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Minutes of the meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Rehabilitation & Resettlement

held on 27.03.2017 at 11 AM in NPMC Hall, Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi on the issue of
Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy.

3. NLC India Ltd presented the R&R policy of the company adopted in the state of Tamilnadu.
A copy of the PPT is at Annex-II. The salient points are as under:

 NLCIL is implementing the provisions of National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy

2007 The Company acquired 259 sq. Km land in 1956. Assistances covered under NRRP
2007 is as follows:
 One time Rehabilitation grants of 750 days minimum agricultural wages in lieu of
employment, one time financial assistance for cattle shed, Shifting allowance, one time
financial assistance to the rural artisans, small traders for construction of working
shed/shop, Subsistence allowance of 25 days minimum agriculture wages for each month
to displaced family for a period of one year. (
 Allotment of alternate house site to the affected family whose house has been acquired, to
an extent of 120 sq.m to 250 sq.m in well developed resettlement centres.
 Self Employment training, Entrepreneurship development training at NLCIL Learning and
Development Centre, Exclusive ITI apprenticeship training, Medical lab technician
courses etc. & other suitable training programs in association with reputed NGOs like
Gandhigram University, Anna Malai University for affected persons, so as to enable them
to take on suitable job. After this exclusive training people go for various domestic as well
as international markets for employment. College students who are wards of PAPs are
provided in-plant trainings, assistance for project works at free of cost. Also preference is
given in Technician Apprenticeship Training and Graduate Apprenticeship Training.
 Preference to affected persons in awarding contract works in LA - R&R Department upto a
value of Rs.5 lakh, subject to satisfying other prequalification conditions.

 Over and above the NRRP-2007 provisions, the following assistances are also provided:
 Though the dwellers/encroachers of Govt. lands are not entitled for any compensation,
50% of the value of the house structure in which the encroacher is residing is paid by
 NLCIL has obtained a special Government Order for directly calling for applications from
the Project Affected Persons for ITI Apprenticeship Training in NLCIL, instead of through
the employment exchange.

 It was informed that the creation of assets like schools, hospitals & other facilities are done by
NLCIL and thereafter handled over to state government for running the same. However, the
maintenance of civil works are being done by NLCIL. On this JS(H) enquired about the
availability of Doctors & Teachers. She also enquired about various State Government
Welfare Scheme like Mid-Day Meal, Amma Canteen etc whether benefits from those
Schemes are reaching to affected persons. JS(H) directed to submit a note on this through Shri
Anurag Kapil, Director, M/o Coal.

 JS(H) directed to work out the cost of resettlement as per Schedule 3 of RFCTLARR Act

 It was informed that the following R&R benefits are also provided as per the RFCTLARR Act
 Each Affected family may be provided Rs. 5,00,000 in lieu of employment
Annuity policies that shall pay not less than Rs. 2000 per month per family for 20 years with
appropriate indexation to the consumer price Index for Agricultural Labourers.
 Other R&R Benefits of approx Rs. 5 Lacks (for housing, subsistence, transport, cattle
shed, artisan, one time resettlement allowance, cost of alternative site etc) should also
being provided to each family.

 It was informed that with the constant follow-up and persuasion with District Revenue
Officials also with the effective cooperation of the District Administration PAFs were easy to
resettle. Also a good rapport is maintained with the affected villagers before and after
acquisition by continuous engagement & frequent dialogues.

 The major challenge faced by NLCIL in acquiring lands is requesting permanent employment
opportunity in NLCIL. However, the same was not possible in the present scenario. Even
though NLCIL is providing enhanced compensation & other R&R benefits, some of the
project affected families loose the benefits shortly and again seeking employment from
NLCIL. Because of this condition every project affected family insist on permanent
employment opportunity from NLCIL.To overcome this situation, about 40 to 50 % of the
temporary employments arisen from contract agencies are filled up with the PAFS.

 Salvaged materials are allowed to be taken away by the affected families. NLCIL provides
transport arrangement with departmental trucks.

 Locating the Resettlement centres near to the highways and provision of good infrastructure
facilities like roads, water, street lights, schools etc. and maintaining the same. These facilities
were not available in the original villages and the families relocate themselves to these
resettlement centres without any hesitation.

 Transparent and Hassle free procedure to help the villagers to get their benefits without any

 JS (H) directed to analyse & submit a note regarding contribution of CSR funds as % of total
R&R cost.

 JS (H) enquired about how to prevent new construction on/near project site once the project is
announced in the public domain. On this, representative of NLCIL informed that after getting
mining approval, a comprehensive survey is done and documented for all the projects which
are to be undertaken in next 5 years.

4. Representative of NLC India Ltd also presented the Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan for
Talabira II &III OCP- Odisha. A copy of the PPT is at Annex-III. The salient points are as under:

 The R&R Plan for Talabira II&III OCP has been prepared on the basis of:
 Odisha Resettlement & Rehabilitation policy, 2006 (ORRP) and its subsequent
amendments issued from time to time.
 The Rights to Fair Compensation & Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation &
Resettlement Act, 2013.
 Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan, Dulanga Coal Mining Project, NTPC Ltd. Dulanga
Coal mining Project is located in Sundargarh District, Odisha.

 Assistances covered under R&R plan for TALABIRA-II&III OCP are as follows:
 Resettlement in R&R Colony, Resettlement benefits for PAPs opting for self relocation
 Provision of one time financial assistance to encroachers who are having land in
possession at least for a period of 10 years continuously prior to the date of notification.
 Provision of one time financial assistance for Additional compensation for multiple
displacements @ 50% of normal compensation over & above compensation for land in the
form of ex-gratia.
 One time financial assistance in lieu of employment. Apart from this as compensation in
lieu of Employment for 34 years, provision of Annuity Scheme of LIC of India or similar
organization for an amount of Rs 3000/month for a period of about 34 years (life of the
mine) or till the life of the annuitant.
 Compensation of Tenancy land and assets.

 To ensure hassle free Mine operation and to minimize agitations / unrest, a proposal is under
consideration in NLC India Limited for the provision of introducing a Corporate Social
Responsibility component @ Rs.10/- per ton of coal produced (which will be a pass through
in the cost of coal and also would count as CSR expenditure by NLC India Limited) which
will be shared with annuitants as a production linked payment in addition to all one time
compensation and monthly payment out of annuity scheme. This production linked payment
benefit may continue for a term of 34 years or till the life of mine or till the life of annuitant
whichever is earlier.

 The estimated cost for Talabira-II & III OCP R&R plan was reported Rs. 1255.77 Cr.
However, the estimated cost under self reallocation plan was reported as Rs. 986.78 Cr.

 It was informed that NLCIL is preparing new R&R policy for mines located in Odisha. There
is provision of double the amount payment prescribed in ORRP -2006. Board approval is

 In view of above discussion, JS (H) directed to provide the following:

 Odisha R&R Policy 2006 and subsequent amendment issued in 2013-14.
 Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan of Dulanga Coal Mining Project, NTPC Ltd.
 A comparison note/ table on the difference of original Odisha R&R policy 2006 and its
amendment issued in 2013-14.
 A copy of the newly framed policy which is under consideration of Board of NLCIL.
 Note on the procedure for approval of R&R policy with the copies of relevant Government

5. Representative of Coal India Ltd presented the Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy of Coal
India Limited. A copy of the PPT is at Annex-IV. The salient points are as under:

 Mines/Projects of different Subsidiaries of CIL are situated across 8 States namely Assam,
West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh &
Maharashtra. There are variations in State law relating to land acquisition and also variation
in implementation of the R&R policies.

 R&R activities are conducted in all the subsidiaries of CIL except MCL, under CIL R&R
Policy 2012 subject to modifications by Subsidiary Boards, suiting to local conditions,
whereas, MCL follows R&R Policy of Govt. of Odisha.

 In view of the order of Government of India dated 28th August 2015 relating to RFCTLARR
Act 2013 and to incorporate the provisions of the RFCTLARR Act, 2013 as prescribed in
Schedule I, II & III in the present R&R policies of CIL, R&R Policy of CIL 2017 has been
drafted and under active consideration.

 Under CIL R&R Policy 2012, the employment to the land losers is provided on the basis of
area of the land not on the basis of definition of Family. Except MCL all subsidiaries are
providing one employment against 2 acre of land either in Package Concept or Descending
order. MCL provides employment as per R&R Policy of Odisha Govt. This created the
resentment among the people who are having land holding of less than 2 Acres. There upon it
was worked out that such people (collectively having 2 Acre of land) can nominate someone
among them for employment.

 As per R&R Policy of Coal India Limited 2012, all the land losers who are not eligible for
employment shall be entitled to receive monetary compensation in lieu of employment at the
rate of Rs. 5.00,000/- for each acre of land on pro-rata basis with minimum of Rs 50,000.

 Land losers who are offered employment have the option either to opt for employment or to
forego employment and opt for monetary compensation at the rate of Rs. 5,00,000/- for each
acre of land on pro-rata basis with minimum of Rs. 50,000 provided that the employment thus
surrendered shall not be available for offer to any other person and will stand lapsed from the
total sanctioned number of employments.

 A person whose Homestead is acquired, apart from the Compensation for homestead by the
standard valuation method of the L A Act. of the concerned State Govt, a one time lump sum
payment of Rs. 3,00,000/- in lieu of alternate House site, Assistance in designing Shifting
Allowance, compensation for construction of cattle shed, Monetary compensation for
construction of work shed etc. shall also be provided. The compensation shall be paid to
displaced persons only after vacation and demolition of the homestead/ work shed etc.

 Each affected displaced family will get subsistence allowance at the rate of 25 days
(Minimum Agricultural Wage) per month for one year.

 Landless tribals, Tribal dependent on forest produce will be given one time financial
assistance of 500 days of MAW for loss of customary right or usages of forest produce. Loss
of customary rights needs to be authenticated by the district authority.

 The following Remedial Measures for R&R issues across the different States were suggested
in the presentation:
 Regular updation of land records by the State Government
 Publication of details of land to be possessed in Newspapers asking to submit the
ownership documents in time for further authentication/verification by State Government.
 Regular meeting and consultation with land owners for sensitization creating more
 Conducting Social Impact Assessment as confidence building measure and framing a
proper R&R scheme.

 Apart from the aforementioned Remedial Measures, the following Way Forward was also
suggested in the presentation:
 Pre CSR activities in surrounding area of the project such as skill development, health and
education etc.
 Use of Technology ,Satellite Image, Drone Image, GIS Based LIS
 Transparency in all the land deals for confidence building in the stakeholders.
 Regular liaison with state authorities.
 Efforts to be made to sustain cultural identity of PAFs during the R&R.
 Post monitoring of the R&R site is essential to ensure an obstruction free implementation.
 Constant support from the respective State governments during possession of land.

 After the prolonged discussion, the following was agreed:

 The Committee discussed about visit to CMPDIL, Ranchi for further understanding of the
R&R policy of Coal India Ltd. and the use of Technology, Satellite Image etc. in R&R.
However, Shri Ramesh Kumar suggested that they can be invited to make a presentation on
 Submission of a brief note regarding deviation in R&R plan of CIL and their subsidiaries
including Mahanadi Coalfields Limited in tabular form by the representative of CIL.
 Mr. Shahid Ali Khan from NHPC may coordinate and compile the R&R plan of all the hydro
CPSUs including their subsidiaries and JVs in tabular form.
 A brief presentation in respect of projects of NTPC, PGCIL and REC shall be coordinated by
Shri Sandeep Naik, Director, MoP and presentation in respect of projects of MNRE shall be
presented by representative of SECI in the next meeting. Copies be send in advance to Under
Secretary (Hydro) by 30th of March, 2017.

The meeting ended with Thanks to Chair.

F.No. 18/01/2017-H-II
Government of India
Ministry of Power

Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi

New Delhi, the March, 2017

Office Memorandum

Subject: Minutes of the meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on

Rehabilitation & Resettlement held on 27.03.2017 at Shram
Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi on the issue of Rehabilitation &
Resettlement Policy.

The undersigned is directed to circulate herewith a copy of the minutes of

the meeting of Inter-Ministerial Committee on Rehabilitation & Resettlement held
on 27.03.2017 at 11AM in the NPMC Hall, Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi under
the Chairpersonship of Ms. Archana Agrawal, Joint Secretary (Hydro) for
information and necessary action.

Encl.: As Above.

(Kundan Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel.: 23705841
Email: kundan.k@nic.in

1. Shri Anurag Kapil, Director, Ministry of Coal.

2. Shri Prithul Kumar, Director, Ministry of Mines.
3. Shri Sunil Kumar Gupta, Scientist-D, MNRE
4. Shri Sandeep Naik, Director (R&R), Ministry of Power
5. Prof. Ramesh Kumar, Ex-Director, CCI, Coal India Limited,
Department of Mining Engineer Indian Institute of Technology
(BHU), Varanasi – 221005.
6. Shri A.K. Mishra, ED (Planning), NHPC
7. Mr. Shahid Ali Khan, Chief Engineer, NHPC
8. Shri N.K. Mao, GM(Environment), NEEPCO
9. Shri S.C. Suman, GM(Mines & Planning), NLCIL
10. Shri Awadhesh Prasad, DGM (R&R), SJVNL
11. Shri A.N. Goswami, Chief Manager (Min.), CIL
12. Shri Harendra Tomar, Manager, SECI

Copy to:
1. PS to MoS(IC) for Power, Coal, Mines & NRE.
2. PPS to Secretary (Power)
3. PS to JS(H), PS to Dir. (H-II) Ministry of Power

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