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India’s Top ITeS and BPO Companies 2009

Aegis Limited
D&B D-U-N-S®: 67-567-3338

Aegis Ltd, Essar House, 13th Floor, 11 KK Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra -400034
Tel: 91 22 66601100; Fax: 91 22 23544490; Website: www.aegisglobal.com

Message from the Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Aparup Sengupta on how outsourcing would gain more importance as an effective tool to stay
competitive in the current scenario...
There is a multi-fold change in the demand ecosystem; the entire paradigm of the service industry offerings
is being reviewed as a fallout of the economic crises. Organizations face intense competitive threat of global
marketplace, economic emotions and political will. Outsourcing is an affective tool to manage the drivers that
affect competitiveness i.e. cost, skills, quality, scalability and flexibility. Outsourcing allows companies to return to
their most successful core work and enjoy the benefits of allowing their outsourcing partners to do the rest that
is non-core. US holds a dominant position in off shoring of services. According to the Outsourcing Institute, US
companies who outsource are realising a 9 percent cost savings and a 15 percent increase in capacity and quality,
thus increasing their competitiveness. This increased competitiveness, saw higher growth rate in exports of goods and services at 12%
Vs growth in imports at 7.4% for the CY2008 (figures from the US department of commerce’s US census bureau). Aegis outsourcing
experience roadmap is highly attuned to the cultural, political, and economic sensitivities of this new paradigm. We have designed
a unique blend of global delivery and customer services that provides ease of doing business, choice of engagements, assured
performance and speed to transition. While the current economic scenario has pushed many organisations to adopt a largely cost-
cutting approach, Aegis delivers a right fit of experiences and costs. For example, using our Any time, Any place global footprint and
“Comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Management solutions”, our customers choose diversity of skills, costs and time zones. Aegis
enhances end user experience through three strategic pillars of Managing, Enabling, and Extending Experiences.

About the Company to specifically target the entire spectrum of customer

Aegis Ltd (Aegis) is a global leader in business process experience.
outsourcing (BPO), with over two decades of leadership
in total customer lifecycle management. The company has Managing Experience
more than 39,000 employees across 40 locations and nine Aegis CRM: This is the flagship service offering of the
countries. Its comprehensive suite of solutions covers the company and provides customer acquisition, customer
entire paradigm of customer experience-from managing service, retention, up-sell/cross-sell, product inquiries,
experience through BPO solutions, through enabling account billing, and technical support services. This service
experience with unified communication and technology accomplishes higher consumer lifetime value and improved
solutions, to extending experience through transformational return on investments through Right Shoring solutions.
services and shared services. Aegis is wholly-owned by the Aegis Collect: The Company provides first party
Essar Group, a USD 14 bn conglomerate. Aegis has received collections and third party recoveries. First party collections
several industry recognitions including the NASSCOM cover the process of pre-charge off negotiations while
business innovation award, MVP Quality award and was the third party recoveries include the skip tracing and
ranked by IAOP in the 2009 list of 100 global outsourcers. post-charge off recoveries activity on the primary, secondary
and tertiary portfolios of its clients. Aegis has acquired
Operations required collection certifications such as GLBA, FDCPA and
Aegis has an extensive global footprint, with presence FCRA, among others.
in nine countries and 40 delivery centres spread across Aegis Health: The Company provides back-office
India, the US, the Philippines, Australia, South Africa, services to health providers and payer communities
Kenya, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka. A robust MPLS technology worldwide. Services offered are revenue cycle management,
backbone connects all these service centres on a virtual claims processing, adjudication, eligibility and benefits,
plane to ensure undisrupted service delivery and seamless among others.
work distribution around the clock from anywhere in the
Aegis RapidText: The RapidText service offers voice-
world. In addition, through a dedicated customer-centric
to-text solutions of transcription, real-time & offline
model of business and an inclusive work environment,
video captioning, time coding & indexing, data entry &
Aegis has been able to establish cultural, geographic, and
verification and e-publishing. The company delivers these
linguistic affinity with its clients and customers through
services from its delivery centres in the US, Philippines,
multi-shoring delivery. All of this adds up to a model that
Costa Rica and India.
offers its clients the unique combination of a superior
business experience at an optimum cost. Aegis Aspire: Aegis offers this service under human
resource division of the company. Providing training and
Products & Services recruitment solutions to various sectors such as banking &
finance, IT, BPO, travel & hospitality, retail, and educational
Aegis has crafted its comprehensive suite of solutions
India’s Top ITeS and BPO Companies 2009

institutions, Aegis Aspire has created band approach to quality. Six Sigma Service Line
significant employability for citizens is used for process management,
of the countries it operates in. COPC standards are used for process BPO, Technology, Shared Services
Aegis Engineering: Leveraging on engineering while domain experience
decades of engineering experiences in fosters innovation in order to get Managing Director & CEO
design and operations for Steel, Oil & the quality that defines customer Aparup Sengupta
Gas, Power, Offshore and Pipelines, experience. Day-to-day monitoring
and comprehensive reviews including Quality & Process Certification
Aegis Engineering Services offers COPC 2000
end to end solutions from feasibility, remote monitoring, call calibration,
and coaching are some of the quality ISO 9001:2000
basic & detailed engineering to ISO 20000
commissioning. It offers state of management processes followed for
each process. Aegis is certified with ISO 27001, SAS 70
the art infrastructure using leading
application software like PDS, PDMS, the COPC CSP Standard Release 4.1. Manpower (June 2009)
StruCad, Marian, SAP, Documentum The company is accredited with other 23000 in India
and Primevera for the engineering certifications including ISO 9001:2000,
work. ISO 20000, and ISO 27001. Location
India (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi,
Enabling Experience HR Initiatives Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad,
Aegis has a rigorous recruitment Gurgaon, Pune, Noida, Coimbatore,
Aegis Tech: Aegis Tech enables
process. The company has initiated Hazira, Lucknow), USA, Costa Rica,
experience by providing expertise to
training programmes like Aegis ACE, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the
deliver robust, long term solutions
Aegis Shiksha. The objective is to Philippines, Australia
in unified communications, network
infrastructure, business applications foster training and develop skill and Key Personnel
and information security. learning across all levels. In order to Sandip Sen
cater to diverse human resource needs President (Americas) & CMO
Extending Experience across various geographies, Aegis has
initiated a global internal job posting Richard Ferry
Aegis Spend Management: CEO – North America
(IJP) practice along with programmes
Working on the other side of Sudhir Agarwal
catering to Reward & Recognition and
supply chain, this outsourcing COO – MEA and APAC
Employee Engagement.
programme aims at minimizing
organisation spends, mitigate risk, Rahul Kamalakar
Future Plans Chief Technology Officer
enhance supply chain and provide
consolidation leverage. Some of the Aegis is one of the fastest growing CM Sharma
processes undertaken are source-to- BPO firms in the world. Its future plans Chief Finance Officer
contact, procure-to-pay and invoice include strengthening the customer SM Gupta
automation. experience paradigm and continuing Executive VP – Corporate HR
growth through organic and
Infrastructure inorganic routes, adding capabilities
in managing, enabling, and extending
Aegis has state-of-the-art
infrastructure facilities at all its delivery
centres, with CCTV monitoring in
the work area, entrances, and exits;
access control; zero tailgating policies;
security & compliance processes;
security systems for network and
information (data). The Business
Continuity Plans (BCP) is designed
to ensure an effective response
to incidents that threaten normal
operations through to the continuity
of normal activity. The company has
built global voice and data backbones
with various applications, geo-
clustering, replication technologies,
highly redundant VoIP-enabled
ACDs, enterprise survivable servers,
eWorkforce management platforms,
and real-time adherence modules.

Aegis has adopted the unique tri-
Aegis Delivery Centre