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US 6,661,203 Claim Chart

US 6,661,203(Wolin) US 6,172,487(Brotto)
1.pre An apparatus for charging a Discloses "a method for charging a rechargeable battery
battery comprising pack is proposed." See 2:10-11.
1.b. a charging circuit for Discloses "a battery 10 is connected to a charger control
providing a charging current to circuit 20." See 2:61-62.
the battery;
1.c. a temperature sensor Discloses that "coupled between battery contacts 12 and 13
positioned to sense a temperature is a temperature sensing device 15, such as a negative
of said battery; and temperature co-efficient (NTC) resistor, or thermistor,
RT." See 3:8-10.
1.d.a controller coupled to said Discloses a controller coupled to the battery temperature
temperature sensor and said sensor and charging circuit operable to control the current
charging circuit and operable to of the charging circuit.
control said charging circuit in
accordance with said temperature, "This allows the controller 21 to monitor the battery
said controller operable to set said temperature. Controller 21 includes a microprocessor 23
charging current to zero when for controlling the charging and monitoring operations.
said temperature is higher than a Controller 21 may control a current source 22 that provides
first predetermined threshold current to battery 10." See 3:25-29.
Further discloses the control of the charging circuit is
operable with battery temperature in that "if the initial
temperature T0 is above a certain threshold, the controller
21 will discontinue charging." See 3:38-40.

3. The apparatus of claim 1 Discloses that the controller may alter charging current
wherein said controller depending on the battery’s temperature.
periodically sets said charging

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current in accordance with said "The controller 21 may restart charging if the battery
temperature. temperature falls below the threshold or after a
predetermined period of time has elapsed." See 3:40-42.
5. The apparatus of claim 1 Discloses that "[t]he controller 21 may continue repeating
wherein said controller is these steps until the temperature change rate is below
operable to set said charging threshold Y, or until a predetermined period of time has
current to a maximum value when elapsed. Once either condition is met, termination of the
said temperature is lower than a charging process based on temperature schemes is re-
second predetermined threshold enabled." See 4:27-32.
6. The apparatus of claim 5 "Preferably, the predetermined threshold Y is equal to the
wherein said maximum value is predetermined threshold X." See 5:27-28.
the battery's maximum specified
charging current, and said second "Preferably, the predetermined threshold X for NiCd
predetermined threshold value is batteries is between about 0.7 and 2.0 [Celsius] degrees per
the battery's maximum charging minute." See 6:5-6.

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