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Food Service Establishment Closure

Food Protection Bureau

Environmental Health Division

J & C House
______________________________________________________________________ 09/20/2018
Establishment Name Closure Date
12564 South Rhetski Lane
______________________________________ Riverton
_______________________________ Utah
___________ 84065
Address City State ZIP Code

This establishment was closed for presenting an imminent health hazard and the following violations:

1. The walk-in cooler is unable to hold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41°F.
2. Chicken is being held at 52°F.
3. Ham is being held at 53° F in a make table.
4. Eggs are being held at 63° F on a counter.
5. Ham is being held at 50° F in the walk-in cooler.
6. Unopened fish cake is being held at 50° F in a the walk-in cooler.
7. Cooked rice is being held at 87° F in a rice cooker.
8. There is insufficient cold holding capacity in the establishment.
9. There is no measurable sanitizer in the final rinse of the dish machine.
10. Employees' personal beverages are not separated from food preparation areas.
11. Employees are handling ready-to-eat foods with bare hands.
12. A sauce bottle is stored inside the shredded cabbage container.
13. Knives are stored between equipment.
14. In-use utensils are stored with handles in contact with food.
15. A scoop is stored unclean.
16. Linens are stored in contact with moist foods.
17. Wet wiping cloths are not stored in sanitizer solution.
18. Food is being stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer.
19. There is no written agreement or statement from the fish supplier stipulating that fish have been frozen and stored at
temperatures required to achieve parasite destruction.
20. Potentially hazardous food is being cooled in covered containers.
21. Food equipment is not being air dried before being nested together.
22. Single-service items are stored on the floor.
23. Utensils are not stored to protect lip surfaces.
24. Nonfood contact surfaces of equipment are made of unsealed wood.
25. A home-improvement style drill is being used for food preparation.
26. There is no probe thermometer available with range of 0-220°F.
27. Gaskets are damaged on a refrigerator unit.
28. Single-use items are being reused.
29. Utensils are stored unclean.
30. The interior of the toaster oven is unclean. The outside of food equipment is unclean.
31. Reach-in cooler gaskets are dirty.
32. The bottom shelf of a food preparation table is unclean. The bottom of a make table is unclean.
33. The 3-compartment sink faucet is leaking.
34. An exterior door is propped open.
35. An employee hat is stored over uncovered food.
36. The floor is dirty in various areas.
37. Light shields are unclean.
38. The floor of the walk-in cooler is unclean.
39. Chemicals are stored above food equipment.
40. Fly strips are being used over food preparation areas.

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