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DR-3060/3080C PARTS CATALOG REVISION 1 100V —50/60Hz M11-0391 DR-3060 D024 SubtHe M394 120V —GOHz,TAIWAN M-0398 100V —S0/60Hz Mwi1-0371 DRate0C hay bt: MUTA 120V 60Hz,TAIWAN = —M11-0378 Canon FEB, 2002 MY8-3195-010 ‘COPYRIGHT@2002 CANON ELECTRONICS INC. CANON DRAD6N30800 REV1 FEB. 2002 PRINTED IN JAPAN (IMPRIME AL! JAPON) i Ga LORY HPA, DR-3OGO/SOBOCIER FGI —E AB AM BOP LL TRATLET, POE ARO BRI ERO LET, MICA UNS RAL, CATO OT ERTLETH, COLO ARNT RES BULET, romy. DROP EL SURE MTR TERRA OCT, RY EER ASH HRT ER RR PREFACE ‘This Parts Catalog contains listings of part used in the DR-3060/3080C. Diagrams are provided with the listings to aid the service technician in identifying clearly, the item to be ordered. ‘Whenever ordering parts, const this Parts Catalog forall of the information perining to each item. Be sure 10 include in the Parts Request, the full item description, the item part number and the quantity Quality Assurance Center Canon Electronics Inc AGNES, MeN, SIAR, Copyright @ 2002 Canon Flectronies Inc Printed in Japan Imprimé an Japon, ASAT COUT, MEE OMICS AEBLT PSU, B—DBEREOET LEA CMMER SLM DIET, Use ofthis manual should be strictly supervised to avoid disclosure of confidential information ii ‘COPYRIGHT@S2002 CANON ELECTRONICS INC. CANON OR-060080C REV.1 FEB, 2002 PRINTED IN JAPAN (MPRIME AU JAPON}