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A two storey idealized shear frame building is shown below. The storey heights are 3.3m and
the damping ratio is 5%. The structure is subjected to harmonic horizontal force p(t) = 60sin10t
(in KN) at each floor. k = 250,000KN/m and m = 250,000Kg. Considering the steady state
solution only, determine;

1. The mass and stiffness matrix of the system.

2. The natural periods and mode shapes of the structure.
3. The floor displacements in each mode.
4. The nodal forces in each mode.
5. The storey shear and the base shear in each mode
6. The storey moment and the base moment in each mode.

And show using graphs all the time history responses of question 3, 4, 5 & 6.