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Lesson Plan
Date :03 /09/2013 Text Book: Gateway 2 To English Level: 2nd BAC Time: 50 mins
Unit: 1 Lesson: Reading Comprehension
Lesson type/skill(s) emphasized: Integration of skills Topic: F.I.N Education
Objectives/standards: By the end of this lesson students will be able to:
 Skim through the text and predict its content.
 Read and scan for specific information.
 Recall and review information.
 Transform information into a diagram form.
Instructional aids, materials, or tools needed: Students book, B.B,
References: students book, teacher book, Internet
Lesson Outline
Stages Content/procedure: Techniques & Timing Mode of
Materials work
Warm  T greets students
up  Review vocabulary items related to education learnt in the previous Wh-questions 5 mins T-S/S-T
 T discuss with Ss the following two questions:
1. How do illiterate people learn different things and pass on their
Visual aids T-S/S-T
knowledge to others?
2. What are the modern tools of learning and which ones of them

Word map
do you frequently use? T-S
15 mins
 T seizes the opportunity to pre-teach some difficult words. B.B
 Ss skim through the title of the text and the pictures and predict
what is the text will be about.
Text book
 Ss read the first and last paragraphs to check their predictions. If
it’s correct it’s okay, if it’s not, so what’s it about then?
Activity D, p: 16
 Ss read paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 and match each of them with the
appropriate pie charts. Matching
 Whole class correction
Activity E, p: 16
 Ss read the whole text and answer the comprehension questions. Text book
 Whole class Correction Pair work

Activity F, p: 16 V.A
20 mins
 Without looking at the text, Ss try to recall the main ideas of the
text and jot them down. Then compare them with their partner’s Individual
notes. work
 Ss go back to the text to check their notes. B.B
Activity G, p: 16
 Ss look at the given resources of information and draw a pie chart
showing their importance to them. Pair work
 Ss share their charts with their neighbours.

 Ss write a short paragraph about the importance of education.

formation 10 mins

Homework assignment:
Anticipated learning problems: