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The Death

of a Sun

A Splat Intro to the Setting


Contents Gear 10

What is this? 2 Talents 10

General Plot 2 Octavian Eladaris (PC) 11

Bones And Daphne Error! Bookmark not defined. Skills 11

The Job 2 Gear 11

The Lowdown by Bones Error! Bookmark not defined. Talents 11

Objectives Error! Bookmark not defined. Nigel Fairweather (PC) 12

Sites, people and places 2 Skills 12

Gateway 5 (g5) 2 Gear 12

Lord Ogish Wreckhound 2 Talents 12

Major Galactic Sentry Leonard Casteel 2

The G5 Guys Error! Bookmark not defined.
G5 Crown Dome 3
Alister Garis (PC) 5
Skills 5
Gear 5
Talents 5
Charles BROWN (PC) 6
Skills 6
Gear 6
Talents 6
GR33N (PC) 7
Skills 7
Gear 7
Talents 7
Grimlin (PC) 8
Skills 8
Gear 8
Talents 8
Meekos Kalahar (PC) 9
Skills 9
Gear 9
Talents 9
Nigel Fairweather (PC) 10
Skills 10

Death of a Sun Admiral

This is an attempt at a splat. Grab four or five friends, GATEWAY 5 (G5)

have them make characters (or use the templates) to get
into car chases, who-dun-its and murder! A traveling starbase that orbits planets. It is meant as a
diplomatic vessel to officiate Alliance governance
This is for the setting, Space Ventures which you can find between the Big 7. It is home to many merchants who
here: sell arms, data, meals and “investment opportunities”
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ip2B94trszku3_EibST (see: tourist traps).
It has several decks with lower and upper decks reserved
GENERAL PLOT for starbase operations. The middle section is devoted to
docking with vessels and civilian quarters.
You have been hired by an eccentric Nyjetian governor,
Benjamin “Bones” Gemini, to assassinate an Alliance
Sector Admiral. Sun Admirals are powerful and influential
individuals who control the Military resources of an
Alliance in a star-sector.

Along the way, the Venturing Crew will undiscover deep

conspiracies, kill an Alliance Admiral and try to get away
with it.

Government: Nyjetian
Sponsor: The Gemini Corporation An up and coming Orco warlord. He has a citizenship of
Bounty: $25,000 level 4 and this promotion would bring him to a level 3.
Bonus Potential: $13,000
In his early years, he was categorized as a Smartie Boy,
Line of Work: Diplomacy
but decided to remain as a Raider in the Union of
Gabbochan “empire”, He eventually was recruited by the
Alliance Starbase Networks, Gateway 5 – Alliance
Alliance for his “brilliance”. He took his warband of
Expiry Date: 1 week.
Orcos, Kilatani and Humans and turned into a most
impressive naval fleet, winning battles against terrorists
and pirates alike.
1. Prevent Ogish Wreckhound from becoming a
The population is torn on Ogish. Some see him as a true
Star General: By Assassination or persuasion.
genius and profound Orco. Others see him as “fake”, an
implant from the Alliance. He is at the center of
2. Steal Ogish’s data: The Gemini Corporation
wants his military data. This should be on one of
his Lieutenant’s DAPr device.

3. Find more about the conspiracy behind the An Alliance Galactic Police officer that is in charge of the
advancement of Ogish: Find out who promoted Security during this event. He is known for his paranoia.
him, why and is he legitimate. He has a record of taking the most minor of offenses as a
serious threat to security. To Leo, everyone is out to get

Death of a Sun Admiral
The Alliance employs this man to control the
environment. He deploys trigger happy officers who
relish in their near-absolute power over citizens. Casteel
gets the job done, but sometimes at the expense of
freedoms and sometimes civilian life.


One of the wealthiest corporations in the Nyjetian

Economic Consortium, the Gemini Corporation is focused
in exclusive resorts, premium real estate, interactive
media, space cruises and sport entertainment.

It is ran by a controversial Governor named Benjamin

“Bones” Gemini. He has been alive longer than Humans
should be alive. There are several wild speculations as to
who or what Benjamin really is. Rumors as bizarre as
Benjamin being a vampire of sorts or simply clones of a
clone. There is one rumor that he has found “the
fountain of youth” and never ages. His unnatural long life
has made him very wealthy.

Beyond Benamin’s apparent immortality, he has a quite a

playboy reputation. He is known for wild parties on his
space yachts with outlandish space toys. He is a man of
gambling, cigars, real estate and funding venturing

He does not contact his ventures personally, he sends

Gemini middle-management types to do that kind of


You may pick characters from this adventure or make

your own. It is recommended that you make your own or
use these characters to model your own.

You will need:

1. Face
2. Hacker
3. Gunmen
4. Infiltrators
5. Pilots

Death of a Sun Admiral
G5 CROWN DOME D. Moving Walkway to Heavens Seating
a. Lots of wires underneath that feed
Gateway 5 has an AP1481-Starbase Arena in it. It is data, power, sewer and water to / from
located within a section of the G5 base. control room
b. Distance to Control Room: SHORT
Merchants have set up small tables to pedal
c. Distance to field: LONG
merchandise, food and other small consumables in a ring
d. Distance to “backstage”: EXTREME
around the amphitheater-like seating. Underneath the
seating and stage are series of rooms for storage of
E. Typical entrance from promenade (between
equipment and bunks offered to host guests or
lighting pillars)
performers who would use the G5 Crown Dome.
a. Security Check Point
A. Access Ducts b. $45 per seat.
a. A control duct of wires and vents c. Distance to field: LONG
connects to the roof of this monster
room. The floor above this is a maze of F. Platinum Seating
wires, ducts and creatures. a. No Security in the box, but entrances
B. The Control Box b. $95 per seat.
a. Room where security, SysOps and c. Distance to field: LONG
media monitors the arena below.
Official Access only. G. Backstage
a. Security check points
b. Elevators from the pillars will allow
C. Heavens Seating access.
a. Box seating for elites. 670 per private
box. 375 per ticket in a box.
b. Distance to Control Room: Short
c. Distance to Field: Long

Death of a Sun Admiral



Alister grew up in poverty. His father and mother were

never home, always busy at the “temple”. Alister never
understood what the temple was, nor was he ever
allowed in it. Alister was raised by nannies and baby-

He soon flunked out of school and started his own

criminal career. He became a smuggler for lesser known
mafia organizations. He started off small, but gradually
grew more of a name for himself earning his way up to
various crew positions until he reached Pilot. He
operates his own Venture crew as the pilot.

He is charming, paranoid and always looking to make a Characteristic Value Cocky

Brawn 2 Once a session, you may
Agility 3 add S to any Athletics,
Intelligence 2 Astrocartography,
Cunning 1 Piloting and Driving at
SKILLS Willpower 2 the cost of H per S
SKILL RANK Presence 4 added (Max 3).
Astrocartography 1
Wounds 11 Naturally Social
Cool 1
Strain 12 Remove up to 1 1
Driving 1
Melee Defense 0 while targeting a
Leadership 1
Ranged Defense 0 creature with social
Piloting 1
Soak 3 skills.
Streetwise 1
Ranged (Light) 1 Encumbrance Threshold 7

Weapon: Alliance Standard Laser Pistol
Armor: Pilot’s Jacket with Fashionable Clothing and
Compression Engine
Gear: Pilot Pills (2)


Death of a Sun Admiral



Charles grew up in a remote part of the system. He

dropped out of school and tried to make a living farming.
He was not successful. He did learn how to shoot during
his farming days, as Xeno critters would raid his crops
daily. Broke and a good shot, Charles went on to sign up
for a Venture. He had nothing else to lose.

Charles is sharp and a realist. Some would say he’s bitter.

Don’t talk about politics around him, it will lead to a
heated debate about the Alliance and how “good” it
really is.

Characteristic Value Advanced Operator

SKILLS Brawn 2
SKILL RANK Ignore up to 1 1
Agility 4
Ranged (Heavy) 2 Driving, Mechanics,
Intelligence 2
Cool 1 Operating or Piloting
Cunning 2
Gunnery 1 checks once per
Willpower 2
Operating 1 encounter.
Presence 2
Vigilance 1
Wounds 12 Machinist
Conspiracies 1
Strain 12 Every two cybernetics
Athletics 1
Melee Defense 0 installed, gain back one
Ranged Defense 0 strain threshold.
GEAR Soak 4
Weapon: Perseus Rifle w/ Superior Weapon Encumbrance Threshold 7
Armor: Plasteel Webbed Vest
Gear: Portable Motion Sensor (2), Portable Cover

Xeno Slayer

Death of a Sun Admiral
GR33N (PC)



GR33N was trained to be a “Computer Operative” for the

Alliance military. Not because she was gifted or talented,
but because she was abandoned by her family and left at
the Alliance’s footsteps. She was picked by some scummy
politician to fill a quota to check off boxes to meet
“diversity” requirements.

While growing up, she quickly became aware that she

was just a pawn for the Alliance. No one really cared
about who she actually was. They cared that she was an
Orco overcoming the odds, she more of a side-show
attraction than anything.
Characteristic Value Threat
She flunked out and became a hacker and now here she Brawn 3 After a successful
is, a business owner with an increasing network of Agility 2 attack to a target, the
contacts. Intelligence 4 Orco adds 1 to the
Cunning 2 same target until the
Willpower 2 end of the encounter.
Presence 2 Loose Cannon
Wounds 13 If an Orco’s strain
Athletics 1
Strain 12 exceeds half of their
Computers 2
Melee Defense 0 strain threshold, they
Operating 1
Mechanics 1 Ranged Defense 0 add 1 1 to all social
Piloting 1 Soak 3 skill checks and add 1
Encumbrance Threshold 8 Peirce quality to the
weapon they have.
Cybernetics: Skulljack, Computer Implant
Other: GRIM, Sensor Jamming Wand

On Your Toes!

Death of a Sun Admiral



Gremlin always has a story to tell about something. He

served sometime in the Union of Gabbo with some
raiders. That’s where he learned his skills of sneaking,
killing and looting. He made his way out of the brutal
culture of the Union to life in the Federation of Orbits. He
soon realized he could better serve his people: me,
myself and I as a rogue for hire.

He takes pride in always finding a joke. Life is an

adventure, and everything should belong to him.

SKILL RANK Characteristic Value Sneaky Instinct
Deception 1 Brawn 1 Remove up to 1 1 while
Melee 1 Agility 4 using the Skulduggery skill.
Skulduggery 1 Intelligence 2 Oh, That’s Mine!
Operating 1 Cunning 2
Streetwise 1 Start with 300 more credits
Willpower 2
Ranged (Light) 2 than usual.
Presence 2
Stealth 2 Wounds 9
Strain 14
GEAR Melee Defense 0
Weapon: Standard Pistol w Silent quality Ranged Defense 0
Armor: Alliance Explorer Jacket w Thermal Dampener Soak 2
Gear: Simple Thieves Tools, Sensor Jammer + (2) Encumbrance Threshold 6

Side Step

Death of a Sun Admiral



He abandoned his ancestral life from the Taal’sa empire

to the Apothei Colonial Collective systems. He sees the
situation with his Empire as futile and hopeless, so he is
seeking out new purposes for he and his bloodline to be.

He has gained quite a reputation for a strong arm who is

very passionate about his job.

He is well spoken and poetic about life. Yet, he has a

bloodthirst behind all his spoken wisdom that is very off

SKILLS Characteristic Value Shed Toxins

Athletics 1 Remove up to 1 1 dice
Agility 2
Brawl 2 while using the Resilience
Intelligence 2
Discipline 1 skill as your reptile body
Cunning 2
Melee 1 sheds skin.
Willpower 3
Perception* 1
Presence 2 Ancestor Knowledge
Resilience 1
Wounds 14 A Taalic may enter a
Strain 12 meditative state to recall an
GEAR Melee Defense 0 Ancestor’s memory about an
Cybernetics: Taal’sarian Laser Axe Arm, Cybered Ranged Defense 1 event, creature or place as
Soak 5 Discipline (222) action.
Athletics, Cybered Coordination, Auditory Pattern
Encumbrance Threshold 9 Mechanically, this replaces a
Detection. knowledge check.
Armor: Alliance Explorer Jacket with Deflective Plating
Other: GRIM, Edge x 5, Sensor Jamming Wand

Toughened (Rank 2)

Death of a Sun Admiral



Former model citizen of the Colonial Collective, Nigel

spent most of his early life being in the Xeno Defense
Force. He was kicked out for sparing the life of
Canaanites, as the Colonial government do not see them
as Sentients.

Disgraced, Nigel went underground. He soon offered up

Characteristic Value Advanced Operator
his experience in shooting down Xeno beasts to feed
Brawn 2
himself. These contracts did not pay too well, he soon Ignore up to 1 1
Agility 4
turned to Space Ventures to pay for his expensive taste Driving, Mechanics,
Intelligence 2
in Syndairian wines. Operating or Piloting
Cunning 2
checks once per
Willpower 2
SKILLS Presence 2
Wounds 12 Naturally Social
Ranged (Heavy) 2 Strain 12 Every two cybernetics
Cool 1 Melee Defense 0 installed, gain back one
Conspiracies 1 Ranged Defense 0 strain threshold.
Ranged (Light) 1 Soak 4
Gunnery 1 Encumbrance Threshold 7
Discipline 1
Operating 1

Weapon: Sniper Rifle, Laser Handgun
Armor: Alliance Explorer Jacket with Thermal Dampening
Ammo: Heavy Gelcap (1)

Xeno Slayer

Death of a Sun Admiral



Typical knife-eared elf. Aloof. Arrogant. And importantly,

Skilled. This Syndairi wants vengeance and money. He
was written out of his family’s legacy - and needs to get
money to live his once lavish lifestyle.

Has a criminal record with gangs in the Gabbochan

Union, was arrested several times for attempted murder
on Domain of Peace citizens. He is a fugitive in the
Domain but has no records in the Alliance criminal

Cold, ruthless and rational - this elf will get it done but
for a price. Characteristic Value Advanced Operator
Brawn 2 Remove up to 1 1
Agility 2 while using the
Intelligence 4 Mechanics skill.
Cunning 2
SKILL RANK Willpower 2 Confidence
Drones 2
Presence 2 Remove up to 1 1
Computers 2
Wounds 12 Computers, Knowledge,
Operating 1
Strain 13 Mechanics or Medicine
Mechanics 1
Melee Defense 0 checks once per
Perception 1
Ranged Defense 0 encounter.
Soak 2
GEAR Encumbrance Threshold 7
Weapon: Alliance Standard Laser Pistol with
Drone: Paladin

Grit (Rank 2)
Off the Grid

Death of a Sun Admiral



Rapture was a former Alliance scientist. He was visited by

Voidwalkers who cut off his face in a most brutal way. He
was tortured, eventually allowed into the brotherhood of
the Void and became learned in the ways.

His mentor known only as Glow, has sent him to

accompany this crew. He is to guide them away from
secrets that they might uncovered, report back to Glow
about secrets he has found and not reveal the secrets of
Dark Energy to anyone.
Characteristic Value Injets
Cautious, aloof and robotic Rapture bends Dark Energy to Brawn 2 Once an encounter, as a
dispose of foe and get out of situations. Agility 2 maneuver produce an
Intelligence 2 Inky Black cloud that
SKILLS Cunning 3 gives 1 1 to targets
Willpower 3 engaging or tracking you.
Presence 1 This is also tampers with
Astronomy 1
Wounds 12 Thermal sensors
Dark Energy 2
Deception 1 Strain 14 Aquatic
Melee 2 Melee Defense 0 Remove up to 1 1 while
Stealth 2 Ranged Defense 0 dealing with aquatic
Golden Age 1 Soak 2 environments and being
Cool 1 Encumbrance Threshold 7 on fire.

Note: Rapture has 1 for every Charm check as he is

missing parts of his face and wears masks or off putting

Weapon: Laser Sword with Serrated Edge
Armor: Anti-Sensor Suit with Thermal Dampeners


Death of a Sun Admiral
GM NOTES • The Alliance wants Ogish to be a big deal.

You the GM of this? No? Ok stop reading from this point • Your characters are unknowns in this area, they
on unless you like spoilers. will be treated as such.

Alright GM, your job here is clear. Have your players

figure out the complex web of deceit and remove Ogish
from power. 1. Meeting with Daphne
2. Outside G5
There’s a few ways to encourage players to Accomplish 3. Pick Order
Objective 1. a. Discovery Rolls
b. Police Station
• Set up the Crown Dome as the assassination
c. Hacking G5 Crown Dome
4. Coy Cosmopolitan
5. Pick Order
• Make sure Ogish is not actually seen until the
a. Discovery Rolls
day of the ceremony.
b. Police Station
c. Police Scenario
• The G5 Crown Dome is off access, but staff can
d. Hacking G5 Crown Dome
always be bribed (starting at $250) for special
6. Police Scenario
favors. Especially if they are pro-Ogish
7. Aethon
a. Police Scenario
Here’s a fact: Ogish is already dead, he gets killed. What 8. Ceremony
is going on at G5 is that a combination of the Restless Eye
and the Watch have infiltrated the Alliance navy. Aethon, MERCHANTS
a member of the Restless Eye, is a mutineer and killed Vendors at G5 are very much interested in taking
Ogish. The Ogish paraded around is a hired impersonator advantage of the crowds and population and have
by The Watch. doubles their rates.

ON THE FLY Players may find items with a rarity less than 7 in this
It is inventible for a player to be creative and think out-
side-the-box. You, as a GM, should embrace this and roll Additionally, tuktuks are rentable for $45 a day and a taxi
with it. service would be $5.

There will be moments or scenes that won’t be covered – These are recommended for chase or getaway vehicles.
just use the follow principles to move forward the plot
and pace TUKTUK

• This is a timed job, so everything eats up time. HANDLING -1

Do not forget this. SILHOUETTE 2
• Ogish is not the big bad guy, nor is he meant to
interact the party. Should he do so, have him DEFENSE 0
sound very intelligent or very aloof depending HULL THR. 8
on the timeline. SYS THR. 8

Death of a Sun Admiral
TIME TABLE Ogish’s Record (-)
Ogish Wreckhound notable career events, such as saving
Below is the timetable of evens of this encounter. a space station hospice care from random Gabbo space
Astrocartography checks move the timetable up or down pirates. He has the unusual reputation and noted history
as the crew travels from the N.E.C Jubilant. of being fair, just and merciful. Traits which Orcos usually
0. Meeting with Daphne
1. Travel? Ogish’s Relations (-)
2. Travel? It is a bit odd for an Orco to side with the Alliance, or
3. Arrive midday, Legwork even to have been able to rise through the ranks. It is
4. Legwork, Bar Scene common that someone from the Syndarian Alliance
5. Betty’s Haul Lawsuit, Arrest official usually backs an Orco’s rise in rank up. The
6. Aethon Meeting, Karoke, Police Chase Alliance has made conscious efforts to integrate Orcos
7. Day 7: Ogish Ceremony Start into society.

DISCOVERIES Ogish’s Boys (-)

Orcos and Kilitani are thirsty creatures. Wreckhound’s
Below are things that players and the crew can discover. soldiers will surely frequent bars often. If characters
This should guide the players in a way to discover more want to talk to Ogish or his crew, bars or the Police
about Ogish, the Alliance and conspiracy behind Ogish. headquarters are the only routes available.
How the characters gain this knowledge could be reading
wikis, internets searches, talking to people or general Heaven Seating Raffle (2)
reflection of the situation. Heaven Seating access is being raffled away with a
contest of who can out drink their drinking champion -
Next to the title is a number, which when the fact can be Albert Rustusk at the Coy Cosmopolitan.
unlocked in the timeline.
Gemini Contact (-)
You know of a guy, named only as Primus, who has all
Lax Security (-) the registered participants in the Heaven Setting as well
Usually, small aerial drones are deployed to scan for as other ticket holders. Getting this data will cost you
firearms that are registered with known criminals. The $175 credits. Once Purchased: No one from Nyjetian
local database relay is located at the Galaxy 5 Galactic Consortium has reserved, this freaks out the Alliance,
Police Hub. There is a distinct lack of drones buzzing and are actively scanning for Nyjetian citizens.
Domain of Peace Terrorists (4)
Firearm Security (-) You hear rumors about Domain of Peace has hired
You discover that firearms are scanned at the entrance of assassins and terrorists to create chaos.
the G5 Crown Dome. Small radar like devices line the
walls and seating to scan and trace the movement of Syndairian (4)
Firearms within the arena. There is a surprising amount of Syndairian Authority
citizens in the area.
Ogish’s Reputation (-)
There are several interviews with Ogish. Ogish is very KNOWLEDGE: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
calm, collected and well-spoken in these interviews. He is
thought provoking and poetic at times in these Bloodoaths (-) (2 2 2)
interviews. Add [SE] [SE] for non Gabbochan character rolling. Blood
Oaths are obscure documentation. The Alliance has a
history of settling these blood oaths to shut them down,
it is surprising that these still exist.

Death of a Sun Admiral
Rivals (-) (2) It is common Alliance procedure to heavily secure the
It occurs to you that the NEC might hire more crews to Arena for an event. There will be parades, fireworks and
kill Ogish or other Big 7 members might hire crews to media up to Ogish’s speech. The ceremony is mostly
protect Ogish as well. displaying a celebration of the Alliance and the military
officer’s brilliance. A few speeches are made, but they
PR of Gemini (-) (2) are short and to the point.
It is unusual for the Gemini Corporation to take a hit out
on an Alliance officer. You conclude that the corporation STREETWISE
is very much concerned about Ogish’s authority.
The Lack of Nyjetians (5) (2)
Talking to various Alliance members, you observe that
they are anxious as why several governors and elite NEC
Ogish’s Media Presence (-) (2 2) members have not reserved spots in Heaven Setting
Ogish’s records are riddled with specific vocabulary to area.
demonize Ogish’s challenges to characterize Ogish as
overcoming odds. These stories are sensualized. The Alliance Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
Some say that the Alliance promoted Ogish to secure
Ogish’s Media Presence (4) (2 2) their power in the region. Civilians of the Alliance are
It is obvious to you that the amount of posters, vids and hesitant about this decision, the majority of the
broadcasts about Ogish’s character is a direct attempt to population support it. A few vocal minority protest it,
influence the population’s opinion about Ogish. You start mostly out of racist reasons
to notice Ogish is not as intelligent or well spoken.
The ACC Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
The Watch (5) (2 2) Apothei Colonial Collective supports the Alliance’s
You conclude that the terrorist group, The Watch, is decision to promote Ogish. Either way, they do not
active in the area. You see their trademark subtle particularly care who is “in charge”, they’ll ignore
influences of pro-syndairian sayings and propaganda whomever that person is regardless.
flyers stern about. Some Ogish interviews have these
subtle influences. The DOP Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
The Domain wants to further destroy and dismantle the
KNOWLEDGE Alliance’s authority at any place it can. Killing Ogish
would achieve this. It is believed that they have sent
The Galactic Police Force (-)
spies, troops and terrorists to cause trouble.
Lance Casteel is in charge of security. He is a mysterious
and dark figure, with notable records of murdering riot The SA Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
populations and being promoted for it. Casteel was Unofficially, the rumors are that the Syndarian Authority
promoted for saving Alliance assets that would have wants to further strain and stress the delicate peace by
been destroyed otherwise. being in full support of Ogish. Officially, the Authority
celebrates the Alliance’s decision.
Sun Admirable Ceremony (-) (2 2)
It is common Alliance procedure to heavily secure the The TE Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
Arena for an event. There will be parades, fireworks and Ogish is not only a threat to Taal’sa Empire’s way of life
media up to Ogish’s speech. The ceremony is mostly (no Orcos to rule anything) but if the media is to be
displaying a celebration of the Alliance and the military believed, he would be a tactical deterrent for raids and
officer’s brilliance. A few speeches are made, but they strikes against the Union and Alliance.
are short and to the point.
The UOG Vantage Point (5) (2 2)
Surprisingly, many members of the Union of Gabbochan
Sun Admirable Ceremony (-) (2 2)

Death of a Sun Admiral
are against this promotion. They see Ogish as a weirdo • The N.E.C. Jubilant is a warship. It has survived
and want him gone! A small minority does support Ogish. at least 350 battles.

The UFO Vantage Point (5) (2 2) • The N.E.C. and Alliance have a history of a “cold-
Does not particularly want Orcos to gain favor or more war” relationship. The N.E.C. is becoming more
confidence, as they are troublesome borrowers as is. “heated” in this relationship and Jubilant is seen
They would not mind if Ogish got killed. flying missions provoking the Alliance.


FLUFF Daphne expresses the following:

An aggressive looking large craft floats in space. It has • The Gemini Corporation is insulted by Ogish’s
been awaiting the crew’s arrival. It is the N.E.C. Jubilant. promotion. The Wreckhound clan has done
It is registered as a government vessel that belongs to a extensive damage in plundering, enslaving and
governor Neil Gemini of the Gemini Corporation. The destroying our assets. Alliance officials have not
crew knows the name, as he is the guy that approved of answer pleas of reason. The Gemini Corporation
your Venture company’s deed. will right the wrongs and prevent any further
pervasion of justice. Prevent Ogish from
Your crew is to meet up with the N.E.C. Jubilant with
accepting the position.
Gemini Administer Daphne Juniper who will explain your
contracts details and expectations.
• Not only is this an insult to the N.E.C., but Orcos
You open up a video communication with the N.E.C. are bad for business. They are bad for everyone.
Jubilant. A freckled faced woman that is wearing a tight This will inflate their already large egos and we
form fitting uniform answers. She wears thin framed will see more crime. The tusk-loving Alliance
glasses that sits on the bridge of her nose. She has dark might be trying to damage our economy.
red hair tied in a tight bun. She looks serious, but her
brown eyes betray that she is eager to speak with you. • The Alliance is not dumb. We believe there are
She is dressed as an N.E.C. officer. ulterior motives for raising an Orco to become
the sole authority in this region. Someone,
Daphne will not leave the ship or welcome guests on the somewhere, is up to something. Find out what is
ship. going on.


WOUNDGIVUR clan that we purchased. This lets
Knowledge (2) will reveal the following rumors, which
are unproven: us kill any Wreckhound clan member for free.
It’s tied to a lunar calendar in the Union’s
• The N.E.C. Jubilant was personally responsible system. It only lasts for 10 hours, and the expiry
for destroying an Omagain nest a few years ago, date of the oath is one hour prior to the speech
saving thousands of colonists and millions of of Ogish.
• Hack when you can, steal what you can, kill who
• The N.E.C. Jubilant is has been in several pirating you can. We don’t care. Give us data, kill Ogish,
raids and is used as a pirating ship. and figure out what is going on.

• Daphne is the bastard daughter of “Bones”. • Do not admit you’re working for the Gemini
Corporation. We have secured scans and
databases on G5 to conceal your ship’s and

Death of a Sun Admiral
crew’s identity – but any verbal recognition AFTERMATH
could override this.
This is the basis of the scene with Betty’s Haul. This is a
• Should you kill Ogish, make it happen during the path for more money and storytelling adventures for the
ceremony to the entire Galaxy to watch. players.

• Travel is 2 days away. The ceremony in 7 days.
Get going. You guys step onto the station. An introvert that lacked
courage would surely retreat to their quarters by the
AFTERMATH noise of the crowd alone. It also appears that the central
An Astrocartography (2 2) check is needed to fold into cooling system seems to be malfunctioning - making it
sweaty, crowded and somehow damp.
FTL space. F results in an increase of 1 day travel time.
HHH or D results in damage to a component of the It is going to be a crowded few days.
crew’s ship. AAA or T removes 1 days’ worth of
travel time. SCENE: HACKING G5 CROWN DOME (DAY 3-6)

Note: this is to get the crew safely and securely inside

the arena on the day of the ceremony. This can also give
Note: This is to tie into and introduce the chaotic and clues to what is happening to Ogish, as he is camped out
crowded nature of this event. within the Arena in the backstage area. Make it
convenient that Ogish is not to be found if they go look
FLUFF for him. Also remind players that if they do kill Ogish in
this timeframe their Blood Oath contract will not absolve
You fold out of space into a crammed space. Marchant
them of the crime.
vessels to military craft all crowd . Ships floating about
G5 litter the proximity. Comm traffic is loud and chaotic. The crew has to make it into the control box, and you
have to jack into it to install a program to be activated
G5 traffic control immediately tells you to go towards
once jacked into the network on the day of the ceremony
quadrant Z1581-B.
to give camera or various access points. A hacker may
Piloting (2 2) with 1 1 to avoid majorly damaging the jack into the network anywhere in the building via a
crew’s vessel. F results in 2 hull damage per non- connected device.
canceled F. HHH or D damages a component. AAA or T
This access does not control elevators, climate control or
grants an automatic S for their first round in the lawsuit
other mechanics. It mainly controls the keycard system,
to follow.
input/output of communications and output of video.
A Gromkin shouts out to the crew, “Go back to fly
Failure in hacking and stealth results in a police
school!” and laughs as the ship continues off.
It is the UGO Betty’s Haul. Registered as a slavery ship
belonging to the Union of Gabbochan. Air traffic control
opens up a comm with the crew. The arena is shut down prior to the up and coming
celebration. Two guards are posted to each entrance of
“Vessel, you clear for dock A0191. Incident was recorded
the arena. They look older. Each station has a booth with
and accessible through Police channels.”
a weak chain link fence around it.

Getting through the guards socially will have a 2 2 1 1


Death of a Sun Admiral
SECRUITY immediately after each other and not during the Drinking
BRAWN 2 Cool 1
AGILITY 2 Perception 2 FLUFF
INTELLIGENCE 2 Ranged (Light) 1
CUNNING 2 An adobe building that seems as good as any place to
WILLPOWER 2 wet your whistle and mingle with the G5 crowds. It has 4
PRESENCE 2 windows facing outward to the street and is squished in
SOAK 2 between two other office-type buildings.
WOUND THR. 9 “CHUG CHUG CHUG” is what you hear as you entered
STRAIN THR. - this rowdy bar. It’s a large bar that is jammed packed. All
kinds of sentients lurch over tables while others cheer
Laser Pistol: Medium, 7 DMG, 3
WEAPON 1 over two Orcos drinking. There is a drinking contest going
on that will give two seats in a Heaven Seating booth
with some socialte of Gateway 5, Darius Gahr.
Hacking System Difficulty 221
To enter into the contest, it will cost 50 credits. A
Audio / Visual Stealth Difficulty 211
drinking contest just went underway. You must win four
times then face off against Albert Rustusk.
The players must sneak past random security to climb
their way up to the media server room in the control box. Every round, characters who wish to engage in this will
have to make a Discipline roll four times. Each time
They will need to roll three times for stealth against increases the difficulty by one.
sensors. Security will patrol only once, but HHH or D
will result in a security patrol that is around the corner. • Each drink removes two strain from each
Once in the server room, there is one more sensor which • A A recovers strain or gives boost die to the
is on a different security system than the other sensors, next roll.
but it is the same mechanically. • T does not increase difficulty.
Failure to stealth will alert the guards. • HH costs an additional strain or places a SE on
the next roll.
HACKING THE MEDIA SE RVER • D increases the difficulty twice for your next
To install software to monitor media and comm traffic,
you must defeat the server’s firewall (12). • F character failed to out drink their target.
• No outcomes mean that characters receive 1 1
MEDIA SERVER SOFTWARE 1 to reroll the die. It does not count as a failure.
GOAD 222
Hacking Structure 22 ROUND DIFF
1 Discipline (-)
2 Discipline (2)
SCENE: THE COY COSMOPOLITAN (DAY 2 -3) 3 Discipline (2 2)
FINAL Discipline (2 2 2)
Note to the GM: There are three subscenes here. The
ALBERT Discipline (2 2 3) 1 1
Drinking Contest, The Bar Fight and the Watch. It is
important that the Watch and Bar Fight happen

Death of a Sun Admiral
• When a character does fail or exit out of the One Orco pulls out his shotgun while two of them flip
tournament, they must roll a Resilience (2 2) to over a table. The one doing the talking removes his pistol
resist illness. as well.
• S = Become disoriented until rest or Medicine Orco: “I’LL SHOOT YOU IF YOU SAY ANYMORE NASTY
(-) check. STUFF TOWARDS ME”
• AAA or T results in not becoming
disoriented The Human has two other compadres. He has his hand in
his pocket. It is likely he has a gun. The characters sense
• F results in one wound and two strain as the
that they will strike at each other at any minute.
infected violently vomit and become
• HHH or D = Become immobilized until a rest or
Medicine (P) check. Ogish’s men will open fire at the humans but miss. All
characters in the bar are in combat.
The leader of the racist will leave the scene via a cloaking
This goes all way to Albert Rustrusky, a copper skinned
field. Perception (2 2 2) 1 1 needs to be rolled to spot
bald Orco that is already drunk. He has more fat than
muscle and a really bad attitude. He’d swing at a him. F results in the crew unable to engage in combat
character, but he’s unable to physically fight. with The Watch agent.

In order to win, you must beat his roll at 2 2 3 1 1 If a character is outside the bar, they see him crawl out of
a window and cloak. Someone, somehow, sees the
BAR FIGHT A’BREWING Watch Agent trying to get away, but not resulting in a
combat turn with the agent.
GM Note: This encounter can lead up to a conversation
with Ogish’s Lieutenant, if they befriend or heal the
Orocos - giving a 1 to that scene. Should the Ogish men
perish, the Liuetenant will impose 1 during the • Characters can roll a successful Leadership (2 3
encounter as he questions what happened. 3) 1 1 to end the bar fight in peace.
• Ogish’s men are defeated.
FLUFF • The threats to Ogish’ men are gone.
• Run away (they will still engage the Watch
It is a bit crowded in here. A rowdy group four of
uniformed naval alliance Orcos are in the corner.
Slapping the rear of a waitress and having a good time. THE BAR PATRON MINION GROUP
They are no doubt to be Ogish’s boys. They are slamming
down glasses of beer and taking shots. BRAWN 2
One of them belches towards a tattered clothed human. INTELLIGENCE 2
Orco: “Uhh..wut?” WILLPOWER 1
Human: “You dumb tusked green Ape, you too dumb PRESENCE 1
to understand common?” SOAK 0
Human: “You are nothing more than a badge wearing WOUND THR. 7
thug. You’re a fake. I don’t care how they dress you STRAIN THR. -
Orco: “Shut your mouth puny thing.” WEAPON 1 Defender: Medium, 4 DMG, 5 crit
Human: “Heh, I bet that tusk is fake too!”

Death of a Sun Admiral


The Agent dies via Suicide pill if not killed outright.
CUNNING 2 The crew ascertains (through rummaging their stuff) that
The Watch are here disrupt the peace and protect Ogish.
SOAK 0 The also find a brief-chip, which is a sim-card sized chip
that plugs into any GRIM or DAPR like device. A
successful Computer (2 2 2) roll allows the following
Sub Machine Gun: Medium, 5
WEAPON 1 Restless Eye is here, work with them to
damage, 3 crit, Auto-fire.
Orco Shotgun: Short, 8 DMG, 3 establish Ogish as a puppet. Kill Ogish and
WEAPON 2 crit, Blast 1, Limited Ammo 2, replace him. Have G5 in protests against the
Knockdown, Vicious Alliance
Monoblade Knife: 5 DMG, 2 CRIT,
Pierce 2 If the party did not engage him, have the party piece
together that the instigator of the fight was a Watch
member through Perception (-) rolls. They also find the
THE WATCH AGENT ADVERSARY “briefing chip” that must have fell out of his disguise.
Name: Lyneer Yul
• Conspiracy Check (2)
BRAWN 1 Cool 1 The Watch is a Syndarian Authority cloak-and-
AGILITY 3 Discipline 2 dagger type group that’s chief mission is to set
INTELLIGENCE 2 Deception 2 up a galaxy where Syndarian-kind have all the
CUNNING 2 Ranged (Light) 1 advantages possible in life. They work in groups
WILLPOWER 2 Stealth 2
of 12. They want to continue to undermine and
PRESENCE 2 Vigilance 1
discredit the Alliance’s goals and influence in the
DEFENSE 1 galaxy with Ogish’s promotion.

WEAPON 1 Adv. Laser Pistol, 4 DMG, 5 crit Depending if the party engaged in fighting, the Police
Discipline (2 2) check healing 1 have records of this. They will receive a 1 1 while
wound per success as an action. identifying the whereabouts of the party and will try to
SNEAKERS 1 1 to stealth rolls. arrest them the next morning for questioning. This can
lead up to the scene with Leo Casteel.
HOLOGRAPHIC (Use: Once per Session) Grant 1
DISGUISE KIT 1 1 to disguise checks.

Death of a Sun Admiral
SCENE: UG BETTY’S HAUL LAWSUIT (DAY 3) If Skiven wins, the character’s companies owes 4,000
dollars in damages to the Betty’s Haul crew. This can be
This must happen two days after the entering G5 space. negotiated by defeating Skiven’ strain.
The crew can plead guilty at the scene and owe 4,000
credits to this company. If the characters win, Betty Haul’s owes 4,000 credits in
damages to the character's company. Skiven will try to
FLUFF lessen this amount by defeating the strain.

After the events of entering G5 space, your company has SKIVEN

is being sued. A Gromkin and Human approach your ship
with an armed guard. Your characters recognize that this BRAWN 1 Charm 2
is a litigation hearing with an Alliance Adjustor (quasi- AGILITY 1 Coercion 2
Judge of the alliance).
CUNNING 3 Deception 3
The Human Adjustor, Damian West, is in clean clothing, WILLPOWER 2 Negotiation 2
yellows and whites swirl about his suit bright and clean
suit. He does not want to be here. He is here out of duty.
The guard is here for Damian’s protection. He is dressed
in gold and black, armed with a rifle that is not drawn. He
has blinking HUDs on his visor. He is silent. WELL- Gain 1 on Charm and Deception
DRESSED checks.
The accuser is a well-dressed Gromkin by the name of
Gain 1 on Citizens with ranks 8
Skiven the Brilliant. Skiven is nervous and jumpy. The INFLUENTIAL
and 9.
guard is there for mostly security of the Human. After making a Deception (2 2 2)
check, for each S a targeted
The Adjustor asks you two to debate who is at fault. A FATHER OF
opponent suffers 1 strain. May
single character representing the crew must be the only ALL LIES
spend A to inflict additional
one allowed to speak to settle the matter. strain.
Skiven will claim the following
• His defendant ship was rightfully in the correct
lane of traffic, the pilot should have folded The party member spends 2 hours filling out paperwork.
further away out of FTL Space.
• Severe damage has been done to the massive SCENE: LEO CASTEEL (DAY 3-6)
ship, killing some of the cargo. In order to see Leo, they need to schedule an
• It is racist not to pay up, and you all must be appointment with him. This will take one day. However,
anti-Ogish and thus Anti-Alliance. if they already have gone through the Aethon or Coy
Cosmopolitan, they may see him immediately. A
HOW PLAYERS WIN successful Cham (2 3) 1 1 1 may also override this.
A crewmember and Skin will roll against each other in a
competitive check. This will take away strain from the FLUFF
Adjustor. The Adjustor’s strain is 18. Whomever has Leo is a tall and athletic human with rough skin. He has
taken the most away from the Adjustor wins. Cool seen battle. He welcomes the party into his office, which
determines who goes first. has display screens of areas on the street.

Players sense that he’s open minded. This does not

match his reputation that they have read up on.

Death of a Sun Admiral
SOCIAL ENCOUNTER 2. Who do you work for?
3. Why are you here?
Leo will let the crew know he is very much concerned
with Ogish’s safety. He wants to know if they’re there to What he will reveal if he can trust your party:
harm Ogish. Leo wants to know the truth behind why
they are there and who they work for. He starts to • Key Point: “Ogish is a tactical genius. He has
question the crewmembers. proven his leadership and strategy countless
times. There is no fluff to that.”
Characters can perform Charms (2 2 2) or Deception (2
2 3) against Leo. • Key Point: “We at the Alliance believe that he
will keep the peace between the Union and the
• H H H or D triggers an immediate Galactic Taal’sa empire.”
Police Encounter following this scene.
• Key Point: “Between you and me, I believe there
is a bigger threat out there. Some lunatic with
money, most likely from the NEC, is building an
BRAWN 1 Charm 2
AGILITY 1 Coercion 2 navy to destroy the Alliance. Ogish will certainly
INTELLIGENCE 2 Cool 1 play a key role in defense of our galaxy.”
CUNNING 3 Deception 3
WILLPOWER 2 Negotiation 2 • Key Point: “That’s why I killed those assassins. I
PRESENCE 2 had to make my point known. I don’t care if the
Alliance will yell at me. The galaxy is safer
because of me.”
Upgrade all combat checks to Leo
ADVERSARY Leo will keep eyes on the crew. He is suspicious of their
by two.
intent and will dispatch assassins (see: Galatic Police
Charm vs Discipline to a target.
Encounter) to deal with the crew.
CHARISMATIC Target suffers 6 strain + 1 per S.
Leo heals strain equal to strain
inflicted [Once an encounter] SCENE: AETHON UKZYK (DAY 6)
Elite Laser Pistol: Medium, 5
WEAPON 1 Note: When players get a sense of something is “up”
DMG, 3 Crit, Piece 2, Accurate 2
with Ogish, this scene should come into play, which
should be around Day 6.
• Venture crews (21) have been hired to kill Ogish.
He does not know of the character’s crew. The characters meet Aethon out in a secluded
warehouse with air locks and crates. They wait for
• He has arrested and executed 9 would-be Aethon to show up, who said he would meet with them.
assassins to Ogish.
Aethon discovers about the crew and wants answers. He
is a Kilitani dressed in the white and gold alliance
• He is Pro-Ogish, because he is actually apart of
uniform. He has a DAPr on his belt, with no weapons. He
The Restless Eye.
is accompanied by two Orcos and one Human and one
He will ask the crew Syndairian who bear Ogish’s badges (a crown and
1. Where did you come from?

Death of a Sun Admiral

Aethon is trying to persuade and influence the crew to go BRAWN 2

away and leave. He will attempt to deceive them and AGILITY 2
influence with his Psionics. INTELLIGENCE 1
Should he win the social encounter, he gets free attacks
to the crew. Should he lose the encounter, the crew
learns that Aethon is not really Alliance Military and is a DEFENSE 0
pawn for a larger presence. They receive 1 1 on their WOUND THR. 7
first combat round. STRAIN THR. 0

Some of his questions are (note past tense with Ogish) Sub Machine Gun: Medium, 5
damage, 3 crit, Auto-fire.
• What was Ogish to you? Orco Shotgun: Short, 8 DMG, 3
• Why did you care about Ogish’s promotions? WEAPON 2 crit, Blast 1, Limited Ammo 2,
• Why are you here? Knockdown, Vicious
• Ogish was very safe. You should leave. Prometheus Laser Rifle: Long, 7,
3, Accurate 1, Limited Ammo 2
If Aethon has poor rolling, it sends suspicion to the
characters that he is not only sinister but is guilty of AFTERMATH
SOMETHING. They discover he is a bad guy.
Aethon is defeated, and dead. His stuff is free to
This should lead to a battle, where Aethon accuses the rummage.
crew of trying to endanger the galaxy.
Computer (2 2 2) check to gain access to his DAPr. F will
BRAWN 1 Coercion 3 brick the device. Choose two out of the following lists
AGILITY 2 Computer 1
INTELLIGENCE 4 Discipline 3 Troop schedules and logistical data seems light for a
CUNNING 3 Leadership 2 Lord’s regiment. Lots of movement a day prior.
WILLPOWER 5 Negotiation 2
PRESENCE 2 Perception 3 • Business Administration (2 2 2) - This indicates
SOAK 5 Psionics 3 a loss of assets, meaning that Ogish had
dissolved his regiment, which is a telling sign
that something has happened to Ogish. F gives
a feeling that this is a huge oddity.
Upgrade all combat checks to Leo
by two.
Increase difficulty to be Ogish has a video log, three days ago, where he mumbles
READ MIND influenced by one and decrease while drunk that he welcomes death. He is obviously
ability to influence by one. drunk with Aethon behind him, casually watching.
Vs Discipline check to target.
DESTROY Target suffers two wounds and 2 Ogish: …and I don’t care who might kill me. I’ve
MIND strain per S scored. AAA or won anyways. We’ve won. If I live, we win. If I
T to inflict critical injury die, we win. Orcos win as a maytr or not.

An automatic success for • Conspiracy (2 2) - This indicates that Ogish is

Computer check. referring that he is a movement, he is more than

Death of a Sun Admiral
he was ever. He firmly believes he is this AETHON’S BADGES
influential, and perhaps he is.
A badge of a triangle with an eye resting in the center of
Ogish is seen palling it up with the troops earlier this it is found. This indicates that he was a member of this
morning. cult.

• Vigilance (2 2) determines that this is an Knowledge (2 2 2 2) 1 states that some of details

imposter. It can be inferred that Ogish was killed establish him as a noteworthy rank, but still considered a
sometime yesterday or one to two days ago grunt.
(Day 4 or 5).
Aethon has a video log reporting that The Restless Eye
and The Watch approached him to kill Ogish, he is Note: Make these enforcers more brutal if they are
reporting it to Alliance and the names involved to clear hunting the crew. If they have been summoned by bar
his name, as he knew his DAPR would be inspected by patrons or other events, decrease their checks by one
the Alliance Military at some point. [This is a cover up by and do not make them non-uniformed.
Aethon, he did in fact take this job as he Restless Eye
himself]. Enforcers: Twice a day the Galactic Police will search out
the crew. They will attack during legwork or previously to
A Syndairian Alliance Senator named Janus Hightower the Ceremony. They must make a Perception (2 2 2) to
pushed for Ogish’s Sun Admiralship. A name that has no find the crew.
particular weight in this context.
Knowledge (2) to have the crew determine that the
Computer (2 2 2 2) to decrypt a corrupted file. This has a enforcers are “plain clothes” officers. The enforcers do
voice recording of Ogish struggling against something not carry badges but use Galactic Police gear. Note, if
and in extreme pain. A gun is heard clicking, and Ogish this scene was triggered by an event these NPCS are
screams in disappointment. This log was taken when he uniformed and all difficulties are increased by one.
was announced as the new Sun Admirable.
They have their own tuktuk which will chase but will
Computer (2 2 2 3) Another encrypted file outside of often miss and blow apart buildings.
the military directory. Barely noticeable. Success notes
the following note to Aethon: The intention of these scenes to create tension,
excitement and thrill within the story.
Ogish has gone mad. His influence is needed.
Replace him. Should the Police win, they will attempt to execute an
unconscious crewmember before booking it to be
Perception (2) You analyze other logs of Ogish, you note unquestioned by actual police.
that since his promotion he has gotten a bit more crazed
Should they be slain, the police will come and tend to the
and erratic. He keeps talking about how he’s already
wounded first.
won. Why should he fight? What does it mean to fight?
You sense that he has an extensional crisis and a change News will report on these enforcers as Domain of Peace
in personality.
agents. Vigilance (2 2) will identify (1 after talking to
Leo) to reveal them as actual cops.
Perception (2 2) you note that Aethon was placed in
Ogish’s command structure one year ago.

Death of a Sun Admiral
The Alliance is in high patrol mode. There are hover
platforms stationed outside each entrance of the G5
ENFORCER Crown Dome as well as in the arena.


AGILITY 3 Cool 2
INTELLIGENCE 2 Driving 2 BRAWN 2 Brawl 1
CUNNING 2 Melee 1 AGILITY 2 Cool 1
WILLPOWER 2 Piloting 2 INTELLIGENCE 2 Driving 1
PRESENCE 2 Perception 1 CUNNING 2 Melee 1
SOAK 2 Ranged (Heavy) 3 WILLPOWER 2 Piloting 1
DEFENSE 1 PRESENCE 2 Ranged (Heavy) 1
Monoblade Sword: Engaged, 6 STRAIN THR. -
DMG, 2 Crit Pierce 2, Vicious 3
Heavy Laser Rifle: Medium, 5 Laser Pistol: Medium, 7 DMG, 3
WEAPON 2 DMG, 2 Crit, Piece 2, Accurate 1, WEAPON 1
Blast 2 Laser Rifle: Medium, 5 DMG, 2
Crit, Piece 2
During the Ceremony, the Alliance has guest speakers of
top scientists and semi-famous speakers saying what a
HANDLING -1 wonderful and historic occasion this is. There is a mix of
SILHOUETTE 2 booing and cheering to this.
E. CAPACITY 15 The Ceremony plays 45 minutes of clips of battle fleets
ARMOR 1 attacking each other with Ogish’s forces destroying
DEFENSE 0 “pirates” just in time to save the day. Vigilance (2 2 2) to
HULL THR. 8 discover that the “pirate” ships are Domain of Peace and
SYS THR. 8 Taal’sarian ships that the Alliance is blowing apart. Some
REQ. STATIONS 1 of the battles are completely CGI.
When focusing on Ogish, the crew notices through a
Industrial Machine Gun: Perception (2) check that he is a stand-in and not the real
Medium, 7 DMG 3 Crit,
WEAPON 1 deal.
Auto-Fire, Accurate 2,
Personal Scale On the field are two hover tanks on the side of the
podium on watch. Perception (2 2 2) 1 to spot threats.
SCENE: CEREMONY (DAY 7) In the Heavens Setting are crowds of elites dinning and
The day of the ceremony. It is extremely crowded. winning.
People are protesting with cops breaking out in
Security is patrolling isles and seats everywhere, but are
skirmishing fights.
half-heartedly interested in doing a good job, as they are
To people not protesting, the Alliance is giving away food exhausted from beating protestors. Perception (2 2 2) 1
and drinks for all. A giant parade and people are 1 1 to spot threats
celebrating in the streets. Fireworks are heard, but some
sound like gunshots. Perception (2) 1 1 say that every
10 fireworks, there is a gunshot.

Death of a Sun Admiral
SOCIALITE Laser Pistol: Medium, 5 DMG, 3
Crit, Piece 2
BRAWN 1 Charm 2
AGILITY 1 Coercion 2
INTELLIGENCE 2 Deception 2
CUNNING 3 Negotiation 2
BRAWN 2 Cool 1
AGILITY 2 Driving 1
CUNNING 2 Operating 1
WILLPOWER 2 Piloting 1
PRESENCE 2 Ranged (Heavy) 1

If not outright killed by a sniper hit, the Imposter will try

to cloak with a Dark Energy suit. This increases the
difficulty to hit him by 2. HANDLING -1
The hover platforms will make a check to see if they ECUMBRANCE 20
know where the shot came from (if concealed). They E. CAPACITY 15
have 1 1 1 to do so. ARMOR 2
Ogish’s death will cause rioting in the street and panic. HULL THR. 12
Anyone outside the G5 Crown Dome will see The Watch SYS THR. 8
members enter the building in a panic. REQ. STATIONS 1
The hover platforms will try to destroy the sniper or
assailants but are easily lost by a fast tuktuk or chase Long, 7 Damage, 7 Crit,
scene. Prepare 1, Accurate 1, Stun
Damage, Jam 1, Personal
Industrial Machine Gun:
BRAWN 4 Coercion 3 Medium, 7 DMG 3 Crit,
AGILITY 3 Deception 4 Auto-Fire, Accurate 2,
INTELLIGENCE 4 Discipline 3 Personal Scale
CUNNING 2 Leadership 2
PRESENCE 3 Perception 3 Leaving G5 is easy, all you have to do is just fold into
SOAK 5 Vigilance 2 space away from the station. The crew is not alone in
DEFENSE 2 fleeing the station. Should the crew talk to Air Control,
they will ask the craft to wait and be boarded by police.
They may exit the area at anytime, but will be actively
Upgrade all combat checks to Leo searched for and assumed guilty.
by two.
Spend a story point to accomplish Astrocartography (2 2) 1 1 1 is added as a hastily
another action. retreat is made. D has a component damaged from a
Alliance Officer Sabre: Engaged, 6 minor collision with another ship.
DMG, 2 Crit Pierce 2, Vicious 3

Death of a Sun Admiral

Unfortunately, the assassination of Ogish is really up to Ogish is dead. The Alliance becomes aware of the
the table. How they plan, what their strategy is and how WOUNDGIVUR Blood Oath thanks to Daphne sending it
they get away with it all is in the air. over the moment Ogish was killed in public.

The ending of the campaign should end with the Restless “Somehow”, The Taal’sa Empire is being blamed for the
Eye, the Watch and the Alliance all tried to have Ogish be assassination. They have increased their military
a hero while the entire galaxy wanted to end Ogish. presence at their borders and have stationed invasion
Ogish is dead, Aethon is dead, and the crew escaped with vessels in pockets of neutral space, claiming they are
this knowledge. there for diplomatic reasons.

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS The Union of Gabbochan is gathering a massive fleet.

They intend to destroy everything and everyone who was
On the way back to Daphne, the crew can come together a part of the assassination plot. They have killed several
to discuss what they observed and think happened. Alliance diplomats who brokered for peace.

They should have reached these conclusions, or more. The Alliance’s military is in a panic, as their logistics have
been tampered with. They believe that someone had
• Ogish was indeed a strategic commander that
hacked their network from within.
the Alliance and a positive influence for the
Galaxy. The rest of the Big 7 are buying arms at an alarmingly
high rate.
• Sometime before these events, Ogish’s
personality changed and went through an War is on the horizon.
existential crisis of sorts, which he never
recovered from.

• The Alliance obviously hoped that Ogish’s

strategic brilliance would help them with future
military threats.

• The Restless Eye planted Aethon to replace

Ogish with an imposter. It remains a mystery as
why. Aethon was also a Psionic.
Note: If the crew successfully decrypted the file,
they discover that the Restless Eye wanted
Ogish to remain as a positive influence to the
Galaxy and wanted to replace an imitator to
continue to influence the Galaxy.

• The Gemini Company might have known that

Ogish was going to be replaced. The Company
specifically asked for data about Ogish and to
find out more information about who is trying to
control Ogish. Your crew should have a feeling
that the Gemini Company knows more than

Death of a Sun Admiral