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Class 505 Website
Our Year at a Glance
Reading Writing Math Science/Social Studies

● TC Baseline ● Writing Foundations ● Preliminary ● U.S. Government &

Assessments & Strategies for Beginning of Year Law
● Juicy Word Revision Testing ● Civil Rights & Social
Scavenger Hunt & ● Spelling ● Base 10 System & Justice throughout
Building Vocabulary ● Argumentative Place Value History
● Out of My Mind Writing ● Multiplication/ ● Mock Trial
shared reading ● Close Reading & Division Strategies ● Current Events and
● Reading Responses Shared Inquiry ● Order of Operations the World Today
to Literature Discussion ● Multi-step story ● The Scientific
● The Giver ● Literary Essays & problems & Method
Thesis Development Mathematical ● The Human Body
through Short Story Reasoning ● STEAM Designing &
analysis ● Fractions & Decimals Implementing
● Creative Writing: ● Volume & Geometry Environmental
Fiction and Script ● Math Games & Prototypes
Development for Proving Conjectures ● Child Labor
Class Film ● International
Country Study
● International Culture
Day Fair
Sneak Peek at Our Differentiation in Math
CCSS Goal for Place Value:
❏ I can understand the place value system.
❏ I can understand and explain the value of digits in a larger number.

Prior Knowledge

L1: Gryffindor L2: Hufflepuff L3: Ravenclaw

Focus Focus Focus

● Building strong number sense and ● Able to create own rationale on how ● Able to relate their understanding of
understanding relationship btw #s. the powers of 10 show the place value in a real world situation
● Using math manipulatives and relationship between numbers and justify their reasoning by using
expression, models, and explanation.
charts ● Practice drawing own model and
Possible Task:
Possible task: writing explanation to support
Look at the offer for 3 homes in Hawaii and
Tell if the statement in the box is true or reasoning compare its values. Explain the relationship
false. Then explain your reasoning on the Possible Task: between the value of three homes using
lines below. Explain the relationship between the two 5's expanded form. How do you know your
in the number 455,721 by writing it in answer is true? Then write a check in word
expanded and word form. form to purchase your favorite home and
write a reasoning why it is accurate.
Providing Students with a Choice
Choice board allows students to decide how they will learn. Choice boards offer a
series of activities that focus on students’ specific learning needs, interest, and
abilities. Students are able to decide which activity they are most comfortable with
and/or to challenge themselves.
Special Projects
● 505 Class Movie Project: Students create characters, sets, and props, write, and
direct an original animation (and possible live) film production.
● International Day & Culture Fair: Students will conduct research projects on an
international country including culture, language, history, geography, food, &
other features of their country. 505 will host a school-wide International Fair
where students will share their knowledge, sell international food & exhibit
music, art, and cultural artifacts.
These projects are subject to adapt and truly only made possible with the assistance
and involvement of parents. We will be sending out more information in the future
describing ways to get involved.
What to Expect for Homework
•Students are required to read for at least 30 minutes every day
•Students should spend about 60 minutes on homework each night
(including reading time).
•Math practice needs to be reinforced nightly (expect no more than 30
minutes most nights).
•Homework should be written in the agenda by your child. It is posted
in class and time is given to write down assignments. If your child is
absent or missed homework meeting, they can check our class website
for assignments.
Homework is intended for extended practice of classwork. If your child
is struggling with an assignment, have your child come speak to us! We are
happy to work with your child on time management and extensions for special circumstances, but we
encourage our students to work on self-advocating and coming to speak with us directly.
Graded Homework/Projects

This is another way in which we are working to keep you informed of your
student's progress within the fifth grade curriculum. Grades are given on the
district wide established scale of 1 to 4.

Level ME Score= Indicative of work which EXCEEDS grade level expectations

Level MA Score = Indicative of work which is ABOVE grade level expectations
Level MT Score = Indicative of work that MEETS grade level expectations
Level MP Score = Indicative of work that is APPROACHING grade level
Level MB Score= Indicative of work that is in an AREA OF CONCERN and
requires our cooperative involvement.
Specials Schedule

Monday Computers @ 9:55

Tuesday Health with Aubrey

Wednesday Movement @ 9:55 AM

Thursday Games @ 9:55 AM

Friday Art @ 10:45 AM

Important Dates to Remember
● Out to Lunch Begins: September 25th (details to
● *Jog-a-thon: Oct 3, Rain date Oct. 10 (pledge sheets will
go home this week)
● Yearbook Photo Day: October 19th
● Parent Teacher Conference: Nov 13th & 15th
● Frost Valley: Feb. 13-15th
● English Language Arts Statewide Test: April 2 & 3
● Math Statewide Test: May 1 & 2
Out to Lunch & Snack
Out to Lunch

● Out to Lunch will begin on September 24th

● Out Students should bring no more than $10 per day
● Students must carry a wallet to keep their money safe
● No soda (caffeinated drinks)
● Out to Lunch is a privilege that 5th graders must earn through responsible behavior and completion of
assignments in and out of school
● All teachers and staff who work directly with a student will have input on out to lunch privileges
● Parents will not be permitted to bring a lunch card to their child if they forgot it at home. Out lunch is a
practice of responsibility and independence. This is a grade wide policy.
● Students who have out lunch permission do not have to go out every time. Alternatively, students are
allowed to bring food from home and eat outside during out lunch.
● If your child is not permitted to go out to lunch this first round, they will have opportunities to earn this
privilege as adults see fit. In the same way, unsafe or irresponsible behavior or repeated missed work
can result in a revoking of out lunch privileges.
Middle School Application Process
● District 2 “Middle School Fair” TBA (Interpretation services are available)
● Two weeks in advance for middle school recommendation
● District 2 Middle School Fair on Oct. 11 at 5pm-7pm @ Stuyvesant High School
● “Middle School Cheat Sheet” will be handed out during Parent Teacher
Conference in November
Understanding typical
child development:

We are looking for 2 class parents

Job Description: attend month CP

school-wide meetings and distribute
information to families, assist with
organizing potlucks and class community
building events, chaperone field trips,

Class Parent(s)
attend PTA meetings.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a

class parent, and your schedule allows for
it, please come speak with us at the end of
tonight’s session.
Thank you for
Please post any questions, comments, or concerns on the parking lot board.

● There are post-its and pencils available on each table.