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Performance Appraisal A Case Study of Kashmir Ispat, Jammu

I Devirjeet Singh Jasrotia of B.B.A Semester Vth is undertaking my project report of B.B.A
degree from Govt. S.P.M.R College of Commerce affiliated with University of Jammu.

In view of this, I am conducting a survey towards Performance Appraisal a case study of

Kashmir Ispat., Jammu.

The contents of this questionnaire are only for the academic purposes and information
provided by you will be kept confidential.


1. Name:

2. Age:

(a) 18 years & above (b) 21-30 years (c) 31-40 years (d) 41-50 years (e) 50 years & above

3. Gender:

(a) Male (b) Female

4. Qualification:-

(a) +2 (b) Graduate (c) Post graduate (d) Professional degree

Give your opinion for the following questions:
S.no. Statements Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
1. Performance Appraisal
system of my
organization is related
to the motivation of
2. The method to judge
performance appraisal
in the office is
3. Performance appraisal
techniques are
considered as a vital
tool and source of
motivation of
4. The culture
encouraging level of
organization is
5. My views and
participation in
management are given
more value.
6. My working hours are
7. In my view
performance appraisal
helps to change the
behavior of the
8. My satisfactory level
with regard to work
load is satisfactory
9. The desired target of
the organization are
achieved through the
performance appraisal
10. Performance appraisal
helped me to provide
an atmosphere where
all are encouraged to
share one another’s
11. Performance appraisal
helps people to set and
achieve meaningful
12. Performance of
employees improve
after process of
performance appraisal.
13. Constructive criticism
given by performance
appraisal is in a
friendly and positive
14. Performance appraisal
improves motivation
and job satisfaction.

Thank You For Your Participation.