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Adapted from: https://www.cbsnews.


5 most stressful American jobs in 2018

Many Americans kick off the new year with a vow to eliminate stress from their lives.
But for some workers, stress is part of the job. The most stressful jobs in 2018 may not
seem all that similar on the surface, but they tend to share a handful of traits. Some
require workers to put life and limb at risk, while others include relentless deadlines
and competition.

5. Event coordinator
Event planners organize everything from weddings to professional conferences. While it might
sound like a fun job, it involves organizational and communication skills to juggle schedules and
personalities, which can add to the stress. Most event coordinators need a bachelor's degree in
a related field, such as business management or hospitality.

4. Police officer

Police officers risk their lives as part of the job, which heightens the stress level of this
occupation. Researchers have found stress puts officers at higher risk for health problems such
as high blood pressure and insomnia. Yet people who pursue this line of work are driven by the
desire to help others and make a difference.

3. Airline pilot

Airline pilots are well compensated, yet their jobs deliver a fair amount of stress. One recent
study found almost 13 percent of them could be depressed, or almost double the national rate.
Stress comes from the responsibility of ensuring the safety of passengers, as well as dealing
with changing schedules, crews and the pressure to ensure on-time arrivals and departures.
2. Firefighter

Like police officers, firefighters risk life and limb as part of their job. Scheduling can also be
stressful, with some departments making firefighters work 24-hour shifts. Chronic sleep
deprivation can add to stress levels that are already high because of the nature of the work.

1. Enlisted military personnel

The most stressful job for 2018 is enlisted military personnel at the E3 level, or those with at
least six years’ experience, CareerCast found. The job includes the risk of bodily harm or injury,
as well as the necessity of living away from home.


Kick off: start

Vow: solemn promise to do something (voto)
handful: a quantity that fills the hand (puñado)
Traits: distinguishing characteristics or qualities (rasgos, características)
Put at risk: expose to danger or harm (poner en riesgo)
Life and limb: life and bodily faculties (pellejo)
Relentless: harsh, inflexible (implacable, incesante)
Deadline: the latest time or date by which something should be completed (fecha límite)
Juggle: to cope with several activities at the same time (fig: hacer malabares)