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JSCB Peresvet (CJSC)


October 2010

Prospective loan structure

Lender JSCB Peresvet (CJSC)

Loan type CLN
Currency USD
Volume 100 mln
Term to maturity 5 years
Term to the first offer 1.5-2 years (in concurrence with the syndicate)
Coupon period 6 months (in concurrence with the syndicate)
Legal advisor In concurrence with the syndicate


CJSC Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Charity and Spiritual Development of Fatherland Peresvet (the “Bank”) was founded
in 1992. The Bank performs its activities on the basis of the General License granted by Bank of Russia. The Bank issues
VISA, MasterCard and Zolotaya korona plastic cards, and accepts Diners Club cards.
The Bank cooperates with other financial institutions and participates in the government credit program of providing
support for small and medium-size enterprises, conducted by Vneshekonombank and Russian Development Bank.
The Bank is a professional participant of the securities market and has the licenses to perform brokerage, dealer and
depository activities.
As of 07.01.2010 the Bank’s net assets were RUB 37.0bn and it was ranked 83rd in Top-100 list of biggest Russian banks
(according to Kommersant-DENGI).
The Bank is a member of the deposit insurance system and a participant in trading on the MICEX Stock Exchange.
The number of the Bank’s employees is over 300 people.

Specialization The Bank’s credit portfolio breakdown by

industry, 2010
The Bank is specialized in lending to large and middle- 27.0% Trade and foodservice
scale corporate clients, settlement and cash services 38.2%
for legal entities, and accepting deposits from Construction
corporate clients.
Credits to individuals
The total number of corporate clients is around 4
thousands. Development strategy for corporate clients 18.0% Production sector
business is linked to target industry segmentation of
the Bank’s operations. For this purpose the Bank
Transport and telecom
analyzes trends in development of the key industries 8.3%
on the ongoing basis. 1.0% 7.5% Other industries
Apart from services to corporate clients, the Bank also
provides services for individuals, including lending and
accepting deposits. The total number of individual
clients is around 12 thousands; at the same time
portfolio share related to individual clients is around
8% of the Bank’s credit portfolio.
Source: Intelbridge: Russian banks and corporations


Shareholders Shareholders of the Bank, 2010

Main shareholders of the Bank: ROC

 The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) CJSC Ekspocentr

 CJSC Ekspocentr CJSC Centr Sodeistvie

 CJSC Centr Sodeistvie, which ultimate Viktor Litvyakov

beneficiary is Lyudmila Molchanova
Amir Almuhametov
 Viktor Litvyakov
Svetlana Bratchenko
 Amir Almuhametov
 Svetlana Bratchenko
Source: the Bank data

Assets The Bank’s assets in 2004-2009, RUB bn

As of 07.01.2010 net assets of the Bank were RUB 40.0
37bn. 35.0
30.0 R=
The Bank’s credit portfolio was at the level of 77% of its 25.0 CAG
assets; share of credits to individuals was at the level of 20.0
6% of the Bank’s assets.
The Bank’s assets were growing in 2004-2009 at CAGR 5.0
of 33%. -
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Source: the Bank data

Liabilities The Bank liabilities structure, 07.01.2010

As of 07.01.2010 the Bank’s liabilities were RUB 34bn. 13.4% Liabilities to financial
The largest share of the Bank’s liabilities (around 60%)
was represented by deposits of corporate clients. 15.3% Deposits of corporate
Individuals’ deposits share was 13.4% of total Bank’s
liabilities; the share related to debt was 15.3%. Loan 0.9% Deposits of individuals
loss provisions represented c.0.3% of total liabilities.
As of 07.01.2010 the Bank didn’t have liabilities to Bank Debt
of Russia.
60.7% Other liabilities

Source: the Bank data

Branch network

The Bank’s main office is located in Moscow. Substantial part of the Bank’s client base is represented by companies that
operate in Moscow (due to that fact the Bank has two offices and six ATMs in Moscow). The Bank’s geography expansion
strategy is linked to specified regional priorities for client services in Russian regions. Top-priority regions are Moscow,
Moscow Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Voronezh Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Volgograd Region, Saratov


Financial results

Key financial results, RUB mln

2007 2008 2009 1H2010

Assets 20,248 27,009 33,546 37,222
Liabilities 18,308 24,905 30,928 34,282
Including debt 6,315 5,139 5,220 5,261
Equity 1,940 2,105 2,618 2,940
Interest earned 2,062 2,155 3,423 1,829
Interest paid (1,196) (932) (2,139) (998)
Net interest income 867 1,223 1,283 831
Commission earned 82 157 223 116
Commission paid (11) (22) (25) (11)
Net commission 71 135 198 105
Net income 289 314 393 401
Source: the Bank data

Required economic norms in 2007-2009

2007 2008 2009

N1 The equity capital adequacy ratio (min 10%) 15.6% 12.4% 13.0%
N2 The instant liquidity ratio (min 15%) 52.3% 43.9% 38.2%
N3 The current liquidity ratio (min 50%) 50.4% 57.8% 60.1%
N4 The bank long-term liquidity ratio (max 120%) 7.9% 14.4% 20.2%
N6 Maximum risk per borrower or group of related 21.1% 22.7% 24.5%
borrowers (max 25%)
N7 Maximum big credit risk (max 800%) 539.4% 649.0% 583.3%
Source: the Bank data

The Bank’s IFRS financial statements are audited by CJSC Deloitte and Touche CIS. Audit report in respect of 1H2010
financial statements will be published in the first half of October 2010.
The Bank’s RAS financial statements are audited by LLC “ALFA-AUDIT”. The last audit of RAS statements was performed in
respect of 2009 financial statements.


In July 2010 Expert RA rating agency affirmed the Bank’s A credit rating (a high level of creditworthiness).
The Bank plans to get a credit rating from one of leading world rating agencies in the nearest future.

Investment highlights

 Strong potential for growth and development (the Bank’s assets annual average growth rate for 2004-2009 was
 High probability of government support in case of financial problems (due to close relations between the Russian
Orthodox Church and the Russian Government)
 The low level of overdue payments for the credit portfolio as a whole
 Diversified credit portfolio in terms of its industry structure
 Stable client base



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