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Reading comprehension – Fill in the blanks

40 [4] “If you want to see capitalism in action,

go to Hong Kong,” economist Milton Friedman
is credited with saying. Yet to idealize the city
today as a free market paradise, thriving in its
15th year after the British handover to China, is
45 to sorely oversimplify, if not misconstrue, the
darkening forces at work here. It’s to miss the
tensions and tectonic shifts beneath the glitzy
financial center that Hong Kong shows to the
world. In the city underneath, one finds asylum
50 seekers and prostitutes; gangsters with their
incongruent bouffants; thousands of Indonesian
housemaids who flock to Victoria Park on their
precious Sundays off; and those barely
scratching out an existence, people crammed into
55 partitioned apartment blocks of “cage houses”
the size of refrigerator boxes. While Hong
Kong’s per capita gross domestic product ranks
tenth in the world, its Gini coefficient, an index
that measures the gap between rich and poor, is
60 also among the highest.

capitalistic oversimplification seekers domestic units/flats

refrigerator boxes
‘Too many meals at local greasy spoons, or tea houses, can bring pressure on diners’ waistlines,’
says dietician Kim Kam, citing the example of two popular meals: fried rice and braised pork
ribs with salad sauce. Usually a plate of fried rice contains excessive calories reaching 905,
mainly due to its high fat content (35 grams or more) with about 280mg of cholesterol. That is
exactly half of the recommended daily intake of fat and all the cholesterol. To lead a healthy
life, each meal should not carry more than 800 calories. In the meantime, the pork ribs
contains even more fat, providing 60 percent of an ordinary man’s daily energy requirements.
‘The above-mentioned meals for dinner every day can add a kilogram to a man, and 1.8 kg to a
woman’s eight within 5 days,’ Kam says.

Using the information in paragraph 3, complete the following table. The first one has been
done for you as an example. (4 marks)
Item Content
905 calories
A plate of fried rice __________________ fat
__________________ cholesterol
Total recommended fat intake per day __________________ fat
Total recommended calorie per meal __________________ calories

35 grams of fat
280 mg of cholesterol
70 grams of fat
800 calories

Read paragraph 5 and 6 of the article and then fill in each blank with ONE word only which best
completes the grammatically correct sentence, keeping the meaning of the original text. (6

The younger generation in Japan find (a) _______________ in job hunting than before; hence,
they are (b) _______________ to choose alternative jobs which are less competitive. A host of
high school graduates, like Yamanaka, appreciate the lifestyle of freeters and feel (c)
_______________ to opt out of the mainstream jobs. Yamanaka thinks her work loyalty only
exists between the (d) _______________ company and herself. Once her work is over, so (e)
_______________ her loyalty to that company. However, to traditional Confucians and the
older generation, their career (f) _______________ are to work hard for their companies and
to respect their lifelong jobs.
difficulties forced glad// good present// current is goals// traditions
New Warnings on Hong Kong Beauty Treatments
[1] Complaints about invasive beauty treatments, [7] Lam said she felt numbness on both sides of her
including plastic surgery, cosmetic injections and nose and upper lip during the treatment. The
laser therapy jumped 40 percent in the first 10 months numbness was still there a week later. Lam, later was
of this year over the same period last year, Hong diagnosed by a different physician, with damaged
Kong's Consumer Council said on Thursday, neurilemma. She lost 50 to 70 percent sensation on
November 15. There were 141 complaints over the the sides of her nose and cheeks. It took months for
first 10 months of 2012, compared to 103 during the her to recover.
corresponding period last year.
[8] The council suggested consumers think twice before
[2] The leading cause of complaints is that customers undergoing such invasive beauty treatments as BOTOX
didn't get the results they thought they'd paid for. injections to reduce wrinkles, evaluating carefully the
Some were left disfigured with scars that will last a safety and risks of the treatment. They should evaluate
lifetime, redness of the skin, burning sensations and in the credentials of practitioners.
some complaints, medical complications.
[9] The Consumer Council also called on the government
[3] One of the complaints came from Miss Chow, to specify guidelines and policies with a view to
who paid HK$380,000 for salon beauty treatments. regulating beauty services and procedures, in order to
Three days before her wedding, the salon safeguard the interests and safety of consumers.
recommended skin whitening injections costing
HK$4,500. After that, her cheeks turned red and [10] King Wing-keung, president of the Hong Kong
swollen. She complained her face felt hot and painful. Association of Cosmetic Surgery, told China Daily that
people should find registered physicians, rather than
[4] Though she was then referred by the beauty salon beauticians, to carry out invasive beauty treatments in
to an associated clinic for medical consultation and order to reduce risks. Customers ought to be advised of
was prescribed some medications for her face, the potential risks before receiving treatment, he added.
problems still persisted two days later.
[11] Four working groups under a steering committee
[5] The council said some of the consumers have been set up to review the regulatory regime for
complained about being lobbied by companies to sign private healthcare facilities in the wake of the death of a
up for expensive treatments of which they knew little beauty salon client, who underwent an intravascular
or nothing about the risks and effects. They were not infusion at a beauty salon. The groups have been formed
told whether the staff members were well qualified to and working since early November.
administer the injections or procedures.
[12] One group will differentiate between medical
[6] In another case, Miss Lam paid for a hyaluronic procedures and practices, and beauty services. It will
acid injection treatment to raise the bridge of her address the health risk posed when beauty salons
nose. On the day of treatment, the doctor suggested improperly perform medical procedures under the cover
she buy additional injections to reshape her nose and of providing "medical beauty services".
face. She paid HK$12,000 for three additional doses.
Using the information in paragraph 2, fill in each of the following blanks with ONE word. (3

The recent complaints have come from clients who were _______________________ skin
irritations and allergies like _______________________, burning sensations and even
lifelong injury on the skin such as scars and _______________________.
suffering // having; red; disfigurement

Complete the summary of the passage by using one word to fill in each blank. The words
may or may not come from the original passage. Make sure your answers are grammatically
correct, paying attention to tenses, plurals, etc. (8 marks)

Concerns about the _________________________ between medical practices and beauty

services have been aroused along with the _________________________ of a client who
had an intravascular infusion at a beauty salon. From the statistics of the Consumer Council,
there were _________________________ more cases of complaints this year than last year.
To reduce risks and _________________________ the interests of customers, both the
customers themselves and the _________________________ should take up the
responsibility. For the former, they ought to _________________________ before
undergoing invasive beauty treatments and _________________________ to have the
treatments done by non-registered personnel. For the latter, guidelines should be specified
____________ ____________ ____________ regulate “medical beauty services.”