bulk purchasing. legal. If you purchase what are nom-
fles is 1400 fps. Not meeting ammu- ft./sec., which gives a power factor of In a .45 Colt, a roll crimp is used. In inally 180 gr. bullets, weigh them be-
nition standards is a Spirit of the 195. This is hotter than necessary .45 ACP, a taper crimp is used be- fore use. If they weigh an actual 179
Game Penalty. for Wild Bunch competition and ille- cause the .45 ACP headspaces on the gr., your ammunition will be illegal.
Power factors are simply calcu- gal because only lead bullets are al- face of the rim. Loads
lated by multiplying the bullet lowed in SASS competition. The bullet on the right is a 200 Start with a load that is “in the
weight times the velocity and then Three .45 ACP bullet styles work gr. H & G 68 Lead Semi-Wad Cutter. book,” meaning a current loading
the resulting number is divided by well in most guns (Photo 1.) On the This was developed for target usage manual. This will guarantee a safe
1000. Some examples are as follows: load, but it will not guarantee a load
200 gr bullet traveling at 750 fps that will be legal. It must be tested
has a power factor of 150: in YOUR gun. I first developed a
(200x750)/1000=150. load using HP38 because, during the
250 gr bullet traveling at 800 fps powder shortage, HP38 and WW231
has a power factor of 200 are the same powder, and the chance
(250x800)/1000=200.” of finding one was pretty good. The
Some changes will be made to final load I chose was 5.4 gr. HP38
the rules as a result of the END of and 200 gr. LRNFP. In my Series 80
TRAIL testing. First of all, failing to Government Model it averaged 807
meet the minimum power factor will ft./sec. for a power factor of 161 in
become a Match Disqualification as Phoenix at 75° and 1400 ft. altitude.
it is in other power factor sports. As a General rule, powder is hot-
Second, the testing procedure will ter with hotter temperatures, and air
change. Ammunition will be taken drag decreases with altitude. So, the
from contestants in a “surprise” same load will be hotter in high alti-
manner, bagged, and marked. Try- tude and hotter temperatures. HP38
ing to chronograph at a stage takes is definitely temperature sensitive. If
too much time, so one stage will be a you develop your load in hot weather,
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 41
leave yourself a cushion. If this load same 200 gr. LRNFP did 816 ft./sec., munition. Each round is dropped into
is legal in your gun in cold, low alti- PF 163. This load should work any- the holes representing minimum spec
tude conditions (Winter Range), it where. I used a 19" Cimarron ‘73 chambers. Yes, this takes time and
should be legal in high altitude and/or carbine. .45 Colt loads should have isn’t done to practice ammunition.
hot conditions (END of TRAIL). a strong roll crimp. There isn’t a similar unit for .45
Simplifying I also did some testing using a Colt, so I use an L. E. Wilson Case
I use one bullet for both pistol 24" barreled Taylor’s Burgess Rifle. Gauge (Photo 3). Every round of
and rifle. Later I settled on one pow- Winchester factory 250 gr. Cowboy match ammunition is dropped into
der for all of my smokeless loads, ammunition did 854 ft./sec. for a this minimum spec. chamber. Rejects
IMR’s Trail Boss. Early testing re- power factor of 214. go into a practice ammunition box.
sulted in erratic loads in .45 ACP. Ten-X 200 gr. ammunition did 813 I had planned to do the chapter
Then I noticed some powder was ft./sec. for a power factor of 163 on equipment next, but moved this
being shaken out when the cases Ten-X 250 gr. ammunition did 860 one up because of the problems at
were pulled down out of the dies. ft./sec. for a power factor of 215. END of TRAIL. Hopefully I’ll get it
The sizing die was sticking, causing Ammo Checking done next. The entire series is at:
jerking when it released. The cure I have an EGW Chamber http://www.curtrich.com/01wild
was to lubricate the cases with case Checker (Photo 2) for .45 ACP am- bunchfordummies.html
lubricant. Then, the rounds chrono-
graphed very consistently. Match
ammunition was tumbled for 15
minutes to remove the lubricant.
5.0 gr. Trail Boss and 200 gr.
LRNFP gave an average of 811
ft./sec. and a power factor of 162
when tested at Phoenix (1400 ft. al-
titude) at 75°F.
5.5 gr. Trail Boss (maximum
load) and 200 gr. LRNFP averaged
868 ft./sec. with a power factor of
174. Muzzle flip was significantly
greater than the 5.0 gr. load.
Other Loads

Michael Bane (Wolf Bane)—“4.5
gr. 231 over a 230 gr. LaserCast bul-
let ... somewhere around 725-750 fps,
depending on how diligent I am ...
worst case a 166 power factor, which
makes IPSC Major by a little bit.”
Happy Jack—“My personal load
is 3.6 gr. of Winchester Super Target
(WST) with a 230 gr. Lead Round
Nose. My other load is 3.9 gr. of Tite-
group with the same bullet. Both PF
158-162. I use a 16# recoil spring
with both.”
Evil Roy—“200 gr. LRNFP, 5.1
gr. Vihta Vuori N320 (Note, maxi-
mum load.); 230 gr. LRN, 4.6 gr.
N320.” Roy says his loads have a
power factor in the 185 range, which
is way over what’s needed, but you’ll
never have to worry about not mak-
ing the power factor.
Chronograph in YOUR gun
Chambers vary from very tight
to loose. Most IPSC gunsmiths use a
chamber reamer on their match bar-
rels to assure maximum reliability. I
did my testing in a Series 80 Govern-
ment Model with a rather tight
chamber. The same loads in another
gun with a looser chamber chrono-
graphed slower. These are examples
of why you should chronograph your
own ammunition in your gun. Don’t
take the above loads as being gospel.
As Evil Roy mentioned at END of
TRAIL, chronographs are available
for $105, so everyone should be able
to chronograph your loads. If you
don’t want to buy a chronograph, you
probably have a friend who will loan
you one. Just don’t shoot it!
.45 Colt Rifle Loads
I went through the same proce-
dure with the .45 Colt rifle and set-
tled on 5.7 gr. Trail Boss and the
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Page 42 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

hoLsTERs ,
By Purdy Gear,
SASS Life #33315
of the rig. When it comes right
down to it, believe it or not, all in-
dividuals face similar challenges in
choosing their rig.
Purdy Gear, SASS Life #33315 Ergonomics is the art of matching
body type with gear so it works for
hat gal you makin’ that you rather than against you. Folks

“ W for?” my coffee-guzzlin’
compadre inquired.
“This ‘un’s fer a guy.”
favor one gun over another because it
fits their hand better, balances nicer,
and so on. Holsters are no different.
“But … but … it’s all covered in Where a holster is placed on the body,
roses!” how low it is placed, and how it is
I sighed and gave him “that raked can improve or hamper a draw.
look” over my Arbuckles. “Roses Fitting the holster to the gun is im-
were among the most-used flowers portant, but ain’t worth a flyin’ fid-
on cowboy gear at the turn of the dler’s yahoo if the other fitting
century. Folks—male and female— criteria aren’t observed.
who could afford carved gear prized Step one: Get a good-fittin’ belt. This gun belt could be worn by either ladies or gents. It is made up
it for its beauty as well as for its The belt is the platform on which the of a money belt (soft and contouring to all types of hip configurations
functionality, and guys sure weren’t holsters sit and on which they must or hip and back ailments). The traditional high ride of this sort
considered less macho or gals more function. Many gals believe they of holster has been modified by lengthening the belt loop.
girlie on account of it. It was a have to have a special belt—gener-
mark of status. Top hands of both ally one that is heavily-contoured or sion-era belts were generally less hipped gals as well as to no-hipped
sexes prided themselves on having a buscadero in order to be competi- than 2" wide. There were also many, gents, as they cling to every contour
the best and fanciest gear.” tive. That is not the case. Many many examples of narrow cartridge of the body. They are also lighter in
“So …. If you can’t tell fer the women can shoot very well using a belts in the form of cap & ball era weight and can help ease back
flowers, how can you tell if a rig’s s’- straight-cut belt. A narrow-hipped belts refitted with cartridge loops and/or hip issues for both sexes.
posed to be a gal’s ’r a guy’s?” lady can very likely get by with a and of very narrow cartridge belts.) Wider-hipped gals or narrow-
A gun rig made for a gal has got standard 3" wide belt just like the The “girl reasoning” behind this is hipped ones who don’t like the idea of
to be different than one built for a guys are wearing. If their hips are a the narrower belts will conform narrower or softer belts may have to
guy, right? Nope. Truth is, gun bit less narrow, they may be equally more easily to the hips. Softer belts resort to a contoured belt. This may
leather is pretty much neutral. The as comfortable with a similar but (wide or narrow) like the money belt just be a contoured belt; it doesn’t
variations are driven by the er- narrower belt—say 2 ½" or 2 ¼" or can also provide comfort while plac- necessarily have to be a buscadero. A
gonomic needs of the individual, even narrower. (For the die-hard ing the holsters in the most desir- contoured belt may also be helpful to
personal aesthetics, and the func- traditionalists: remember, belts on able position required for shooting. gals who prefer to wear their belts
tion or purpose surrounding the use the frontier varied widely. Percus- The soft belts are useful for wider higher on their hips—either at or just

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 43

below the waist. Bustle wearers will top of the others. So … what’s the an-
benefit from a more contoured, swer? Look at the belt loop.
higher belt position as well. Extend (i.e., drop) the belt loop,
If you prefer a wide, heavy (thick) put a rake into it so the holster has a
belt, you will probably need to lean bit of muzzle flip, and move ‘em more
toward a contoured belt whether forward on the hip. Find the sweet
feller or gal. It’s the only way for that spot where your hands, guns, hol-
monster to hug your body without sters, and belt work for you and not
gapping. The degree of contouring against you. If you shoot more than
will be dependent on the hip (or one barrel length, you may have to
waist) in question. The greater the consider a tad more drop or rake for
flair of the hip or waist and the the longer barrels than the shorter
smaller the circumference of the in- ones just to clear leather the same
dividual at this point, the greater the way! The key is in the belt loop!
curve must be to ensure a good fit. Fit the holster belt loop snugly
Only once you have a belt that to your belt. This is particularly im-
gives you a comfortable and stable portant on raked holsters and those
platform to mount your holsters and with long drops. If the belt loop is
guns should one make decisions on all loosey-goosey, the holster will
your holsters. move around on the belt or ride up
Generally speaking, a lot of gals while drawing, which will aggravate
have shorter arms than their male the piddidddle out of you and throw
counterparts. The biggest issue gals off your game. A raked holster not
have with most holsters is they posi- snugged to the belt will rock. It will
tion the pistols too high on their hips. lose the desired rake. Again, aggra-
When they draw, they have to distort vation, loss of muscle memory, and
their arms to the point of discomfort. loss of time. Very annoying.
This is inefficient and costs time. Resist physically connecting the
They are also often forced into draw- holster to the belt with Chicago
ing into their waist rather than along- screws or rivets. Not only does it
side their body. This is horribly mess up the belt, but it doesn’t allow
inefficient and requires further dis- you to reposition your holsters for
tortion of the arms and loss of time. wardrobe variation, seasonal needs,
These high-riding holsters are the or for weight loss or gain. This, too, is
main reason why holsters get desig- important for your muscle memory,
nated “girlie holsters” or guy holsters. Once you have your holster’s
The decision on what holster belt loop figured out, decide on the
will work for you is not dependent desired cut at the cylinder, the trig-
on whether you are a girl or a guy. ger, and the rear sights. They, too,
The decision must be made based will effect your draw. Your very final
on the position at which you consideration should be decoration.
wear your belt, as well as the Plain or fancy, it should be last.
way you can move your arms to Compadres, it’s all about you
draw from that belt position. when it comes to your gun rig. It’s
Many gals with narrow hips can not whether you’re a guy or a gal.
place their belts like the guys, use It’s about your mobility, your body,
holsters that are fairly high-riding, and your functionability.
and still not draw into their waists or As usual, gimme a holler if you
have problems with distorting their wanna crab or hurrah.
arms on drawing. Conversely, there’s 706-692-5536 or
a lot of guys who can’t use high-rid- purdygear@windstream.net will get
ing holsters either. Most don’t have you in touch as will the link on
the problem of drawing into their the website:
waistlines, but they do have the is- www.purdygear.com.
sues of injury and joint ailments. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see
Gals also have these latter issues on you on down the trail!

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Page 44 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. guNs of ThE ,
cowboys, LAwmAN AND bADmAN
Part three, section two: “buffalo” Rifles
By Tuolumne Lawman, SASS Life #6127

Tuolumne Lawman, used in the Henry and Spencer re-

SASS Life #6127 peaters in the Civil War also offered
a lot of promise. In January of 1865,
the Small Arms Board met and ex-
amined 65 different submissions, in-
1866 and 1873 TRAPDOOR 1868 Allin .50-70 cluding Sharps, Henry, Spencer,
SPRINGFIELDS Springfield Conversion Peabody, and others. They took no
he 1873 Springfield actually

immediate action, however.
started life towards the end Then, in September of 1865, a
of the Civil War. During tle of Gettysburg, thousands of rifles In 1864, General A.B. Dyer and breechloader was patented by Ersk-
that time, the majority of were recovered from the battlefield the Ordnance Board recognized this ine S. Allin, who was the master ar-
troops were armed with .58 caliber with multiple charges rammed down problem and invited submissions of morer at Springfield Armory. It
1861 Springfield and 1853 Enfield the barrel, one atop of the other. This breech loading rifles for evaluation. involved converting muzzle loading
muzzle loading rifles. These single happened when soldiers under stress Breech-loaders like the Sharps linen Springfield muskets to .58 caliber
shot muzzle-loaders were slow to would charge the weapon with ball cartridge rifle were impossible to rim-fire, using a new breech plug, in-
load, and easy to use improperly dur- and powder, but forget to place a per- double charge. The newly developed corporating a receiver with the
ing the heat of battle. After the bat- cussion cap on the cone. self-contained metallic cartridges breech assembly hinged to rotate up-

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 45
ward. This ejected the spent car- It traveled at only 1100 fps from the ment round. They were also made in
tridge case, and allowed the new 22" carbine barrel. As the two load- Marlin’s proprietary .40-60 Marlin
round to be loaded from the breech ings appeared identical externally, a (nominally identical to the .40-65
when the action was opened (Joslyn common practical joke at the time was Winchester), and finally in 1885 in
had used a similar system for a per- for bunkmates to slip rifle loads into .32-40 and .38-55 (both Ballard tar-
cussion rifle in 1855). someone’s carbine ammo during prac- get calibers). Some 1881s were
The board was extremely im- tice. They said the expression on the made in a less popular (but power-
pressed, and placed an order to have shooter’s face when the rifle load went ful) .45-85 round. These Marlin
5,000 Springfield rifles converted. off in the diminutive carbine was 1881 rifles came standard with ei-
Initially, they used a .58 caliber, 500 worth a week’s pay! ther 28" or 30" barrels.
grain lead bullet in a folded copper The Model 1873 .45-70 Trapdoor The 1881 Marlin was far more
case with 60 grains of coarse black- Springfield became standard issue in successful than Winchester’s 1876,
powder. This bullet achieved 960 fps. 1873-74, though it did not replace all having a reputation for being
This round was not very accurate, the 1866 Allin conversion .50-70s im- stronger than the 1876 Winchester’s
and the rim-fire ignition was not al- mediately. Many units still issued the overgrown and outdated toggle link
ways reliable. In 1866 they reamed .50-70 to the troops until after the In- action. Also, the .45-70 and .45-85
the bores of these rifles to .64", and dian Wars were over. The 1873 trap- rounds in the Marlin were more
inserted a .50 caliber full-length ri- door stayed in service until the early powerful than the .45-60 and un-
fled barrel insert. These rifles used 1890’s, and was the primary weapon common .45-75 in which the 1876
a newly designed center-fire car- used by Custer’s 7th Cavalry troops at Winchester was offered. It was not
tridge with a 450 grain, .50 caliber the battle of the Little Big Horn in until the introduction of the 1886
bullet powered by 70 grains of black- 1876. The trapdoor even saw service Winchester in .45-70 that the 1881
powder. This improved round trav- in the Spanish American War, being Marlin took a back seat in the long-
eled at 1250 fps, and was twice as issued to some volunteer units like range, big bore lever rifle race. The
accurate at 500 yards. This new Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders.” 1881 Marlin in .45-70 and .45-85
round would be standardized as the As the .50-70 Trapdoors were re- were the only lever rifles to actively
.50-70 Government round. placed with the new 1873 .45-70s, the participate in the slaughter of the
By 1868, 52,500 Springfield rifles .50-70s were surplused out, and were northern buffalo herd in any signifi-
had been converted to the .50-70 Gov- very popular with civilians on the cant numbers.
ernment round, as it was now called frontier. My Grandmother’s cousin, CONCLUSION
(in fact, numerous Sharps percussion William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, used a There is no way to identify every
carbines were also converted to the .50-70 Allin conversion Trapdoor type of firearm used in the Old West.
.50-70 Government round for supple- Springfield he named “Lucrecia Bor- It is also impossible to count the num-
mental issue to cavalry units). These gia” to kill most of his thousands of ber of firearms used by settlers, Na-
rounds also used folded copper cases, buffalo. They were popular and afford- tive Americans, soldiers, townies,
using Martin bar-anvil or Bennett cup able for a long time. Even in 1898, you farmers, lawmen, badmen, cowboys,
primers inserted from the case mouth could buy the .50-70 Trapdoors and a and Buffalo Runners in our great
and crimped into place. It gave the box of ammunition from Montgomery Western Saga. What is certain is all
rounds the appearance of being rim- Wards and Sears, Roebuck & Co. for these firearms were tools used to
fire, but they were actually center- just a few dollars. forge History, whether for good or
fire. These Springfield cartridge rifles
were often called, “Needle Guns,” due
to their long, needle-like firing pins.
The Springfield cartridge conver-
sions were an instant success on the
frontier. They were initially only 1881 Marlin Big Bore
made in rifle lengths, with the Sharps Lever Rifle
carbines converted to the .50-70 Gov-
ernment round and .56-50 Spencers
being issued to Cavalry. The Allin
conversions were used extensively in 1881 MARLIN BIG BORE evil—heroic tales or the infamy of
the majority of the Indian Wars. In dark deeds. The firearms are insepa-
1872, however, the Ordnance Board rable from our past. They are our
wanted to refine the design and the We generally only think of single past. Cowboy Action Shooting™ is
ammunition. Different modifications shot rifles being involved in the buf- one venue for keeping this past alive.
were tried, along with different cal- falo harvest. That is not entirely Cowboy Action Shooters of today cele-
ibers ranging from .40, .45, and .50. true. While not as common as the brate the past every time they use
In 1873, the board standardized single shots, Marlin Firearms did these firearms in a match. The ghosts
on the new Springfield model 1873, make a big bore, lever action rifle of that past can be dimly seen through
using a newly developed .45 caliber that was actually used on the buf- clouds of sulfurous blackpowder
cartridge and improved breech block falo ranges. In the 1870s, a gun smoke at any Plainsmen Match.
design. It was introduced in a 32 5/8" maker named John Marlin was al- COME, my tan-faced children, Follow
barreled rifle version with a full stock ready manufacturing the popular well in order, get your weapons
and bayonet, and a carbine version and accurate Ballard single shot tar- ready. Have you your pistols? Have
with a 22" barrel, short fore arm, and get rifles. Seeing Oliver Winches- you your sharp edged axes? Pio-
carbine butt stock for mounted troops. ter’s success with lever action neers! O pioneers!
The new round used a 405 grain lead repeaters, Marlin teamed up with For we cannot tarry here; We must
bullet over the same 70 grain powder Andrew Burgess to compete against march my darlings, we must bear
charge of the .50-70 Government Winchester and their repeating ri- the brunt of danger. We, the youthful
round for issue to troops with the rifle fles. Burgess already held several sinewy races, all the rest on us de-
variant. The new .45-70 Government patents for lever rifle systems, and pend. Pioneers! O pioneers!
round had a velocity of 1350 fps with in 1878 he and Marlin patented fur- O you youths, western youths, So im-
the 405 grain bullet. ther improvements. patient, full of action, full of manly
A special loading for issue with With this, the first Marlin lever pride and friendship, Plain I see
the carbine was also developed. It rifle, the Model 1881 was born. The you, western youths, see you tramp-
used the same 405 grain bullet and Marlin Model 1881 was limited to a ing with the foremost. Pioneers! O
case, but used a reduced charge of 55 production of only around 20,000 pioneers!”
grains of powder with cardboard spac- guns. They were offered in the pop- – Walt Whitman
ers to compress the load satisfactorily. ular and plentiful .45-70 Govern-

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Page 46 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

ThE buRgEss RIfLE, PARt 1

By Captain George Baylor, SASS #24287 Life ity. Colt didn’t stop producing rifles.
They replaced the Burgess with the
were excellent with really good-
looking wood and case coloring. The
t was 1883. Andrew Burgess had stated in Col. Richard I. Dodge, Lightning, a pump action rifle. rear sight looked like the one used

I six previous patents while work-

ing for Whitney and Marlin. Colt
had never produced lever action ri-
SASS Life #1750’s, article in the
July 2010 Cowboy Chronicle. Several
Winchester revolver prototypes are
Fast forward a few years, and
Taylor’s and Co. convinced Uberti
to make a Burgess. As to what to
on ‘66s and ‘73s. The lever moved to
more than 90°, (Photo B) and the
action was very smooth. It was in
fles. Winchester and Marlin held in the Cody Firearms Museum in call it, Colt still held the trademark .45 Colt. Most Cowboy Action
most of the patents. Colt had made the Winchester Firearms Collection. to “Burgess” as used in a rifle. But Shooting™ oriented firearms come
revolving rifles starting with the Pa- Winchester never produced re- in 2009 they failed to renew the out in .45 Colt first. About 2/3 of the
terson. They teamed up, and Colt volvers, and Colt stopped making trademark. Taylor’s quickly trade- brass picked up in major matches is
started selling his latest creation, lever action guns in 1884 after only marked “Burgess.” .38 Special, but manufacturers
the 1883 Colt Burgess rifle. 3,810 rifles and 2,593 carbines I picked up the test Burgess at think .45 Colt when thinking of the
It wasn’t long before the 1883 were produced. Legendary Guns in Phoenix—after Old West. It was also out in .44-40,
Colt Burgess rifle became popular Like many other superior prod- half of the staff looked at it. It was an authentic caliber.
and threatened the sales of Win- ucts, the Colt-Burgess was removed a really good-looking rifle, obviously The loading gate was notable
chester 1873 models and, so the from the market for reasons other to Uberti, well, obvious to a SASS (Photos C and D), very easy to
story goes, executives from Colt and than its quality or market superior- nut (Photo A). The fit and finish (Continued on page 58)
Winchester met. Win-
chester had made sev-
eral prototype revolvers
but had never mar-
keted them. Winches-
ter and Colt came to an
agreement on June 1,
1884 “to not interfere in
each other’s market,” as

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 47

i wants to ensure the customer is happy
with the boots.
David Espinosa makes stock boots,

bootmaker i
but his forte is custom boots, both for
fit and design. In fact, one of his pas-
sions is working with a customer to de-
sign a unique one of a kind pair of
boots. He has over 1500 pair of lasts in
stock to guarantee the proper fit based
By The Jersey Kid, SASS Life/Regulator #287 on his customer needs, and he still uses
the Justin boot measuring method that

uring the height of the cattle was originally developed in the late The Jersey Kid,
drives, cowboys might spend up 1880’s. David makes both contempo- SASS Life/Regulator #287
to four straight months in the rary and Old West boots incorporating
saddle, often in the same clothes every virtually every combination of toe, heel, ical 1870’s black stovepipe design, but
day, eating every meal at the chuck material (exotics or top grain cowhide), the tops are a chocolate color with
wagon, and drinking nothing but coffee and top design in existence, and more seven white stars cut out in each boot.
and water. When the cattle were deliv- than half of his customers are repeat No way am I wearing chaps over these!
ered and the cowboy’s job was finally buyers (it is hard to go back to a stock I may be spoiled now, as off the shelf
done, he was paid for his work and boot once you wear a custom fit). boots just cannot compare with the fit
turned loose in town. Teddy Blue Ab- The boots I ordered from David of custom boots.
bott in his wonderful book, We Pointed were waiting for me one day when I re- So, the next time you are in the
them North, said after such a cattle turned from work, and I anxiously market for a new pair of boots, do
drive, “I bought some new clothes and opened the box with that “Christmas your feet a favor and give David Es-
got my picture taken. I had a new white morning” sense of excitement I am sure pinoza a call.
Stetson hat I paid ten dollars for, new you all experience when a new Cowboy David Espinoza.
pants that cost twelve dollars, and a Action Shooting™ accoutrement ar- Handmade Boots
good shirt and fancy boots. Lord, I was rives. Boy, was I immediately pleased All sizes available
proud of those clothes! When my sister with the boots; they are a work of art. 4409 North 16th Street,
saw me, she said, ‘Take your pants out The finish on the leather is superb, and Phoenix, AZ 85016
of your boots and put your coat on—you they fit beautifully as per my measure- 602-263-8164
The Jersey Kid’s custom Espinoza
look like an outlaw.’ I told her to go to ments. But aside from all of that, they http://www.espinozabootmaker.com
boots—black stovetops with brown
hell. And, I never did like her after look amazing. My boots are of the typ- espinozaboots@hotmail.com
tops and stars cut into each boot.
that.” Thankfully we had such fashion And, the custom fit is awesome!
forward cowboys as Teddy Blue and
Charlie Siringo whose style has set the ten to the old cowboy stories and even-
stage for Cowboy Action Shooters to fol- tually endeared himself to Jesse, who
low one hundred years later. One of the took him under wing to teach him the
most important and usually first items trade. David was quick to learn and ul-
a new shooter acquires or eventually timately bought out Jesse. David is an
upgrades to is a pair of authentic, period artist, a historian, a perfectionist, a
boots, and one of the boot makers who SASS member, and he frequently comes
sets the standard of excellence is David to END of TRAIL to display his boots
Espinosa of Phoenix, Arizona. (his booth was always directly in front
David began his boot-making ca- of a puddle of drool).
reer in 1972 when he served as an ap- Today, with the growth of interest
prentice to RJ Foley and Jesse Bogle. in top quality boots that are custom
Jesse, a top hand who eventually tired made for fit and personal taste, David
of being thrown from a horse, ran a shop employs two master craftsmen to help
half a block from the feedlot and near stay current with the orders. David
where David attended high school. personally starts and finishes each pair
David used to stop by to watch and lis- of boots because he is the artist, and he


o ur lay
o n y disp SINCE 1957
g r
in ge de
r av R u Tra
ng olt & le or

C a
d or S
En stom

gu ve


M P.o. box 2332
S T OC U T G Cody, Wy 82414
CU ND AV (307) 587-5090

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Page 48 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 49

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Page 50 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

moRning DovE ,
mouNTED shooTINg cRowN
The Jersey Kid, SASS #287, Life, Regulator
Photos by Tom Stoner, SASS #11350

SASS Mounted Shooting since she to commit to a longer time away from
was a Buckarette and has progressed work and home. Our schedule was
to the point where she is the also adjusted to allow some of the
youngest person to ever win a world shooters, including Bad Dog Bennett,
title in Mounted Shooting and only SASS #86845, and his wife Little
the second female ever to capture the Miss Kitty, SASS #86851, Dan Nab-
title. Those of us in the sport feel like bit, SASS #5537, Chili Cowboy, El
we are all uncles and aunts and are Paso Bob, and Marshal Cahill, SASS
The Jersey Kid, as proud of her as her mother and fa- #5827, to both shoot the event and
SASS Life/Regulator #287 ther, Sierrita Slim, SASS #4054, and participate in Dr Buck’s outstanding
Sweetface, SASS #7888. Morning Wild West Show. The stretched out
Dove proved that consistency and shooting schedule also provided for
ounders Ranch, NM – This smoothness never fail as she used all day Mounted Shooting, which was

F year marked the 29th Annual

END of TRAIL and once again
I was extremely pleased and lucky to
her Taylor Running Irons, flawlessly
shooting a clean match and besting
El Paso Bob, SASS #71572 who was
well received by our spectators who
kept the bleachers packed for every
event. As our sport has matured, we
be part of it. My first END of TRAIL the top cowboy. have progressively moved to more
was in 1986, well before the idea of Aside from the exceptional per- challenging patterns, and this year
Mounted Shooting was hatched, yet formance of the winners and all of the had some great stages laid out by our
I still recall seeing Phil Spangen- competitors, this year’s event was Overall Winners and match director, Buck Cantrel, SASS
berger’s performance on his mus- marked with an arena with sound World Champions— #38242, and Sierrita Slim.
tang, Nevada, which proved to be the footing that was carefully groomed Morning Dove and El Paso Bob. Similar to the Action Shoot
seed that exploded into our sport. daily by Jack Diamond, SASS #11268, Morning Dove was top overall where posses run their own stages,
This year I am excited to report which received 4,000 gallons of water and is the first Junior to win we all chip in to help as necessary.
our overall world champion is a won- nightly to ensure rider and equine outright and only the second lady Those of us who are ROs fill those
derful sixteen-year-old shooter safety. As in the past, END of TRAIL to do so. Congratulations! duties in the arena (a big thanks to
named Morning Dove, SASS #7889. was kicked off with an event filled
Morning Dove has been competing in Opening Ceremony that highlighted World Champions S L Div 2 Helza Poppin,
the healthy return of Judge Roy Bean Overall SASS #63973
Lady & Match Winner S L Div 5 Snakebite Annie,
and recognized the 50th Anniversary of
Morning Dove, SASS #75608
Cat Ballou and Tex and US Grant’s S Div 1 Gettysburg Cowboy,
SASS # 7889
80th birthday. It also saw the Mounted Man El Paso Bob, SASS #74480
Regulator badges bestowed upon SASS # 71572 S Div 2 Elkmaster,
Cheyanne Pink, SASS #67021, Ted E. Mounted Top Gun SASS #65169
Lee, SASS #59654, Stuttering Wayne, Stone Cold Cody, S Div 3 Jingle Foot,
SASS #71602, and Ice Lady, SASS SASS #77254 SASS #80552
#71603, for all of their hard work and Divisions Buckaroo TR Twister,
dedication to improving the sport of Division 1 Ted E Lee, SASS #86853
SASS #59654 All Around Cowboy
Cowboy Mounted Shooting.
Division 2 Stone Cold Cody Calvin N Hobbs,
Our events actually kicked off on SASS #17218
Division 3 Bad Dog,
Tuesday with a beginner’s introduc- SASS #86845 Rifle Side Match
tion to Mounted Shooting conducted Division 4 Buckskin Doc, Expressman,
by Expressman, SASS #41513, fol- SASS #44596 SASS #41513
lowed by a two-hour horseback tour (on Proto) Shotgun Side Match
of Founder’s Ranch and the nearby Division 5 El Paso Bob Buckskin Doc
area led by our local Chili Cowboy, Junior On A Roll Nicole, Team Event
SASS #59663. Wednesday, Express- SASS #76108 Buckskin Doc
L Div 1 Little Miss Kitty, Latigo Lulu,
man continued his teaching role with
SASS #86851 SASS #63690
a course aimed at intermediate cow- Costume Contest
L Div 2 Fire Fox,
Buck Cantrel did an outstanding boys and cowgirls, and Thursday fea- SASS #80377 Cowboy Marshal Cahill,
job this year as Mounted Match tured a four stage warm up event. L Div 3 Aneeda Huginkiss, SASS #5827
Director. Buck was a part of the This year’s main event was con- SASS #23789 Cowgirl Icelady,
early planning and arrived early densed to two, three stage days, tak- L Div 4 Morning Dove SASS #71603
to contribute considerable “sweat ing place on Friday and Saturday to S L Div 1 Sassy Susie Q.,
equity” to the event. Thank You! accommodate those shooters unable SASS #59662
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 51



The extreme stages are team events featuring team work

and riding through all sorts of obstacles, including snakes
in the grass, bridges, and barriers. It’s exciting to watch, The Mounted Competitors all became entertainers this year!
and it’s exciting to participate! Everyone had great fun! The competition was scheduled to provide arena action all day long
for the civilian visitors, and several shooters were able to play roles
Canyon Cowgirl who was not regis- tent and tossed all our paperwork in Dr. Buck’s Wild West Arena Show.
tered for the shoot, but served as some 300 feet in the air, but luckily Daily parades through town were also a highlight,
RO for many of the stages) and our spared us and our horses. and horses were in evidence in and around town all week long.
announcing duties were very capa- In addition to the main match,
bly shared by Helda Huginkiss, END of TRAIL again hosted the All
SASS #23799, Aneeda Huginkiss, Around Cowboy/Cowgirl event,
SASS #23789, Fire Fox, SASS which comprised Mounted Shoot-
#80377, and El Paso Bob. ing, barrel racing, and Action Shoot-
Friday morning the main match ing, and when the dust settled
was kicked off by our own Tex and Calvin N Hobbs walked off with the
a Pledge of Allegiance after local buckle after an outstanding per-
cowgirl, Fire Fox, galloped around formance. Sunday offered an Ex-
the arena with the American Flag. treme Team Competition that
As always, our times were fast and challenged horse and rider with
the competition was intense, but at bridges and jumps while still shoot-
all times, there was great cama- ing balloons. What fun!
raderie, and it exemplified the END of TRAIL once again was
SASS and the Cowboy Way. Near a great event, and it was terrific to
the end of our competition on Fri- see the support of the Wild Bunch
day, we were accosted by one of the and how excited the spectators
notorious New Mexico dust devils were to be a part of our competi-
that demolished our gun-cleaning tion—see you in 2011.

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Page 52 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


AT END of TRAIL 2010
By Helda Huginkiss, SASS #23799, and Aneeda Huginkiss, SASS #23798

ell … us Huginkiss Sisters, practice match was almost over, so the night before. We started the

W Aneeda and Helda, haven’t

written to you all in quite
some time, so we decided to catch
Helda and I went to SASS town to
do a little shopping. We found a
couple of shirts, and I found some
day with the Rifle and Shotgun
stages we didn’t get to shoot Friday
and also had the All Around Cow-
you up on some of our adventures! conchos for my horse’s breast collar. boy competitors run the barrels. The Mounted Costume Contest
After letting the dust settle That evening, we dressed up in our Then we shot three more stages, had to be flexible this year …
from the “Revenge of Montezuma,” saloon girl finery and went to SASS announcing in between. Stage 5 rain prevented the planned use
SASS’ High Plains Regional town to listen to Syd Masters and was also a Rifle and Shotgun stage, of the Show Arena. The Crippled Doves
Mounted Shoot, that we put on the Trailhands. We watched the so we ran the competitors through of Soil Creek took second place honors
June 18th – 20th, we packed up and Soiled Dove Contest … working it as well. Just as we were getting … and they were a pitiful sight!
told our bosses we were off to play girls and madams! Woohoo … the done, it started raining. Ted E Lee
at END of TRAIL. We took my costumes were awesome. Sid was took a spill off his horse during a place, but I think that’s because they felt
truck and Helda’s trailer and nice enough to allow me to sing reenactment in SASS Town and sorry for us!
threw our stuff and ponies in and with the band again this year. I Leroy got away. Buck asked some Sunday was partly cloudy, but not hot!
headed south to Founders Ranch, had a great time singing “Walking of us to see if we could find his The arena this year was awesome! No one
New Mexico. We left earlier this after Midnight” and “Cowboy’s horse, so Helda and I grabbed our slipped, and it was worked up deep for good
year and got in around 3:30 pm Sweetheart.” Helda says she can’t ponies and raced up the hill to see footing. Those that wanted competed in two
Wednesday afternoon. sing, but she can … I saw her if we could spot him. The rain was Extreme Team Stages …. we jumped bales
We picked a great camping singing along at the table. coming down hard, and Leroy was of hay shooting balloons at the same time,
spot between Expressman and Friday started the actual nowhere to be seen. By the time traversed a bridge, and negotiated a cactus
Sierrita Slim and next to Marshal Mounted Shooting competition. we made it back to camp, Leroy patch, shooting snakes in the grass with our
Cahill. It was close to everything! We had a riders meeting at 9:30 had come back to his pen and was partners. Now that was FUN!
We set up our portable electric and started shooting at 10 am. being taken care of. Ted E. Lee was After the team stages, the division win-
fence, put the ponies away, and set Buck Cantrel asked Helda and I if fine and finished the competition ners ran in the Top Gun runoffs. I actually got
up camp. Buck Cantrel came over we would announce for the week- Sunday! He’s a cowboy! to compete in it this year … we went fast but
two balloons ducked, and I was done! Helda
announced for it and did a darn fine job. That
girl is so talented!
Ted E Lee, ever the Scores were tallied and the Awards
Confederate soldier, were held at 1:30 pm in the Gem Saloon in
contributed to the SASS Town. Helda and I packed up camp
public entertainment as best we could and went to town to do a
by keeping the visiting little shopping before the awards. It started
“blue bellies” in check. raining during the awards, but the rain did-
n’t’ stay long.
Congratulations to everyone that came
and played at END of TRAIL! We had 45 rid-
and escorted us into town so we end, and we said heck yes! Since The Mounted Costume Contest ers this year. We sure loved seeing you all!
could participate in the prize draw- Helda and I were up in the first 13 was scheduled in the Wild West The Revengers of Montezuma didn’t do
ing. Helda won a great flask, and riders, Fire Fox graciously agreed Arena at 5 pm, but due to the rain, too badly ... let’s see, Royal Bandit took 2nd
I got a canvas rifle cover! We to announce while we rode. Heck, was moved to the Indoor Trading in Men’s Division 3. HelzaPoppin’ took 3rd
weren’t dressed yet, so we didn’t El Paso Bob even helped out and Post in the center of SASS Town. in Senior Ladies Limited. Jingle Foot took
stay, went back to camp, and made up lots of stuff about every- Helda and I raced to Canyon Cow- 1st in Senior Men’s Open, and I finally beat
helped Jingle Foot and Jingle Belle one! We shot three fun stages Fri- girl, Royal Bandit, and HelzaPop- Helda (only took me 10 years!) and took 1st
set up their camp. Then we headed day and were going to do a Rifle pin’s camp and told them where in Ladies Division 3. I think she had a
for Chili Hills in Edgewood and and Shotgun stage and the Barrel the costume contest was gonna be, bent gun … she came in a respectable 3rd.
some good eats. Race for the All Around Cowboy, and we all threw our costumes on Jingle Foot and I both shot the Match
Thursday dawned clear and but got rained out. We had a as fast as we could. We went as the clean and were awarded the coveted
warm. There was a practice match Mounted Pot Luck Dinner planned “Crippled Doves from Soil Creek.” “White Buffalo” pins. (How did that hap-
starting at 10 am, and Helda at Expressman’s camp, but had to Helda even wrote a poem about us. pen?) Not bad for our little group from
loaned her extra horse, TopHawk, move to the registration tent due They waited for us, and we got Southwestern Colorado!
to Elise Cherokee to ride. She to the rain. The rain didn’t stay there soggy, but ready to compete. Well, we best be going … the ponies are
watched over both of them like a long and both the food and the Some folks didn’t even recognize us nickering for their food. Thanks, Tex, for
mother hen! I promised my dad company were great. Royal Ban- in our get ups … we had canes, putting up with us Mounted Shooters. A big
and stepmom, who live in Tijeras, dit, Buckskin James, and I brought crutches, bandages, black eyes … it thanks to Buck Cantrel for being such a darn
I would sing and play my guitar for our guitars and everyone took was a sight to behold. HelzaPop- good Match Director … and Slim and Ted E
their Senior Center in Edgewood. turns singing and playing … we fi- pin’ was Madam Break ur Leg and Lee and Cheyenne Pink and Sue for all your
I spent an hour there entertaining nally turned in around 10:30 pm. Royal Bandit saved us Crippled hard work! You are appreciated! See you
and sure had fun. Saturday was clear and a bit Doves in the end. You had to be next year. Remember, shoot straight, be safe,
When I got back to camp, the cooler due to the nice rain shower there to appreciate it! We won 2nd and stay on the fuzzy side!
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 53

fAmous fIREARms
of ThE oLD wEsT
From Wild Bill Hickok’s Colt Revolvers to Geronimo’s
Winchester, Twelve Guns That Shaped Our History
By Hal Herring

ters. It also relates in editor at Field and Stream and For more information, please
vivid detail the lives and writes regularly for High Country visit halherring.com
adventures of the men News and Bugle, the magazine of Famous Firearms – 8 x 10, 189
who owned these per- the Rocky Mountain Elk Founda- pages, hardcover, $24.95
sonal firearms like the tion. His articles have appeared in Color and black and white
fire brand abolitionist, Miller McCune, The Atlantic photographs
John Brown, the fighting Monthly, The Economist, Orion, ISBN 97-0-7627-4508-1
lawman, Frank Hamer, or National Wildlife and Nature Con- TwoDotBooks,
the Cherokee outlaw, Ned servancy magazines. He was The Globe Pequot Press
Christie. awarded the 2005 Online Journal- PO Box 408,
“As Hal Herring says ism Award in enterprise journal- Gilford, CT 06437-0480
in his Preface, ‘America ism for a story published on 203-458-4500
was a nation born yelling newwest.net. He has lived in Mon- www.GlobePequot.com
and in a cloud of blackpow- tana since 1989.
der smoke.’ We have always
been addicted to mayhem
(albeit from a safe distance),
and the most fascinating
mayhem of all was that
waged in the Old West. This
Cochise Leather
is the story of 12 guns of that Reproductions from the Frontier West Era
time and the famous and in-
famous people who used
them. If you can start Chap-
ter One and put the book
down before you reach at least
amous Firearms of the Chapter Six, see a doctor. Great

F Old West is the first book

of its kind to provide a
history of a dozen individ-
ual guns used by the Old West’s
most famous and infamous charac-
stuff from someone who is both a
historian and a masterful story-
teller.” – Dave Petzal, Rifles and
Shooting Editor, Field and Stream
Hal Herring is a contributing

Quality Custom Leatherwork

at Affordable Prices
• Chaps/Chinks • saddlebags
• Ranger belts • Cuffs • spur straps
Cochise, AZ • (520) 826-1272
See these and MUCH More on our
Website: www.cochiseleather.com
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Page 54 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

Book One of the Owl Hoot
Trail Trilogy if something didn’t happen,
then it should have! He also
By T. H. Bear, SASS #28669 doesn’t spare the details, and
Reviewed by Sgt. Shuster, SASS #60835 it is obvious he has a great
T. H. and Bear Lady, love for the West … both
circa 1878 land and history. Gold in
The Red Desert is not an easy
ack in the days after the Civil The reader will follow Reb book to put down. In fact,

B War, a criminal fugitive was

often referred to as an Owl
Hoot, and the road he took to elude
Brown through a series of Western
dangers, adventures, and gunfights
from battles with Indians and bank
one cowboy at the 2010 END
of TRAIL complained it ad-
versely affected his shooting
pursuers and ply his trade was robbers to stagecoach hold-ups and because every time he tried
known as the Owl Hoot Trail. Gold claim jumpers. It is in the West to go to sleep, he’d pick it up,
in The Red Desert by T. H. (The Hun- where Reb meets the only woman he turn a page, and read some
gry) Bear, SASS #28669, also known would ever love. And there he strug- more. All of this makes T. H.
as Shelly Decker, is the first book of gles to right the wrong of murder. Bear’s Gold in The Red Desert a by Author House and is available
three that will follow Cliff “Reb” Bear artfully weaves historical must-read for Western enthusiasts. through Amazon.com and Author-
Brown on the Owl Hoot Trail from fact with his own imaginative cow- And Book Two: The Withla- house.com. You may also email:
south Georgia to central Wyoming. boy fiction, and the reader will know coochee Renegades will be out soon! THBear@thbear.us
T. H. Bear is a retired law en- or call 850-929-2406
forcement officer and pilot, a hunter for an autographed copy dedicated to
and Cowboy Action Shooter, and you in your name by the author.
founder of the Withlacoochee Rene- Sgt. Shuster, SASS #60835 is a So-
gades on his own gun range. He has cial Historian and Cultural Anthro-
written several novels and short sto- pologist, founder of the Lincoln
ries you can find at www.thbear.us. County Regulators of Ruidoso, New
The Owl Hoot Trail Book One; Mexico and proprietor of the Kona
Gold in The Red Desert is published Cowboy Coffee Company.

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 55

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Page 56 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

TALEs of ,
Judge Roy bean
Col. Richard Dodge,
Before the Jersey Lilly
SASS Life #1750
Col. Richard Dodge, SASS Life Member #1750

owboys know him as Bean, in a trading post in year-old Virginia Chavez and cre-

C Judge Roy Bean, the

Law West of the
Pecos, holding court
at the bar of the Jersey Lilly.
Chihuahua, Mexico, where he
quickly killed a Mexican hom-
bre in a fight over a woman.
Wisely removing himself from
ated five “little Beanitos” before
divorcing her and heading west.
He came highly recommended
by the Texas Rangers as a possi-
Well, partner, the Judge didn’t the area, he and Sam moved ble Justice of the Peace in Pecos
just appear out of nowhere to to Sonora, Mexico and then on (now Val Verde) County and was
become Texas’ most famous ju- to San Diego, where he lived subsequently appointed and re-
rist. No, sir—there’s more to with another brother, Joshua elected for 20 years.
the Judge’s story than that, Bean, who became the first He established the famous
and the first part is almost as mayor of the city. Jersey Lilly and resumed his ne-
good as the second part. The hard-drinking Bean farious dealings in his newfound
Major Horace Bell of the courted trouble everywhere he role. Train crews stopped fre-
Los Angeles Rangers de- went. While in San Diego, he quently for a drink while the
scribes his first encounter again drew the ire of another train took on water. Bean would
with the Judge—long before gent over the attentions of a delay returning his customers’
the Judge was a judge. Arriv- fair lady, and turned an argu- change until the train’s whistle
ing at Mission San Gabriel ment into a pistol-shooting drew them back, cursing the
after a leisurely ride from Los contest on horseback with the Judge’s way of doing business.
Angeles on a fine California contestants shooting at each It’s a wonder they didn’t lynch
charger, he came upon a sa- other. He managed to injure him, but they needed the whiskey
loon called “Headquarters,” the other party; both were ar- he served, and he was the only
the most “aristocratic” of the rested and jailed. Bean did game in town.
three grog-shops located on not lack for feminine attention Bean launched his colorful
the southwest corner of the while incarcerated and re- reputation by holding an illegal
great Mission building. Major ceived many gifts from the Judge Roy Bean prizefight between Fitzsimmons
Bell was attended to by “a young ladies of San Diego— and Maher on a sandbar in the
very handsome black-bearded food, liquor, cigars, and a knife Moving on again, he spent Rio Grande as several Texas
young man named Roy Bean, with which he dug his way out of time in New Mexico before re- Rangers watched helplessly from
brother and successor to Gen- his cell and repaired himself to treating to San Antonio with the the bluffs overlooking the site.
eral Josh Bean … the propri- San Gabriel. There he took over Texas army during the Civil War, Fueled by ample drinking before
etor of the Headquarters, the management of the Headquar- where he engaged himself in and after the fight, a mob of re-
first grog-shop in the place. ters, owned by brother Mayor arms-running with British ships porters departed to spread the
Roy was dressed in elegant Bean, and crossed paths with past the Union blockade. word of the fight—and of Judge
Mexican costume, with a pair Major Bell. For twenty years he em- Roy Bean.
of revolvers in his belt, while He dueled with and killed a barked on a series of questionable As Justice of the Peace, the
a Bowie knife was neatly Mexican officer who had kid- ventures in and around San Anto- Judge wielded his infamous brand
sheathed in one of his red- napped and forcefully married a nio, including the selling of wa- of justice from 1882 to 1902. He
topped boots.” young lady of Bean’s interest, tered-down milk (which ended sentenced several to hang (though
And, that was only one and he barely survived an at- when minnows were discovered no one was ever actually hanged).
stop in the life of Roy Bean, tempted hanging by the officer’s swimming in the milk), selling his He really did fine a corpse $40. In
the colorful con-man. friends, leaving him with a per- neighbor’s stand of trees as fire- another case, he dismissed a mur-
His career began in a ven- manent rope scar and a stiff neck wood, and selling rustled beef in der charge against a man who
ture with his brother, Sam for the rest of his life. his butcher shop. He married 15 (Continued on next page)

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 57

(Continued from previous page) correspond. She actually sent

had killed a Chinese laborer be- the Judge a pair of pistols as a
cause the law said nothing gift, which he treasured to his
about killing a Chinese. dying day. It is a fact she actu-
Bean’s outrageous rough- ally visited the Jersey Lilly
hewn justice appears comical, after the Judge’s death—too
even farcical to us today, but it late to know how the old char-
appears the old Judge was really acter would have reacted. Now,
a softhearted rascal underneath that would have been some-
it all. He used the $40 from the thing to see!
corpse to provide the deceased And so the Judge passed on
with a decent funeral, and he into the colorful legends of
routinely spread the take from Texas and the Old West. At one
his courtroom fines to help time it was believed there would
many of the destitute folks in never be another like him, but
the area around the Lilly. All of we all know better, don’t we?
this was done anonymously, as Bell, Major Horace;
the Judge didn’t want a blemish Reminisces of a Ranger;
on his rough reputation. Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes,
As we all know, the Jersey Printers; Los Angeles, 1881
Lilly was named for the famous Katz, Bob; Desert USA.com
British actress, Lilly Langtry, Trousser, John; Ten Things You
and, though he never met her Should Know about Judge
as he often claimed, they did Roy Bean; TexasEscapes.com.

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Page 58 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010
(Continued from page 46)
use, and certain to be popular with
people that find the ‘66/‘73 gate to
be hard to use and hell on finger-
nails. This one just slides easily.
I took it to Cowtown as soon as
possible and shot it. After a few
hiccups, it was reliable with .200 gr.
LRNFP and 250 gr. LRNFP ammu-
nition (same profile), but my at-
tempt to use up some 160 gr.
bullets proved it wouldn’t feed
these shorter bullets. They
stovepiped with the bullet end
pointing up. This isn’t a severe
problem. Most of our rifles demand
ammunition of a certain length and
profile. Cartridges can be too long
or too short and not function in a it, which resulted in it not picking revolvers. Guys who want style
tubular magazine rifle. up the next round. But if I backed points will want one.
But with appropriate ammuni- off a tad, it worked perfectly. It’s too new for Classic Cowboy,
tion, including Ten-X 200 and 250 Photo E shows the little “fin- being a ‘83, when ‘73 is the cutoff.
gr. and Winchester 250 gr. ammuni- gers” that guide the cartridge into Ironically it’s too OLD for B-West-
tion, it worked flawlessly. Winches- the chamber. Without doing testing ern, the cutoff being ‘84. I talked
ter factory 250 gr. Cowboy from a rest, it became evident that with Snakebite, who is on the rules
ammunition did 854 ft./sec. for a accuracy was equal to other Uberti committee, and remedying that is
power factor of 214. Ten-X 200 gr. products. Cowtown has some small on their agenda this December.
ammunition did 813 ft./sec. for a targets up on the side of the hill. Odds are you could shoot B-West-
power factor of 163. Ten-X 250 gr. The Burgess had no problems hit- ern at local matches, but not at
ammunition did 860 ft./sec. for a ting the head on the small cowboy. State Championships and above
power factor of 215. Speed re- It shot well enough that I suspect until the rule is changed.
minded me of a very smooth ‘92 or it’ll have a future in long-range pis- I doubt that will affect its
a ‘73 without a short stroke. I could tol caliber rifle side matches. sales. I figure most of the buyers
never work it at flat out speed. My prediction is that the main will be shooting blackpowder in
Eight years of short stroked ‘73s buyers will be guys who want their Burgess rifles. With that in
have ruined me for non-short- something different, guys who mind, I shot a lot of American Pio-
stroked rifles. I kept short-stroking shoot, say, ‘87 shotguns or Schofield neer Powder 3f rounds with ab-
solutely no problems. When Larsen
E. Pettifogger detail stripped it for
his part of the article, it was clean,
and all I had done was to swab the
bore and flood the innards with
Windex/Vinegar and Break Free
CLP. The .44-40 will be even
cleaner due to the thin-wall brass
expanding and keeping gunk out of
the chamber and points aft.
What separates this Burgess
article from others (some of which
have information that is just
wrong) is the expertise of Larsen E.
Pettifogger. He has re-engineered
‘87 shotguns to actually working.
Holster and Belt $425 He has re-engineered Lightning ri-
2 Holsters and Belt $585 fles to the point they work most of
the time. He understands the
inner workings of guns and ex-
plains it quite well. He did all of
the photos of the Burgess. I’ll let
him take over …
Holster and Belt $190 (To be continued next issue…)
2 Holsters and Belt $265

Holster and Belt $155

2 Holsters and Belt $225

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 59

By Joe Fasthorse Harrill, SASS #48769

Joe Fasthorse Harrill,

SASS #48769

ohn Barclay Armstrong

J was born in Tennessee in

1850 and headed for Texas
in 1871. In 1875 he joined the
company of Texas Rangers
under Captain Leander Mc-
Nelly, and soon earned the nick-
name “McNelly’s Bulldog.”
When McNelly retired in 1876,
Armstrong was promoted to
Lieutenant and assigned to head up
the Texas Rangers Frontier Battal-
ion. He was involved in numerous
gunfights when keeping the peace in
lawless regions like Laredo and Eagle Pass,
and he tracked down and killed some of the
most dangerous outlaws of the west, including
Sam Bass, John Mayfield, and John Wesley Hardin. Armstrong
pursued Hardin all the way to Florida, and after he cold-cocked
Hardin, killed one of Hardin’s gang, and arrested three others, sent
a telegram to Ranger HQ.
“Arrested John Wesley Hardin, Pensacola Florida this P.M. He
had four men with him. Had some lively shooting. One of their
number killed. All rest captured. Hardin fought desperately.
Closed in and took him by main strength. We are waiting for a
train to get away on. This is Hardin’s home and his friends are try-
ing to rally men to release him. Have some good citizens with me,
and will make it interesting.”
– John B. Armstrong
He resigned as a Texas Ranger in 1881 and was appointed U.S.
Deputy Marshal. The next year, he established the 50,000-acre
Armstrong Ranch. The old ranger died in 1913.


. Gun Carts ,
7 Cart styles Suited for the rowdiest
3 Species of wood Cowboys & Cowgirls
224 N. howard st.
7 Wheel options Greentown, Indiana 46936

2 Wagons Tel: (765) 628-2050

2 New Sheriffs Rack Fax: (765) 628-1899
E-mail: gunther@guncarts.com “The Ultimate Gun Cart for C.A.S.”
Now a SASS Gunther Cartwright
www.guncarts.com Affiliated Merchant SASS Life Member #20136

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Page 60 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. END of TRAIL 2010 .

gooD nEws, bAD nEws
By Maurice ‘Mo’ Lasses, SASS #65309
t was a sunny, hot New Mexico some bad news for him. Curious, he the Cowboy Memorial Chapel. And

I day. I was walking down the

main street of town when I spied
that nefarious Old West character,
asked what the good news was. I
told him we had held Cowboy
Chapel earlier that morn, and in a
boy howdy, did I get lucky!!
Long Jim Hancock and I were
pleased with the attendance at the
Tex. Slowly I walked towards him, break from tradition, we had taken groundbreaking ceremony for the
waiting for him to catch sight of me. a collection with the funds to go to- Cowboy Memorial Chapel, attended
He did, and his eyes narrowed as he wards the Cowboy Memorial by the Wild Bunch and a large
watched me approach. I had the Chapel. We had raised $617.02 (it crowd of folks. After some remarks
sun to my back, and I waited to see was $616.92, but we found a dime from Long Jim, I was pleased to be
if he would make his move. I care- on the floor later!). “Well”, he able to read a poem I had requested
fully watched his gun hand, making replied, “that IS good news!!” Utah Bob do for the occasion. It
sure no one else on the street was in I was almost reluctant to tell must have been dusty that evening
Mo Lasses and the Lindholm
our way. Suddenly, he made his him the bad news. Since the money because so many of the folks attend-
Brothers Praying Cowboy Spurs.
move and I counteracted with typi- The spurs are the subject of the was going to the Cowboy Memorial ing had tears in their eyes.
cal Mo Lasses speed. Our reactions first raffles, but through Chapel, which has been talked At the opening ceremony later
were the same, and we grasped each the generosity of the many about as being a chapel to hold 40 that evening, Long Jim and I were
other’s hand, his eyes widening now, END of TRAIL sponsors or so, I hated to tell him there were asked to talk about the Memorial
and a big smile came to his lips as and vendors there will be almost 100 in attendance at the Chapel, and I read the poem again to a
he said, “Good morning Mo, isn’t it additional raffles. 8:00 Cowboy Church. It seems our very appreciative audience. My thanks
a lovely day?” Get your tickets plans for a small church may have to Utah Bob for writing the poem.
My response was that it sure and let us get started on the been too conservative! After the ceremony, Mad Moun-
was, but I had some good news and Cowboy Memorial Chapel! What this means is we need to tain Mike from River Crossing came
buckle down and really get our fund up to me and asked that I stop by
raising going across all parts of the his location in the morning. I fig-
world. This END of TRAIL was at- ured he wasn’t going to ask me to be
tended by fine folks from Australia, one of his models, so I suspected he
Austria, Canada, New Zealand, was going to donate something to
South Africa, and Italy (including Mr. the cause. The next morning at the
Al Chemista, from Italy. Ya had to be crack of 10, I was awake and at his
at the show to appreciate the name!) booth. I looked around and saw
I spent several days at END of some of his fine moccasins, and
TRAIL, not shooting, but instead see- some buffalo hide butt stock covers
ing old friends, making new friends, and thought boy would anything
watching some of the finest shooters like that be great! But, no, he had
during the day and great entertain- something better in mind. Mad
ers at night. But, I was also busy Mountain Mike donated a buffalo
pestering some of the fine folks who skin, rough out Shane-style fringed
were attending END of TRAIL as ei- shirt in size 38-46, with a value of
ther vendors, or in some cases, as $495. I have already started my
shooters for donations to help with (Continued on page 68)

Mail registration and payment to:

Sue Pavlisko
430 E Freehold Road, Freehold, NJ 07728

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 61

. June 21-27, 2010 .

(Continued from page 1) for many. At the shooters’ meeting
number of cancer survivors would we were told that on Tuesday
surprise you. Some are young and everyone’s rifle and pistol loads
strong and fast and eager to pit would be chronographed to make
their skills against all comers. All sure they met or exceeded the
are among friends, a lot of friends. power factor of 150, or, as Pecos
All are exactly where they want to Clyde told us, not 149.999. The
be. This year there are over a hun- chronograph station was on Stage
dred more than there were last year 8. Several people failed the chro-
despite the desperate economy. 522 nograph, earning a 30 second
registered shooters. But then, it’s Spirit of the Game penalty. They
money well spent. were given an opportunity to come
Wild Bunch Match up with legal ammunition and re-
The first event, the Wild chronograph. Otherwise, they
Bunch match started Monday were given a match DQ when they
morning, June 21st with a surprise shot the next stage with the same
ammunition. They were allowed
to shoot the rest of the match, but
not for score.
No one was cheating. They just
US Grant has survived for 80 years, and Tex and Cat Ballou
hadn’t chronographed their ammu-
have been hitched for 50 years! Cake, champagne, and video tributes
nition. The rules have had the capped the Opening Ceremonies. It was a happy time!
power factor from the beginning. It
just hadn’t been checked at a major down to the last detail to win the had been tested and de-bugged at
match before. See Wild Bunch for men’s category. Shotglass, as a Buffalo Stampede, the Four Corners
Dummies, Ammunition, in this soiled dove, narrowly edged out Regional. It has long been a testing
issue for more information on the Nellie Blue’s colonel’s daughter. ground for END of TRAIL Stages.
Power Factor for Wild Bunch and Warm Up, Side Matches Minor glitches had been eliminated,
how to survive your next chrono- Monday and Tuesday also had and the stages went quite well, with
graph session. multiple shifts of Warm Up. virtually no complaints.
Survivors of the chronograph- Wednesday had the usual side Well, one gentleman did have a
ing had to shoot very well to make matches, long-range matches, and complaint. He said it was his first
the top five in categories. The Plainsman match. If you shot them END of TRAIL, and it would be his
stages were pretty simple. Most all, you had to be tired that night. last. I asked him why. “Why, these
had 20 rounds of pistol. Some had Opening Ceremony idiots don’t know anything about
us shooting 1911s at rifle targets. and Parties Cowboy Action Shooting™. They
All did not allow make-ups on shot- Wednesday night was the open- had a bonus with no penalty for
Frederick Jackson Turner’s Big
gun targets. These are features ing ceremonies. Putting the open- missing! And they had a bonus for
Red Sky Band was like a jolt of
electricity Saturday night in the Belle
you’re likely to see in most Wild ing ceremony on the night before throwing a knife!”
Union. Whether dancing or just Bunch events at major matches. allows all contestants to attend. If There were two bonuses. On
listening, the mood was upbeat and That night we had a Wild you’re putting on a major match, file Stage 6, The Greatest Shot I Ever
smiles were everywhere. Even Bunch costume contest. The Man that under REALLY GOOD IDEAS. Saw was from the scene in which
“The King” was moved to perform! With No Name had Dutch’s outfit Having the ceremony before the James Coburn shot an escaping
first flight on match day pretty bandit off his horse at an incredi-
much guarantees that only the ble distance (using a two handed
early flight will be in attendance. hold. Obviously Coburn was an
After this the 2010 class of Regula- early SASS shooter). In this ver-
tors was announced. Several work- sion you had a choice with the last
ers who had been working hard for pistol shot to shoot a close target
as long as 20 years or more finally for no bonus, but a miss for miss-
got their badges. If your club has ing it, or a more distant target for
someone who works long and hard a 5 second bonus and no penalty
for your club, why haven’t you nom- for missing. The smart thing to
inated them for Regulator badges? do was to go for the bonus. Most
This year’s True Grit award people did.
went to Judge Roy Bean, who sur- The other bonus was on Stage
vived a harrowing schedule of 3, Who’s Faster, the Gun or the
chemotherapy and radiation and is Knife? On the clock you threw a
now cancer free, to the delight and rubber knife at a giant cowboy tar-
relief of his many friends. get standing just beyond arm’s
Then we had cake and cham- reach. This was a five second bonus
pagne celebrating U. S. Grant’s 80th for hitting, no penalty for missing.
birthday and Tex and Cat Ballou’s I would be the last person to en-
50th Wedding anniversary. A film courage bonuses for non-shooting
with photos from their lives was activities, but this one was fun. It
fascinating, as well as nostalgic. also reminded us that in the midst
Main Match of all of this tough competition we
Longhorns from the New Mexico Folsom Falls Ranch were new this year The stages had lines and scenar- came here to have fun.
to END of TRAIL. The Folsom Falls Ranch folks have generously donated ios from The Magnificent Seven. It For those of you new to Cowboy
several longhorns to the SASS Western Heritage Museum and have even was the 50th anniversary of that clas- Action Shooting™, please note both
offered to help us “flat-landers” take care of them. Many Thanks! sic western movie. Most of the stages (Continued on page 62)
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Page 62 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. END of TRAIL 2010 .

(Continued from page 61) tume, Best Dressed Conventioneer,
“Bonus” targets were worth five Best Waddie Costume, Best Gun
seconds. Whether it’s five seconds Cart, and Best Dressed Sutler.
added to your time for missing or Saturday night was the Best
five seconds deducted from your Dressed Costume contest and cos-
time for hitting, as long as all tume promenade. Several cate-
shots are worth five seconds, there gories were decided by the
are no bonuses in reality. You are slightest of margins. The compe-
still penalized five seconds for tition was quite good. Cat Ballou
missing (to answer the gentle- has the details of the costume con-
man’s first complaint). They’re tests in her column. Pay close at-
called bonuses so that if you miss tention to Robber Baron’s
one, you’ll still have a clean match, costume. It was the best re-
well, at least so far. searched and produced costume
Costume Contests I’ve seen in 11 years of SASS.
In addition to the Wild Bunch Nighttime Activities
costume contest, Thursday night Friday and Saturday night the
was the Soiled Dove and Parlour Gem Saloon held a poker tourna-
House Madam contest. ment. River Crossing’s Silver Screen
During the day Thursday and Saloon Show drew standing room
Friday were the Best Shooting Cos- only at the Belle Union Friday night.
CD Tom was recognized this year, both as a Regulator and as an
outstanding contributor for his scoring efforts. His scoring program
has revolutionized the Match Administration process, allowing
everyone an early peek at their posse assignments, and an opportunity
to make changes while it’s still possible. Well deserved recognition!

For those who hadn’t gotten
enough shooting yet, after cow-
boy church several side matches
were shot: The Bank Robbery,
The Bartender, the Wild Bunch
Team Event, High-Noon Shoot-
out, and Top Gun Shootout-Sweet
Sixteen. Then it was time for
congratulations and commisera-
tions at the efficiently run
awards ceremony.
There were some surprises. T-
Bone Dooley didn’t win his seventh
END of TRAIL learned from our Italian compadres and has
incorporated an Opening Ceremonies flag procession recognizing Classic Cowboy championship be-
each nation participating in END of TRAIL. This year cause he had injured himself a
Match Winners and
the Albuquerque Bataan Military Academy took charge couple of days before the event
Overall World Champions.
of getting things appropriately organized. Job well done! started and was unable to com-
Badlands Bud repeated again
pete. Holy Terror wasn’t top lady. this year while Sage Chick
She won Cowgirl and had the low- finally bubbled to the top in the
est total time, but Sage Chick, still ladies categories. These two
a junior, won on rank points. The are eligible to wear the coveted
rank points vs. total time debate Black Badge reserved for all
on the SASS Wire will, no doubt, END of TRAIL Overall Winners.
be rekindled. Congratulations!
First overall was, again, Bad-
lands Bud, winning 9 of 12 stages.
Rumors that he is a space alien
continue to spread. Several cate-
gories were impossibly close. Long
Swede edged out Long Hunter by
less than two seconds to win 49’er.
Ol’ Short Tom edged out Twelve
Mile Reb by 2.64 seconds to be
Senior World Champion. In Gun-
fighter, Possum Skinner was al-
most a second SLOWER than
Lassiter, but won on rank points. The survivors of the
In Ladies Duelist, Iron Maiden Top Gun Shot-off/Sweet 16 were
was five seconds SLOWER than Badlands Bud and New Mexico’s
Alchimista sponsored the Silver Screen Saloon Show, Nellie Belle, but won on rank Texas Tiger. The “Young Guns”
which provided another “all new” Friday evening of entertainment. points. In Frontier Cartridge Sil- were given the opportunity to
The Dance Hall Darlings, Peaches O’Day, and Miss Tabitha ver City Rebel edged out Spur design the Top Gun Shot-off
were superb (again!). He’s even invited the troop to perform Roberts by less than three sec- this year, and it proved to be fast,
in Italy at the European END of TRAIL! exciting, and efficient. Good Job!
(Continued on page 64)
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 63

. June 21-27, 2010 .

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Page 64 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. END of TRAIL 2010 .

(Continued from page 62) Rosita Gambler won Elder States- Fourth of July, and there were events
onds. In the area of, “well, what did man again. We figure he must all over the country. Some people
you expect?” Nuttin’ Graceful and have bionic parts. headed west to Railhead in Williams,
Honey B. Graceful repeated in Only a handful of the 522 Arizona. Others went north to Hell
their categories of Duelist and starters had hopes of being World on Wheels in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Ladies Frontier Cartridge. Half-A- Champion. Most of the competitors “Well, it was kinda on the way,”
Hand Henry, in her quest to win in were here to have fun, see old friends, they’ll tell you, “only 800 miles out of
10 different categories, took Ladies and enjoy END of TRAIL. Most ac- my way.” By Monday morning only
Frontier Cartridge Duelist, keep- complished that goal in spades. a few RVs remained, and most of
ing her right on track. Slick Mc- Moving out them were gone by noon. The tent
Cade added a World to his recent The RVs started moving out on city folded up and went away. If you
National Championship in B-West- Sunday morning. Some people haven’t been, I hope you make it next
ern. Texas Tiger continued her couldn’t stay for the shoot-offs and year to the 30th annual END of
domination of Ladies Wrangler. I the awards ceremony. They had to TRAIL. This was one of the best ever
suppose it’s the tiger skin outfit. return to what most people think of in 29 years, but, as Coyote Calhoun … and, there’s still three in the air!
Justin Parker won Junior Boys. as real life, but some of us think of it closed the awards ceremony, “You Badlands Bud was the top shooter
Look out, Cowboys, next year. At as “that wasted time between ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” I hope you overall and the Top Gun.
the other end of the spectrum, matches.” The next weekend was the make it. I hope you dance. Awesome!

END of TRAIL Participants

(39 States and
7 Foreign Countries)
68 Texas
56 New Mexico
49 California
46 Colorado
30 Arizona
23 Oregon
21 Oklahoma
19 North Carolina
17 Florida
16 Tennessee
Who said Lightnings don’t work? 16 Utah
Lassiter used his long-barreled 14 Georgia
revolvers while shooting 10 Nevada
Gunfighter, an ‘87 Shotgun, 9 Louisiana
and a Lightning to shoot his way 9 Washington
into the Top Gun Shoot-off! 8 Kentucky
That’s an impressive 8 Wisconsin
accomplishment. Lassiter, 6 Arkansas
by the way, offered to arrange 6 Idaho
for Side Match ROs, 6 Michigan
which he did. His efforts 6 Ohio
salvaged many of the 6 Pennsylvania
A new class of Regulators was inducted during Opening Ceremonies. END of TRAIL Side Matches. 6 Wyoming
We had Regulators from all across the country and around the world He did good! 5 Indiana
in attendance. Being a Regulator is a special honor 5 Kansas
and these recipients richly deserve their new badges. 4 Minnesota
4 South Carolina
3 Virginia
2 Alabama
2 Maine
2 Maryland
2 Missouri
2 New Hampshire
2 New York
2 South Dakota
2 Unknown
1 Alaska
1 Connecticut
1 Iowa
1 West Virginia
11 Italy
10 Australia
2 Austria
1 British Columbia
1 Canada
1 New Zealand
4 South Africa
Thank You to all who participated,
Dr. Buck’s Wild West Show was a real crowd pleaser! The grand stands were full for every performance
and an especially BIG Thank You to
and the performers were all world-class practitioners of the Wild West Arts. His show is guaranteed to bring
our New Mexico participants!
the public back each year. The portable stage was itself a work of art, thanks to Laramie Jack and Big Horn.
You did good!

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 65

. June 21-27, 2010 .

World Champions L Gunfighter Prairie Weet, CA Cowgirl Holy Terror,GA

Overall SASS #778 SASS #15362
Man Badlands Bud CA Gunfighter Possum Skinner, LA CowboyBadlands Bud, CA
SASS #15821 SASS #60697 SASS #15821
Lady Sage Chick OH S Gunfighter Bad River Marty, MI L WranglerTexas Tiger,NM
SASS #48454 SASS #23076 SASS #74829
Categories DuelistNuttin’ Graceful,TX Wrangler James Samuel Pike, CT
Buckarett Lulu Sureshot, OR SASS #39117 SASS #53331
SASS #66230 L Duelist Iron Maiden, TN S Senior Texas Gunslinger, TX
Buckaroos Olin Winchester, GA SASS #67188 SASS #10706
SASS #83099 Frontiersman Lefty Eastman, CA L S Senior Ms. Jewel, NC
L Junior Sage Chick, OH SASS #20645 SASS #62556
SASS #48454 F Cartridge Silver City Rebel, GA Side Matches
Junior Justin Parker, TX SASS #38607 Wild Bunch
SASS #55217 L F CartridgeHoney B. Graceful,TX Overall
L 49’er Sixgun Sallie, NC SASS #51369 Man Last Chance Morales,OR
SASS #38989 F C DuelistBilly Boots,TX SASS #67180
49er Long Swede,CA SASS #20282 Lady Holy Terror
SASS #22129 L F C Duelist Half-A-Hand Henri, NM Category
SeniorOl Short Tom, IN SASS #9727 Traditional Fast Hammer, NM
SASS #12635 C Cowboy Cowhand, TX SASS #60707
G Dames Stage Coach Sally, CA SASS #63559 Modern Last Chance Morales
SASS #26400 C CowgirlWicked Wanda,NC L Modern Holy Terror
E Statesman Rosita Gambler,CO SASS #28122 Plainsman Lefty Eastman
SASS #41377 B-WesternSlick McClade, LA Clean Main Match
L Senior Two Sons,IN SASS #69490 82 Shooters!
 SASS #12636 L B-Western Echo Meadows,AZ Clean Wild Bunch
S Duelist J. M. Brown,NC SASS #50735 3 Shooters
SASS #27309

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Page 66 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. END of TRAIL 2010 .

(Continued from page 65

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 67

. June 21-27, 2010 .

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Page 68 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. END of TRAIL 2010 .

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS (Continued) great guy and friend of all, West Fargo,
has donated a $100 action job—he is one
collecting for. They couldn’t tell me
fast enough they wanted to help out
(Continued from page 60) How appropriate! Having seen of the top Ruger tuners in the business, too, so they have donated to the raffle
diet just in case I win it!! their work, I am really looking so be sure to buy your tickets to get a a $150 gift certificate for an action job
Walking down the street one forward to seeing it, and buying chance at that! on a cowboy gun.
afternoon, I spotted Capt. George one for myself! The good folks at Cowboys and In- Colorado Hat Company, makers of
Baylor. Having read his book, I Work N Ranch has agreed to dian were just ready to pounce while some of the finest hats around, has gra-
approached him for an auto- donate something from their fine I was explaining to Wes what I was (Continued on next page)
graphed copy of his book, Com- collection of goods for us to raffle
mon Valor, which he readily off—thanks to the nice folks for
agreed to donate. (Now if I can their consideration!
only get an invite for one of his Our friends at Mernickle
and The Redhead’s margaritas!). Leather will donate either a Holy
While talking to him, Creek Terror or Evil Roy complete rig,
Harding heard what I was gath- depending on your sex, with your
ering donations for and ap- named carved in the back, a $500
proached me and offered to value. Bob does great work and is
donate several autographed and always willing to lend a hand.
collectible western books from his Ted Blocker has agreed to do-
collection, which I agreed would nate one of the fine products from
be a fine addition for the raffle. their leather goods.
Having seen Katie at several Hamilton Dry Goods also has
Conventions in Las Vegas (my committed to donate something
wife being VERY familiar with from their extensive line of prod-
her hairpieces!), I asked if she ucts. (They carry the cowboy
would donate, and we have an $85 shirt that wicks away moisture,
dollar hairpiece from Katie’s which with the rain and heat at
Millinery donated to us. And, END of TRAIL should be on every
having seen some of the cowboys cowboy’s list.)
take off their hats, she might Hearing Protective Services
want to consider expanding into donated two $50 sets of hearing
toupees for the guys! protection. These are custom
I approached the folks in made, so you need to make
Buckaroo Bobbins and was given arrangements to be where they
a gorgeous $240 Santa Fe purse are sometime.
with conchos. As I was carrying it Frederick Jackson Turner
around the grounds, I got lots of has donated several CD’s of his
whistles and comments on how Greatest Hit. (Actually, I think
well it went with my outfit! (Cow- you will be getting MORE than
boys can be sooooo cruel!) just one song …)
Mose and Bella Spencer have Former World Champ and a
come up with an idea I think is not so Evil Roy has donated a set
terrific. They are creating a of instructional videos. They may
duster with the Praying Cowboy be well worn out before the win-
embroidered on the back with the ner gets them, however …
words “Lest We Forget” above it. SASS’ own Man In Black, a

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 69
(Continued from previous page)
ciously agreed to donate a gift certificate good
towards a purchase from them.
Old Frontier Clothing has donated a
shirt for the raffle.
The good folks at Redwing have donated
an absolutely gorgeous eagle head knife and
sheath worth $250. If you have admired Red- e e
wing’s screwknife, you will adore this one.
And Redwing, thanks for the fundraiser for
Ricky Lee.
Old West Laser Graphics has donated a
SASS #14121
gift certificate for some of their fine work—if
you can think it, they probably can do a laser
August 20, 1939 – July 5, 2010
graphic of it!
Long Hunter has donated a handgun, By his son, Manos Del Fuego, SASS #27917
and Kirkpatrick’s has donated a complete
am sad to report the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™ has lost a
Long Hunter holster rig.
Max’s Metal Art has donated one of his
unique barbed wire baskets. Folks, Max does
I good friend and mentor, Christian A. Tietgens Sr., better known
as Marshal Sudden Justice. The Marshal, as we called him, was the
some interesting and unique work with founder of the Bartlett Bounty Hunters club in Leominster, Massa-
horseshoes and barbed wire, and this basket chusetts and the main influence of the Justice Posse name in New
would fit in any cowboy’s man cave. England. He and several other cowboys helped to establish the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™
And for the ladies, Diamond K Turquoise in New England as well. Many cowboys entered the sport under his mentorship. Any time a cowboy
has donated a set of handcrafted sterling sil- needed advice or equipment, The Marshal was eager to help. He was well known at shoots for his
ver with red stone setting earrings, some- advice and expert gunsmithing skills, but he was especially known for his several pairs of highly
thing that will go well with a wide variety of
engraved Single Action Army pistols.
women’s outfits.
Marshal Sudden Justice participated in shooting matches nationwide including END of TRAIL,
If you have ever seen his craftsmanship,
you will appreciate the fine work found at El Dorado, Helluva Rukus, The Reckoning, and Thunder In The Valley. As an expert shooter, he also
Beadwork by Hawk. He has donated a $50 participated in many other shooting sports such as high-powered rifle, bullseye pistol, skeet, and
gift certificate towards the purchase of his trap. He was also an active lifetime member of the Leominster Sportsmen’s Association,
fine handiwork. serving on their board of directors. Additionally Dad was a lifetime member of both the
I have contacted many of our own SASS Gun Owner’s Action League and the National Rifle Association.
authors and have gotten books donated from Marshal Sudden Justice joined the US Army in 1962 serving in Counter In-
T. H. Bear, Forty Rod, Clay Mosby, Linn telligence during the Cold War. He earned an honorable discharge in 1968. Un-
Keller, Flint McCloud, and Jittery Jim Jonah. fortunately The Marshal had not competed much over the last few years due to
What a great collection of books for any lover failing health, but his cowboy spirit never waned. To me he was a mentor, leader,
of good western stories! advisor, fellow shooting enthusiast, and most of all, my Dad.
You all have seen photos by Mr. Quigley
Photography, some of the best action shots you
will find of SASS and Mounted SASS members.
Mr. Quigley will take a photo of you with all of
your SASS firearms and do one of his fabulous as leather goods, clothing, firearms,
Patriot Warrior photos with you framed with artwork, or western crafts, contact
the words from the Second Amendment. This me at donadler@hotmail.com.
is an individualized 16 by 20 canvas portrait, Since all donations are going
one you will be proud to display in your home. through the SASS Western Her-
JJJ Blacksmiths created one of his Rail- itage Museum, all donations are
road Spike knives and donated it to the tax deductible. You can also send
cause. It is a unique and really sharp (in a check to SASS Western Heritage
looks and in cutting ability!) and will add a Museum with a memo that it is for
unique look to any rig. the Cowboy Memorial Chapel, also
I have talked to many of the other fine tax deductible!
sponsors and vendors that were at END of And, while Long Jim Hancock
TRAIL. Obviously, I sprung my request on and I were sitting around the roar-
them with no notice, so if you do not see the ing campfire listening to the coy-
names of some of the other fine sponsors and otes howl and drinking sasparillas
vendors on this list, rest assured that each one (ok, we were at a table in the food
I talked to took it to heart and have promised court eating lunch), I mentioned
to see what they could get their company to do, the idea of asking the Wild Bunch
but obviously many of the reps here are unable to donate a Life Membership for
to speak for their company as far as commit- the raffle, with a limit of 500 tick-
ting to donating something. I have no fear that ets at $20 a ticket. We talked to
all of them will respond in the generous man- Bighorn, who agreed it was a good
ner we all have come to love about this sport. idea and started campaigning for
As you will note, the folks that run their us. Before you know it, we got the
own business have been able to commit quickly word that the Wild Bunch liked
and generously. The last person I want to talk the idea! So, you will soon be see-
about isn’t donating a tangible product like ing information about your chance
leather goods or a firearm or such, but does to win a Life membership for only
have something worth buying raffle tickets for. $20! (If you already have a Life
Nope, what you get instead will be two consec- membership, Tex assured me that
utive days of teaching, each day being four after you pass on, you will continue
hours worth of instruction on everything you to receive your Cowboy Chronicle
need to know about this sport. This private in- for at least the next 20 years. You
struction will be at donor’s convenience, mean- just have to let him know if you
ing you may have to go to where the donor is want it sent to a nice heavenly
shooting or holding other classes. But, I think spot, or one that could stand a bit
eight hours of instruction from Holy Terror will more air conditioning.)
be worth any cowboy or cowgal’s effort. Thanks to all and God Bless.
If there are any other vendors or donors Now, lets get this Memorial
that wish to make a donation to the raffle such Chapel built!!
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Page 70 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

ThAT souThERN (uTAh) hosPITALITy!

The Ruckus at Red Rock – April 15-17, 2010
By Constable Nelson, SASS #11784

1,2,3,4,3,3,3,2,2,1 sweep), I’ll join

their posse for sure! Wolf Wind
Walker, SASS #36748, did a fine job
designing fun stages with plenty of
movement and variety.
It was obvious from the start a
Constable Nelson, huge amount of work has gone into
SASS #11784 this relatively new range. The props
on many stages were of terrific qual-
ity—The Mission, The Telegraph Of-
t. George, UT – When I

fice and Rail Depot, and The
started planning this latest “Tonsorial Palace.” I am told more
Cowboy Action trip to the USA, improvements are planned.
I did things a little differently. This There were some awesome
time ‘round, I set the dates first and shooters at the match, and competi-
Top Gun Shootoff winners were In the wash-up, overall winners
then started looking at the SASS cal- tion was keen indeed. There were Boots Robb, SASS #43337, and were Hells Comin’, SASS #56436,
endar. As it turned out, right in the also 17 shooters who shot CLEAN Addie Rose, SASS #24061. and Belinda Belle, SASS #42966,
middle of those planned dates, I saw (and four who—Oops! were for the main match.
the Dixie Desperados were hosting “Clean with a P”). This, I
their annual in St. George, UT, and think, is all that needs to be
as a real bonus, I discovered Dixie said about the stage design
Bell, SASS #5366, and T.L., SASS and the target layouts; when
#5365, were part of that club. Hav- more than 20% of the shooters
ing shot with them at various didn’t miss a target …. isn’t
matches even back in the old Califor- that what we should all be try-
nia END of TRAIL days, I was grate- ing to achieve when we set up
ful for the opportunity to catch up. a match? Don’t misunder-
Well, from the time I arrived in stand me, it wasn’t a matter of
Utah until the day I left (a day later everything being big and close
than originally planned!), I felt I was either. The Mission stage, for
among friends, even if I had only just instance, had pistol targets
met most of them. made from cut down gas cylin-
The match started on Thursday ders. Not all that big, but with
with enough side matches to satisfy a beautiful ringing sound
anybody. Speed events, pocket pistol when hit—so appropriate to a
and derringer, the Plainsman, a rimfire stage where you started out
event (both rifle and pistol), long range ringing the REAL bell.
pistol, a whole bunch of Long Range The Banquet compli-
Rifle events, AND—my personal fa- mented the shoot perfectly. The
vorite—the “Shotgun Challenge.” food offerings were delicious.
There you were … standing up The awards ceremony
on the gallows, shotgun in hand and was conducted with great
a minimum of 15 shells on you. At good humor, and the Main
the beep, you shot targets that fell Match awards themselves are
down; targets that fell down AND something special. Ruckus at
tossed a clay bird; and targets that Red Rock, right? The cate-
fell down, tossed a clay bird, AND re- gory winners each took home
leased bowling balls (no kidding!) a small part of that theme,
that ran down tracks, and, yup, re- with plaques made from local
leased another clay bird! Has to be RED ROCK.
close to the best fun (and possibly Pretty clear, I suppose, that
most challenging) side event I have I had a great time. I must
shot—ever. thank all members of the host
The side matches were followed by club for the effort they put in,
a fast and furious three stage Mini and offer congratulations for a
Match that gave us all a chance to get successful, fun, and safe event.
into “Match” trim for the next morning. On a personal note, too, I
The Main Match itself was excel- must again thank Dixie Bell
lent. I enjoyed each stage without and T.L., who took a whole
exception, although if anyone wants bunch of us wayward travelers
to chase down the varmint who in- into their house and made us
vented the “Tadpole Sweep” (a feel at home.
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 71


cowboy AcTIoN shooTINgTm
By Grey Fox, SASS Life Regulator #223
Grey Fox,
SASS Life Regulator #223,
& Miss Mary Spencer,
SASS Life #55147

~1985 ~
Cowboy Action was different
in Canada in 1985!
Notice the guns, targets (!),
and costumes … but folks were
having a great time!

n the spring of 1984 Indian shootists arrived dressed in blue home rod & gun club in Guelph, Wild Cat O’Shea, SASS #47844,

I Frank, SASS #38915, read an

article in Guns & Ammo mag-
azine penned by none other
than SASS luminary Rawhide
Rawlins, SASS #834. Indian
jeans, checkered shirts; others
with ponchos and fringed vests.
Some were sporting cowboy guns;
others double action revolvers,
and a few with semi-auto pistols.
Ontario hosted the Quarter Cen-
tury Shoot—a much more refined
event with SASS rules, big tar-
gets, and everyone dressed in fron-
tier fashion. Many early SASS
Duelist; Indian Frank, SASS
#38915, Senior; Rawhide Wilson,
SASS #40834, 49’er; Jim Brown,
Long Range; Louis La Lumiere,
Cowboy; Craig La Lumiere, Young
Frank was inspired and set forth The targets were painted silhou- members such as Vicious, SASS Gun; Katherine McCulloch, Lady;
to organize the first Cowboy Ac- ettes, and the ball was opened! #8014; Doc Rowland, SASS Russ McPhee, Gunfighter; Tim
tion match in Eastern Canada. As time passed, Indian Frank’s #12350; and Bear Butte, SASS Bird, Frontier Cartridge; and Dave
The event, by all historical re- event has endured and is the #11231, were in attendance. Bear Edwards, Silver Senior.
ports, was an interesting and longest running Cowboy Action Butte being one of the long time The photos tell the tale—past
eclectic affair in both dress and ar- match in Canada. On Victoria officials of this auspicious event. and present.
mament. Frank’s initial cadre of Day, May 24th, 2010, Frank and his The winners circle included

In 2010 everything looks
much more familiar!
Today guns, targets,
and costumes
are pretty much the same
the world over!

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Page 72 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

ThREE AmIgos shooT NETs $240

foR ThE cowboy mEmoRIAL chAPEL
. Gunfight in the Badlands II ,
By Palaver Pete, SASS Life/Regulator #4375
Photos by Lucky Dodger, SASS #62981

seen the movie, you may recall the Mid Valley Drifter, SASS #35724, hind them was another husband and
dance takes place in the Mexican Sa- and Buckshot Shell-E, SASS #37335, wife team, Whisperin’ Wade, SASS
loon when the Three Amigos first ar- from the Oregon Old West Shooting #36209, and Arctic Annie, SASS
rive in town. Coyote Bob Barker, Society in Albany, Oregon. Right be- #37265, who happened to be cele-
SASS #27516, played the bartender,
who warned the Three Amigos to Winners Frontiersman Brownie Nash,
“not get into any troubles.” If you Overall SASS #3656
haven’t seen the movie and want a El Mariachi Mid Valley Drifter, Duelist Doc Blondie,
laugh, the DVD is available for rent SASS #35724 SASS #46708
at most video outlets. La Senora Buckshot Shell-E, Cowboy Buffalo Wings,
Registered shooters were given SASS #37335 SASS #56856
Palaver Pete, the opportunity of purchasing an Spirit of the Game Junior Renegade Riley,
SASS Life/Regulator #4375 Sugarfoot, SASS #60896 SASS #79445
“insurance policy,” which permitted
Mustang Sue, SASS pending. Clean Match
them to re-shoot a “dissatisfied per- Montana Perle, SASS #52613 Powder River Rose,
end, OR – Eighty shooters

formance” stage. The policy did not Chef Kurt, SASS #78067 SASS #77227
from around the Pacific cover any safety or disqualification Deadwood Pete, SASS #57450 Wilkes
Northwest and California violations, only dissatisfied perform- Silver Sage Outlaw, SASS #70532 Costume Contest Winners
showed up for the Three ance. The cost was $10 for each pol- Kalico Kady, SASS #76974 Theme Shooting Costume
Amigos shoot conducted by the Pine icy, and 48 Shooters opted to Talks Much Woman, SASS #33107 Man Side Kick Rick
Mountain Posse in Bend, Oregon. All purchase the insurance based on the Most Honored Champion Lady Powder River Rose
10 Stages were based on the western fact proceeds would be equally split Veteran Hurricane, Best Dressed
SASS #2274 Man Stonewood Kid,
spoof movie starring Steve Martin, between Junior Shooters in Bend,
Lady Champions SASS #62875
Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. The and the SASS Cowboy Memorial Senior Double Ought, Lady Stargazer Sal,
highlight of the shoot was the “But- Chapel to be constructed at SASS #40086 SASS #57411
tercup Dance” performed by Palaver Founders Ranch in New Mexico. 49’er Sweetwater Pearl, Side Match Winners
Pete, The Legend, SASS #36069, and Thanks, shooters, your generosity is SASS #56026 Big Bore Rifle Mid Range
Juniper Butch, SASS #20029, during much appreciated! Wrangler Buckshot Shell-E Cowgirls Short Schatz.
the Awards Assembly held on Sun- Top male and female shooters for B-Western Brassy Shell, Cowboys Brownie Nash.
day afternoon. For those who have the match were husband and wife SASS #16096 Big Bore Rifle Long Range
Duelist Antety, SASS #43598 Cowgirls Short Schatz.
F Cartridge Cascades Annie, Cowboys Wil Sackett,
SASS #70533 SASS #59872
Gunfighter Short Schatz, Buffalo Single Shot
SASS #59871 Cowgirls Short Schatz
Cowgirl Silverty Tiger, Cowboys Brownie Nash
SASS #84372 Long Range Lever Action Rifle
Champions (Pistol Caliber)
E Statesman Bad Eye Lefty, Cowgirls Short Schatz
SASS #35114 Cowboys Shifty Bill,
S Senior Wilkes, SASS #28702 SASS #82045
Senior Will Shootem, Shotgun Shoot
SASS #29892 Cowgirls Short Schatz
S Gunfighter The Legend, Cowboys Whisperin’ Wade,
SASS #36069 SASS #36209
S Duelist Shootin’ Newton, Speed Pistol
SASS #8737 Cowgirls Stargazer Sal
49’er Cowboss, Cowboys Whisperin’ Wade
SASS #49066 Speed Rifle
Wrangler Mid Valley Drifter Cowgirls Stargazer Sal
B-Western Side Kick Rick, Cowboys Smilin’ Matt,
SASS #57410 SASS #800029
C Cowboy First Chance, Pocket Pistol
SASS #76895 Cowgirls Stargazer Sal
F Cartridge Coyote Bob Barker, Cowboys Side Kick Rick
SASS #27516 Derringer The Legend
F C Duelist Appy Dan,
The 3 Amigos, L to R: Palaver Pete, The Legend, and Juniper Butch SASS #67998
announce the “Buttercup Dance” is about to start.
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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 73
lected for this noble effort is already
on its way to SASS Headquarters
where they will keep the books for
this tax-deductible project through
the non-profit status of the SASS
Museum. Thank you, Wild Bunch!
The success of this shoot is
summed up in the photos. Photos,
as they say, “speak for themselves,
and are worth a thousand words.”
Look at them and enjoy. You’re a
It looks like more than ice tea, Daisy if ya do.
but that’s what Bad Eye Lefty
is drinking to celebrate
his Elder Statesman victory.

brating their 23rd Anniversary. Con-

gratulations from all the members of Chef Kurt did most of the cooking with some help from Izzy, SASS #52463,
the Pine Mountain Posse! and Dr. I. Yankum, SASS #22529.
A side event that attracted well
over 20 shooters was the long-range The 80 registered shooters were
rifle shooting. The Central Oregon unanimous in their conclusion the
Shooting Sports Association Reactive Metal Targets and the
(COSSA) Range is one of the few Mariachi-dressed Amigos won the
ranges in the United States where gunfight. This conclusion was
distances up to and beyond 1,000 reached when the participants real-
yards can be found—a dream for ized more laughs went down range
those shooters with their Sharps and than lead. Fortunately for the ma-
other rifles that will reach out there jority of shooters who were clad in
and touch someone. This is one of Mexican outfits, there were no Ari-
those side matches where you hear a zona Law Enforcement Officers in
boom, then a few seconds later “the the area, so therefore questions con-
clang” report from the metal buffalo. cerning legality of citizenship were
It’s a hoot just to watch the shooters avoided! However, several promi- Costume Contest Winners,
and spectators waiting for the nent SASS members were recog- Powder River Rose and
clang—as soon as the clang is heard, nized despite their various Mexican Side Kick Rick, provide
the smiles begin. Thanks to Juniper and Western outfits. Long Jim Han- an example of the many
Butch, Brownie Nash, SASS #3656, cock, SASS #47369, for example, did incredibly beautiful costumes
and Sweetwater Pearl, SASS #56026, not fool anyone by being dressed as worn by the registered shooters.
for managing this most popular side a “Cowboy Memorial Chapel.”
match. Winners are indicated below. The aforementioned money col-
As the photographs indicate,
perhaps the most thrilling aspect of
the shoot was admiring the Mexican
and Mariachi costumes worn by
most shooters. Cameras were flash-
ing and smiles dominated the event.

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Page 74 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

END of TRAck ‘09

. By Jasper Agate, SASS #11697
Photos by Double Shot Darlin, SASS #70752
www.shutttterbug.com ,
ail Road Flat, CA – targets. The whole Plainsmen turned out to be the man with

R Once again we invaded

Taylor Park with our
campers, motor homes, and
match was a shoot clean
match. All misses were made
up with your shotgun. It was
the golden pipes!!
We started out on the bot-
tom end. There wasn’t a
tents for a rip-roaring good a blast. After Plainsmen, Bull breath of wind, and the air was
time at the third annual End Dog Rick, SASS Life #67896, wet and huge, very heavy. We
of Track. The High Sierra our range master, opened up had six blackpowder shooters
Drifters outdid themselves for the rest of the side on our posse, and not one of us
again. They hosted a wonder- matches. Along with the nor- knew how to download our
ful shoot that had us reminisc- mal speed matches, pocket pis- charges. It was a very chal-
ing of the High Sierra tol, and derringer, they had a lenging day, and those damn
Shootouts from yore. Manage- .22 event, long range, and pigs on Stage 14 just kept
ment had told me since they Quigley. Thursday night dancing around and laughing
were hosting two annuals a brought a Mexican potluck in at us. At least that’s what we
year, one would be up close and our camp, and afterwards the all thought they were doing, as
personal and the other would remainder of the evening was none of us could see a thing
be the old High Sierra. For spent wandering around the after a couple of blackpowder
those of you who have never different camps. rounds went down range. We
been to the great shoot at Rail- Friday morning came made it through the morning,
road Flats, CA, it’s been going early, real early, before the sun and while the rest of our posse
on for 25 years and holds won- rose. We had to be on the went back to camp, I stayed on
derful memories for a lot of us. range by 8:30 A.M. to shoot the the range to shoot the Wild
The High Sierra of old always first seven of 14 stages. Open- Bunch match. Denio, SASS
had challenging targets with ing ceremonies were not the #51564, had three stages for
some way out and hidden in same old thing. Peaceful, us to shoot. I think I worried
the brush. SASS #256, had an opening Irish Ike, SASS #43615, on
Thursday brought side prayer that was done very Stage Two. After I finished
match day. I normally don’t tastefully, with a blessing for shooting, he looked up at me
shoot too many side matches, our troops in harm’s way, and and said, “Where did that
but these guys are giving all then he had Ole Uffda, SASS come from?” Apparently I was
the money to charity and most #74748, sing the national an- just a couple of seconds behind
of us flipped out a twenty for them, and he was good!! He him, and that only happens on
tickets that were good for all was so good I sought him out, a blue moon!
the side matches. Fiddle Town shook his hand, and thanked Friday night was our first
Flash, SASS #19380, had 37 him. I was running our posse of two potlucks, with the High
shooters for his Plainsman and hadn’t looked in the book Sierra Drifters supplying the
match. We shot three stages, to see who was with us. Every- entrée. The food was out-
with the first one being a long one on our posse were old standing as usual. The even-
shotgun stage with all kinds of friends except one, and it (Continued on next page)

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 75
(Continued from previous page) where we got involved with a brand- Everyone was animatedly talking guys always do a good job of that!
ing brought more camp hopping with ing party. Yes, there was alcohol in- about what they had done or what the After the awards we all packed up
the majority of the campers ending volved, and half the revelers were plan was to beat the last group. and headed off in different direc-
up in Possum Hollow. running back to their camps to find After the steel was put up, it was tions, thinking of the next gathering
On Saturday we shot the upper something cool to be permanently time for the awards ceremony. Those in the meadows at Taylor Park.
end, and it went off without a hitch. marked with the Rocking 4 brand.
All the stages were well thought out Wil Cooner, SASS #59484, and Cap
and simple to comprehend. I think Roundtree, SASS #L6056, were the
having such a great posse makes primary culprits in defacing boots,
shooting the stages pretty darn sim- chaps, and gun carts.
ple! That evening Annie B. Restless, Sunday brought three different
SASS #58669, coordinated the cook- shoot-offs, the first being the Magnif-
ing of the entrée for another great icent Seven team shoot. The next
potluck. The side match awards event was The Tortoise and the Hare
were handed out at dinner, and then with the top 10 and the bottom 10
we set off for one more night of camp teamed together. Lastly it was the
hopping. We again ended up in Pos- top five men and the top five women
sum Hollow with a wonderful group shooting off. I didn’t participate but
of folks from the Ukiah Gun Club, went up to the range to watch the fun.

Winners Cowgirl Twisted Britches,

Overall SASS #76136
Top Man Speedy McDraw, B-Western Simpson Shootist,
SASS #60016 SASS #71732
Top Woman Pocket Change, L B-Western Turquoise Duchess,
SASS #85694 SASS #67884
Clean Match Wrangler Pine Box Peddler,
Sand Dab Sam, SASS #66339
SASS #9632 L Wrangler Molly Magoo,
Nug Pot, SASS #74540
SASS #23663 Open Fiddletown Flash
Categories L Open Annie B. Restless
Gunfighter Speedy McDraw S Duelist Wild Cat John,
Senior Wobbin Bob, SASS #37182
SASS #63710 F Cartridge J W Trader,
L Senior Pocket Change SASS #24189
Silver Senior Badmann Bob, Modern Sand Dab Sam
SASS #70751 S Gunfighter Sackett, SASS #9179
L Silver Senior Danville Dove, Duelist Sierra Sixgun,
SASS #53296 SASS #48952
49’er CC Dollar, C Cowboy Gus Ashcroft,
SASS #62609 SASS #27341
L 49’er Lady Bulldog, Frontiersman Irish Ike
SASS #L67897 F C Duelist Reno Slim,
E Statesman Deadeye Dick, SASS #L5460
SASS #L702 Traditional Blue Ridge Kid,
Cowboy Jeremiah Jonathan, SASS #75439
SASS #50325

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Page 76 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. 2010 bEAVER DIck ,

bLAck PowDER bLowouT
By Buckskin Dave, SASS #25968

not only get the shooter in the mood end of the match, but all in all, the
for the stage, but also reveal some smoke was back, blocking the last
history about Beaver Dick’s life. target or two of the stages.
The side matches took place on As I said, the stages revealed
the first day of the shoot. Ex- some of the background and his-
tremely high winds not only blew tory about Beaver Dick. His name
the long range bullets off path but was Richard Leigh, and he was
most of the shooters as well. I’m dubbed Beaver Dick because of his
not whining (well, maybe a little prowess as a trapper and his two
bit), but on the bright side, smoke front buck teeth. Beaver Dick was
blocking the shooter’s vision wasn’t married twice, both to Native
much of a problem. Also aggra- Americans. His first wife and six
vated by the wind were the cowboy children were all taken by the pox,
clays, speed shoots, and long range and his second wife bore him three
pistol and pistol caliber rifle children. Beaver Dick was also a El Gordo Hombre, SASS #14673,
events. Everybody survived, and superb hunting guide and guided took the Trap in his category.
only a few of the looser fitting hats
went blowing down the road. The
main match day was much better.
Buckskin Dave, SASS #25968, It winded up a little towards the
running the Iron Man

exburg, ID – Well, if you

R were planning to go to the

2010 Beaver Dick Black
Powder Blowout but didn‘t, sorry
we missed you. If you were there,
I am sure you had a great time.
On June fourth and fifth, 45 shoot-
ers gathered and braved the wind
and rain to make much smoke at
the Twin Butte Bunch’s no-berm
shooting range. If you have never
been here you are really missing Idaho Shady Layne took the Trap in his category
and also had the fastest match time.
out on a great range with great
stages and props.
The Beaver Dick Black Powder Winners Gunfighter Buckskin Dave,
Blowout is also an historic event. Overall SASS #25968
Named after Richard Leigh, a fa- Cowboy Idaho Packer, L Young Gun Lil Bit Idaho
SASS #45068 L 49’er Waya, SASS #62079
mous trapper and sportsman’s
Cowgirl Ruby Q Hammer, 49’er Rusty Bucket,
guide in the late 1800’s who settled SASS #48838 SASS #78518
in this area, shooters can feel Idaho Packer, SASS #45068, at the Catagories L Gunfighter Lemonade Lucy,
guided by the old boy. The scenarios outlaw shack during the Ironman Beaver Dick Idaho Packer, SASS #45069
SASS #45068 L Senior Idaho Sage Hen,
Buckaroo Little Sharpshooter SASS #61400
B-Western Col. Birdwell Hawkins, Senior Idaho Sage,
SASS #48998 SASS #48475
Cowboy Hardtwist Trader, L Wrangler Ruby Q Hammer,
SASS #45237 SASS #48838
C Cowboy Johnny Youngblood, L S Senior Silverado Bell,
SASS #36012 SASS #15469
Cowgirl Mo Shootin, L S Modern Missouri River Lo,
SASS #45276 SASS #55271
E Statesman Smokin Guns, S Modern Missouri River Kid,
SASS #13468 SASS #38088
F C Duelist Charlie Milo, S Statesman El Gordo Hombre,
SASS #62042 SASS #14673
F Cartridge Donkey Dude, Wrangler Idaho Shady Layne,
SASS #82091 SASS #48837
Grand Dame Clearwater Annie,
The Black Trap Trophy SASS #22719

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 77
wonder if the other posses were
visited by outlaw spirits of the past
at that stage?
This year we had an Iron Man
stage and a Man-on-Man. These
were great additions and a lot of
fun. The Iron Man was three
stages shot one right after another.
They were set apart so the shooter
had to pack his guns to each stage,
load and engage, and be off to the
next stage. The whole run part of
it was around 100+ yards or so.
The first stage was started loaded
like a normal stage, and the ammo
needed for each other stage was set
up at the stage or a table nearby.
As the shooter came to the next
stage, the rifle had to be loaded
Idaho Packer, SASS #45068, took the trap for the Beaver Dick Category and the pistol had to be de-brassed
and reloaded for the different sce-
President Teddy Roosevelt. the shotgun, but misses could be nario. That’s right! Each stage
The stages were fun, fast, and made up with any gun. Everybody had a different shooting order of
challenging. The Twin Butte should have shot this stage clean. the targets to remember.
Range has many old buildings and Stage Three was called Susan As always there was plenty to
a train car for realistic and historic after Dick’s second wife. It was eat and some of the finest fixins’
props. Some of the stages were staged around The Outlaw Shack found anywhere. It all culminated
shot from inside the buildings, and was based on defending the with the Awards Banquet and
some from outside, and some all homestead. This stage was a jinx steak and chicken dinner. There’s
the way through open doors and for our whole posse. The previous nothing better than visiting with
windows of the buildings. One of three stages, the whole posse old friends and making new ones
the stages, called Yellowstone, had smoked through with excellent with a juicy steak in front of you.
ten targets that could be engaged times. We stopped for lunch and There were plenty of prize give-
in any order with any gun, and all bam, this stage came up. There aways, and everybody went home
the shooter’s guns were staged on were more misfires, jammed shot- with something.
the table. Each target had to be hit guns, and other miscellaneous For this shoot, the Twin Butte
two times. If the shooter did his or blackpowder related mishaps, and
See HIGHLIGHTS on page 84
her job they wouldn’t have to touch everybody experienced them. I

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Page 78 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

. buNkhousE bIDNEss . By Bad Penny, SASS Life/Regulator #1453

scramble for the lower bunk here started as a small gathering of devo-
waddies, there’s lots of room. You tees of all things Western in 2000.
could water the whole herd in the What really helped here was an
fountains alone. It was the official entirely welcome and completely be-
residence of the Kings of France from nign, though well-armed, invasion
1682 to 1790 when they rolled out from Germany. That happened when
the guillotine to do some serious top- German Cowboy Action Shooter, Ari-
ping and tailing. The Sun King, zona Tom, SASS #30872, and the one
Louis XIV, played chess in the gar- he rode off into the sunset with, Bro-
dens on a huge chess layout using ken Arrow, galloped hard for the bor-
live servants as his chessmen. If he der loaded with guns and ammo
had been into Cowboy Action Shoot- ready to demonstrate Cowboy Action
Bad Penny, SASS #1453 ing™, just think what he might have Shooting™ at Trusty Phil’s rapidly
hung for targets! A whole new growing western show.
meaning to the words “big and close.” “In 2006 and for several years in
Contacts: Too gruesome. a row since, they drove from Ger-
Trusty Phil So you are going to get How The many to France at their own expense
email couvreur.ph2@wanadoo.fr East Was Won and how Cowboy Ac- to show the French crowds of shoot-
Secretary for France: tion Shooting™ came to France. ers, western buffs, and all kinds of
Any Wildflower It is a staple of the Western that blackpowder enthusiasts” the cow-
secretariat-owfs@sfr.fr a “Lone Ranger” can ride over the boy way, Trusty Phil recalls.
Secretary international: horizon and save the whole town for He simultaneously began using
Curly Red Ryder all that’s good, righteous, and the his magazines to talk up the new
pirenoux@wanadoo.fr cowboy way. Trusty Phil with wife, Leci, and shooting sport and soon the reaction
In France our hero is Trusty daughters, Agatha and Charlotte. came back from the public.
This isn’t going to be a normal Phil, SASS Life #28720. And, as is “How can I do that?” Trusty Phil
Bunkhouse Bidness, pards. only right and fitting, he got the girl, my favorite periods is the half century says was the response. “And Cowboy
Halfway through getting to know the beautiful Leci with whom he rode that won the West. I’ve always been Action Shooting™ France was born.”
Trusty Phil, SASS Life #28720, Cow- off into the sunset, and they had two interested in everything connected The infant grew rapidly and here
boy Action Shooting™ France #1 gorgeous daughters, Agathe (13) and with that segment of U.S. history.” Trusty Phil acknowledges the invalu-
(founder) and Honorary President, Charlotte (12), but whoa there, I’m As Chief Editor in the gun indus- able help of the “Italian Connection.”
Old West French Shooters #2 and getting ahead of myself. try press, he had been traveling to As a gun writer he had been in
Vice-President, and Paris Western Trusty Phil’s whole life seems a the SHOT Show since 1988. constant touch with those he calls
Show™ Manager and founder, I real- preparation for bringing Cowboy Ac- “There I met the Wild Bunch sev- “the big guys,” Alessandro Pietta
ized he didn’t have a bunkhouse. He tion Shooting™ to France, which he eral times and noticed the fast-grow- (Alchimista, SASS #41531) and Rino
puts on the Paris Western Show™ in finally did in 2007. ing sport of Cowboy Action Chiappa (Master Rino, SASS #5745)
the Tir National de Versailles, and “I’ve been involved in specialized Shooting™ in U.S. gun magazine ed- the Italian gun manufacturers, who
they danced Victorian dances on the gun magazines and the gun industry itorials.” All this inspired him to do make so many of the wonderful guns
grounds of the Palace, one of the most trade press for over 25 years, as well his level best to bring Cowboy Action we cowboys use as time machines to
magnificent buildings in all the world. as being an active hunter, shooter, Shooting™ to France. take us back to the good old days.
The Palace of Versailles ain’t no and collector, even re-enactor since I First, on his own, he launched The flow of Italian and French cow-
bunkhouse. No siree. No need to was 13 years old,” he told me. “One of the Paris Western Show™, which boys back and forth between the two

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 79

soon became OWFS #2 and Vice Pres- larger proportion of cap’n ball re- of the nine directors of OWFS are
ident while retaining his place with volvers since cartridge guns require women, and “we recently began to
Cowboy Action Shooting™ France. police permits, and cap’n ball guns register Buckaroos,” says Trusty Phil.
Trusty Phil puts all this down to don’t have to be registered. “We authorize anyone over 12 to
“typical Gallic warlike behavior.” I Cowboy Action Shooting™ is very shoot with parental approval and
countries—shooting matches and prefer to attribute it to that ab- much a family sport in France. Three (Continued on page 85)
training ROs—had its effect. solutely unshakable French dedica-
“When visiting Days of Truth in tion to Liberty. Look at the Paris
2007, I was almost alone,” Trusty skyline. Every single chimney is dif-
Phil recalls. “The next summer ferent from the one next to it. Build-
down at the European END of ing codes? Being on the “same
TRAIL Mazzano ranges, there were page?” Never!
some two dozen French shooters plus It was the great Charles de
VIP representatives of the French Gaulle, who somewhat ruefully re-
National Shooters’ Association sent marked, “it is impossible to govern a
to observe this new shooting sport.” country that produces 265 kinds of
In 2008 the first French Champi- cheese.” Vive la France! Who wants
onships of Cowboy Action Shooting™ to be governed? The West was wild,
were held at Tir National de Versailles and that’s why we yearn for it and
during the Paris Western Show™, and play the game.
it was a resounding success, thanks The infant is now bigger than a
largely to the “Italian Connection.” toddler. Some nine ranges through-
Trusty Phil commented he had out France, with most having two to
more difficulty with other shooters four dedicated Cowboy Action
than with the authorities in estab- Shooting™ bays, are putting on a
lishing Cowboy Action Shooting™ total of 10 to 12 matches a year all
France. Sound familiar? over France, with average atten-
The other shooters were those dance of some 25 – 30 shooters, 40 –
who claimed to have been “shooting 50 for the bigger matches. The big
cowboy for 20 years.” annual match called “Old West
“When discussing further and vis- Shooting Days” has since moved
iting them, I soon discovered they had from Trusty Phil’s Western Show at
been shooting bullseye or balloons Versailles to a larger, dedicated, and
with .30-30 ‘94s or Marlin .45-70s.” more convenient place, though the
“We finally got it done!” he exults. international Paris Western Show™
Of course, he was temporarily for- still retains Cowboy Action Shoot-
getting that France was still France. ing™ demonstrations. All ranges
While Cowboy Action Shooting™ have to be approved by Federation
France was operating with Trusty Francaise de Tir for liability insur-
Phil as #1 and Honorary President, ance purposes.
other folks formed a second Cowboy The Cowboy Action guns in
Action organization, the Old West France are much the same as in the
French Shooters (OWFS)—which is U.S. except there are no ‘97 shotguns.
also affiliated with SASS. Trusty Phil They are prohibited, and there are a
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Page 80 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 81

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Page 82 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 83

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Page 84 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

2010 Beaver Dick Black Powder Blowout . . .

(Continued from page 77)
Bunch has settled on the Black spring trap with the category and
Trap Award. This shoot is named winner on the pan? This is the
after a historic figure who hap- only place you can win it, pards,
pened to be a trapper. What better but you gotta shoot it to win it!
for an award than a double long See you next year.

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 85
Bunkhouse Bidness . . .
(Continued from page 79) rect” and useful Cowboy Action
ROs in close attendance,” he adds. Shooting™ can be in our fight to pro-
An ore cart on rails is the newest tect civilian ownership of firearms.
prop, and here’s a French side match After demonstrating Cowboy Ac-
or team shoot recipe to get the tion Shooting™ at a club, the board
adrenalin flowing. Take a full-sized was so delighted they invited him for
exact replica of a Wells Fargo stage- an after-shoot drink in a cafe across
coach, add four snorting, ground- the road. Not realizing the cafe was
pawing horses, stuff the coach with off the range property, Trusty Phil
howling and hollering cowboys and strolled over “dressed as a pistolero
cowgirls clutching 12 gauges loaded with two single actions showing on
with blackpowder blanks, and rip my sides,” as he recalls it. The pa-
past a bunch of balloons blazing trons reaction ranged from delight to
away at full speed. Mercifully, the astonishment, but, and here Trusty
recipe doesn’t call for any garlic! Phil goes into bold face capitals: “AB-
Next year at Tir Versailles—maybe. SOLUTELY NOBODY was scared.”
And here’s a story Trusty Phil Heck, just looking at him they
tells to point out how “politically cor- knew he was the good guy!

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Page 86 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

El mulo Vaquero aka Ken Griner 505-632-9712

2145 C. Pace St. NE- Covington, Ga. 30014

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 87


4409 N. 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016

David Espinoza 602-263-8164

for info: www.stevesgunz.com on


E-mail: gunsmith@bozemantrailarms.com

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Page 88 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010

FOR SALE: browning safari grade 458 Winchester mag. Jim Alaimo
bolt action riffle. NEW-unfired in deluxe browning case. Former Superintendent
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LONGHORN CATTLE DRIVES - Ranch vacations on gen-
uine family ranch. www.longhorn-cattle.com (620) 826-3649

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 89


Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
Alaska 49er’s 1st sat & 3rd sun Tripod 907-373-0140 birchwood AK fort White Cowboy Cavalry 2nd sat Pudy sharp 352-332-6212 fort White fL
Golden heart shootist society 2nd sat & Last sun Col. Reed 907-488-3903 Chatanika AK okeechobee Marshals 2nd sat & 4th sun Kid Celero 561-312-9075 okeechobee fL
Juneau Gold Miners Posse 3rd sun five Card Tanna 907-789-7498 Juneau AK big bend bushwhackers 2nd sun sixpence Kid 850-459-1107 Tallahassee fL
North Alabama Regulators 1st sun Drake Robey 256-313-0421 Woodville AL Panhandle Cowboys 2nd sun Panhandle b. Kid 850-432-1968 Pensacola fL
Alabama Rangers 2nd sun RC Moon 205-410-5707 brierfield AL Tater hill Gunfighters 2nd sun Judge JD Justice 941-629-4440 Arcadia fL
vulcan Long Rifles 3rd sat havana Jim 205-979-2931 hoover AL Weewahootee vigilance
Gallant Gunfighters 3rd sun buck D. Law 256-504-4366 hoover AL Committee 2nd sun Weewahootee 407-857-1107 orlando fL
old york shootists 4th sun Derringer Di 205-647-6925 hoover AL Lake County Pistoleros 3rd sat Deadwood Woody 352-357-3065 Tavares fL
Russell County Regulators 5th sat Will Killigan 706-568-0869 Phenix City AL southwest florida
Mountain valley vigilantes 1st Wkend Christmas Kid 501-625-3554 hot springs AR Gunslingers 3rd sat Jed Lewis 609-335-0346 Punta Gorda fL
outlaw Camp 2nd & 5th sat ozark outlaw 501-362-2963 heber springs AR Miakka Misfits 3rd sun Deadlee headlee 941-650-8920 Myakka City fL
Judge Parker’s Marshals 2nd sat Reno sparks 918-647-9704 fort smith AR Cowford Regulators 4th sat J bird blue 904-778-4184 Jacksonville fL
White River Gang 2nd sat Loco Toro 870-435-2768 Mountain home AR Indian River Regulators 4th sat belligerent orney bob 321-403-2940 Palm bay fL
Arkansas Lead slingers 2nd sat & 4th sun Dirty Dan Paladin 479-633-2107 Garfield AR Panhandle Cattle Company 4th sat Tac hammer 850-785-6535 Port st. Joe fL
south fork River Regulators 3rd sat Kid Thorn 870-488-5447 salem AR Doodle hill Regulators 4th sun Dave smith 813-645-3828 Ruskin fL
True Grit sAss 4th sun sister sundance 479-970-7042 belleville AR five County Regulators 4th sun Dead shot scott 239-261-2892 Punta Gorda fL
White Mountain old West Antelope Junction Rangers fri nite & 2nd sat Mayeye Rider 727-736-3977 Pineallas Park fL
shootists 1st & 3rd sat Mustang Lady sue 928-243-3457 snowflake AZ Withlacoochee Renegades Last sat hungry bear 850-929-2406 Pinetta fL
Rio salado Cowboy Action American old West Cowboys 1st sat Josey buckhorn 423-236-5281 flintstone GA
shooting society 1st sat bullseye bucky 480-980-2115 Mesa AZ River bend Rough Riders 1st sat Done Gone 770-361-6966 Dawsonville GA
Cowtown Cowboy valdosta vigilance Committee 1st sat big boyd 229-244-3161 valdosta GA
shooters, LLC 1st sun & 3rd sat barbwire 480-488-3064 Phoenix AZ Lonesome valley Regulators 1st sun Wishbone hooper 478-922-9384 Warner Robins GA
Arizona Cowboy shooters Doc holliday’s Immortals 2nd sat Easy Rider 770-954-9696 Griffin GA
Association, Inc 2nd sat big Tim 602-757-3728 Phoenix AZ Pale Riders 2nd sat Will Killigan 706-568-0869 Mauk GA
Tombstone Ghost Rider Mule Camp Cowboys 3rd sat sheriff Lord 706-337-4203 Covington GA
outlaws 2nd sat Wily yankee 520-400-5598 Tombstone AZ Tennessee Mountain
Whiskey Row Gunslingers 2nd sun Turquoise bill 928-925-7323 Prescott AZ Marauders 3rd sat Trail bones 423-842-6116 Ringgold GA
Colorado River Regulators 2nd sun & 4th sat Cherokee Cowboys 4th sat Joe West 706-864-9019 Gainesville GA
(sept-Jun) Crowheart 928-505-2200 Lake havasu AZ Maui Marshals 1st & 3rd sat bad burt 808-875-9085 Maui hI
Los vaqueros 3rd sat August West 520-544-7888 Tucson AZ single Action shootist
Mohave Marshalls 3rd sun ol’ Doc James 928-753-7136 Kingman AZ of hawaii 4th sun brandebuck 808-351-9260 honolulu hI
Tonto Rim Marauders 3rd sun silverado Cid 928-595-1230 Payson AZ Turkeyfoot Cowboys 1st sat (Mar-Nov) Ranger Mathias 319-234-1550 Elk Run heights IA
Altar valley Pistoleros 3rd sun & 5th sun Mean Raylean 520-235-0394 Tucson AZ fort Des Moines
Arizona yavapai Rangers 4th sat Whisperin Meadows 928-567-9227 Camp verde AZ Rangers., Inc 1st sun (Apr-oct) Pit Mule 515-205-0557 Indianola IA
Dusty bunch old Western outlaw’s Run 2nd sun Capt. Jim Midnight 712-623-5726 Red oak IA
shooters 4th sat squibber 520-568-2852 Casa Grande AZ Zen shootists 4th sat (Mar-oct) Renegade slim 515-987-0721 Nevada IA
Tombstone buscaderos 4th sat Diamond Pak 520-780-4852 Tombstone AZ Gunslingers of flaming
Colorado River shootists 4th sun ClueLass 928-726-7727 yuma AZ heart Ranch 1st sat Jughandle Jack 208-634-3121 Council ID
sunnyvale Regulators 1st & 3rd Mon shaniko Jack 650-464-3764 Cupertino CA southeast Idaho Practical
West End outlaws 1st & 3rd sat Rob banks 714-206-6893 Lytle Creek CA shooters 1st sat Idaho Packer 208-589-5941 Idaho falls ID
silver Queen Mine Regulators 1st & 3rd sun T. E. Kidd 562-598-7771 Azusa CA squaw butte Regulators 1st sun & 2nd sat Acequia Kidd 208-365-4551 Emmett ID
Escondido bandidos 1st sat Devil Jack 760-741-3229 Escondido CA border Marauders 1st sun & 4th sat Mud Marine 208-597-6191 bonners ferry ID
Lassen Regulators 1st sat Chief Wages 530-257-3402 susanville CA El buscaderos 2nd & 4th sun oddman 208-437-0496 spirit Lake ID
The outlaws 1st sat Terrell sackett 916-363-1648 sacramento CA Northwest shadow Riders 2nd sat silverado belle 208-743-5765 Lewiston ID
Two Rivers Posse 1st sat & 4th sun Dragon 209-836-4042 Manteca CA southern Idaho Rangers 2nd sat Gordo Perro 208-234-7121 Pocatello ID
hole In The Wall Gang 1st sun frito bandito 661-406-6001 Piru CA oregon Trail Rough Riders 2nd sun & 3rd sat John bear 208-562-1914 boise ID
Mother Lode shootist society 1st sun sioux City Kid 209-795-4175 Jamestown CA hell’s Canyon Ghost Riders 3rd sat J.P. sloe 208-798-0826 Moscow ID
River City Regulators 1st sun Point of orgin 530-304-5616 Davis CA Twin butte bunch 3rd sat Idaho Packer 208-589-5941 Rexburg ID
5 Dogs Creek 1st Wknd Mad Dog Draper 805-497-2857 bakersfield CA Panhandle Regulators 3rd sun halfcocked otis 509-991-5842 otis orchards ID
Cajon Cowboys 2nd & 4th sat bojack 760-956-8852 Devore CA snake River Western
Chorro valley Regulators 2nd & 5th sun Marshal Chance 805-460-9082 san Luis obispo CA shooting society 3rd sun & 4th sat Missy Mable 208-731-6387 Jerome ID
buffalo Runners 2nd sat Nyack Jack 916-812-0434 Rail Road flat CA shady Creek shootists 1st & 4th sun Dapper Dan Porter 309-734-2324 Little york IL
California Rangers 2nd sat Paniolo Lady 916-483-9198 sloughhouse CA Rangeless Riders 1st sat The Inspector 618-345-5048 highland IL
Dulzura Desperados 2nd sat hashknife Willie 619-271-1481 san Diego CA The Lakewood Marshal’s 1st sat Pine Ridge Jack 618-838-9410 Cisne IL
Guns in the sun 2nd sat Johnny 2moons 760-346-0972 Palm springs CA boneyard Creek Regulators 1st sun Wild Pike 217-356-5136 Newman IL
shasta Regulators of Kishwaukee valley
hat Creek 2nd sat Cayenne Pepper 530-275-3158 burney CA Regulators 1st sun Grasshopper bCI 815-758-1946 sycamore IL
brimstone Pistoleros 2nd sun Rowdy yates 714-532-2922 Lucerne valley CA Kaskaskia Cowboys 2nd sat beaucoup Joe 618-521-3619 sparta IL
Double R bar Regulators 2nd sun five Jacks 760-949-3198 Lucerne valley CA The free Grazers 2nd sat fossil Creeek bob 217-821-3134 Effingham IL
high sierra Drifters 2nd sun Peaceful 209-293-4456 Railroad flat CA Tri County Cowboys 2nd sat sierra hombre 815-967-6333 hazelhurst IL
Richmond Roughriders 2nd sun buffy 650-994-9412 Richmond CA Illinois River City Regulators 2nd sun uncle outlaw 309-360-6152 East Peoria IL
The over The hill Gang 2nd sun Kooskia Kid 818-566-7900 sylmar CA vermilion River Long Riders 2nd sun Lead Poison Lar 815-875-3674 Leonore IL
bridgeport vigilantes 3rd sat bee blest 760-932-1139 bridgeport CA Nason Mining Company
burro Canyon Gunslingers 3rd sat Don Trader 714-827-7360 Meyers Canyon CA Regulators 3rd & 5th sat Diggins Dave 618-438-6401 benton IL
Gold Country Wild bunch 3rd sat sutter Lawman 530-713-4194 sloughouse CA Litchfield sportsman’s Club 3rd sat Ross haney 618-667-9819 Litchfield IL
Nevada City Peacemakers 3rd sat Marlin schofield 530-265-9213 Nevada City CA Macoupin County Regulators 3rd sat one Good Eye 618-585-3956 bunker hill IL
North County shootist Assoc. 3rd sat Graybeard 760-727-9160 Pala CA McLean County Peacemakers 3rd sat Marshall RD 309-379-4331 bloomington IL
Robbers Roost vigilantes 3rd sat Nasty Newt 760-375-7618 Ridgecrest CA fort beggs Defenders 3rd sun Torandado 815-302-8305 Plainfield IL
shasta Regulators 3rd sat Modoc 530-365-1839 Redding CA Illowa Irregulars 3rd sun (Apr-oct) shamrock sis 309-798-2635 Milan IL
high Desert Cowboys 3rd sun Doc silverhawks 661-948-2543 Acton CA Marion County Renegades 4th sat shell stuffer 618-266-9813 sandoval IL
Kings River Regulators 3rd sun slick Rock Rooster 559-299-8669 Clovis CA Long Nine Cowboys, Inc. 4th sun Postman 217-415-1118 Loami IL
Murieta Posse 3rd sun Grizzly Peak Jake 530-676-2997 sloughhouse CA Good Guys Posse 4th sun (Apr-oct) Dangerous Denny 815-245-7264 Rockford IL
Panorama Northfield Raiders 3rd sun Desperado 818-341-7255 sylmar CA salt River Renegades As sched Lily Mae 217-985-4915 barry IL
south Coast Rangers 3rd sun swifty schofield 805-886-3360 santa barbara CA Daleville Desperados 1st sat flat Water bob 765-284-0405 Daleville IN
ukiah Gun Club 3rd sun Will bonner 707-462-1466 ukiah CA Cutter’s Raiders 1st sat Midnite Desperado 574-893-7214 Warsaw IN
California shady Ladies 4th sat Lady Gambler 916-447-2040 sloughhouse CA Atlanta Cattle Company 2nd sat bear Creek Reverend 765-652-1525 Atlanta IN
Coyote valley sharp shooters 4th sat Wif 408-448-3256 san Jose CA Pleasant valley Renegades 2nd sat Nomore slim 812-839-3052 Canaan IN
Deadwood Drifters 4th sat Lusty Lil 323-353-3898 Piru CA schuster’s Rangers 2nd sun (Apr-Nov) Coal Car Kid 219-759-3498 Chesterton IN
Mad River Rangers 4th sat Kid Kneestone 707-445-1981 blue Lake CA Pine Ridge Regulators 3rd sat Mountain Preacher 765-795-3016 Cloverdale IN
Pozo River vigilance Circle R Cowboys 3rd sat Mustang bill 219-279-2781 brookston IN
Committee 4th sat Dirty sally 805-438-4817 santa Margarita CA Thunder valley 3rd sat Redneck Rebel 812-755-4237 Campbellsburg IN
hawkinsville Claim Jumpers 4th sat & 5th sat Lethal Les L’Amour 530-843-4506 yreka CA Wolff’s Rowdy Rangers 3rd sat Justice D. spencer 574-264-2012 bristol IN
faultLine shootist society 4th sun Querida 831-635-9147 Gonzales CA starke County Desert 4th sat Whip Mccord 219-942-5859 Knox IN
The Cowboys 4th sun Captain Jake 714-318-6948 Norco CA Wabash Rangers 4th sat henry Remington 217-267-2820 Cayuga IN
The Range 4th sun Grass v.federally 530-273-4440 Grass valley CA Red brush Raiders 4th sat Doc Goodluck 812-721-1188 Newburgh IN
sloughhouse Irregulators 5th sat & sun badlands bud 530-677-0368 sloughhouse CA Deer Creek Regulators 4th sun Doc Molar 765-948-3844 Jonesboro IN
Colorado Cowboys 1st sat El Gato Gordo 719-683-6713 Lake George Co Wildwood Wranglers 4th sun vooDooMAN 219-872-2721 Michigan City IN
Colorado shaketails 1st sun Midnite slim 719-660-2742 Ramah Co Indiana black Powder Guild As sched C. C. Top 574-354-7186 Etna Green IN
san Juan Rangers 1st sun Kodiak Kid 970-252-1841 Montrose Co butterfield Gulch Gang 1st sun Kanasa flatlander 785-493-5682 Chapman Ks
Windygap Regulators 1st Wknd Piedra Kidd 970-565-9228 Cortez Co Powder Creek Cowboys 2nd & 4th sat
ben Lomond high Plains Drifters 2nd sun sand River slim 303-771-1920 Ramah Co & 4th Wed Eldorado Wayne 913-686-5314 Lenexa Ks
Castle Peak Wildshots 2nd sun old squinteye 970-524-9348 Gypsum Co Mill brook Wranglers 2nd sun Grandpa buckten 785-421-2537 hill City Ks
four Corners Rifle and free state Rangers 3rd & 5th sun buffalo Phil 913-904-8733 Parker Ks
Pistol Club 2nd sun Capt. W. K. Kelso 970-565-3840 Cortez Co sand hill Regulators 3rd sat Goat Roper 620-345-3151 hutchinson Ks
Montrose Marshals 2nd sun big hat 970-249-7701 Montrose Co Capital City Cowboys 4th sun Top 785-313-0894 Topeka Ks
Pawnee station 3rd sat Red River Wrangler 970-225-0545 Wellington Co Chisholm Trail Antique
Rockvale bunch 3rd sat Ghostmaker 719-275-5265 Rockvale Co Gun Association 4th sun y. s hardey 620-367-2636 Wichita Ks
four Corners Gunslingers 3rd sun Cereza slim 970-247-0745 Durango Co Kentucky Regulators 1st sat Derby 270-489-2089 boaz Ky
Thunder Mountain shootists 3rd Wknd Pinto being 970-464-7118 Grand Junction Co hooten old Town Regulators 1st sat (Mar - Dec) bullfork shotgun Red 606-782-0239 Mckee Ky
Northwest Colorado Rangers 4th sat sagebrush burns 970-824-8407 Craig Co Knob Creek Gunfighters Guild 1st sun Cumberland Drifter 502-548-3860 West Point Ky
Pawnee sportsmens Center 4th sat Governor General 970-656-3851 briggsdale Co Green River Gunslingers 2nd sat yak 270-792-9001 bowling Green Ky
black Canyon Ghost Riders 4th sun Double bit 970-874-8745 hotchkiss Co Lonesome Pine Pistoleros 2nd sun Isom Kid 606-633-4465 Jeremiah Ky
sand Creek Raiders 4th sun sweet Water bill 303-366-8827 byers Co ohio River Rangers 3rd sat George Rogers 270-554-1501 Paducah Ky
Ledyard sidewinders 1st sat yosemite Gene 860-536-0887 Ledyard CT Levisa fork Lead slingers 4 th sun Escopeta Jake 606-631-4613 Pikeville Ky
CT valley bushwackers 2nd sun Cayuse 203-457-1031 East Granby CT fox bend Peacemakers 4th sun Tocala sam 859-552-9000 Wilmore Ky
Paden’s Posse 3rd sun hazel Pepper 302-422-6534 seaford DE border vigilantes 1st sat Cooper york 504-722-8988 sorrento LA
Gold Coast Gunslingers 1st sat L. Topay 305-233-5756 fort Lauderdale fL up The Creek Gang 2nd & 4th sat hardly Able 337-474-5058 Lake Charles LA
howey In the hills Cowboys 1st sat ol Glor E 352-455-6508 howey in the hills fL bayou bounty hunters 2nd sat soiled Dove 985-796-9698 Amite LA
Ghost Town Gunslingers 1st sun Macinaw 904-307-3532 st. Augustine fL Cajun Cowboy shooters
hernando County Regulators 1st sun shady brady 352-686-1055 brooksville fL society 2nd sun Durango Dan 225-752-2288 baton Rouge LA

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Page 90 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
Cypress Creek Cowboys 2nd Wknd Mav Dutchman 318-396-6320 Downsville LA Monument springs
Grand Ecore vigilantes 3rd sat ouachita Kid 318-932-6637 Natchitoches LA bushwhackers 4th sat val Darrant 575-370-0650 hobbs NM
Guns of sabine Pass 3rd sat hobbel-A-Long 337-463-5690 hineston LA Picacho Posse 4th sat fast hammer 505-647-3434 Las Cruces NM
Deadwood Marshals 4th sat barkeeps 225-715-8711 sorrento LA Tres Rios bandidos 4th sun Largo Casey 505-330-2489 farmington NM
Jackson hole Regulators 4th sat slick McClade 318-395-2224 Quitman LA high Plains Drifters 1st sun Irish Ike 775-424-2336 fernley Nv
Danvers Desperados As sched Cyrus Cy Klopps 781-667-2857 Middleton MA Eldorado Cowboys 1st Wknd Charming 702-565-3736 boulder City Nv
harvard Ghost Riders As sched yosemite Kid 781-373-2411 harvard MA fort halleck volunteers 2nd & 4th sat (Call) Green springs Thomsen 775-753-8203 Elko Nv
shawsheen River Rangers As sched yukon Willie 978-663-3342 bedford MA Lone Wolf shooters, LLC 2nd & 5th sun Penny Pepperbox 775-727-4600 Pahrump Nv
Gunnysackers sat Nantucket Dawn 781-749-6951 scituate MA Nevada Rangers Cowboy Action
Eas’dern shore Renegades 1st sat Teton Tracy 302-378-7854 sudlersville MD shooting society 2nd sun Cross Keystone 702-506-7023 Jean Nv
Thurmont Rangers 1st sun Cody Conagher 304-258-1419 Thurmont MD Roop County Cowboy
Monocacy Irregulars 2nd sat Church Key 304-229-8266 frederick MD shooters Association 2nd sun Russ T. Chambers 775-747-1426 sparks Nv
Damascus Wildlife Rangers 4th sat (Mar-Nov) Chuckaroo 301-831-9666 Damascus MD Desert Desperados 3rd sun buffalo sam 702-459-6454 Las vegas Nv
beaver Creek Desperados As sched Jimmy Reb 207-698-4436 sanford / springvale ME silver state shootists 3rd sun Tahoe bill 775-586-9178 Carson City Nv
big Pine bounty hunters As sched Ripley scrounger 207-876-3541 Willmantic ME steptoe valley Raiders 4th sat Cheyenne Kid 775-296-2053 Ely Nv
blue hill Regulators As sched Dangerous D. Dalton 207-667-3586 blue hill ME silver City shooters society 4th sun Iona vequero 775-764-0257 Indian springs Nv
Capitol City vigilance Alabama Gunslingers 1st sat bum Thumb 585-343-3906 Alabama Ny
Committee As sched Mark Lake 207-622-9400 Augusta ME Tioga County Cowboys 1st sat Dusty Drifter 607-659-3819 owego Ny
hurricane valley Rangers As sched Leo 207-829-3092 falmouth ME Crumhorn Mountain Cowboys 1st sun Lefty Cooper 607-547-6008 Maryland Ny
Rockford Regulators 1st sat No Cattle 616-363-2827 Rockford MI Pathfinder Pistoleros 1st sun (Apr-Nov) sonny 315-695-7032 fulton Ny
River bend Rangers 2nd sat Pitmaster 574-276-8805 Niles MI boot hill Regulators 1st sun (Apr-oct) Judge Zaney Grey 845-352-7921 Chester Ny
butcher butte bunch 2nd sun Grubby hardrock 810-750-0655 fenton MI salt Port vigilance Committee 2nd sat Twelve bore 585-613-8046 holley Ny
Double barrel Gang 2nd sun Dakota fats 269-721-8190 hastings MI bar-20, Inc. 2nd sat (Apr-Nov) badlands buck 315-637-3492 West Eaton Ny
Chippewa Regulators 3rd sat Lazy Eye ben 906-632-2720 sault ste. Marie MI border Rangers 2nd sun (Apr-oct) Dammit Dick 607-724-6216 Greene Ny
sucker Creek saddle hole In The Wall Gang Ny 3rd sat El fusilero 631-864-1035 Calverton Ny
& Gun Club 3rd sat Cree vicar Dave 989-654-3636 breckenridge MI Diamond four 3rd sat (Apr-oct) Kayutah Kid 607-796-0573 odessa Ny
hidden valley Cowboys 3rd sun saulk valley stubby 269-651-5197 sturgis MI Circle K Regulators 3rd sun smokehouse Dan 518-885-3758 ballston spa Ny
Eagleville Cowboys 4th sat Trusty Rusty 231-342-6462 Central Lake MI D bar D Wranglers 4th sat Captain M.A.f 845-226-8611 Wappingers fall Ny
Johnson Creek Regulators 4th sat Gabby Glenn 248-474-0590 Plymouth MI sackets harbor vigilantes 4th sun Ranger Clayton Conagher 315-465-6543 sackets harbor Ny
Rocky River Regulators As sch Terrebonne bud 248-709-5254 utica MI The Long Riders 4th sun Loco Poco Lobo 585-467-4429 shortsville Ny
saginaw field & stream Club As sched bad River Marty 989-585-3292 saginaw MI Mythical Rough Riders 5th sun Rev Dave Clayton 716-838-4286 hamburg Ny
Lapeer County sportsmans Rockdale Renegades As sched scheriff Richie 607-783-2752 Rockdale Ny
Club Wranglers sun flat Water Johnny 314-378-5689 Attica MI The shadow Riders As sched Dusty Levis 646-284-4010 Westhampton beach Ny
Cedar valley vigilantes 1st & 3rd sat D M yankee 612-701-9719 Morristown MN East End Regulators Last sun Diamond Rio 631-585-1936 Westhampton Ny
Crow River Rangers 1st sun Cantankerous Jeb 763-682-3710 howard Lake MN big Irons 1st sat Deadwood stan 513-894-3500 Middletown oh
Lookout Mountain Gunsmoke Middletown sportsmens
society 2nd sat Wagonmaster 218-744-4694 virginia MN Club, Inc. 1st sat Deadwood stan 513-894-3500 Middletown oh
Granite City Gunslingers 2nd sat & 5th sat Rev. Cepheus 320-267-6576 saint Cloud MN Tusco Long Riders 1st sat split Rail 330-364-6185 Midvale oh
fort belmont Regulators 2nd sun (Apr-sept) Mule Town Jack 507-840-0883 Jackson MN West Jeff Ghostriders 1st sun Col. Cord McNalley 614-563-6070 West Jefferson oh
East Grand forks Rod & firelands Peacemakers 1st Wed, 3rd sat
Gun Club 3rd sun bb Gunner 218-779-8555 East Grand forks MN & 5th sun Johnny shiloh 440-984-4551 Rochester oh
Ike’s Clantons 4th sun (Apr-sep) Dawgnapper 320-275-2052 New ulm MN sandusky County Regulators 2nd sat Woodfox 419-726-7950 Gibsonburg oh
The ozark Posse 1st sat Tightwad swede 417-846-5142 Cassville Mo shenango River Rats 2nd sat & Last Thurs
Rocky branch Rangers 1st sun Iza Littleoff 816-524-1462 higginsville Mo (May-oct) shenango Joe 330-782-0958 yankee Lake oh
West Plaines Waddies 2nd & 5th sat buckshot baby 417-284-1432 Tecumseh Mo Miami valley Cowboys 2nd sun buckshot Jones 937-418-7816 Piqua oh
Moniteau Creek River Raiders 2nd sun Doolin Riggs 573-687-3103 fayette Mo scioto Territory Desperados Inc. 3rd & 5th sun Pickaway Tracker 740-477-1881 Chillicothe oh
Central ozarks Western Wilmington Rough Riders 3rd sat Paragon Pete 740-626-7667 Wilmington oh
shooters 3rd sun X s Chance 573-765-5483 st. Robert Mo AuGlaize Rough Riders 3rd sun Deputy Diamond Desperado 419-722-6345 Defiance oh
Gateway shootist society 3rd sun bounty seeker 636-464-6569 st. Louis Mo ohio valley vigilantes 4th sat D. J. McDraw 740-767-2326 Mt. vernon oh
southern Missouri Rangers 4th Wknd smokie 417-759-9114 Willard Mo Central ohio Cowboys 4th sun ( Mar-Nov) stagecoach hannah 614-868-9821 Circleville oh
Natchez six Gunners 1st sat Winchester 601-445-5223 Natchez Ms Miami Rifle and Pistol Club Inc. As sched Carson 513-753-6462 Milford oh
Mississippi Peacemakers 3rd sat squinter 601-825-8640 Mendenhall Ms Jackson six shooters Last sat (Mar-oct) flat Iron fred 330-538-2690 North Jackson oh
Mississippi River Rangers 4th & 5th sat Easy Lee 662-838-7451 byhalia Ms shortgrass Rangers 1st sat & 3rd sun Captain Allyn Capron 580-357-5870 Grandfield oK
honorable Road Agents Cherokee strip shootists 1st sun Paladenton 405-547-2533 stillwater oK
shooting society 1st sat Diamond Red 406-685-3618 Ennis MT Rattlesnake Mountain Rangers 2nd sat black River Jack 918-908-0016 Checotah oK
sun River Rangers Tulsey Town Cattlemens
shooting society 1st sun & 4th sat Jeb stuart 406-727-7625 simms MT Association 2nd sat & 4th sat Curly Thom Mabry 918-376-4376 Tulsa oK
Gallatin valley Regulators 2nd sat (Apr-sep) Gooch hill Drifter 406-763-4268 Logan MT oklahoma Territorial Marshals 2nd sat & 4th sun Missouri Mae 405-373-1472 oklahoma City oK
Rocky Mountain Rangers 2nd Wknd Jocko 406-847-0745 Noxon MT Indian Territory single Action 2nd sun, 3rd sat,
bigfork buscaderos 3rd sat bodie Camp 406-883-6797 bigfork MT shooting society 4th Wed & 5th sun burly bill 918-830-2936 sand springs oK
Custer County stranglers 3rd sat hartshot 406-232-0727 Miles City MT Tater hill Regulators 3rd sun Taos Willie 918-355-2849 Tulsa oK
Last Chance handgunners 3rd sat (Apr-Jul) bocephus bandito 406-439-4476 boulder MT horse Ridge Pistoleros Inc. 1st & 3rd sun big Casino 541-389-2342 bend oR
Lincoln County Regulators 4th sat Gideon Withette 406-250-4790 Eureka MT Dry Gulch Desperados 1st sat Runamuck 509-525-2984 Milton freewater oR
Montana Territory Peacemakers 4th sat backstrap bill 406-652-6158 billings MT Merlin Marauders 1st sat bear bone smith 541-582-4144 Merlin oR
Neuse River Regulators 1st & 3rd sat Paddi MacGarrett 910-938-3682 New bern NC Molalla River Rangers 1st sat Gold Dust bill 503-705-1211 Canby oR
old hickory Regulators 1st sat Wendover Kid 252-908-0098 Rocky Mount NC siuslaw River Rangers 1st sun Johnny Jingos 541-997-6313 florence oR
old North state Posse 1st sat Tracker Mike 336-595-8853 salisbury NC Table Rock Rangers 1st sun & 2nd sat Jed I. Knight 541-944-2281 White City oR
Walnut Grove Rangers 1st sat hiem 828-245-5563 Rutherfordton NC Pine Mountain Posse 2nd sun Cowboss 541-548-7325 bend oR
Carolina Rough Riders 1st sun Pecos Pete 704-394-1859 Charlotte NC Klamath Cowboys 2nd sun & 4th sat Mad River Mongo 541-884-1905 Keno oR
Carolina single Action Jefferson state Regulators 3rd sat Jed I. Knight 541-944-2281 Ashland oR
shooting society 2nd & 5th sun Carolina’s Longarm 919-383-7567 Eden NC oregon Trail Regulators 3rd sat Willie Killem 541-443-6591 La Grande oR
buccaneer Range Regulators 2nd sat Dodge City Dude 910-270-3351 Wilmington NC orygun Cowboys 3rd sat & 4th sat Dog-leg Don 702-378-9885 sherwood oR
Carolina Cattlemen’s shooting oregon old West shooting
and social society 2nd sat Wicked Wanda 919-266-1678 Creedmore NC society 3rd sun & 4th sat Mid valley Drifter 541-259-2774 Albany oR
high Country Cowboys 2nd sat Wild otter 828-423-7796 Asheville NC fort Dalles Defenders 4th sun frisco Nell 360-835-5630 The Dalles oR
bostic vigilantes 2th sat bostic Kid 704-434-2174 bostic NC umpqua Regulators 4th sun big Lou 541-484-5900 Roseburg oR
Cross Creek Cowboys 3rd sat huckleberry Mike 910-980-0572 Wagram NC Lewis River Rangers As sch Johnny Colt 503-289-1280 st. helens oR
Gunpowder Creek Regulators 3rd sat fannie Kikinshoot 828-754-1884 Lenoir NC Columbia County Cowboys As sched Kitty Colt 503-642-4120 st. helens oR
Piedmont Gunslingers 3rd sun sam Carp 704-596-7120 Churchland NC Dry Gulch Rangers 1st sat Pepc holic 724-263-1461 Midway PA
Iredell Regulators 4th sat stump Water 704-630-9527 statesville NC Perry County Regulators 1st sat Tuscarora slim 717-789-3004 Ickesburg PA
badlands bandits (The) 3rd sat Roughrider Ray 701-260-0347 belfield ND boot hill Gang of Topton 1st sun Lester Moore 610-704-6792 Topton PA
Dakota Rough Riders As sched RoughRider Jim bob 701-673-3122 Moffit ND Chimney Rocks Regulators 1st sun hattie hubbs 814-696-5669 hollidaysburg PA
Trestle valley Rangers As sched Doc hell 701-852-1697 Minot ND factoryville freebooters 1st sun Tad sloe 570-489-0652 factoryville PA
sheyenne valley Peacekeepers Last sat (Apr-sep) Wild River Rose 701-588-4331 Kindred ND Whispering Pines Cowboy
Platte valley Gunslingers 1st sun firewater 308-226-2255 Grand Island NE Committee 1st sun Mac Traven 570-723-8885 Wellsboro PA
Alliance Cowboy Club 2nd sun Panhandle slim Miles 308-760-0568 Alliance NE Conestoga Wagoneers 1st sun (Dec-Mar) No Change 215-431-2302 southampton PA
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club 2nd sun (Apr-oct) flint valdez 712-323-8996 Louisville NE heidelberg Lost Dutchmen 2nd sat Ivory Rose 717-627-0694 schaefferstown PA
flat Water shootists of the Logans ferry Regulators 2nd sat (Apr-Nov) Mariah Kid 412-607-5313 Plum borough PA
Grand Island Rifle Club 3rd sun fortyfour Maggie 308-383-4605 Grand Island NE Mainville Marauders 2nd sun Dodge bill 570-477-5667 Mainville PA
The Dalton Gang shooting The Dakota badlanders 2nd sun barley Pop bill 610-770-1189 orefield PA
Club, of Nh LLC 3rd Wknd (Apr-oct) Littleton s. Dalton 603-444-6876 Dalton Nh Westshore Posse 2nd sun hud McCoy 717-683-2632 New Cumberland PA
Merrimack valley Marauders As sched sheriff R. P. bucket 603-345-6876 Pelham Nh River Junction shootist society 3rd sat Deputy Keck 724-423-6255 Donegal PA
Pemi valley Peacemakers As sched Laconia 603-524-2240 holderness Nh Jefferson outlaws 3rd sat (Mar-Nov) oracle Jones 410-239-6795 Jefferson PA
White Mountain Regulators As sched Dead head 603-772-2358 Candia Nh Easton Greenhorns 3rd sat (Mar-oct) Ragweed 610-847-2798 Lower saucon PA
Jackson hole Gang 4th sun (Mar-Nov) Papa Grey 732-961-6834 Jackson NJ blue Mountain Rangers 3rd sun Cathy fisher 610-488-0619 hamburg PA
Magdalena Trail Drivers 1st & 3rd sat Grizzly Adams 575-854-2488 Magdalena NM Matamoras Mavericks 3rd sun hammerin steel 570-296-5853 Milford PA
Rio Rancho Regulators 1st & 4th sat sam brannan 505-400-2468 Rio Rancho NM silver Lake bounty hunters 3rd sun Marshal T. J. buckshot 570-663-3045 Montrose PA
otero Practical shooting Purgatory Regulators 3rd Wknd Dry Gulch Geezer 814-827-2120 Titusville PA
Association 1st sat saguaro sam 505-437-3663 La Luz NM Elstonville hombres 4th sun basket Lady 717-949-3970 Manheim PA
buffalo Range Riders 1st sun Garrison Joe 505-323-8487 founders Ranch NM stewart’s Regulators 4th sun sodbuster burt 724-479-8838 shelocta PA
Chisum Cowboy Gun Club 1st sun Two bit Tammy 575-626-9201 Roswell NM El Posse Grande 4th sun (Mar-oct) black hills barb 570-538-9163 Muncy valley PA
bighorn vigilantes 2nd sat Lawdog bob 505-883-8829 Edgewood NM Lincoln County Lawmen 4th sun Wyoming blink 401-385-9907 foster RI
Lincoln County Regulators 2nd sat John steele 575-937-3023 Ruidoso NM Palmetto Posse 1st sat Dun Gamblin 803-422-5587 Columbia sC
high Desert Drifters 2nd sun Phillip Doboy Taylor 505-286-6686 Edgewood NM Piedmont Regulators 2nd sat Chase Randall 864-637-8873 Anderson sC
Rio Grande Renegades 2nd Wed, 3rd sat, 4th sun, hurricane Riders 3rd sat saloon Keeper 843-361-2277 Aynor sC
& 5th sat/ sun English Lyn 505-550-9230 Albuquerque NM savannah River Rangers 3rd sun surly Dave 803-892-2812 Gaston sC
Gila Rangers 2nd Wknd Chico Cheech 575-388-2531 silver City / Mimbres NM Geechee Gunfighters 4th sat Edisto Ike 843-869-2429 Ridgeville sC
seven Rivers Regulators 3rd sat stink Creek Jones 575-885-9879 Carlsbad NM Greenville Gunfighters 4th sun Cowboy Junky 864-414-5578 Greenville sC

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 91


Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
Cottonwood Cowboy Association 2nd sun Dakota Nailbender 605-520-5212 Clark sD frontier Regulators 2nd sat Captain Tay 304-265-5748 Thorton Wv
black hills shootist Association 3rd sun hawkbill smith 605-342-8946 Pringle sD The Railtown Rowdys 2nd sun Miss Print 304-589-6162 bluefield Wv
bald Mountain Renegades 4th sun hilltop Kid 605-392-2319 faulkton sD Rocky holler Regulators 3rd sun Jessee Earp 304-425-2023 Princeton Wv
bitter Creek Rangers, The 1st sat silver stallion 931-707-9452 Crossville TN Kanawha valley Regulators 3rd Wknd Pike Marshall 304-925-9342 Eleanor Wv
Greene County Regulators 1st sat Mort Dooley 423-335-0847 Rogersville TN Cowboy Action shooting
Wartrace Regulators 1st sat & 3rd sat sports, Inc. 4th sun (Mar-Nov) Jackson 540-678-0735 Largent Wv
(Apr-sept) Will Reily 615-948-4143 Wartrace TN Cheyenne Regulators, Inc. 1st sat Dr. frank Powell 307-637-0350 Cheyenne Wy
Memphis Gunslingers 2nd sat Loco Perro 662-838-9803 Arlington TN Colter’s hell Justice Committee
oRsA Cowboys 2nd sat Keystone 865-755-2567 oak Ridge TN WsAs 1st sat yakima Red 307-254-2090 various Locations Wy
North West Tennessee Longriders 3rd sat Can’t shoot Dillion 731-885-8102 union City TN bessemer vigilance Committee 1st sun smokewagon bill 307-472-1926 Casper Wy
Tennessee Mountain Marauders 3rd sat Double barrel 423-593-3767 Chattanooga TN high Lonesome Drifters 2nd sat Kari Lynn 307-587-2946 Cody Wy
highland Regulators, Inc 3rd, 4th & 5th Wknd Iron Maiden 423-628-2715 Winfield TN sybille Creek shooters 2nd sat Wyoming Roy 307-322-3515 Wheatland Wy
ocoee Rangers 4th sat ocoee Red 423-476-5303 Cleveland TN southfork vigilance Committee
El vaqueros 1st & Last sun Tom Doniphan 254-559-9896 breckenridge TX WsAs 2nd Wkend Wennoff halfcock 507-332-5035 Lander Wy
Alamo Area Moderators 1st sat Tombstone Mary 210-493-9320 san Antonio TX Powder River Justice Committee
south Texas Pistolaros 1st sat Cibolo sam 210-213-7746 san Antonio TX WsAs 3rd sun Doc fehr 307-683-3320 buffalo Wy
Texas Peacemakers 1st sat Deadeye Greg 903-593-8215 Tyler TX Donkey Creek shootists 4th sun Poker Jim 307-660-0221 Gillette Wy
Texas Riviera Pistoleros 1st sat Longstar 361-334-1978 Corpus Christi TX snake River Rowdies As sched sheriff J. R. Quigley 307-733-4559 Jackson Wy
Texas Troublemakers 1st sat Lefty Tex Larue 903-539-7234 brownsboro TX
orange County Regulators 1st sat & 3rd sun Texas Gator 409-243-3477 orange TX
buck Creek bandoleros 1st sat & 3rd Wknd hoofprint Prine 254-897-7328 Nemo TX
Comanche Trail shootists 1st sat and 5th sat Dee horne 432-556-8446 Midland TX EUROPE MONTHLY MATCHES
Plum Creek Carriage &
sweetwater Gunslingers
shooting society 1st sat sun Delta Raider 512-376-2602 Lockhart TX
Austria As sched fra Diabolo office@sass-austria.at vienna AT
badlands bar 3 1st Wknd T-bone Dooley 903-272-9283 Clarksville TX
old West shooting
Thunder River Renegades 1st wknd Two spurs 936-273-1851 Magnolia TX
society switzerland As sched hondo Janssen 044-271-99 47 Zurich Ch
Concho valley shooters 2nd sat Roamin shields 325-656-1281 san Angelo TX
Association of Western shooters As sched Thunderman 420-603-222-400 Prelouc CZ
bounty hunters 2nd sat Cable Lockhart 806-299-1192 Levelland TX
Cowboy Action shooting-
Travis County Regulators 2nd sat Cherokee Granny 979-561-6202 smithville TX
Germany Last sat Marshal heck +49 160 97652588 Edderitz DE
Texas Tenhorns shooting Club 2nd sun & 4th sat Cole bluesteele 817-577-1854 Greenville TX
Jail bird’s Company Monday orlando A brick bond 0049 2131 7423065 Wegberg DE
Texican Rangers 2nd Weekend Dusty Chambers 830-377-6331 fredericksburg TX
sAss-Europe Monday Niers River Kid 0049-2823-98080 Wegberg DE
Lone star frontier shooting Club 2nd Wknd Long Range Rick 817-980-7206 Cleburne TX
Cas-Europe Wed hurricane Irmi 0049-2823-5807 bocholt NRW DE
oakwood outlaws 2nd Wknd Texas Alline 903-545-2252 oakwood TX
sAss Germany Wed Rhine River Joe 0049-2823-5807 spork DE
Canadian River Regulators 2nd, 3rd & 5th sat Adobe Walls shooter 806-679-5824 Clarendon TX
Association of Danish
old fort Parker Patriots 3rd Wknd slowaz Molasses 254-412-0904 Groesbeck TX
Western shooters As sch Mrs. stowaway +45 602 013 65 Greve DK
Cottonwood Creek Cowboys 3rd sat Pecos Cahill 325-575-5039 snyder TX
Classic old Western
Gruesome Gulch Gang 3rd sat Eli blue 806-293-2909 Plainview TX
society of finland As sched Captain Woodbury Kane 3.58505E+11 Loppi fIN fI
san Antonio Rough Riders 3rd sat Tombstone Mary 210-493-9320 san Antonio TX
sAss finland various Capt. Woodbury Kane 3.58505E+11 various fI
Tejas Caballeros 3rd sat Whiskey Runner 512-288-3399 Driftwood TX
Golden Triggers of freetown 1st sun Capt. Jack Dimonds Lebeau (33) 627721309 villefrache de Rouergue fR
Willow hole Cowboys 3rd sat & sun baba Looey 979-820-1457 North Zulch TX
L’Arquebuse d’Antony 2nd sun Jeppesen 01 46 61 17 98 Antony fR
Red River Regulators 3rd sun El Rio Rojo Ray 903-838-0964 Texarkana TX
Club de Tir beaujolais As sch Jesse sandwhite jean-claude.poceblanc@orange.fr villefranche sur saone fR
Texas historical shootist society 3rd sun Charles Goodnight 281-342-1210 Columbus TX
bERAC As sched Rev. Delano L. oakley 33 3 80 20 35 51 Premeaux Prissey fR
butterfield Trail Regulators 4th sat Texas slim 325-668-4884 Abilene TX
Club de Tir brennou As sched french bob 0033(0)247675888 varies fR
Green Mountain Regulators 4th sat singin’ Zeke 830-693-4215 Marble falls TX
old West french shooters As sched Curly Red Ryder 33 3 85 82 02 03 Caromb fR
Purgatory Ridge Rough Riders 4th sat Armed to the Teeth 806-777-6182 slaton TX
Reverend oakley’s
huaco Rangers 4th sat (Jan-Nov) blueeyed bear 254-715-0746 China spring TX
Cowboy Klan As sched Rev. Delano L. oakley 0033(0)380 203 551 varies fR
Comanche valley vigilantes 4th Wknd Denton Dancer 214-384-3975 Cleburne TX
Les Tireurs de l’uzege Dimanche Lictevoet Jean-Claude +33(0)466 759 529 uzes fR
Tejas Pistoleros, Inc. 4th Wknd Texas Paladin 713-690-5313 Eagle Lake TX
Club de Tir de bernay sat Chriswood bernay fR
Tin star Texans 4th Wknd Mickey 830-685-3464 fredericksburg TX
CTsvE sat Little shooting Missie +33 6 75558063 ECoT fR
Three Peaks Rangers 1st & 3rd sat second Amendment 435-590-5436 Cedar City uT
societe de Tir bedoin
big hollow bandits 1st sat P.J. McCarthy 435-671-1929 heber uT
ventoux sat-sun sheriff Ch. outhpaw 049 035 1973 bedoin fR
Copenhagen valley Regulators 1st sat Lead Culpepper 801-627-4692 Mantua uT
Tir olympique Lyonnais sun barth 33 0 6 13 24 61 28 Lyon fR
North Rim Regulators 1st sat Autum Rose 435-644-5053 Kanab uT
CAs/sAss france varies Charles Allan Jeppesen Lasalle 33146611798 varies fR
Wasatch summit Regulators 1st sun boots Rob 435-649-3625 Park City uT
Club de Tir sportif de Touraine varies Major John Lawson brisset37@hotmail.fr Tours fR
Crow seeps Cattle Company L.L.C. 1st. sat buffalo Juan 435-528-7432 Mayfield uT
Club de tri de nuits
Dixie Desperados 2nd &4th sat Moe Greens 435-668-6622 st. George uT
saint Georges varies Rev. Delano L. oakley 0033 90 0380 203 551 Nuits saint Georges fR
Deseret historical shootist society 2nd sat Pronghorn Pete 801-498-7654 Kaysville uT
Kells County Regulators 1st sat Indepenence Carroll 028 9336 8004 varies IE
hobble Creek Wranglers 2nd sat hobble Creek Marshall 801-489-7681 springville uT
Green hearts Regulator 1st sun Marshal steven Gardiner -24883 Trevi IT
Rio verde Rangers 2nd sat Doc Nelson 435-564-8210 Green River uT
fratelli Della Costa onlus 3rd sat oversize + 35 056424677 Livorno IT
utah War 3rd & 5th sat Jubal o. sackett 801-944-3444 salt Lake City uT
Lassiter fan shooting Club 3rd sun Ivan bandito -430708 Mazzano IT
Diamond Mountain Rustlers 3rd sat Cinch 435-724-2575 vernal uT
Maremma bad Land’s Riders As sched Alameda slim alamedaslim@owss.it siena IT
Mesa Marauders Gun Club 3rd sat Copper Queen 435-979-4665 Lake Powell uT
old West shooting
Castle Gate Posse 4th sat Rowdy hand 435-637-8209 Price uT
society Italy As sched Alchimista 39-3342068337 Italy IT
Wahsatch Desperados 4th sat sly steadyhand 801-546-4843 fruit heights uT
Canne Roventi Last sun valdez s.ottaviani@univpm.it filottrano IT
Pungo Posse CAs 1st sat v. b. southpaw 757-471-6190 Waverly vA
honky Tonk Rebels Last sun Kaboom Andy 39 335 7378551 vigevano IT
Liberty Long Riders 1st sun Thunder Colt 540-296-0772 bedford vA
Wild West Rebels sun Alchimista -3342068304 Malegno-bs IT
Cavalier Cowboys 1st sun (Mar-Dec) Kuba Kid 804-270-9054 hanover County vA
sAss Luxembourg As sched smiley Miles +352-621 280 606 varies Lu
virginia City Marshals 1st Tues humphrey hook 703-801-3507 fairfax vA
sAss Netherlands As sched Lightning Anja 0031-517-592120 Leeuwarden NL
blue Ridge Regulators 2nd sun bad Company 540-886-3374 Lexington vA
sAss Norway As sched Charles Quantrill 47-932-59-669 Loten No
K.C.’s Corral 3rd sat virginia Rifleman 804-550-2242 Mechanicsville vA
Quantrill Raiders sun (May-sep) Charles Quantrill 4793259669 Loten No
Mattaponi sundowners 3rd sun & 4th sat flatboat bob 804-785-2575 West Point vA
schedsmoe County
bend of Trail 4th sun Cavern bill 540-380-4965 Roanoke vA
Rough Riders Thurs Jailbird 47-6399-4279 Lillestrom No
Pepper Mill Creek Gang 4th sun slip hammer spiv 540-775-4561 King George vA
union of Western
stovall Creek Regulators As sch brizco-Z 434-929-1063 Lynchburg vA
shooters of serbia varies hombre des Nudos 063 7216934 humska Rs
Rivanna Ranger Company see sched virginia Ranger 434-973-8759 Charlottesville vA
Western shooters of
verdant Mountain vigilantes As sched snake-Eye Alger 802-476-6247 st. Johnsbury vT
south Africa 3rd sat Richmond P. hobson 027-21-797-5054 Cape Town sA
Mica Peak Marshals 1st & 3rd sat old Timer Gus 509-325-9253 Mica WA
sAss sweden varies Wild bull 4658612045 varies sE
North East Washington Regulators 1st (full) Wknd A. T. McGee 509-684-2325 Colville WA
Renton united Cowboy
Action shooters 1st Wknd Jess Ducky 425-271-9286 Renton WA
Windy Plains Drifters 2nd & 4th sat hopalong hoot 509-299-6296 Medical LK WA CANADIAN MONTHLY MATCHES
Mima Marauders 2nd sat okie sawbones 360-705-3601 olympia WA
Pataha Rustlers 2nd sat Doc Day 509-382-4898 Dayton WA Alberta frontier shootists As sched Mustang heart 780-464-4600 Rocky Mtn house CANADA
Wolverton Mountain Peace badlands of h. A. h. A. 1st sat R.T. Ways 905-627-4123 Ancaster oN CANADA
Keepers 2nd sat hellfire 360-513-9081 Ariel WA barrie Gun Club 2nd & 4th sat Northern Crow 705-435-2807 barrie oN CANADA
Colville Guns and Roses 2nd sun Cheyence sadie 509-684-3632 Colville WA blueridge sportsmen’s
smokey Point Desperados 2nd sun Mudflat Mike 425-335-5176 Arlington WA Club Inc. As sched Rebel Dale 519-599-2558 Clarksburg oN CANADA
Apple valley Marshals 3rd sat silent sam 509-884-3875 East Wenatchee WA Champ de tir
Ghost Riders 3rd sun sidewinder sam 425-836-8053 fall City WA saint-Jacques-le-Mineur As sched Richelieu Mike 450-658-8130 Napierville QC CANADA
Panhandle Regulators 3rd sun halfcocked otis 509-991-5842 otis orchards WA Lambton sportsman’s Club 2nd sat
black River Regulators 4th sat Montana slim 360-754-4328 Littlerock WA (Apr-oct) Payton 519-337-9058 sombra oN CANADA
Custer Renegades 4th sun Joe Cannuck 360-676-2587 Custer WA Long harbour Lead slingers As sched Preacher Man John 250-537-0083 salt spring Island bC CANADA
Poulsbo Pistoleros 4th sun sourdough George 360-830-0100 Poulsbo WA Nova scotia Cowboy
Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers Last sat Ricochet Robbie 509-628-0889 benton City WA Action shooting Club 3rd sun Wounded belly 902-890-2310 Truro, Ns Ns CANADA
beazley Gulch Rangers Last sun An E. Di 509-787-1782 Quincy WA ottawa valley Marauders As sched button 514-792-0063 ottawa QC CANADA
Rock River Regulators 1st & 3rd sat stoney Mike 608-868-5167 beloit WI Palmer’s Gulch Cowboys As sched Caribou Lefty 250-372-0416 heffley Creek bC CANADA
Western Wisconsin Wild bunch 2nd sat sierra Jack Cassidy 608-792-1494 holmen WI Red Mountain Renegades 1st sun Preacher flynn T. Locke 604-820-1564 Mission bC CANADA
bristol Plains Pistoleros 2nd sun huckleberry 815-675-2566 bristol WI Rocky Mountain house
Crystal River Gunslingers 2nd sun Ghost Chaser 715-281-7823 Waupaca WI old West shootists As sched Luke A. Leathersmith 403-845-4347 Rocky Mtn house CANADA
Wisconsin old West 2nd sun & 4th sat valley Regulators 3rd sat high Country Amigo 250-334-3479 Courtenay bC CANADA
shootist, Inc. (Apr-oct) Tracker Jack Daniels 715-643-2011 boyceville WI victoria frontier shootists As sched Teacher C. 250-592-4311 victoria bC CANADA
Liberty Prairie Regulators 3rd sat Dirty Deeds 920-229-5833 Ripon WI Waterloo County Revolver
hodag County Cowboys 3rd sun hodag bob 715-550-8337 Rhinelander WI Association As sched Ranger Pappy Cooper 519-536-9184 kitchener oN CANADA
oconomowoc Cattlemen’s Wentworth shooting
Association 4th sat Marvin the Moyle 414-254-5592 Concord WI sports Club 2nd sun stoney Creek 905-664-3217 hamilton oN CANADA
The bad Guys Posse As sched speedy Dan 262-728-6577 Elkhorn WI Western Canadian frontier
Dawn Ghost Riders 1st sun Coffee bean 304-327-9884 hinton Wv shootists society As sched Gunfighter Jim 250-573-2885 Kamloops bC CANADA

To update your SASS Affiliated Club Listing please contact the SASS Office ph: (877) 411-7277
VIsIT us AT sAssNET.com
Page 92 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Club Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
Gold Coast Gamblers 1st & 3rd sat Dagger Jack 61-7-5537-5857 Gold Coast QLD Au Prescott Ranch Rangers varies July Johnson 951-775-1957 Paulden AZ
Adelaide Pistol & shooting Club 1st sat Tombstone Ghost Riders Mounted Club 2nd sun Dan Nabbit 520-456-0423 Tombstone AZ
& 3rd sun Lobo Malo 61-8-2890606 Korunye s.A Au California Range Riders As sched old buckaroo 408-710-1616 varies CA
Ghost Town Riders 1st sun steely Eyes Earp 951-737-6596 Norco CA
flint hill Prospectors 2nd sat Judge Ruger 61418383299 Glenlogie Au
Revengers of Montezuma 1st sun (Apr-oct) Aneeda huginkiss 970-565-8479 Cortez Co
Little River Raiders 3rd sun Lazy Dave 61 3 403777926 Little River, victoria Au bay Area bandits As sched shootin shoer 813-623-6137 Tampa fL
ssAA-sAsA Little River Raiders florida outlaws Cowboy
single Action Club 3rd sun Tiresome 02 5978 0190 Melbourne vIC Au Mounted shooting As sched Two Gun Gina 321-636-5399 ocala fL
Cowboy Action shooters border Marauders Mounted As sched bad buffalo bob 208-610-8229 Eastport ID
of Australia 3rd Wknd I.D. 02-9975-7983 Teralba NsW Au heartland Peacemakers As sched Rawhidenlace 765-561-2521 fountaintown IN
fort bridger shooting Club Inc. 4th sun Duke york 61-3-9551-2902 Drouin vIC Au Thurmont Mounted Rangers 3rd sun Timber smoke 410-997-9370 Thurmont MD
ssAA single Action shooting- New hampshire Mounted shooters As sched Myaz b. Dragon 603-487-3379 New boston Nh
Australia sat/sun virgil Earp 61-7-4695-2050 Millmerran QLD Au Cowboy Legends Mounted
Trail blazers Gun Club 1st sun Ernie southpaw 64-3-755-7654 Mill Town NZ shooting Association As sched Crown Royal Cowboy 973-296-6283 Pompton Plains NJ
bullet spittin sons o’ Thunder 2nd sat billy Deadwood 64-6-3564720 Palmerston N. NZ buffalo Range Riders Mounted 2nd sat sAss office 505-843-1320 founders Ranch NM
frontier & Western shooting oklahoma Gunslingers As sched Ima sandy storm 918-244-8060 Claremore oK
sports Association 2nd sun souther Cross 0064 6 3798086 Gladstone NZ Lone Pine Rangers 3rd sat hawkeye scout 541-447-7012 Prineville oR
Wairarapa Pistol and Renegade Rangers As sched Ace Montana 920-960-1714 Ripon WI
shooting Club, Inc. 2nd sun Doc hayes 06 379 6692 Gladstone NZ
Tararua Rangers 3rd sun J.E.b. stuart (64) 6 3796436 Carterton NZ Quebec Mounted Shooting
Western Renegades 4th sat black bart bolton 027 249 6270 Wanganui NZ Association varies Dirty owl bert 819-424-7842 Joliette QC CANADA


Match Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Match Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
Ambush at Durham ferry sep 02 - 05, 10 Dragon 209-836-4042 Manteca CA verde valley Range Wars sep 24 - 26, 10 Whisperin Meadows 928-567-9227 Camp verde AZ
SASS Nebraska State Championship Purgatory Rush sep 24 - 26, 10 Dry Gulch Geezer 814-827-2120 Titusville PA
Midwest Roundup sep 02 - 05, 10 firewater 308-226-2255 Grand Island NE hell fire ‘10 sep 24 - 26, 10 slick McClade 318-395-2224 Quitman LA
SASS Michigan State Championship Wolverine Rampage sep 25 - 25, 10 sly steadyhand 801-546-4843 fruit heights uT
Ranger Range War sep 03 - 05, 10 Deuce stevens 616-890-6657 Port huron MI
Ambush at Rocky River sep 25 - 26, 10 J. J. Longley 248-549-1075 utica MI
MN border Town shootout sep 03 - 05, 10 bb Gunner 218-779-8555 East Grand forks MN
fall Roundup sep 25 - 26, 10 shamrock sis 309-798-2635 Milan IL
True Grit sep 03 - 05, 10 Dapper Dan Porter 309-734-2324 Little york IL
Eagles Revenge sep 25 - 26, 10 one son of A Gun 231-544-2461 Central Lake MI
shoot’n in the shade sep 03 - 05, 10 bulldog McCgraw 501-337-9368 hot springs AR
SASS Nevada State Championship
SASS Virginia State Championship Eldorado sep 30 - 03, 10 Charming 702-565-3736 boulder City Nv
Star City Shootout sep 03 - 05, 10 Trapper Dan 540-890-5162 Roanoke vA
underwear Day sep 03 - 05, 10 Runamuck 509-525-2984 Milton freewater oR Mason Dixon Stampede sep 30 - 03, 10 Chuckaroo 301-831-9666 Thurmont MD
shoot out at high Lonesome sep 03 - 05, 10 Two bit Tammy 575-626-9201 Roswell NM Defend old fort Parker sep 30 - 03, 10 I Reckon 254-535-0557 Groesbeck TX
siege at Clark station sep 04 - 05, 10 Kansas flatlander 785-493-5682 Chapman Ks SASS Alabama State Championship
battle in the badlands sep 04 - 04, 10 Roughrider Ray 701-260-0347 belfield ND Ambush At Cavern Cove oct 01 - 03, 10 Drake Robey 256-313-0421 Cavern Cove AL
Smoke ‘N Steel III sep 06 - 06, 10 firewater 308-226-2255 Grand Island NE Mason Dixon Stampede oct 01 - 03, 10 Timber smoke 410-997-9370 Thurmont MD
John Wayne shoot-out sep 09 - 12, 10 Marshal Chance 805-460-9082 san Luis obispo CA Comanche Moon shootout oct 02 - 03, 10 Dee horne 432-557-6598 Midland TX
Ruckus in the Nations sep 09 - 12, 10 burly bill 918-830-2936 sand springs oK shootout at bordertown oct 02 - 02, 10 boozy Creek 423-279-0316 Rogersville TN
SASS US Open sep 09 - 11, 10 Ranger Rex 618-295-2700 X8467 sparta IL SASS Kansas State Black Powder
Shootout at Chisholm Trail oct 02 - 03, 10 buckskin frank 620-222-1388 benton Ks
shootout at the bar h sep 10 - 12, 10 Adobe Walls shooter 806-679-5824 Clarendon TX
shootout on the Cimarron oct 03 - 03, 10 Querida Kate 405-547-2533 stillwater oK
standoff at smokey Point sep 10 - 12, 10 Mudflat Mike 425-335-5176 Arlington WA
huntsman World senior Games oct 05 - 09, 10 buzzard brat 435-627-2346 st. George uT
shootout at stoney bottom sep 10 - 12, 10 Woodfox 419-726-7950 Gibsonbong oh
SASS Tennessee State Championship
SASS Maine State Championship
Regulators Reckoning oct 07 - 09, 10 Will Reilly 615-948-4143 Wartrace TN
Thunder over Beaver Creek sep 10 - 12, 10 Rhino Jacks 207-324-3117 berwick ME
Dakota Territory Gold Rush sep 11 - 12, 10 hawkbill smith 605-342-8946 Pringle sD
Last Stand at Chimney Rock oct 07 - 10, 10 five Jacks 760-949-3198 Lucerne valley CA
shootout ‘10 sep 11 - 12, 10 Cantankerous Jeb 763-682-3710 howard Lake MN
SASS Kansas State Championship
Table Rock Rangers Invitational sep 11 - 11, 10 Jed I. Knight 541-944-2281 Medford/White City oR Massacre at Millbrook oct 07 - 09, 10 Grandpa buckten 705-421-2537 hill City Ks
SASS Minnesota State Championship SASS Wisconsin State Championship
Gunsmoke ‘10 sep 16 - 19, 10 Mogollon Drifter 507-838-0026 Morristown MN Mississippi Fandango oct 08 - 10, 10 Mockingbird 608-220-7152 holmen WI
SASS New York State Championship The Geronimo Trail shootout oct 08 - 10, 10 Chico Cheech 575-388-2531 silver City/Mimbres NM
Heluva Rukus sep 17 - 19, 10 homer suggs 518-274-8505 ballston spa Ny
Conestoga Trail Drive oct 08 - 10, 10 basket Lady 717-949-3970 Manheim PA
A Gunfight in Dixie sep 17 - 19, 10 Loco Perro 662-838-9803 Arlington TN
SASS Louisiana State Championship
Gateway To The West sep 17 - 19, 10 bounty seeker 636-464-6569 st. Louis Mo Shootout at Cypress Creek oct 08 - 10, 10 Louisiana Lady 318-397-2035 Downsville LA
six Gun Justice sep 17 - 18, 10 Teton County Jr. 208-709-1708 Rexburg ID The shootout on The santa fe oct 09 - 09, 10 Deadly sharpshooter 352-332-6212 fort White fL
bridgeport vigilantes Eastern Trade Days oct 09 - 10, 10 Randy Atcher 812-945-0221 Canaan IN
high sierra shootout sep 17 - 19, 10 bodie Kid 760-932-1139 bridgeport CA
Autumn Ambush oct 09 - 10, 10 Edgy Tom 505-286-9185 founders Ranch NM
SASS New Mexico State Championship
Lynchin In Tulsey oct 09 - 09, 10 Curly Thom Mabry 918-376-4376 Tulsa oK
Old Magdalena sep 17 - 19, 10 Grizzly Adams 575-854-2488 Magdalena NM
border Wars ‘10 oct 15 - 17, 10 buffalo Phil 913-904-8733 Parker Ks
shootout at the happy Jack Mine sep 18 - 18, 10 happy Jack 435-979-4665 Lake Powell uT
SASS New Jersey State Championship
Chippewa Regulators sep 18 - 19, 10 Lazy Eye ben 906-632-2720 sault ste. Marie MI
Purgatory in The Pines oct 15 - 17, 10 Peacemaker Reb 908-359-8794 Jackson NJ
Willimantic smoke sep 18 - 19, 10 Ripley scrounger 207-876-4928 Willimantic ME
Wild West Extravaganza shootout oct 15 - 17, 10 Penny Pepperbox 775-727-4600 Pahrump Nv
Wolverton Mtn. Peace Keepers 5th Anniversary match and
Diamond four Roundup oct 16 - 17, 10 Kayutah Kid 607-796-0573 odessa Ny
warmup for the NW Regional sep 18 - 19, 10 hellfire 360-513-9081 Ariel WA
The Whoopin’ oct 16 - 16, 10 Texas heat 512-762-7552 Driftwood TX
Rocky Mountain Regional Raid sep 23 - 26, 10 sweet Water bill 303-366-8827 byers Co
smoke on the River oct 16 - 16, 10 shamrock sis 309-798-2635 Monmouth IL
shootout at Three Rivers sep 23 - 26, 10 o bar freddie 505-325-2167 farmington NM
SASS Cowboys Vs. Cops Charity Event to Benefit Carrie Tingley
Childrens Foundation oct 16 - 16, 10 sAss office 505-843-1320 Edgewood NM
Rattlesnake Gulch Roundup sep 23 - 26, 10 Ricochet Robbie 509-628-0889 benton City WA
Wild bunch at buffalo flats. I oct 16 - 17, 10 Eddie Rebel 304-397-6188 Eleanor Wv
SASS Oklahoma State Championship Shoot Out at
the OKC Corral sep 23 - 26, 10 Missouri Mae 405-373-1472 oklahoma City oK hanging Tree shootout oct 17 - 17, 10 X s Chance 573-765-5483 st. Robert Mo
Adobe Walls sep 24 - 26, 10 Querida 831-635-9147 Gonzales CA SASS Arizona State Championship
Bordertown oct 20 - 24, 10 swift Water 520-883-1217 Tucson AZ
T-Town shoot out 2010 sep 24 - 26, 10 Top 785-313-0894 Topeka Ks
The Gunfight behind The Jersey Lilly oct 21 - 24, 10 Captain Jake 714-318-6948 Norco CA
SASS West Virginia State Championship Appalachian
Showdown XVIII sep 24 - 26, 10 Twin 304-289-6098 Largent Wv SASS Missouri State Championship
The Show-Me Shootout oct 21 - 24, 10 smokie 417-759-9114 branson Mo
SASS Indiana State Championship
Hoosier Ambush sep 24 - 26, 10 Thorney Rose 574-893-7214 Warsaw IN high sierra “End of Track” oct 21 - 24, 10 Peaceful 209-293-4456 Railroad flat CA

To update your SASS Affiliated Club Listing please contact the SASS Office ph: (877) 411-7277
VIsIT us AT sAssNET.com
September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 93


Match Name Sched. Contact Phone City State Match Name Sched. Contact Phone City State
SASS Long Island Championship
Melee on the Bay oct 22 - 24, 10 Dusty Levi’s 646-284-4010 Westhampton beach Ny
SASS Canadian Regional
blue Mountain shootout oct 29 - 31, 10 Lester Moore 610-704-6792 Topton PA
Showdown in the Valley sep 02 - 05, 10 high Country Amigo 250-334-3479 Courtenay bC CANADA
Guns of Autumn oct 30 - 30, 10 Joe West 706-864-9019 Gainesville GA showdown at badlands sep 18 - 19, 10 R. T. Ways 905-627-4123 Ancaster oN CANADA
vengeance Trail oct 31 - 31, 10 shady brady 352-686-1055 brooksville fL salt sring shootout sep 25 - 25, 10 Preacher Man John 250-537-0083 salt spring Island bC CANADA
bunkhouse oct 24 - 24, 10 Teacher C. 250-592-4311 victoria bC CANADA
Comin’At’Cha Nov 04 - 07, 10 T-bone Dooley 903-272-9283 English TX
SASS North Carolina State Championship
Uprising at Swearing Creek Nov 04 - 07, 10 Carolina Jack 910-257-6242 salisbury NC EUROPE ANNUAL MATCHES
SASS SOUTHEAST REGIONAL The fight to Way-Mountain sep 01 - 01, 10 hurricane Irmi Martins@sAss-Germany.de Wegberg DE
Gunfight at Givhans Ferry Nov 11 - 14, 10 Edisto Ike 843-869-2429 Ridgeville sC Annual Championship of CAs -
Germany oct 01 - 03, 10 Marshal heck 49 160 97652588 Edderitz DE
Gunfight at Givhans Ferry Nov 11 - 11, 10 Country Lawyer 843-729-3320 Ridsgeville sC Championship Nov 01 - 01, 10 Rhine River Joe 0049-2823-5807 bocholt DE
SASS SOUTHWEST TERRITORIAL BLACK POWDER SHOOTOUT Gunfight at fort Alamo Dec 12 - 13, 10 Marshal steven Gardiner +39-338-920-7989 Trevi IT
Hangin’ at Coyote Creek Nov 12 - 14, 10 Rattlesnake blake 985-796-9698 Amite LA
Montrose Marshals Turkey shoot Nov 14 - 14, 10 big hat 970-240-6151 Montrose Co South Africa Annual Matches
End of year shoot-off Dec 18 - 18, 10 Richmond P. hobson 027-21-797-5054 Cape Town sA
Cowford stampede Nov 18 - 22, 10 J bird blue 904-7784184 Jacksonville fL
Defend the Roost Nov 18 - 21, 10 Just George 760-677-9109 Ridgecrest CA
The Great Northfield Raid Nov 19 - 21, 10 Desperado 818-341-7255 sylmar CA
bill & Dorothy hahn Memorial
benefit Match Nov 20 - 21, 10 Will finder 619-224-8480 Pala CA
Chisholm Trail 2010 sep 27 - 03, 10 virgil Earp 61-7-4695-2050 Millmerran Au
SASS Florida State Mounted Championship Gunfight at the ok Corral oct 23 - 24, 10 Duke york 61-3-9551-2902 Drouin vI Au
Lone Wolfs Last Stand Nov 20 - 21, 10 Loco shooter 352-262-0492 ocala fL Cowboy Champs oct 23 - 24, 10 hagman Will Lynch +64 6 357 3109 Palmerston NZ
Cowboy Christmas ball Dec 02 - 02, 10 An E. Di 509-787-1782 Quincy WA
old West Christmas shootout Dec 03 - 05, 10 Mickey 830-685-3464 fredericksburg TX
Top Gun Dec 11 - 12, 10 Kid Celero 561-312-9075 okeechobee fL
SASS Arizona State Mounted
Championship Dec 11 - 12, 10 Dan Nabbit 520-456-0423 Tombstone AZ
SASS Hawaii State Championship
Great Pineapple Shoot Dec 17 - 19, 10 bad burt 808-875-9085 Lahaima hI
high Noon at the Tombstone Livery feb 10 - 13, 11 Wily yankee 520-400-5598 Tombstone AZ
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Page 94 Cowboy Chronicle September 2010


CAsE ClosED !
By Colonel Dan, SASS #24025, Life/Regulator

Colonel Dan,
we are no longer a nation of laws, ders are indeed an unwelcome in- rior motives. Their writing was
SASS Life #24025
but a nation of men; subject to the trusion of our domain … and at clear, deliberate, and precise.
whims of an entrenched oligarchy times, they are well armed, violent, What is Washington’s underly-
of self-proclaimed rulers—not at all and extremely dangerous. ing purpose then when their re-
here have been daily ex-

what God or the Founders intended Domestic: existing or occurring sponsibilities and obligations are so
pressions of extreme indig- or created. inside a particular country. Again, clearly spelled out? When question-
nation recently from the Article IV Section 4: “The no question … this invasion is hap- ing anything that seemingly doesn’t
White House, Capital Hill, United States shall guarantee to pening inside the United States make sense or doesn’t pass the com-
and the mainstream media over every State in this Union a Republi- and in this particular case, inside mon sense test in the political
Arizona’s highly publicized illegal can Form of Government, and shall several states. world, follow the power and the
immigration enforcement law. In protect each of them against Inva- Violence: behavior involving money to find your answer. These
truth, however, Arizona has only sion; and on Application of the Leg- physical force intended to hurt, people are simply pandering to a
taken the action necessary to justi- islature, or of the Executive (when damage, or kill someone or some- potential voting block totaling up-
fiably enforce Federal law—some- the Legislature cannot be convened) thing: the unlawful exercise of phys- wards of 20 million new con-
thing Washington itself has against domestic Violence.” ical force or intimidation by the stituents—a growing number that
consistently refused to do! For the Now let’s examine the defini- exhibition of such force. Now if you can’t be ignored by Washington in-
federal government to now bring tion of a few key words in this pas- don’t consider armed thugs and siders. Whichever party can be
suit against that state for doing sage so we’re all on the same page. drug dealers, stoning, clubbing, and viewed by these 20 million as re-
what they will not do, despite their The definitions below are from the shooting at our border guards; sponsible for granting amnesty and
constitutional obligation, would be Oxford dictionary. Colonel, why use killing, raping, robbing, kidnapping, eventually providing them citizen-
laughable if it weren’t so seriously the Oxford dictionary? The Oxford and vandalizing the citizens who ship with its bountiful benefits, can
detrimental to the country. On top dictionary I use not only gives the live in the border area as violence, logically be seen as the party to
of this contrived outrage, Washing- modern American definition, but then please stop reading my col- which these new citizens owe their
ton’s weak attempt at covering up also includes the original British umn. There’s no hope for you. allegiance … and their votes! It’s
their true motive for this obstruc- definitions with which our Another way then to re-state nothing more complicated than
tionism by trotting out the old Founders were most familiar and the applicable meaning of Article that my friends. It all boils down to
standard and overused excuse of would have used. Therefore, we can IV Section 4 is this: the simple fact these Washington
racial profiling and discrimination be more confident the original au- “The United States must fulfill power brokers will intentionally ig-
is transparently ludicrous. thor’s intended meaning is accu- its obligation to keep the states safe nore the Constitution and allow a
Individuals as well as states rately and fairly represented. from harm or damage caused by situation to continue that is damag-
have an unalienable right of self- Shall: expressing an instruction any intrusion into this country.” ing their country in order to stay in
defense, which cannot be denied by or command. In the legal sense, It’s indisputably clear what re- office … as this issue indicates.
any level of government—federal, “shall” means there is no latitude sponsibility the Founders laid To my simple way of looking at
state, or local. To do so, flies in the for question or negotiation—no le- upon the Federal government in the world of politics, our Federal
face of God’s design for both man galistic wiggle room here whatso- Article IV Section 4, and they did government has criminally neg-
and beast. This divine right of self- ever. The “command” in question so in no uncertain terms using very lected its Constitutional responsi-
defense supersedes any grounds for must be fulfilled. precise language. bility and is unquestionably in
a lawsuit, but let’s set divinity Guarantee: provide a formal as- Keep in mind, many of the direct violation of Article IV Section
aside for now and continue. And surance or promise, especially that Founders were lawyers and knew 4 of the same Constitution they
rather than dissect the issues for- certain conditions shall be fulfilled the importance of being exact in swore an oath to uphold. Ergo, end
mally cited in the suit itself, let’s relating to a product, service, or their wording throughout these of argument; case closed; lawsuit
consult a much higher authority— transaction. In this case, the Fed- documents—particularly the one dismissed. Arizona, good job; charge
the Constitution. Let’s see what it eral government must fulfill its ob- that would be the legal foundation on. Washington, lead honorably and
says about who’s responsible for ligation to provide the service of of their new country. As I’ve always fulfill your constitutional obligation,
what? If we can determine the protecting the states. said, the Founders wrote exactly or get the hell out of the way!
supreme law of the land directly Protect: keep safe from harm or what they meant, meant exactly Contact Colonel Dan:
addresses this issue, any further injury. Is this immigration situa- what they wrote, and did so in plain coloneldan@bellsouth.net
consideration of litigation against tion harming the United States? English. This can be seen not only Article Archives:
Arizona becomes unnecessary. Obviously the answer is YES! in the Declaration of Independence http://mddall.com/sbss/SBSShom
Why? The Constitution holds all Invasion: an instance of invad- and the Constitution, but in all e.htm
the trump cards … that’s why. At ing a country or region with an their supplementary writings as Twitter:
least it does if those charged with armed force: an unwelcome intru- well. Pick up a copy of the Federal- http://twitter.com/Colonel
upholding the law obey and enforce sion into another’s domain. No ist some time and you, too, will con- Dan24025
the law. Conversely, if these same question, this is an invasion as the clude these men were not prone to
elected officials ignore the law, then actions of those crossing our bor- obfuscation and didn’t harbor ulte-

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September 2010 Cowboy Chronicle Page 95

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