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5 Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategy 1
To develop an orderly learning environment so that all students can engage in meaningful
activities for learning
As a teacher I need to be clear what I want my students to learn. ‘One of the first tasks is to
develop an orderly learning environment so that ALL students can engage in meaningful
activities that support their leaning.’ Classroom Management (T McDonald 2013 Ch 1)
I would use a PLF (Positive Learning Framework) - three phase model:

Prevention: Self Awareness Prevention: Lesson Design Corrective Actions

and Management Plan

 Commencement of Commencement of school Address behaviour

school year year appropriately
 Negotiating the  Set clear outcomes  CMS- non-verbal
classroom rules and for all students communication,
procedures  Hooking students in redirection, ignoring
 Welcoming and and promoting to certain extent,
nurturing intrinsic motivation redirection,
environment rather than extrinsic proximity, eye
 Set high  Bring in prior contact, tone and
expectations learning and real-life firmness of voice,
 Thinking proactively experiences deal with after lesson
 The structure and  Sign when to begin to maximise learning
layout of the lessons time
classroom  Escalation
 Student Self- awareness response
awareness strategies to
 Connecting with all outbursts or crisis
students situations
 Praising  Restoring
appropriating relationships

Teaching Strategy 2
To make students feel welcome in the classroom
Advise students what they need to learn and what they need to do. This could entail self-
awareness by each student. To do this I would develop a caring and welcoming classroom
environment but I would also have rules, routines and procedures to ensure that my
expectations would be met.

Newcomers to the school can introduce and talk about themselves and have them buddy up
with another student. I would have rotating roster system where all students have a role in
the classroom so that everyone feels important and valued.

Teaching Strategy 3

To check that students have a good understanding of what is being taught.

As a teacher I would not only want to spend teaching time asking questions, I would also
want to ask questions to make sure that they had understood the lesson. Checking has to
be done before moving on. This can be done in various ways, discreetly, by telling a friend or
partner. ‘Questioning as a skill can assist students into learning’. It is evident that ‘80% of
questions are answered by as few as 20%of class students. (T McDonald 2013 Ch 5)
“Framing questions to use with a class requires the teacher to consider how to:
 Increase higher level thinking
 Promote active learning for all students
 Encourage students to use think time
 Responds to students’ answers
 ensure equitable distribution

Teaching Strategy 4
To establish a good relationship with parents/guardians

I will make contact with parents at the commencement of the school year by welcoming
them into the classroom or the school. I will communicate with parents by informing them
about how II will work in the classroom and what I want these students to achieve.
Encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education by taking an interest in what
they undertake.

Teaching Strategy 5
Give students timely and constructive feedback
(T McDonald 2013 Ch. 5) This can be achieved by using by Blooms Taxonomy which
 Knowledge- recall
 Comprehension – explain
 Application- apply your understanding
 Analysis- compare/contrast
 Synthesis – look at something differently
 Evaluation – judge based on evidence