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THIS indicates THAT indicates THESE indicates THOSE indicates

something close to something away from some things close to some things away
the speaker. We use the speaker. We use the speaker. We use from the speaker.
it with singulars. it with singulars. it with plurals. Plural We use it with
of THIS. plurals. Plural of

This is my brother. That is my uncle. These are my pupils.

This is Ahmet. That is Aslı. Those are my
These aren’t our
This isn’t my car. That isn’t our car. friends.
Is this your pen? Is that your cat? Those aren’t cats.
Are these your
papers? Are those your

A) Choose the right one. B) Fill in the blanks with this-that-

1) This-That is my cat. Look it is jumping over the these-those.
fence. 1) _____ is my dog Boby and _____ is his hut
2) That-Those is my cousin and those-that are my over there.
firends. 2) Is _____ your car behind the tree?
3) Are these-that your trousers? Yes, that-this is 3) _____ are our flowers. Look at them.
right. They are mine. They are colorful.
4) “Hey Su! That-this is Sevgi.” “Nice to meet you 4) _____ are Ali’s books over there.
Sevgi.” 5) Is _____ your bag under the table?
5) “Kerem, could you open the door?” “ OK, That- 6) _____ aren’t my pencils. Mine is in
these is not problem.” my pencilcase.
“Thank you Kerem.That-this is very kind 7) “Are _____ your friends waiting
of you.” There?” “Yes, they are.”
6) “Are these-those your socks?” “No, these-those 8) _____ is the best cake I have eaten.
aren’t mine. My socks are in my wardrobe.”
7) “Serkan says you are late for the school.” “ Ohh,
this-that is not true!” C) Answer the questions.
8) That-those aren’t my papers. 1) What is that? ( a pencilcase )
My papers are in my bag. _______________________
9) This-that is my car. 2) What are those? ( apples )
The other one is my father’s. _______________________
10)Look at the door! This-that 3) What is this? ( a book)
is Mert! _______________________
11)Look at the shoes on the sofa. 4) What are these? ( cars )
Are these-those yours? _______________________
12)This-that is my fovourite dress. 5) What is that? ( a table )
If you wish I can give it to you. _______________________
13)“Is that-this your book?” 6) What are those? ( keys )
No, it isn’t. Mine is on the table. _______________________