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Name: Mae Cacanindin

Contact Number (for clarification purposes only): 09178591917


Please encircle the letter of your answer and fill in the blank provided when necessary. All of the information in this survey shall
be kept confidential and shall only be used for academic research purposes.

1. How old are you? 27

2. Where are you from?
a. Luzon
b. Visayas
c. Mindanao
3. What is your current occupation? Marketing for hotels
4. How much does your household earn per month?
a. 20,000-40,000
b. 40,000-60,000
c. 60,000-80,000
d. 80,000 and above
5. How many children do you have? 1
6. How old are each of your children? 8
7. How old were you when you had your first child? 19
8. How frequent do you buy milk for your child? Once every 7-10 days
9. How much of your budget are you willing to spend for every purchase of your child’s milk? Php2,000
10. What milk brands are you aware of? (Please cite as many as you can) Gain, Promil, Enfakid, Lactum, Bonakid,
Anchor, Isomil, Nido, Alaska
11. What brand of milk do you currently buy for your children? (Please encircle both the letter and the specific milk brand)
a. Wyeth (Bonakid, Promil, S-26, etc.)
b. Abbott (Ensure, Gain, Similac, PediaSure, etc.)
c. Nestle (Nido, Nan, etc.)
d. Mead Johnson (Enfagrow, Enfamil, Lactum, etc.)
e. Unilab (Mylac, Prime, etc.)
f. Friso (Alaska)
g. Others:______________________________
12. How did you find out about the brand chosen above?
a. Friend
b. Family
c. Doctor’s prescription
d. Co-worker
e. Advertisement (printed or electronic)
f. Others:______________________________
13. Why do you choose this brand?
a. Taste
b. Nutritional value
c. Reputation
d. Price
e. Availability
f. Others:_____________________________

14. Based on the attributes listed in #8, how would you rate EACH from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest priority when
purchasing milk? (Answers may be repeated and usage of decimals is allowed if need be)





15. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the current brand you are using based on the
qualities mentioned in #8?
1 2 3 4 5
16. What are your problems with the brand you are currently using? (Please be as specific as possible)
It’s quite expensive.

17. Where do you buy your current milk?

a. Supermarket
b. Sari-sari store
c. Pharmacy
d. Doctor’s clinic
e. Others: ______________________________

18. What do you look for when you shop for milk? (Please state all)
Price (discounts), expiration/manufacturing date, and quality of container

19. What previous brands did you use before switching to the brand you are currently using? (Please state all)

20. What was the reason behind your decision to switch brands? (Answer if you switched brands at any point)

Product-specific Questions
1. Are you aware of any organic products? (Note: Doesn’t have to be milk products)
2. Are you currently buying ANY organic products? If yes, what product and why did you buy it?
3. What do you think about these products, given that it is organic? (Likes, Dislikes, any special aspects it offers that are
not found in other products, etc)
They’re quite pricey and hard to find.
4. Which do you think is better: organic or non-organic products? Why or why not?
Organic, because they’re good for the body.
5. When you hear the word organic, what comes into your mind? What are the colors that come to mind?
Earth and natural. Green and brown.
6. How would you feel about resealable packaging for milk? Which would you prefer: powdered milk packed in cans or
packed in big resealable packs? Why?
As long as the seal is tight, air won’t easily get in, and the packaging is sturdy enough -- then it’s okay.
7. Would you buy organic formula milk?
a. Yes
b. No
8. If YES, what if the organic brand is more expensive than the brand you currently use, would you still buy organic?
Please state the reason why. (If you answered no, please skip this question)
9. If NO, how can you be more convinced to buy or consider organic formula milk? (If you answered yes please skip this
If it can be made less expensive or in the same price range as my current formula.
10. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, how interested are you in buying organic formula milk?
1 2 3 4 5