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Activity 1.

Pre Knowledge Task

Marisela Guerrero García

Código: 1119838684
Grupo: 900003_320

Tutor: Ángela Ines Paes

Universidad nacional abierta ya distancia Unad

Programa de psicología
Saravena Arauca
Phase 1: - Take a screenshot of your profile in this course, with all the information
updated. (include, photo and e mail)
Phase 2: -(See the course agenda to guide the process)

About the agenda course answer the questions below:

a. How many activities do you have to do in this course? Complete this chart a.
Activity Points Close off

activity points Close off

Activity 1.initial evaluation. 25 5/SEP/2018
Recognition fórum-activity
1. Pre knowledge task
Activity 2.unit 1 task 50 04/OCT/2018
Activity 3. writing section 70 11/OCT/2018
Activity 4. Unit 2 task 50 15/OCT/2018
Activity 5. Speaking 70 15/NOV/2018
Activity 6. Unit 3 task 50 16/NOV/2018
Activity 7. Blog debate 40 19/NOV/2018
Activity 8. Task General 10 28/NOV/2018
course review
Activity 9. Task oral and 10 28/NOV/2018
written production review
Activity 10. Final exam 125 11/DIC/2018

B. Each student must choose one of these questions in order to write the answer in the
There is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by Skype or another media,
which one is it? Write your tutor skype’s user. Write your skype user

Activity 9. Task oral and written production review.

Skype: crazymoonnoir26 tutora
Skype: marisela.guerrero92
Phase 3: Go to assessment and monitoring environment, do then the Previous knowledge
test and please share a screenshot of your performance in activity 1 Pre-knowledge task
In the forum, you will
Share the answer for the following question, according to what you see in the syllabus and
knowledge environment.