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[Insert name of Accounting Firm]

[Insert Accounting Firm’s Address complete with zip code]
[Insert Accounting Firm’s email and mobile contact]

Prepared by: [Name of Representative or Manager of Firm]

Prepared for: [Name of Client]

Project Description
[Name of Accounting Firm] is an accounting firm located at [Accounting Firm address]
willing and ready to provide for clients in need of accurate and efficient accounting
services. Everything from payroll processing, accounts receivable, financial statement
preparation to other financial reporting, the [Name of Accounting Firm] shall readily

The [Name of Accounting Firm] shall assess the client’s past financial reports and make
a work plan befitting the nature and orientation of client company.

Executive Summary 2

Proposing Company at a Glance 3


Cost Estimate 5

Contract Terms 6
Contract Termination

References 7

Executive Summary

In this age of the 21st century, industries and other economic sectors’ level of
competency and competitiveness are on the rise and the achievement of being on top is
always sought. To obtain such achievement however, numerous challenges are
barricaded in front of every industry and the most considered challenging problem is
that of maintaining the liquidity of the finances of a company which [Name of Accounting
Firm] prides itself to be the best at.


[Name of Accounting Firm]'s goal is to maintain the liquidity of your company’s finances
1. Provide a reliable and efficient accounting support your company needs;
2. Impose an improved administration control;
3. Ensure reliability of financial data by imposing a system of keeping and backing
up recorded financial information of the company;
4. Issuance of weekly and monthly reports for financial expenditures and
disbursements disbursements;
5. Contribute to the financial stability of the company by giving weekly, monthly as
well as annual financial predictions to sustain the financial liquidity of the


Considering that accounting services is important in every business may it be a starting

company or a full-fledged and experienced one, [Name of Accounting Firm] is ready and
takes pride in its efficient financial solutions with its [number of year/s of experience].
Most importantly, in a recent survey it has been found that outsourcing accounting
services can lessen business costs which an accounting firm like [Name of Accounting
Firm] can provide.

Proposing Company at a Glance

[Name of Accounting Firm] has been in the accounting business for [number of years of
experience] with its head office at [Accounting Firm’s address] is focused in providing
efficient recording, classifying, summarizing, and making informed decisions in ensuring
the stable financial health and increased profitability of the company.

[Name of Accounting Firm] is divided into respectable teams with each team headed by
a Team Leader professionally hand-picked by the CEO to complement formed
members in order to focus and give its undivided attention to assigned clients.

This accounting firm is greatly dedicated in delivering the job with its experience, we
assure all our prospective clients of the efficiency of each of our teams.

As our client, [Name of Accounting Firm] shall provide you with the most efficient and
dependable accounting team that will help in establishing liquid financial accounts.

[Name of Team Lead]

[Insert image of Team Lead] [Insert number of years of experience in

accounting field, capabilities, strengths
and weaknesses]

[Name of Team Member 1]

[Insert image of Team Member 1]
[Insert number of years of experience,
capabilities, strengths and weaknesses]

[Name of Team Member 2]

[Insert image of Team Member 2] [Insert number of years of experience in

accounting field, capabilities, strengths
and weaknesses]

*If there are other additional members in the team provide their data.

Cost Estimate

Below you will find the cost estimates of the services [Name of Accounting Firm] will


Bookkeeping and accounting services [insert estimate amount]

(Supervisory oversight)/ monthly

Bookkeeping and accounting services [insert estimate amount]

(Junior accountants)/ monthly

Monthly and Quarterly Reports [insert estimate amoount]



Monthly and Quarterly Summary Payroll [insert estimate amount]


Annual Preparation Budget

Review of Accounting System


The above fee quotations are only based upon estimates and anticipated cooperation
from [name of client company]’s personnel. We understand that maintaining
administrative costs is crucial to your business hence, we strive to quote realistic fee
estimates and such quotations are open for negotiations and shall be discussed to you
in detail.

Contract Terms

This accounting contract is entered into by [Accounting Firm name] which has its
business location at [Accounting Firm address] and [Client Company name] which has
its business location at [Client Company’s Address]. This accounting contract shall start
at the effective signing date [insert signing date] and shall continue for a period of
[number of years] or until mutually terminated.

 Confidentiality Clause
The [Accounting Firm name] and [Client Company name] shall fairly and
equitably agree to the confidentiality of this contract and other pertinent
information that may be shared during the term of the contract.

Any violations made by either party shall entitle the injured party to avail of any
legal services to remedy for such violation and shall be entitled to compensation
for the damages caused by such violation.

 Termination
The term of this Accounting Contract shall commence from the date of signing
[insert date of signing] and shall continue up to [insert end of duration of term] or
upon mutual agreement to terminate.

Either party shall have a right to terminate provided that upon such termination,
the terminating party shall inform the other party at least three months before
such termination.

*Any additional provisions shall be provided once both parties come into agreement.


The following enumeration are the clients and the organization who put their trust in our
humble accounting firm available to testify and confirm that [Accounting Firm Name] is
the best choice to provide for your accounting needs.

[Client/ Organization Name]

[Representative Name]
[email and contact number]

[Client/ Organization Name]

[Representative Name]
[email and contact number]

[Client/ Organization Name]

[Representative Name]
[email and contact number]