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__________________________ 1. Sender’s Address

The Councillor,
Taiping Town Council,
34000 Taiping, 2. Receiver’s Address
Perak. 4 MARCH 2016.

Dear Sir, 4. Opening salutation

3. Date

The Hazardous Condition of Jalan Stesen 5. Subject Matter

I am writing on behalf of the students of SMK ____________________, to bring to your attention regarding
the problems concerning the stretch of road in front of my school. This road, Jalan Stesen, is a danger to the
students using it daily. Lately, there has been a spate of accidents along the road involving students.
2. Firstly, there are many untended potholes on the road for the past three months. These potholes pose a
threat to motorcyclists and students who walk to and fro from school. The situation is made worse during the rainy
season since the puddles of water can cause accidents to occur along the road. Immediate action needs to be
taken to patch these potholes.
3. Secondly, there are several overgrown trees along the road. Some have grown across the electric cables
and I am afraid that on a stormy day, the branches might break and fall on the power lines. Imagine what might
happen if passers-by walk by at that fateful moment! The branches need to be trimmed as soon as possible to
prevent any untoward incidents. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.
4. Apart from that, I do not see any rubbish bins within the area in front of my school. There are plastic bags
of rubbish strewn all over the place. I hope the council can provide a dump site for the residents to discard their
household garbage properly.
5. Another problem is that there are many faulty street lights along the road. Students who come to school
before 7 a.m. and students who return home after evening classes are afraid to walk along this dark road. I hope
that the street lights can be fixed immediately to ensure the safety of the students and other road users.
6. Last but not least, there have been numerous snatch theft cases in front of my school. Students have
complained that their laptops, bags, and even their cash have been taken by snatch thieves on motorbikes! I
hope that you can suggest to the police department to increase police patrols so that students do not become
victims of snatch thieves. The road will also be safer if the town council could build speed bumps and provide a
pedestrian crossing in the neighbourhood.
I sincerely hope that the town council will look into this matter seriously and take the necessary actions
to rectify our problems.
Thanking you in advance.

Yours faithfully, 6. Closing salutation

( Name in BLOCK letters )