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Class: 4- 6 yrs 830 Am Language topic ; sorting colours

Leson plan is neat and agrees with 11
Preparatoion scheme. LP sounds rather teacher
(20) centred. Check content to reflect
only the points , ideas to be covered
in the lesson and not what tr will
do. Obj 1 is not measurable

Introduction (15) The topic was stated clearly and 10

children involved in introduction
Pace and sequence of lesson was
good. Reinforcement was used well
and children adequately involved.
Lesson Were the house and car idea
Development planned for , its not on LP. 18
May need more guidance to the
children. Was all the noise in class
Class task related?called a few children
management by name, recognize the presence of 5
(10) more children in the classroom

Bottle tops were used in class. 5

resources (10) Chalkboard? Others?

Conclusion (10) Lesson was completed in time and 6

the content planned was covered.
Check relation of song to objectives
of lesson

Personal factors Neat, well groomed. Spoke fluently

(10) and confident in class. Was friendly
to the children.
Other remarks What were children supposd to do 64
with the bottletops? Tell the
procedure. What do you do with the
rusted ones with no colour?

class : kindergarten 12- 1230 pm PE topic ; Hopping

Scheme of work has used aspects of
Preparatoion the scheme of work. Limit learning 15
(20) activities to what is clear and
specific. Objectives are very clearly

The breathing exercise was well 12

done. A lively movement to song set
Introduction (15) the chidrens mood.

Lesson Made hopping exercise enjoyable 20

Development for all children. Took care of all
(25) children. Though different ages she
made all participate. The freezing
exercise was done very well. The 08
Class hopping exercise made them
management appreciate each other
Very good discipline in class

resources (10)

Has materials needed for the lesson

Conclusion (10) Lesson was completed on time. The 08
relaxing exercise relaxed them

Personal factors A pleasant , friendly and committed 08

(10) tr. she has the confidence and
knows what she is doing .
Other remarks Well done Nzau! Keep it up 80

Class : 11.30 Maths Topic: subtraction

Preparation (20) Schemes and lesson plan are in line 14
with clearly stated objectives. Time
planned is adequate for the
Introduction (15) 11
Children introduced to the lesson
through a chorus. Chorus was
relevant 20
development Presentation was orderly and
explained gradually moving with
whole class. Drawing of circles was
very helpful in helping children
grasp concept. Use of both boys and
girls was also helpful to concept.
Supervised exercise done well,
Resources (10) individual attention given to 7

Used chalkboard, books, real

objects well and successfully
Classroom 8
(10) Good class control as children were
involved in gainful activities.
Teacher knows children by their
Conclusion (10) 7
Lesson was reviewed through

Personal factors
Other comments Discourage children fro chorus 76
Update remarks column of schemes

Class : 11.30 social Topic: Foods we eat

Preparation (20) Lesson plan is derived from ……….

Introduction (20) very good use of experiential and

insightful approaches to lead
children from known to unknown
development May need to group the children
(30) according to ability. Enrich their
known so that it has a new meaning
. At every moment the child’s
behavior must be changed by the
Classroom new experiences. Having children
management draw was very commendable.
(10) Encourage them to draw big
mangoes. You need to make clear
instructions for their drawing.

Class was run smoothly

Settled children before teaching.
Resources (10)

Mango picture was used. They may

need to colour it.

Personal factors
(10) Communicates clearly in a lively
manner. confident and seems to
love teaching children. Created a
pleasant learning atmosphere

Other comments