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Mathematics Unit Plan

Year Level: Foundation School: Elizabeth Downs Primary School

Date: Tuesdays Week 7, 8, 9 Duration: Three lessons (50mins each)

Australian Curriculum Learning Outcomes

Describe position and movement (ACMMG006)

• Interpreting the everyday language of location and direction, such as ‘between’, ‘near’, ‘next to’, ‘forward’, and ‘toward’
• Following and giving simple directions to guide a friend around an obstacle path and vice versa


Number and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Statistics and Probability

Naming numbers in sequence (ACMNA001) Describe position and movement (ACMMG006)

General Capabilities

o Literacy o Ethical Understanding o ICT Competence o Critical and Creative Thinking

o Numeracy o Intercultural Understanding o Personal and Social Competence

Cross-Curriculum Priorities

o Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures o Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

o Sustainability

Key Mathematical Concepts

• There are words that are used to describe your location or the location of objects in relation to other objects (in, on, under, between, beside,
behind, in front of, below, near, nearer, further away)
• There are words that are used to describe your movement or the movement of objects in relation to other objects (over, under, through, between,
along, turn, around, up, down)

Key Aspects of Thinking and Working Mathematically

• Using vocabulary associated with location and movement

• Differentiating between own location and movement and someone else’s location and movement

Lesson 1 Teacher Activity Learner Activity Preparation/Resources

Inform students we will be performing a treasure Listen for instructions and watch • Black Paper

Introduce hunt, which will require us to get into character demonstration of how to create a pirate hat. • White pencils
with some pirate hats. • Scissors
Demonstrate to students how to create their pirate • Paper strips

hat using the template created. • Stapler

• Treasure hunt clues
While students are creating their hats, place
(see Appendix A)
treasure hunt clues around the school.

Begin treasure hunt - walk around the school Follow instructions and directions of the • Treasure chest in room

Develop looking for clues. teachers and treasure hunt clues. (placed by teacher

When clues are found, open the envelope and read next door)

the clues to students.

Ensure students are paying attention to language

that is being used.

Upon completion of treasure hunt, have a brain Participate in brain break. • Whiteboard

Conclude break before introducing final task; drawing a map Discuss where they went on the treasure hunt • Whiteboard markers
of our treasure hunt. and watch demonstration of how we could • Maths books

Demonstrate to students how we could draw a draw this as a map. • Pencils

map of this, discussing where we went on our Complete own treasure hunt maps.
treasure hunt.

Lesson 2 Teacher Activity Learner Activity Preparation/Resources

Using our community map from HASS, inform Listen to instructions and watch • Community map from

Introduce students they will be drawing their own map that demonstration on how to draw their own HASS
includes roads, their house, and their friends community maps that include roads, their • Whiteboard
house. houses, and their friends house. • Whiteboard markers

Demonstrate drawing a map on the whiteboard.

Hand out maths books. Once maths book is received, begin task at • Maths books

Develop Monitor students as they complete the map tables and listen for any further instructions. • Pencils

drawing task.

Remind students of the elements that need to be

included; roads, their house, and their friends

Students who are finished may colour in. Colour in map. • Coloured pencils

Conclude Approach those students who are finished and Discuss with teacher how they could get from
discuss how they could get from their house to their house to their friend’s house, using
their friend’s house using the map. mathematical language.
Look for and record evidence of mathematical
language used.

Lesson 3 Teacher Activity Learner Activity Preparation/Resources

Assessment Task Listen to instructions given by teacher and ask • Community map from

Introduce Two students at a time may complete this task. any questions, if required. HASS
• ‘Little people’ dolls
Explain to students that they will be directing a
• Assessment
friend around the community map we created in
HASS, using small dolls. To do this, they must use
• Timer
mathematical language, which will be recorded
• Camera
through written notes and photographs.

Inform students they will each have 1:30 to

complete task.

Begin timer and monitor and record student Guide peer around the community map using

Develop progress through written notes and photographs. mathematical language in relation to
direction, location, and movement.
When timer has finished, switch to the next
student and repeat – monitor and record student
progress through written notes and photographs.

Instruct students to record their thoughts on how Complete survey on how they believe they

Conclude they went using a J and L proforma/survey. went during the task.

Assessment Methods

Lesson 1 – Formative

• Annotations of treasure hunt map drawing

Lesson 2 – Formative

• Annotations of mathematical language used when describing how to get from A to B

Lesson 3 – Summative (see Appendix B)

• Annotations of mathematic language used when directing a peer around the HASS community map
• Photographic evidence

Ongoing assessment;

• Check for understanding

• Reframe questions if required
• Criteria – understands concepts through explanations (annotate)


Use of lesson reflection templates

Appendix A

Hello Tirkandi,

You have been chosen to go on a treasure hunt. There are some directions for you to follow.

You will look for clues and at the end, you will find some treasure! Listen to Mrs Ramsey and

Mrs Bitter at all times. Are you ready?

Have fun! J

To begin the treasure hunt, you need to quietly walk over and make a line near the classroom


Now, walk quietly in a straight line towards the open door that will take us outside and line

up against the wall that is near Yipti.

When Mrs Ramsey says go, we need to take 30 steps forwards, we should be able to see our

next clue when we are done.


When Mrs Ramsey says ‘treasure!’, very slowly, tip toe towards the swings, and stop when

you get to the swing that is near the playground. Do not go on the playground, otherwise the

treasure will disappear.


You now have clue number 2. When Mrs Ramsey says ‘pirates!’, walk and stand next to the

nearest tree.

You are getting closer. When Mrs Ramsey says ‘hunters!’, have a look between the poles that

are near the basketball court for your next clue.


Not long to go now! Hop towards the nature garden and have a look near there for your next



I can practically smell the treasure now. When Mrs Ramsey says ‘treasure time!’, you must

walk with fingers on lips, towards the classroom door where you line up! Do not go in the

classroom, as you will reach one more clue.


Mrs Ramsey, please open the door very quietly and ask Tirkandi to look near the yellow table.

I think you will find your treasure there!

Congratulations Tirkandi!
Appendix B