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IN THE JUDICIAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY TO INQUIRE INTO | ALLEGATIONS OF STATE CAPTURE, CORRUPTION AND FRAUD IN THE. PUBLIC SECTOR, INCLUDING ORGANS OF STATE STATEMENT OF MR AJAY KUMAR GUPTA |, the undersigned, AJAY KUMAR GUPTA do hereby state as follows: 4 | am an adult male, and the facts contained in this statement fall within my ‘own personal knowledge, save where otherwise indicated or stated, and are to the best of my belief both true and correct. 2 This statement is made in response to a notice in terms of Rule 3.3 of the Rules of the above Commission of Inquiry, and in particular in response to the statement of Ms Mabel Patronella (“Vytjie") Mentor in so far as that statement is alleged to implicate me in the respects set out in paragraphs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 of the said notice. 3. Aswill be seen from the contents of this statement, there are very substantial disputes of fact between that which | have to say in response to the contents of Ms Mentor’s statement(s) and her statement(s). SSIAIEMEN-AK GUPTA re Pentor 4 Naturally in this statement | comment on only those aspects which relate to me and/or to my brothers, Atul Gupta and Rajesh Gupta. In this regard the statement of Ms Mentor appears to cover, broadly speaking, a number or tranches of allegations, assertions or conclusions. These are as follows:- a certain alleged occurrences on the flight to China; 52 certain alleged occurrences relating to the registration processes at the venue of the Presidential State Visit to China; 53 the allegation of Ms Mentor being phoned from the lobby/reception of her hotel room by “a Gupta” and being told that they will take her to see President Zuma; and 54 the allegation that Ms Mentor was told to meet former President Zuma ("the President’) in Johannesburg on a certain day; that my two brothers picked her up at the airport and took her first to the premises of Sahara Computers and thereafter to our Saxonwold home, at both of which venues she met with myself and had certain discussions with me; further that the President was, at a stage, present at my Saxonwold home at the time of the latter meeting. 5.5 | am also asked to answer to the allegation that at the meeting at Saxonwold | offered Ms Mentor the position of Minister of Public 6 Enterprises; that | had influence over the appointment of the national executive; and that | had knowledge of the upcoming cabinet reshuffle in 2010. | deal with each of these issues herein. OCCURRENCES ON THE FLIGHT TO CHINA 10 It is so that |, together with my brother Rajesh Gupta, attended the events forming part of the Presidential State Visit to China in August 2010, We did so, together with other delegates from our group of companies. Duduzane Zuma was also there on behalf of his company, Mabangela. My team's business meetings were arranged by the consulting company Cadiz and were not part of the formal State Visit programme. We left South Aftica on 22 August 2010 and arrived in Beijing, China, on 23 August 2010. The State President's visit was, as usual, accompanied by a number of South African Ministers, as well as many South African businessmen representing their various business interests. This is a normal occurrence on such State visits, as one of the aims of such visits is to develop and foster bilateral business relationships between the two counties involved. This trip was no different in that regard from other Presidential visits to other countries of this nature. To the best of my knowledge, this State Visit, as all