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o Write Wh-questions to complete the conversations. Use the words in parentheses.

Example: Where do you play tennis? (play / tennis)

1 play tennis in the yard.
LA: ________________ ? (sports / play)
B: 1 play soccer and tennis.
2. A: _________________ ? (play / soccer)
B: 1 play soccer with my school team.
3. _________________
A: ? (your team / practice)
B: We practice five days a week.

E Complete the conversations. Use can or can't and the words in the box. (Do not
use all the words.)

bake a cake tell good jokes take good photos

fix a car do gymnastics use a computer

Example A: Can Leslie and Linda do gymnastics?

B: Yes, they can. They're really good athletes.

4.___________________________________A: __ you ?
B: Yes,I __ .1 design Web pages.
5.___________________________________A: __ Sue ?

B: No, she __ . She's very serious.

6.___________________________________A: __ Jim ?
B: Yes, he __ . He's a very good cook.

F Read the notice. Then check (.1) two answers for each question.

1. What classes can you take?

Come to O language classes

O furniture design
Rivervale Community Center O French cooking O
Do you like to learn new languages? Spanish and 2. What sports can you play or do?
French language classes are starting. Do you need a
O soccer
new hobby? Maybe Photography or Web Page
O basketball
Design is for you. Can't cook? Try our Chinese
O golf
Cooking class. AII classes begin next week.
O swimming
Do you enjoy sports or need some exercise? The 3. When is the community center open?
swimming pool is open every day. Play basketball or
volleyball in the gym in the evenings. And on
O 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.
O every day
Saturdays, we have hiking trips!
O 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.
The ASC Community Center is for people of all
O Monday to Saturday
ages - from 9 to 90! We're open Monday to
Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Come check us out!

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