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T U L S A , O K L A . , 74150 J A N U A R Y , 1971 V o l . IV No. 1


Acts 1:8, "But ye shall receive feeling, it's an inward witness. God to send something down on
power, after that the Holy Ghost us to strengthen us? Are we
is come upon you." It's a spiritual sense. You can be singing, "Come by here, Lord,
conscious of that indwelling Come by here?" It's good to
Many times people ask me to presence. If you try to examine know that He's just standing
pray for them because they need your feelings and shake yourself by if you need Him.
more power to help them in to see if you have any power,
every day Christian living. I ask then you'll feel helpless. You're Instead of trusting Him and
them if they have the Holy Ghost, not depending upon any physical depending on Him, it's the flesh
and tell them He is their power. power that you have. trying to do it. We're praying
If they don't have the power when primarily out of our own under­
they have the Holy Ghost, that People think this is a physical standing, and our own minds are
means either they or Jesus are something. It isn't, because it's confused, perplexed, and wor­
lying about it. He said that a spiritual something. We get ried. We worry before we pray,
after the Holy Ghost is come into trouble and get into dif­ while we pray, and after we
upon you, you shall receive ficulty because of wrong pray. And all of our praying
power. thinking. We're not thinking" didn't amount to a hill of beans.
right in line with God's Word.
The Holy Ghost did come and When we pray we put too much
people who have Him should Jesus said, in John 14:16,17, of the flesh and body into it.
have the power. Usually this will "And I will pray the Father, We put too much of our own
show where people are living and he shall give you another mental capacities into it. In­
and how. The Bible didn't say Comforter, that he may abide stead of letting Him help us and
that they were all filled with with you forever; even the Spirit comfort us, we put too much
the Holy Ghost and felt like of truth; whom the world cannot of the body and mind into it.
they ought to. receive, because it seeth him
not, neither knoweth him: but
Feelings don't have anything ye know him; for he dwelleth I've done that too. Sometimes I
to do with it. It's a matter of with you, and shall be in you." would pray for hours about
faith and believing what God has You have to be a child of God things and knew better all the
done about it. The Holy Spirit to become acquainted with the time. I would just wear myself
is a divine personality. Spirit- Holy Spirit. out. It was just like a dark
filled people are just as much cloud hanging over my head.
filled with the Spirit when they The Holy Spirit will remain with You see, you're so mentally
feel like they're not as when us forever. He didn't mean that upset and concerned about
they feel like they are. we have to pray through every things that have happened that
revival to get the Holy Ghost you've probably just worn your­
Instead of believing what the all over again. Bless God, every self out.
Bible and what Jesus said, we day right at home He'll remain
have a tendency to believe what with you. He'll stay in you and You felt like somebody had been
our physical senses tell us. In­ live in you. That's what He beating you all over your body
stead of believing on the inside intended. with their fists. You see, you're
of us with our inner man and trying to do it physically. Your
our hearts, we try to believe Have we ever thought about mind is all confused. He's not
with the outward man. Feelings looking on the inside for streng­ in your head. He's in your
will fluctuate. It's not a physical th yet? Or are we waiting for heart and in your spirit.
The reason your body becomes a They have educated their minds formulating, and so I just didn't
temple of the Holy Ghost is be­ at the expense of their hearts. think about what he said.
cause your body is a temple of
your own spirit. He indwells The 27th verse says, "But the Finally he almost dragged me
you. It's so wonderful right in anointing which ye have re­ over to this place. The minute
the midst of perplexity to have ceived of Him abideth in you, we came through the door I had
Him right there standing by and ye need not that any man a thrill and an unction in my
you. teach you: but as the same spirit. I still didn't want to
anointing teacheth you of all believe it. In my mind I wanted
You can actually find rest in things, and is truth, and is no to do something else. I didn't
the midst of battle. You can lie, and even as it hath taught need anybody to tell me because
come to the place that you'll you, ye shall abide in him." that was the anointing telling
just laugh right out loud. This unction and anointing are me.
Nothing seems right, but when the same thing.
you wake up in the night worry­ I felt the anointing in me. The
ing, you'll just start laughing. This doesn't mean that God Bible says that the anointing
doesn't need teachers in the abideth in you. Too many times
You can laugh because you have church, because He put teachers we're waiting for something
inside information. First, you in there. What He's saying is to move on us and shake us.
have information that's inside that when the teacher teaches, We're waiting for something
the Bible; and second, you have the anointing that you have in­ like a chill. But it's all on
information that's inside of you. side will tell you that's true. the inside of you.
It's down in there, in your inner
being. J e s u s called it your Many times when I begin to The anointing remains in you.
"belly". read the Word and study the You always have the anointing
Spirit of God began to show then to pray. The anointing is
He said that out of your belly me certain things. My head in there. He said that He
shall flow rivers of living water. couldn't receive that because abideth in you.
Another translation calls it your my head had been educated r e ­
innermost being. Then Paul ligiously, but my heart would Somebody still might say, "But
calls it the inward man. Peter tell me that it was so. Some­ I don't feel like it." He's in
calls it the hidden man. The thing within me told me that there just as much when you
Bible also calls it your heart, it was so. don't feel it as when you do
or your spirit. I'm conscious feel it. If He came and then
of it. Sometimes your mentality will went, then He wouldn't be
have a tendency to push it away, abiding.
If you're just seeking physical but on the inside of you there
blessing then you are searching will be a thrill. You don't know You have to believe the Bible
with your physical senses. You how it could be so, but some­ because it says that you do
believe you have to have some how you know that it is so. He have Him. Then secondly, you
kind of a physical manifestation. is the truth. He is trying to have to do what Paul told
But for a moment just shut off teach you. Timothy. II Thimothy 1:6 says,
your physical senses and look "Wherefore I put thee in re­
on the inside of you. He's there. Very often in services of membrance that thou stir up the
teaching you can almost see it gift of God, which is in thee
I John 2:20 says, "But ye have written on people's faces. Their by the putting on of my hands."
an unction from the Holy One, minds seem to be going like He's talking about the gift of
and ye know all things." Where crazy trying to understand. God that's within thee.
do you know all things? You They need to look on the inside;
know all things from the inside and if they would, they would When he talked to Timothy about
of you. It's not up in your head. find they have a thrill in there.
stirring up a gift, what was it?
These are spiritual things that He's talking about the gift of
He's talking about. Several years ago I was in the Holy Ghost. First Paul talks
Tulsa, and a man said something about the laying on of hands,
If you knew it in your head to me about the building which and then he says, "For God hath
then those who are the most is now our headquarters. I just not given us the Spirit of fear;
educated would know the most shut it off with my mind be­ but of power, and of love, and
about spiritual things, and cause I had other plans. My of a sound mind." This gift is
usually they know the least. other plans were already even a Spirit.
It seems to me that it's quite
obvious he's talking about the
Holy Ghost. That's the same
thing John talked about. Jesus STATION
called Him the Comforter,
Counsellor, Helper, Advocate,
Standby, Strengthener. John KSKY Dallas, Texas 660 12:00 Noon
called it the anointing of the
Holy One. KFMJ Tulsa, Oklahoma 1050 10:45 AM

Fire is a type of the Holy Ghost. WJIV Cherry-Valley-Albany, NY 101.9 9:08 AM

Stir it up. You can stir up the
anointing. Paul wrote to the WOIV-FM DeRuyter-Syracuse, NY 105.1 9:08 AM
church at Rome and he said, WEIV-FM Ithaca, NY 103.7
"Be fervent in spirit." Moffat's 9:08 AM
translation says, "Maintain the
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He gave you this fire and this
anointing. But it's up to you to
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do something about it. It's up
to you to maintain the glow. You
KELR El Reno, Oklahoma 1460 7:30 AM
need to stir up the embers and
the inner fire. It's up to you K F M K - F M Houston, Texas 98
to stir Him up. 10:00 A . M .
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The Amplified translation of
Romans 12:11 says, "Never lag J a n u a r y Crusade Radio News
in zeal and in earnest endeavor
be aglow and burning with the
Spirit, serving the Lord." Be On January 8th we begin our The Bible says, " A good report
aglow and afire with the Spirit. first Crusade of the new year. maketh fat the bones." We have
The Spirit is fire. the good report that we are now
God blessed us mightly in 1970 ready to return to the air on
How does all of that apply to in our Crusades and we are ex­ Radio Station WQMS-FM, Dec­
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cause He's already there. We Calvary Evangelistic Temple process of enlarging their cov­
use the expression about being 1501 West Berry Street erage area and we are glad to
refilled and refilled, but you Ft. Worth, Texas be on this station again.
don't find such expressions in
the Word. Our first service will be Friday
Evening, January 8, 7:30 P . M . "True forgiveness is forgetting
Our wrong expressions have The meeting will run through who hurt you while the pain
defeated the purpose of God Sunday Evening, January 17, is still there."
in our lives. Too many times we 7:30 P . M .
spend all of our time trying to
get filled up again and again. There will be two services each
The New Testament says that day, except Sunday, at 10:00 A . M . The lesson for January is en­
He's in there, so we need to and 7:30 P . M . titled THE BIBLE EVIDENCE
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